15 Helpful Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas For Planning

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Toy story is one of the most popular birthday party themes for the boys. With so many different toy characters and heroes present, this Toy Story is able to capture the fancy of every boy. However, there are many girls as well who really like the characters from this cartoon and hence, want to have a birthday party with this theme.

The best part about throwing a Toy Story birthday party is that planning and organizing this party is quite simple. Arranging for the necessary costumes, decorations, favors and other party accessories, is pretty simple. Since this theme is extremely popular amongst the kids, therefore, different party supplies for this theme are easily available in the market.

However, you do not want your party to look similar to any other Toy Story birthday party your kid and his or her friends may have attended, and considering the popularity of this theme, they surely must have already attended a few or may attend soon.

Therefore, you need to come up with some really special ideas, which would make your Toy Story birthday party absolutely unique and the best party ever. To help you in this regard, I have compiled a list of some amazing Toy Story birthday party ideas.

For all those parents searching for ideas to throw an out of this world Toy Story birthday party, which their kids and their friends would remember for a long, long time, I present a few ideas that would help them achieve this goal.

1. Toy Story Invitation

Toy-Story-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Toy Story Invitation

The first thing that you need to do when planning a birthday party is to arrange for the perfect invitation cards. Your invitation card should not only be appealing, but it should let the guests know clearly what the theme of the party is, and what all fun they can expect at the party.

For a Toy Story birthday party, you can get the birthday boy or girl to dress up as one of the toy characters from the Story, click a cute picture of theirs and use the same on the invitation. This would make your invitation card appropriate for the theme, it would look extremely cute and at the same time, truly bring out the essence of the party as well.

You can also use the images of the characters from Toy Story to create a fun and colorful invitation card for the party.

2. Toy Story Thank You Card

Toy Story Thank You Card

While deciding the style of the invitation card, it would be nice to decide the style of the thank you card as well.

The best idea for the thank you cards is to prepare something which is in coordination with the invitation card. Therefore, it is always best to go about arranging for the invitation cards and the thank you cards together, so that they both compliment each other.

3. Table Decorations

Toy-Story-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Table Decorations

Arrange and decorate the tables at the venue in such a manner, that all the characters and toys from the Toy Story appear to come to life.

There are supplies like plates, glasses, serving dishes, cups, napkins, etc. available in the market with images from the Toy Story printed on them. Using these instead of plain crockery is always preferred.

Besides making your table appear colorful, bright and straight out of the Toy Story, the kids would enjoy their meals, even more, eating out of these Toy Story plates and other supplies.

4. Background Scenery

Toy-Story-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Background Scenery

Most of the times, when decorating any birthday party venue based on a particular theme, we generally use the life-size images, small plastic figurines, etc., of the characters based on that theme.

However, when decorating the party venue for a Toy Story birthday party, instead of simply placing the characters from the show all over the venue, you can actually recreate special moments or scenes from the show on huge canvases and cardboards and place them in various parts of the venue. These scenes in the background would really attract the kids, as they would immediately start recounting the episode when the same happened.

You can even ask the kids, as part of one of the games, to remember the scene and act it out in front of all the guests.

5. Hanging Decorations

Toy-Story-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Hanging Decorations

Another very good idea for decorating the birthday venue for a Toy Story party is by placing fishing lines on the ceiling. Paper airplanes can be hung from this line to make it appear like they are actually flying.

You can also suspend The Claw from this fishing line. This claw can be either purchased from the market, or you can actually make it at home using foam board and aluminum. Make sure that the claw is placed in such a position, that it has a few Green Aliens right below it for it to grab!

6. Toy Story Games

Toy Story Games

For any kids party, the games planned for the same are the most important. If you are not able to plan good and fun games for the kids, then all your other efforts in making the party a success would go waste.

There are tons of games which you can plan on the theme of Toy Story. You can either go in for the traditional scavenger hunt by hiding images of different Toy Story characters all over the place and the kids having to find the matching characters, or you can go in for a little more elaborate, but extremely fun, Buzz’s Black Light Room, in which a room at the venue is completely blacked out and the kids are provided with bank wanted posters and colors. The kids have to draw their own pictures in the blank space on the wanted poster, in the dark.

You can take the help of the internet to search for fun and exciting Toy Story games which you can make the kids play at your party.

7. Make The Kids Dress Up

Toy-Story-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Make The Kids Dress Up

You can either ask all the guests to dress up like one of the characters from Toy Story, or you can simply make wearing cowboy boots to the party compulsory.

If you think that keeping a dress code for the party would make things difficult for the parents of the other kids, then you can skip the idea of keeping a dress code, and instead arrange for caps, capes, and other accessories from the show right at the entrance of the party. As soon as the kids enter the party venue, they can be handed over these accessories and they would have to wear the same untill the end of the party.

8. Toy Story Food

Toy-Story-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Toy Story Food

Slinky dog pasta, Galaxy puffs, Space ice cream, Mr. Potato Head rice crispies, etc. are some of the many food items you can consider preparing for this birthday party. Do not forget to create a special Pizza Planet, where the kids can make their own pizza.

You can create the perfect atmosphere of eating food from the outer galaxy by preparing cookies in the shape of stars or by covering the marshmallows with white chocolate to look like Matian-Mallows.

9. Toy Story Branding Station

Toy-Story-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Toy Story Branding Station

Brand each and every guest at the party with the name or face of his or her favorite toy character of the Toy Story. Arrange for temporary tattoos of Toy Story and create a special space where the kids can go to get themselves branded with their tattoos, with the name or the face of their favorite character from the show.

10. Make The Birthday Boy/Girl Dress Extra Special

Make The Birthday Boy/Girl Dress Extra Special

It goes without saying that the birthday boy or the birthday girl should be wearing a proper dress which makes him or her look like their favorite character from this series. However, it is not just important to get the look right, but it is also important that the birthday boy or girl should stand out from the rest of the guests.

Therefore, try to jazz up the regular Toy Story costumes by using extra glitter, shimmer, and other decorative items on the same. You can attach stones and glitter to the cowboy boots and hats that the birthday boy or girl wears so that the same looks richer and clearly distinctive from the boots and hats of the other guests at the party.

Even when you do not keep a dress code for guests, some of the guests would still turn up dressed as per the theme, and hence, making the dress of the birthday boy or girl extra special becomes important.

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11. 3D Party Supplies

3D Party Supplies

There are special party supplies available in the market, which when seen through 3D glasses make it appear that the characters printed on them as real, moving and coming right at you.

Using these supplies, and giving each guest a pair of 3D glasses to wear all through the party, will give your party a completely out of this world experience. Besides, the kids love 3D and would probably remember this 3D party of yours forever.

12. Invite Toy story Characters To The Party

Invite Toy story Characters To The Party

Kids would love to meet Buzz, Woody, Jessy, an army man, Ken and others in real life. For the kids, these characters are like superheroes. You can ask some of the adult friends of yours to dress up as theme characters and come to the party.

They can help the kids play various games arranged by you for the party, or they can simply get pictures clicked with the kids. These pictures can actually be given by you to the kids as a return gift and the kids would treasure these pictures for a long time.

13. Toy Story Party Favors

Toy Story Party Favors

There are tons of accessories for Toy Story available in the market. Depending on your budget, you can either go in for one expensive item, like a game based on Toy Story, or you can prepare a nice goodie bag with many small return gift items related to this theme, like stickers and tattoos of this show, Toy Story balloons, candies, lollipops, miniatures of characters from the series, etc. Anything related to this series will be appreciated by the kids attending your Toy Story birthday party.

As you can see for yourself, planning a Toy Story party is not difficult at all. Besides, the kids are such a big fan of these series, that even without you making too many efforts and simply arranging for a few good games and favors based on this series, you would able to impress the kids at your party.

However, if you are not one to cut the slack and want to make sure that everything at your Toy Story birthday party is perfect, then my above list of ideas should come in real handy for you. Hope you use my ideas wisely and plan a birthday party for your child, which would be his or her best birthday party till date, and one which will be remembered by him or her for many years to come.