35 Best First Birthday Gift Ideas

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:03 pm

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1st birthday gift ideas

Today I will be sharing with you some of the best 1st birthday gift ideas. This is for everyone who is searching for some really nice one-year-old birthday gifts.

The first year of a child’s life is the toughest year for the parents. The parents have to face the hardest trials of parenthood. Therefore, the first birthday celebrations are more for the victory of the parents, rather than for the child.

Besides, the one-year-old would have absolutely no clue about what is happening around him, why is everyone around him or her making such a big fuss about the day, or even that a fuss is being made about the day.

Thus, when selecting a gift for the 1st birthday celebration of a child, it is important to consider those gift items, which would help the parents in taking better care of the child. Baby’s 1st birthday gifts should be selected on the basis of how well they will be able to support the development of the child.

The child would have absolutely no judgment or recollection of these gifts, therefore, the aim and target while buying these 1st birthday presents should be to impress the parents.

There are hundreds of items which are available in the market these days to help the parents in ensuring a better development of their child and you can select any of these items to make parenting easier for the parents of the kid celebrating his or her 1st birthday.

There are gift items available in the market, which help in supporting and developing the vocabulary, motor skills and overall development of the child. Some of the 1st birthday present ideas that you can consider from this list of some really good 1st birthday gifts:

1. Toys For Mental And Physical Development

Toys For Mental And Physical Development

There are tons of toys available in the market for 1-year-old kids. Toys that the kids can push around, pull, fill, spill and do many different physical activities with.

Similarly, there are also toys present in the market which help in the mental development and growth of these 1-year-old kids.

All these toys are fun to play with for the kid, and at the same time, they help in the overall development of the child and hence, make the parents happy as well. You can pick any of these toys and gift it on a child’s 1st birthday.

2. Toys For Calming And Soothing The Babies

Toys For Calming And Soothing The Babies

Knowing what a one year old wants, or what is troubling him or her can be very difficult for the parents. Once the kids get cranky, soothing them and making them happy can prove to be a mammoth task.

However, there are many soothing, calming and snuggling items which are available in the market these days, which help in providing instant relief to the kids.

These items help in putting babies to sleep comfortably, make the bath time for the kids fun, cheer them up when cranky and calm down their nerves when restless.

Gifting one of these items as a gift on the 1st birthday of a kid is surely going to be highly appreciated by the parents.

3. Gifts To Make The Baby Look Good

Gifts To Make The Baby Look Good

Parents, these days, are very conscious about the looks of their babies, right from the time these babies are born. The parents want their kids to wear the best clothes, use the best bath and body products, in order to ensure that their child looks smart and pretty at all times.

There are accessories like hair bands, clips, shoes, etc., which are available in the market for kids as young as 1 year old. You can buy and gift any of these clothing, accessories or fashion items for the one-year-old on their 1st birthday.

4. First Year Memories

First Year Memories

Another very great gift idea for the 1st birthday of a child is to create something memorable and special with all the memories of the past one year and gift that to the parents.

The first year of the baby comes with lots of firsts, like the child first bath, the child first putting, the time the child was brought home from the hospital, etc.

Each and every of these memories is like a treasure for the parents and having them framed or a collage made out of them would be something emotional and very special for the parents.

Still not very sure about what to buy for the 1st birthday? Below is a list of some very popular first birthday gift ideas for boys and girls, which you can easily pick from the market and which would make a perfect gift for a one-year-old baby.

1. Plush And Cozy Chair

Plush And Cozy Chair

You can choose between a pink bear and a blue puppy when buying these extremely soft and comfortable chairs for a 1-year-old kid.

A one-year-old child needs proper back support in order to sit and these chairs take care of the spine of the child while allowing him or her to snuggle up and hear your stories or play with you.

These chairs have been made with the polyester blend and are safe for the baby and easy to clean at the same time. You can even get the name of the baby printed on these chairs to make them more special.

2. Baby’s First 12 Months Frame

Baby’s First 12 Months Frame

Within one year, there are numerous changes that come in a baby. He or she not only grows in size, but even their facial features change.

In this one single frame, you can capture all those changes in the baby by posting one picture of the same taken every month.

This frame is something that the parents would cherish for a long time, and once the baby grows old, he or she too would definitely appreciate this gift of yours.

3. Baby Girl Ruffle Tutu Bloomer And Headband Set In Light Pink

Baby Girl Ruffle Tutu Bloomer And Headband Set In Light Pink

This is an amazing, pretty and extremely cute dress set is the best gift for a 1-year-old girl. Whether the baby girl has to attend a party, get her pictures clicked or even look pretty on an everyday basis, this pink tutu and hair band set will help look absolutely gorgeous for all occasions.

4. Zebra Rocking Horse

Zebra Rocking Horse

This is a perfect toy for the young riders. It has a small lip on the back to protect the baby from sliding off the back and at the same time, it has been built low so that even if the baby does fall off the back sometimes, it does not cause any major injury to the baby.

This extremely cool looking toy is going to provide the 1-year-old with the most fun ride of his or her life.

5. Baby 5-Star Robe


Babies need to look smart at all times. So why after a nice bath should they come out drapes in a shabby towel and looking all ruffled. Gift them this smooth and comfortable 5-Star robe so that every time they step out after a bath, they look like a rockstar.

There are different color options that are available and you can any based on the gender of the baby and your own personal preference.

6. Personalized Baby Doll


All kids love stuffed toys. It is a myth that only girls like to play with dolls. It is in the mind of the elders that boys do not play with dolls and hence, we end up never gifting them one and allowing them to enjoy the company of a nice and pretty doll.

Irrespective of the gender of the 1-year-old, buy them this pretty doll and personalize it with their name to make it special.

7. Touch Think LearnBoard Book Series By Xavier Deneux


All kids love hearing a nice bedtime story. This collection of four books by Xavier Deneux comes with bright illustrations and figures made such a smooth texture that it is fun for the kids to touch and feel each character in the book.

The best part about these books is that there are very few words used in them, most of the storytelling is done through pictures and illustrations, making it easy for the kids to see and understand for themselves.

8. Twilight Ladybug


Put the babies to sleep under the soothing comfort of the night sky. This ladybug projector creates a full sky effect, complete with stars, moon, and constellations, on the entire ceiling of the room. The projections are in three colors, making them even more interesting.

There is a guide which comes along with this ladybug, explaining the different constellations and stars that can be seen in it.

It has a timer set for 45 minutes, thus freeing the parents from the tension of coming back to the baby’s room to shut off the same, once the baby has fallen asleep.

9. Child’s Bangle Bracelet


Parents like to ensure that their kids look pretty on all occasions and therefore, use the best clothes and accessories for enhancing the beauty of their baby.

This beautiful bracelet looks like it is made of silver and has the name of the baby beautifully engraved on it. The material of the bangle is safe for the skin of the babies.

10. Melissa And Doug Caterpillar Xylophone


Bring out the musician in your baby from the young age of 1 itself with this caterpillar shaped xylophone. The baby does not have to do much, simply bang the xylophone with the stick provided and instantly create his or her own tunes.

This xylophone is colorful and cute to look at and would definitely be a fun toy for the 1 year old baby.

11. Baby’s First Personalized Wooden Baby Block


Get all the important details about the baby, like his or her name, time, date and place of birth, special message or poem for the baby, an imprint of his or her hands or feet or simply a picture of a balloon, engraved on a solid wooden block and preserve it as a fond memory of your baby. This is a very sentimental gift item, which almost all the parents love to receive.

12. Tree Branch Wall Sticker


The baby has turned one, and he or she must have started to notice and remember his or her surroundings. This means that you now need to make sure that the bedroom where the baby sleep looks like a bright and happy place, to live in.

This pretty and colorful tree branch sticker all will not only liven up the wall on which it is placed but will make the entire room feel refreshed and joyous.

13. Taller And Taller Growth Chart


Gone are the days when the kids had to measure their growth in height against that boring scale. Gift them one of these fun and colorful growth charts and watch them jumping up to measure and keep track of their height and growth, without you having to bother about the same.

14. Pink Glitter Baby Girl 1st Birthday Outfit


Celebrate the 1st birthday of your little girl with this pretty and cute little romper. The pink glitter would add a sparkle to your darling’s face.

15. My First Shoe Display Box


Everything that your baby uses is special and so are the first shoes that he or she has ever worn. Put those cute little shoes on display and remember your baby’s first step forever with this elegant and adorable frame, which also happens to be a display box for storing and displaying those first shoes of your baby.

16. Canvas Bookcase


Help the parents of a 1 year old kid keep their stuff organized by gifting them this canvas bookcase for carefully storing all the storybooks they have for the baby.

In the night, when the kid gets sleepy, find that storybook instantly on this bookcase, and put your baby to sleep comfortably.

17. Baby Alphabet Quilt


This quilt will keep the baby soft and warm and at the same time, the colorful alphabets printed all over it, make it extremely attractive and educative for the kid as well.

18. Cross Nightlight


Make sure that your child is blessed at all times of the day, especially night, with this cross nightlight, which has a beautiful blessing for your child written on it.

19. Melissa And Doug Flip Fish


With this amazing toy, the baby will have an enjoyable playtime and at the same time, they will also get to learn about swimming. There are many hidden things under the scales of the fish like pictures and mirrors, which add to the fun of playing with this fish.

20. 1st Birthday Girl Gift, Photo Gift, Custom Nursery Décor, Baby Scrapbook Page


This gift includes a custom photo print of the baby on the day she turns one, along with all the important information about her like birthday, birthstone, news on the day she was born, etc. it makes for a great wall hanging in her baby room.

21. Alphablock ABC Board Book


This is a creative work of art, which is fun for the kids and at the same time highly educative and interactive for them as well.

22. Pewter Baby Cup


This is handmade, a 100% pure pewter cup, which can be personalized with the name and birthday of the baby.

23. Name Frame Collage


For parents, the name of their baby and the baby’s photos are both extremely special. With this photo frame gift, bring these two joys together.

24. Personalized Wooden iPhone Toy


Instead of giving your kid the cheap plastic phone toys available in the market, gift him or her this wooden, finely crafted iPhone toy which can even be personalized.

25. Personalized Storybooks


Every child is a prince or a princess for their parents. So why should you read them stories about other fictional kings and queens? These personalized storybooks have been specially written, where the parent or the child can name any one of the characters in the book after the baby making the story personal and special.

These books make for excellent reading not only for 1-year-old kids but even for much older kids as well.

26. Custom Children’s Name Prints


Ida Pearle is known for her beautiful cut paper artwork. In this gift, you can choose from her collection of 26 designs which are a part of her alphabet card series and customize the same with the name of the baby who is celebrating his or her first birthday.

Together the name of the baby and the beautiful artwork of Ida would create a perfect wall hanging which would liven up any child’s bedroom.

27. Precious Memories First Birthday Time Capsule


Store all the precious memories of your child’s first year and the years to come in this beautiful white wooden box, crafted in so; id wood and lined with black velvet. The name of the baby can be personalized on the top of the box, along with the birthday date.

The parents can keep adding special memories of their baby in this box over the years and finally on some special occasion, like the 13th birthday, the box can be gifted to the child.

The child will be emotional and happy to receive all these special early childhood memories in this really special box.

28. Star Wars Stormtroopers Vans


Your child may not yet know about the great Star Wars series, but you need to make sure to introduce him or her to the greatness of this epic series and therefore, these Star Wars Stormtroopers shoes make the perfect gift for one-year-old baby.

29. Jelly Bean Racer Ride-On Toy For Toddlers


Your baby is growing fast and you need to find him or her toys which match their new interests. With this pint sized jelly bean racer, your kid will be able to move around the house safely and swiftly. This bag is very easy to maneuver for the babies and is available in many different colors.

30. Personalized Teddy Cutlery Set


Now that the baby has turned one, the parents must have started feeding it with proper meals, which includes both solid and liquid food. Therefore, the parents would need special cutlery for the baby.

The big spoons and boring plates of the elders are not good for the baby. However, this pretty and interesting personalized teddy cutlery set will make eating food interesting for the baby and easy for the parents.

Picking birthday gifts for 1 year old can be difficult because everything in the market looks extremely cute and adorable. Hopefully, the above list of 1st birthday gifts will help you more than it confuses you with all the cute choices included above.

You also might be planning for the 1st birthday party as well, so also don’t forget to check out this list of 1st birthday party ideas checklist.

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