Science Birthday Party Ideas

How ’bout a Wacky Science Party for a Kids’ Birthday?  Kids love doing hands-on experiments that oozes, fizzles and go karplunk!  What better way to learn by having fun!  These science activities do not have to be for parties alone, do them at home just for fun, for class projects, or for a science fair! … Read more

Robot Birthday Party Ideas

Robot Party Invitations Robot Birthday Invitations or Thank You Notes. Popular online stores like  Birthday In A Box, Birthday Express, and Tiny Prints have a wide assortment of robot birthday invitations available for you to choose from.  They range from easy fill-in invitations to those that are a bit more personalized and custom.  For highly customized … Read more

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas

Seems like everyone is going green these days but what about for birthday parties? Ever imagine a birthday party without colorful streamers and pre-printed party ware? Why not? Here are some practical, eco-friendly party ideas to help plan your own environmentally friendly party without sacrificing fun! Eco-Friendly Party Plan Eco-Friendly Party Invitations Electronic invitations. Use ecards … Read more

Bachelor Party planning ideas

If you’ve been tasked with planning your friend’s bachelor party, you’ve got a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. What can you do to make this party a suitably memorable “last hurrah?” Whether you’re dreaming of flying everyone to Vegas for a weekend of gambling and debauchery, or you want something more low-key (like a … Read more

What To Do For 50th Birthday

What To Do For 50th Birthday No matter how well you have planned or prepared for your 50th birthday, choosing what to do for 50th birthday is still a tedious job. There will be always that instance when you will be caught off-guard and it seems that you’re unprepared even if you have spent months preparing for … Read more

11 Romantic Birthday Ideas

Looking for some romantic date ideas that will sweep your date right off their feet? Then, hey, you’re in the right place. Whether starting a new relationship or celebrating a long-established one, these creative dates are a wonderful way to show your partner how romantic you can be. So read on for great ways to … Read more

Simple 7 Birthday Party Food ideas

Whether it’s the first time you try party food planning or the 10th time you try to plan a party menu, you’ll quickly discover that food planning combines a bit of science, math, and art… all three neatly on one platter. The saying goes that we eat with our eyes. But the truth is, we … Read more

6 Simple Retirement Party ideas

Ideas for Retirement Parties: Planning a Fun Retirement Party Coming up with fun ideas for retirement parties can be difficult. You don’t always have close relationships with the co-workers involved (ones where you actually know their tastes, friends, history etc.), so can have a hard time planning a retirement party they’ll appreciate. Even if you … Read more