12 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Girl

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:07 am

Stay with me as here I will tell you some of the best birthday gift ideas for 1 year old girl. There are many gift options waiting for you down below in the article.

There are hardly any birthdays we get to attend of a baby girl who chooses a right 1st birthday present for girls.

However, a one year girl can develop a particular taste or chho has just turned one. And choosing a birthday gift is one hell of a task.

The fact that the baby girl is far from understanding even the simpler toy becomes an intriguing affair twice.

Therefore, you need to be at the top of your gift-giving skills to impress her with your birthday present.

Although she can’t speak, if she embraces your gift for the most of her time, it is an indication that she loves it and feels joyous whenever it is around.

Recommended Birthday Gifts for one year old girl

It is very difficult to understand what is going on in a one-year-old princess’s mind. Hence, to simplify your process of choosing a birthday present for 1 year old girl, we decided to mention a few likable gifts that are thoroughly enjoyed by the toddlers of this age.

1. 4 in 1 walker-cum-cycle

It is a perfect gift to present to any one-year-old child, whether it is a girl or a boy. Regardless of the gender, toddlers love such things, and also, it helps them develop and strengthen their muscles.

The 4 in 1 walker-cum cycle can come in use for at least 4 years from the time it is gifted. It acts as a perfect toddler vehicle with canopy and harnesses for kids as young as 12 months.

But as your kid grows, it can act as a steering trike and then advance into a learn-to-ride trike. Lastly, your child can use it as a classic trike once he/she becomes 4-year-old.

For a year-old-child, its safety features are ones to look forward to. With smooth harnesses and pedals that turn into footrests, it gives them the joy of a smooth ride while on it.

The company has focused on its durability for its extended use with a sturdy metal frame and adjustable seat.

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2. The Princess Plush Sofa Chair

Let the one-year-old girl enjoy the courtesy of relaxing on to an ultra-soft plush chair. It is bright pink in color and comes with princess written on it.

That defines simply as it is specially designed for your princess. It’s definitely one of the best gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl. It’s delightful color and immaculate softness can bring a whimsy in any part of the room.

This cute little chair is designed for firm support, extra comfort, and can be the best companion of your little girl while she plays with her toys, sits to color, or in that case, have her meals.

It is washable as there is a reverse zip allotted for you to remove the cotton stuffing from inside. Therefore, you can easily wash the outside of the bag and make it dust free keeping your children safe from dust and other components.

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3. Castle playset toy

As we mentioned above, almost all girls love fairy tales. This gift is to nurture their love towards the Cinderella’s and the Rapunzel’s.

The castle play set toy comprises of a small princess’ castle shaped case with touch and close fasteners. Other toys that come along with the sets are a magical wand, a unicorn shaped sound soft toy, and a doll itself.

The company has stressed on the children safety by inculcating extreme safety measures while designing this toy. Also, it comes with a bonus coloring book which can add to the activity of your one-year-old baby girl.

The toys designed are extremely soft making it huggable. Don’t be surprised after watching your child take the princess and her castle to bed. After all, it is huggable to the core.

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4. The mini piano

Anything that makes quirky sounds on pressing it is a sight of wonder for young toddlers. This mini keyboard is one of the amazing birthday gift idea for kids. It has basic high and low sounds with 25 keys and two high octaves.

Once glued to the machine, with growing age, children can learn to play their own tunes with the help of the color-coded songbook.

While most of the electronics are highly brittle, this one is made of wood to assure complete sturdiness and top-most safety. Along with that, it comes in delightfully bright colors that attract small children the most.

A one-year-old girl can completely stay engrossed in this super mini piano. Who knows, maybe, this develops love in her for music, and her hobby turns into a profession. This is one of the amazing 1st birthday gift ideas for girls.

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5. Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-On

Either you daughter can walk with the help of the tires, or either she can enjoy the cozy ride while being pushed by her parent. It comes with an easily removable floor piece and a handle at the back for you to choose between the two variables.

The tires are built to last which prove their feasibility on the rough concrete roads. Also, a rear storage space allows you to store goods like a water bottle, a first-aid kit, eatables, or anything as such.

Princess Cozy Coupe Ride-On

The tires can turn 360 degrees allowing easy turning while the toddlers walk or while you push their joy ride.

The roof above protects them from direct sunlight. It is a sturdy and durable product which can last for years even after abuse from the children.

Children love vehicles and see her smile while she enjoys her smooth rides in her coupe.

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6. Little People Surprise and Sound Home

Let your girl manage her own little house while she learns about different sounds and dances her way on the music played by the set.

It is a small motor-driven house which operates as you try to complete daily household chores virtually in the game. For example, your day can start with Emma trying to get out of her bed and watch a bird chirping out of the window.

When one touches the flush, it makes a quirky funny sound of being flushed. When the refrigerator and the oven doors are opened, a light pops out with some phrases. The list goes on as you child goes on exploring the little house.

It is a fun way and one of this best toy for your one-year-old girl to learn about different sounds and phrases. Also, the songs played are joyful and inspire toddlers to shake their feet and groove to the music.

Girls love such virtual toys, and this motor-driven house set is of the best first birthday gifts for girls.

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7. Princess Castle Play Tent

Whether they are one or eleven, every girl loves to be treated like a princess. You might be reading her stories of princess staying in castles being saved by the warriors or her bravery itself.

That inculcates the urge in them to leave in those fairy tale-type castles. Gifting a one-year-old one such castle can be a dream come true.

She might be engrossed in it so much that it would take a lot of your efforts to get her out of the play tent. It doesn’t even take a plenty of space in the room.

Easy to install, this tent comes with radium stars that lit up when the lights go off. Also, it is extremely lightweight and portable so that your baby girl can commute with it wherever she wants.

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8. Baby Girls Barefoot Sandals

Well, she wouldn’t understand its importance much at her early age, but when she browses through the albums, she’d love them for that’d make her look perfectly dressed.

Instead of being a gift for a toddler, it is more fitting present for a mom. These sandals make the perfect accessories required to click beautiful photographs.

You need not worry about its size as well, as these sandals can fit any girl ranging from 0-3 year old. It comes with a free size and 10 different colors.

The flower on it adds to the beauty of your toddler’s bare feet without making your clothes dirty while you carry your child.

It goes well with most of the clothes in the wardrobe and can be worn on any given occasion.

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9. Toddler Backpack

I have seen my nephew trying to carry my backpack on her shoulders after watching me carry one.

Therefore, I decided to gift her a cute little backpack that’d suit her and adjust on her tiny back perfectly.

She loves flaunting it to the guests now and keeps her favorite toys in it all the time. She has grown fonder of the bag, and I have seen the bag accompany her wherever she goes.

The bag is made of a super soft eco-friendly material which makes is comfy for young toddlers. It’s animal-like shape makes it more attractive for the toddlers.

Even if you stuff the bag with few toys, diapers, or an extra pair of clothes, it doesn’t put weight on the children’s shoulders as it is made with the ergonomic design.

My nephew is now 5 and she still uses the bag and loves it to the core. There are high chances that your one year girl might love it too.

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10. Hair bows for the little princess

Girls love to look pretty regardless of their age. This hair bow clips can make your one-year-old girl look even prettier.

These hair bows come in 14 different colors which can match up with almost every color in a toddler’s wardrobe.

The makers have stressed on making the hair bows comfortable by making it easy to attach with ribbon lined alligator clips.

It can also be attached to headbands, crochet headbands, or holiday hats. The single flower clip looks wonderful on girl’s forehead.

It can be a perfect accessory to enhance the look of your girl on any given occasion. Girls love to dress, and these hair bows should definitely suffice their hunger of getting perfectly dressed.

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11. The Toy Phone

How many times have we noticed that our children try to imitate us in whatever things we do? And we as today’s generation are so glued to the phone that somehow even a year-old toddler would love to know about its fascinations.

A toy phone is the best gift for 1 year old girl if you want to keep your child engaged and away from the real phone.

On the toy phone being damaged wouldn’t burn a big hole in the pocket, but one cannot simply afford to lose his cell phone for the sake of his/her daughter’s entertainment.

This toy phone encourages children to indulge in role plays and polish their hand-eye coordination.

It is extremely easy to assemble and can l=keep your child engaged for many hours on the trot with its never-ending features.

Its bright pink color automatically stereotypes it as a toy designed for girls. Anyways, girls do the most talking so it is apt for you to gift this phone to a year-old girl.

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12. Jumbo easy-to-use triangular crayons

These crayons are specially designed for children who are just on the verge of exploring their physical abilities.

They are designed in a particular triangular shape to ensure a better grip for the children. Also, the vibrant colors tend to attract the children the most.

The intricate grip can help the toddlers to hone their writing and drawing skills. And most of the children love to scribble by watching the elders do so with pens.

While pens can be difficult to grip and a boring item to scribble with, these colorful triangular crayons are a good option.

Apart from that, they are made of plastic instead of wax to ensure durability and feasibility without applying much pressure.

There is a choking hazard with these crayons. So make sure she uses the crayons under your supervision.

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It wasn’t that hard as I thought when I first began to write this article. Yes, birthday gift ideas for 1-year-old girl is a daunting task. But once you look beyond the horizons, it becomes fairly easy to pick a gift.

A year old girl can barely speak or express. Also, the muscles are fast growing and she is picking up many words as she grows.

Therefore, one needs to surround their young children with toys that will teach them to role-play, improve their listening skills, and inculcate golden words in their vocabulary. Or else, one can encourage the young toddler to play with toys such as walkers that’d strengthen their muscles.

At the end, I hope you liked all mentioned birthday gift ideas for 1 year old girls.