17 Rocking 2 year Old Birthday Party ideas for your Little One

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:22 pm

Group of babies playing together.

Curious to know some nice 2 year old birthday party ideas, may be for your two year old baby. You want to celebrate the day in the most awesome way. So here we go, today i am full into mind of sharing with you some nice ideas that will help you to plan a perfect 2 year old birthday party.

Many people feel that throwing a birthday party for kids who are under 4 years of age is a waste of money and time, since the kids are hardly able to remember or properly enjoy the party. However, I personally believe that throwing birthday parties for kids of all ages is very important. Maybe your kid may not remember this party or enjoy it in the way that we enjoy parties, but still, at this party he or she would be able to meet other kids, play with them and have a lot of fun.

You can actually consider these birthday parties for toddlers as planning a play date with their friends and instead of inviting only a couple of other kids, here you would be inviting almost every other kid you know.

Planning a birthday party, for 2 year old kids, is actually quite difficult and definitely not a kid’s play. Besides ensuring that all the arrangements for the party are made properly and perfectly, you also need to make special arrangements for ensuring the safety of the children.

Below I have listed out some important ideas which you can use as per what you think your child would enjoy and what fits in your budget for the party.

1. Party Timing

2 year-Old-Birthday-Party-ideas-party-timing

Small kids, of around the age of 2 have very fixed sleeping timings, in fact, almost all 2 year old kids like to take a small siesta in the afternoon, and if this siesta is not provided to them, they tend to become cranky and unmanageable.

Hence, the very first thing that you need to do when planning a birthday party for your 2 year old kid to schedule the party for a time which is immediately after the nap time of your child.

This timing may not be suitable for all the kids at the party, but your child is the star of this party and he or she needs to be in perfect mood, and hence, the timing for the party should as per his or her sleeping schedule.

2. Duration Of The Party

2 year-Old-Birthday-Party-ideas-duration-of-party

Another very important thing to remember about toddlers while planning a party for them is that they tend to get bored and exhausted very quickly. Therefore, if you stretch the party for a very long time, not only your kid, but all the other kids at the party will start getting tired and irritable.

It is best to plan a party which lasts for just a couple of hours. By the end of this time, all the kids would be ready to eat and go back to their homes and beds.

Conducting these parties requires a lot of energy and therefore, planning a short party would be good for you as well.

3. Punctuality Is Very Important


As mentioned above, the party for toddlers cannot be and should not be stretched for very long hours and therefore, it becomes important that the party should be started and ended on time.

However, this would be possible only if all the parents bring their kids to the party on time. If you have to wait for all the kids to arrive for the party for an hour, then automatically the duration of the party would increase by an hour or more.

Hence, inform all the parents that punctuality is very important when coming for your kid’s 2 birthday party.

4. Remember To Take A Lot Of Pictures

2 year-Old-Birthday-Party-ideas-pictures

Your kid may be too small to remember this party later in life and therefore, you need to make sure that there are enough pictures taken at the party so that, once grown up, can have some memories of this day with him or her.

You can either arrange for a professional photographer or you can ask a couple of people to take pictures of everything that happens during the party.

5. Assist In Cake Cutting

2 year-Old-Birthday-Party-ideas-cake-cutting

A two year old kid is too small to be handed a knife without being watched over. Besides, during the cake cutting, your kid may not be able to blow out the candles as well on its own.

Hence, during the cake cutting ceremony, make sure that you stand right next to your kid and hold his or her hand while cutting the cake and blowing out the candles.

If left unattended, besides the risk of the child hurting itself, there is also the bigger and an almost certain risk of the kids making a complete mess of the cake, leaving it completely inedible.

6. Planning Games

2 year-Old-Birthday-Party-ideas-games

If a 2 year old kid is properly fed and is not sleepy, then matching his or her energy level can be a tough job for any adult.

Therefore, when throwing a party for these toddlers, you need to make sure that you arrange for ample of games that will direct all their energies in the right direction.

The games planned by you should be simple and yet fun to play for these kids. Treasure hunt is one of the most popular games at these 2nd birthday parties. Besides this, you can also arrange for games like statue dancing, duck pond, etc.

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7. Allowing Creative Space


All kids are different and while some kids would love to run around and play the games you have planned for them, there would be some kids who would prefer to simply sit in one place and do something more creative with their time like, make jewelry with beads, paint, etc.

You cannot force kids to do something they do not want to, and hence, it becomes necessary for you to create a creative zone at your party, where the quieter one can easily sit and do what they enjoy.

8. Supervision During Games Is Necessary

Pottery Barn Kids Easter Event

Kids of 2 years of age are not in a position to take care of themselves. Constant supervision of these kids is very important, and when you are making them play games where they are required to run all over the party venue, the chances of them getting hurt increase even more.

Hence, it is very important that while to make the kids play these games, you ask one or two more adults to keep an eye on all the kids and make sure that no one falls or hurts himself or herself.

While the other adults are keeping the kids safe from injury, you can lead the kids to the fun and exciting world of games.

9. Handling The Meltdowns Of The Kids


When you accumulate many kids in one place, you can be sure of one thing that sooner or later, some kid is going to start crying and will be followed by at least a few more.

If you have invited the parents of the kids to the party as well, then there is nothing to worry about. Whichever child has a meltdown, his or her parent will handle him or her. However, if you have not invited the parents to the party, then you need to assign some adults in your family, who are really good with kids, to handle such a situation.

You cannot leave all the other kids unattended in order to pacify just one kid. Hence, you will need help in handling such a situation and therefore, it is better to assign this job to someone right at the stage of planning of the party.

10. Let There Be A Lot Of Cartoons


Kids at the age of 2 just start to watch cartoons and are therefore extremely fascinated by their world.

When decorating the party venue, make sure that you use a lot of cartoons, which are popular at the time, for making the place look more welcoming for the kids.

11. Let There By Lots Of Colors


Small kids are full of life. The laughter and chirpiness of the kids tends to add a lot of color to the life of their parents and everyone and anyone around them.

Therefore, when you throw a party for them, you need to incorporate a lot of color to the party. Reds, blues, yellow, and all the other colors which can make the party venue look vibrant should be used in decorating the venue.

Many people like to use single colors like blue for a boy’s party and pink for a girl’s birthday party. However, I personally prefer to have all the rainbow colors present at a 2 year old are birthday party.

12. Arrange Everything In Twos


In order to commemorate the fact that your kid has turned two, you can arrange everything at the party in sets of twos. For example, all the balloons can be decorated in pairs; the cake can be in the shape of two rounds merging together, etc.

Make sure to use 2 in as many unique ways as possible for decorating the party venue.

13. Make food Attractive


Kids eat what their eyes like. Therefore, when serving food to the kids, presentation becomes very important.

Serve food that is in the shape of some animal or cartoon character, or at least try to make it look extremely attractive by garnishing it with chocolate chips, colored sugar, marshmallows, etc.

It’s a birthday party, and the kids do not have to be served food that is healthy for them, but are allowed to eat things that state good to them. Also make sure that anything which your kid loves to eat is definitely present at the party.

14. Goodbye And Thank You favors


You may think that 2 years is a too young an age to know and appreciate receiving favors, but the kids these days are pretty smart and do expect to get return gifts at the end of the party.

However, when preparing this goodie bag for these young kids, you need not spend much money. The important thing to remember while making this bag is to include stuff which a 2 year old would enjoy, like a set of crayons, small toy figurines, stickers, etc.

While throwing a party for 2 year old kids can be exhausting, yet the smile that you see on the face of your kid, while he or she enjoys this party is priceless. Therefore, pick from the list of 2 year old birthday party ideas and start planning a rocking and amazing birthday party for your 2 year old.