Eco-Friendly Party Ideas

Seems like everyone is going green these days but what about for birthday parties? Ever imagine a birthday party without colorful streamers and pre-printed party ware? Why not? Here are some practical, eco-friendly party ideas to help plan your own environmentally friendly party without sacrificing fun! Eco-Friendly Party Plan Eco-Friendly Party Invitations Electronic invitations. Use ecards … Read more

What To Do For 50th Birthday

What To Do For 50th Birthday No matter how well you have planned or prepared for your 50th birthday, choosing what to do for 50th birthday is still a tedious job. There will be always that instance when you will be caught off-guard and it seems that you’re unprepared even if you have spent months preparing for … Read more

11 Romantic Birthday Ideas in 2021

11 Romantic Birthday Ideas Looking for some romantic date ideas that will sweep your date right off their feet? Then, hey, you’re in the right place. Whether starting a new relationship or celebrating a long-established one, these creative dates are a wonderful way to show your partner how romantic you can be. So read on … Read more

Homemade Centerpieces in 2021

Creating homemade centerpieces for a party is a lot of fun and you can do it very inexpensively. All you need is a little creativity. Take this arrangement on the left, for example. It’s simple and striking, and it cost just a few dollars to make. It would be a perfect for a casual garden theme … Read more

14th Birthday Party for boys and Girls in 2021

A memorable 14th year old birthday never hurts anybody! It’s a fact well-known that one doesn’t get another chance to turn fourteen so, planning something special to celebrate this occasion is mandatory. As kids hit a double digit number growing up, keeping them happy can be a complicated task! Fourteen year old are neither matured … Read more

Italian Party Theme Ideas in 2021

For this Italian party theme think old world Italy. Picture a narrow cobblestone road in Rome, the walls awash in warm yellows, ochres and oranges, café tables with damask cloths, delicious aromas wafting on the breeze. Now that we’re all over in Italy, relaxed and hungry, let’s get this party started! La Dolce Vita! Make … Read more

Dog Theme Birthday Party Ideas in 2021

Maybe you’re thinking that our dog theme birthday party is for kids. Well, those of you with pets know that a dog party knows no age! The ultimate dog theme birthday party is one where the guests can bring their dogs along. Think high-end dog park, socializing two-legged and four-legged creatures at the same time. … Read more

50th Birthday Cake Ideas in 2021

If you’re searching for 50th birthday cake ideas that are unique, interesting, and just plain drool-worthy, we can help! We’re sharing the steps we follow for dreaming up creative cake designs. Follow along and dream up some of your own. For a 50th birthday party, not just any ol’ cakewill do. A big celebration demands … Read more

Bonfire Party Ideas in 2021

Put some of our bonfire party ideas into action and celebrate a special birthday against a cozy backdrop of crackling rustic perfection. This is that rare at-home event where frantic cleaning of the house is not involved. Clean bathroom facilities are about all you need since everything takes place outdoors. The very best setting is … Read more