Robot Birthday Party Ideas: 10+ Fun Ways to Celebrate a Robot Theme Birthday

Last updated on July 13th, 2022 at 10:27 am

Robot birthday ideas

Robot Birthday Party Ideas

1.Robot Party Invitations

Robot party invitations
  • Robot Birthday Invitations or Thank You Notes. Popular online stores like  Birthday In A Box, Birthday Express, and Tiny Prints have a wide assortment of robot birthday invitations available for you to choose from.  They range from easy fill-in invitations to those that are a bit more personalized and custom.  For highly customized options, try or as well.
  • Make Your Own Robot Invitations. You can also easily make your own invitation by using clip art, custom stock images, stickers, or stamps to embellish or decorate card stock.  This option does take more time and creativity, however, if your child is old enough, they can also help you by decorating the invitations, filling out some of the party details, putting on the stamps, etc.

2.Robot Party Decorations

Decorating Details:

  • Bold Boy Colors. The main theme colors were bright royal blue and orange, sprinkled with various shades of complimentary colors like light blue, yellow, red and steel gray.  The color theme has been carried out beautifully throughout the entire party from the party table, the decorations, the welcome signs, and even the adorable robot favor tags!
  • Table Basics. A solid white table cloth was used to cover the party table, topped with a blue runner on top.
  • Robot Birthday Banner. A Birthday Banner with a Robot theme decorated the front of the table.  This fun banner was made out of paper with each banner piece made to look like machine gears in various colors. So clever!
  • Cupcake Centerpiece. In the center of the party table a tiered server with cupcakes served as the centerpiece.  Cupcake liners in steel gray were filled with cupcakes iced in bright blue and orange icing to match the party theme.  Adorable cupcake toppers with the number “6″ were placed on top of the cupcakes since the birthday boy was turning 6 years old.  On the top tier there was an adorable square cake decorated with blue fondant and made to look like a robot face!
  • Sweet Treats. On either side of the cupcake centerpiece were bright blue boxes with splashes of colored dots in yellow, orange and green.  These were all filled with yummy treats like marshmallow pops dipped in orange or blue sprinkles, orange and blue sprinkled pretzels sticks, minature chocolates, robot lollipops and various candy treats.
  • Robot Flags. Robot Flags were inserted into each treat box as decoration and gave the party decorations some height.

3.Guest Arrival and Introduction for Robot Party

  • Welcome Banner. To welcome guests, there was a sign printed in dot-matrix-simulated font that read “Welcome To My Party My Robot Friends”,  followed by multiple squiggly wavelength signs, and the words “…Processing Excitement”.  What a creative way to incorporate the theme and to welcome your guests from the start!
  • Balloons in Theme Colors. Balloons are always a great way to let guests know where to go or to let them know they have arrived at the party location.  Since the party was held at a splash park, balloons are an affordable and easy solution to help decorate the area while creating boundaries for party events in public places.
  • Robot Photo Op. A large robot picture with a face cutout makes a great photo op at the beginning of the party.  Check out the clever idea executed by Lovely, Lovely Things. Another option, get a robot costume for kids to wear for a picture with the birthday child.
  • The Front Door Robot. If you are having the robot party at home, consider decorating the front door like this clever mom from My Many Colored Days did!  Nothing better to have a soup to nuts robot to greet you at the door!

4.Robot Party Crafts

robo part crafts
  • Robot Maze. Start off with a simple activity like a robot maze by Family Fun.
  • Robot Coloring Pages. Another good one is robot coloring pages by Kaboose for younger kids.
  • Robot Foam Crafts. Most arts and crafts supplies stores have foam crafts available.  Try to find ones in the robot or space ship shape.
  • Robot Banks. Oriental Trading has robot bank kits available per dozen and are perfect for birthdays and larger groups.
  • Robot Picture Frame. Give anyone a robot look with this fun foam photo frame! The magnetic photo frame kits make excellent birthday party craft projects for boys and girls.  Take their picture at the beginning of the party and while they are working on the craft, print out their faces so they can take home their projects at the end of the party!

5.Robot Party Recipes

  • Robotwiches. Make robot sandwiches using slices of cheese, eggs, cucumbers, olives and carrots. Place a square piece of cheese on toast as the first layer. Then add two slices of eggs for the eyes topped with sliced olives for the pupils.  Cut up one long rectangular piece of carrot the mouth, and cut up small round salami circles as bolts.
  • Computer Chips. Whoever came up with this one, very clever!  Potato chips labeled as computer chips.
  • Healthy Nuts and Bolts. Instead of the usual chex mix often seen, make healthy carrot shaped nuts and bolts using cheese sticks.
  • Robot Liquid Fuel. Water Bottles with custom wrap or just juice packs.  Got to keep the little bodies fueled up ready for their freeze dance!
  • Pretzel Dip Sticks. Pretzels sticks are easy to grab snack foods for kids. Dip in white chocolate and then decorate with colored blue and orange sprinkles.
  • Wire Cables. Robots need lots of cables and wires to keep things connected.  Get black and red rope licorice for this purpose. Use the red rope licorice for positive (+) and the black for negative (-)
  • Battery Cells. Your average ordinary marshmallow transformed into a battery cell that will turn your kid into an energizer bunny.
  • Robot Party Menu. Here is a sample menu for a robot birthday party:

Robot Birthday Party Menu

  • Robot Sandwiches (Robot shaped sandwich)
  • Computer Chips (Potato Chips)
  • Nuts and Bolts (Cheese sticks and Carrots cutouts)
  • Battery Cells (Double Stacked Marshmallows)
  • Decorated Pretzel sticks (Pretzel Dip Sticks)Robot Liquid Fuel (Juice or Water)

Robot Party Cakes and Treats

robot party cakes
Robot Fondant Cake. A plain square blue fondant cake can be decorated with grey and beige circle fondant cutouts for eyes, and rectangular orange fondant for cheeks, and a smaller rectangular fondant piece for mouth.  Add in antennas to the top of the head.
Easy Cupcake Toppers. Cupcake toppers make an easy decorating option for cupcakes.  No need to fuss with icing or fondant!
Fondant Robot Cupcakes. These fondant cupcakes were made using various colored fondant cutouts and stacked to make to look like robots.  Made by fabulous cupcake guru Hello Naomi.
Fondant Robot Decorated Cookies. Another fun idea found on Kinderplays blog is to decorate cookies with fondant like robots, similar to the cupcakes.

Robot Party Games and Activities

  • Magnet Fishing Game. Fill a large, shallow tray with water and place several objects in them – plastic toys, metal bolts, washers, aluminum foil, match box cars, etc. Attach a string to a “U” shaped magnet and see who can fish out the most items in one minute.
  • Robot Freeze Dance. Play robot themed songs and have kids do the freeze dance.  An adult plays and stops the music randomly at intervals.  Whenever the music is playing kids must dance like robots, when the music stops, they must freeze.  Whoever is caught moving is “out” and game continues until one person is left.
  • Robot Pinata. Save the Robot pinata for the end.  It is a great way to end the party and most kids enjoy it.  However, for much younger kids, a simple take home favor is perhaps more appropriate.

Robot Party Favors

robot party favors
  • Custom Candy Wrapper. Make your own or have custom candy bar wrapper made with your child’s name and with your party theme colors.
  • Robot Favor Kit. Nothing is easier than getting a favor kit already pre-planned for you.  This one comes with crayons, stickers, robot blowout, robot notepad, bouncy ball and glow necklace.  Comes in an adorable robot face take-home box with handle.
  • Robot Favor Tag. Make favor tags to go with your take-home party favor.  Have your child write “Thank You!” on the back or a short note to give it a personal touch.
  • Robot Zipper Pull. A great practical favor are these adorable zipper pulls. Have them made for each guest to take home.  Kids can then add them to their jackets, lunch bags, backpacks, mp3 holders, etc.