43 Wonderful Birthday Gifts For 10-year Old Boys

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:14 am

Confused about what to gift to a boy who is just turning 10? From stunning video games and robots to personalized sports kits, we note down a long list of products that can stun the 10-year-old.

Not only these gifts are utter trendy, but we made sure before we jotted them down that these gifts were most-desired by the 10-year old boys.

Being in the gifting arena for a long time now, we have mastered the art of gifting by knowing psychologies of different ages and mentalities. Therefore, we are pinpoint sure that the gifts mentioned in the list are much-loved by the receiver.

Marvelous Birthday Gifts For 10-Year Old boys That Will Get Their Eyes Lit

This is one of the most asked queries of recent times, “birthday gifts for 10 year old boys”. A lot of people ask me for appropriate birthday gift ideas for 10 year old boys. So here I will be giving you a researched list of some perfect gift ideas.

1. Hoverboards

The World has come too far in terms of technology. That has revolutionized the toy arena as well. With growing age, toys have come way too far. Electronic toys have been an instant hit amongst the audiences.

The hoverboard is the recent addition to the wide diaspora of toys that have evolved with technology. It has been the one of the most boy’s favorite birthday gift ever since its inception in the toy market.

The hoverboard is an electronically devised skateboard. It self-balances itself and can speed up to 12mph.

Kids would love this device that helps them commute with ultimate swag. It acquires a lot of attention on the streets and children loves attention, especially of their small counterparts.

2. Sketch Pad

This one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy who loves his art and drawing to the core. It would be a perfect present where he can express his imagination and ideas with ample freedom.

Also, the fact that it is a gift would intensify and motivate him to draw. The sketch pad isn’t as interesting as a toy or electronic gadget.

But for a child who is completely engrossed in his art, it’d suffice his entire requirements of drawing his ideas in one single book.

Once you hand this gift to the kid, you need not worry about your kid painting or scribbling on his room walls.

3. Giant Lego Set

Giant Lego Set is one of the amazing birthday gift idea for kids as it would keep them occupied for a longer period of his time. The Lego Set will help him build his intelligence to create great structures.

Lego has been the kid’s favorite for years now, and every other kid aspires to own a giant Lego set that will motivate him to build mega structures.

Not only the set will provide him a great sense of entertainment, but also it will help him to improve his wit and polish his intellect.

The Lego Set will sit in your child’s bedroom for years to come and would enjoy every bit of the time he spends building different structures.

4. Perplexus Epic

This one is a perfect challenge you can throw at your 10-year-old kid. It will certainly challenge his wit and keep him super busy throughout the day. The sphere contains 22 feet long track that is embedded with several hurdles.

It is a tough task to complete the entire sphere with ultimate ease. It takes a whole lot of brains and thought to complete the entire puzzle inside the sphere.

It is kind of a Rubik’s square with a twist that makes this toy exciting. We are sure you 10-year-old boy will love this intelligence tester.

5. Mountain Bicycle

We kid you not; no sight would be ever so beautiful than to watch your 10-year-old boy go crazy over his super bicycle. Watch your boy go past the wind on his bicycle. He’d love this speedy gift to the core.

The bike would make him feel super cool amongst his friends. He’d vividly flaunt his new toy to the entire neighbourhood. Not only it will help your kid to commute to his school or playground, but will also keep his fitness up to the mark. This is the best birthday gift for 10 year old boy.

In the age where children are being glued to their TV sets or electronic gadgets, Bicycle would motivate them to move out of the house for some physical activities.

6. Drone Helicopter

Another electronic toy on the list that would make you 10-year boy happy is the drone helicopter. The RC drone helicopter is one of the newest editions in the toys section.

We have seen children go crazy operating their flying devices. During our time, we went super crazy over RC cars, and in this new age, these children sigh in amazement on these flying devices.

The flying drone can stay in the air for 8 minutes on the trot with a battery charged for just 30 minutes. It has a great entertainment value with its high-end functionality that will be loved by your child to the core.

7. Magnet Levitation Kit

Let your kid explore the dynamism of magnets with this super awesome magnet levitation kit.We are sure your kid is going to fall in love with the magical experiments involving magnets that will help him to learn about gravity and related topics with fun-filled activities.

It is decent for a 10-year-old that will keep him occupied because of several experiments mentioned in the kit itself. It encourages children to follow instructions, carry out experiments, and learn science in the most superficial way.

8. Robotic Arm Kit

Robots have amazed the masses right since its inception. But for quite some time in its early phases, it was a distant dream of children to toil with the machines.

However, now the distant dream has turned into a mere reality. Children have the liability to play with the machines which were just a part of an imagination in the old age.

The Robotic Arm is compelled to the real robotic action and high-quality machines to carry out excellent actions. Don’t be surprised to see your child hovering around the toy for the maximum time.

9. The Encyclopedia of Immaturity

The book covers a wide variety of interesting facts and stories around the world for the children. It not only will add to their knowledge but will also ease their reading experience with lots of fun facts.

Children love to read such kind of books, and this one especially is tailored for children so that they can have a wild laugh while reading it. It will keep them engaged in the book without them getting bored at any point of time while reading the book.

It is decent to present for the 10-year-old boy who simply has a soft corner for words printed on the pages.

10. Slimeball Slinger

Surprise your kid by gifting him the slime ball slinger on his 10th birthday. It will motivate him to step out in the backyard and aim across the garden. The Slinger is designed to travel 30 feet through the air.

The slime balls are made of very soft rubber material which keeps the fragile things in and around your house safe. It is hassle free, and the balls targeted don’t leave any stains on the walls.

Apart from your kid having all the fun while he slings and aims at targets, it will also improvise his hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

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11. SmartLab Crash Test Lab

It is a fun and engaging toy to gift to your 10-year old boy. SmartLab Crash Test Lab comes with a vehicle and a dummy that helps your child to reinvent his own safety measures to save the dummy from critical damage.

There are many such experiments mentioned in the book that will help you to think better to make the minimal damage to the dummy.

The vehicle, on the other hand, doesn’t break with as much crash one undergoes. The toy is an amalgamation of fun and intelligence together.

12. Hot Wheels Track

As a child, I was fascinated to see cars flying, but unfortunately for us, there were no such advancements made then. Therefore we needed to use our imagination to build tracks.

But in today’s world hot wheels provide wonderful tracks to send your cars flying.Boys love fondling with their new tracks and cars.

It is a magnificent gift that will be adored by the 10-year-old boy with immense joy and appreciation. There wouldn’t be a happier face of him for months to come after receiving this spectacular gift.

13. Play Station 4

Well, not a gift that will inspire him to indulge in some outdoor sports, but certainly one that he will love for many years to come.

Also, you can enjoy the gaming console when he is not around the room or the game.By far, it is one of the best video gaming consoles to have ever surfaced on the face of the earth.

Outstanding graphics, excellent gaming experience, and the freedom to witness the whole new level of video-gaming are the perks of buying the console.

Although it is a touch on the costlier side, it would be beyond imagination gift for a 10-year-old kid. Make sure you get the time bound promises before you hand him this overly addictive machine.

14. Spooner Boards

It is a great toy to push your kid to indulge in heavy physical activities. Spooner boards are designed to perfection so that they can slide, swirl, and slip onto any surface.

Also, they are made up of indestructible material which allows your kid to use it anywhere. It’s super smooth surface allows the kids to get on it without wearing shoes.

A toy that will not only keep your child engaged but will also help him to cherish his time in the backyard or picnic. It is extremely lightweight that makes it easy to carry around.

15. Fold and Fly Airplane Kit

Kids love flying objects and nothing would be better when they make their own flying objects and host it into the gushing wind.

Fold and Fly airplanes kit consist of 18 unique plane designs with easy to understand instructions.There are also stickers available in the kit that helps your kid to modify the look of their created planes.

It gives a whole new dimension to the white paper dull planes. Your kid would love these tiny crafted planes.

16. Hamper Hoops

Does your child have the tendency to mess the room with laundry clothes all over the place? Does his room always look messy? Then this is a perfect gift you can add to his room, to get him organized and clean without your help.

The hoop will push him to put all his toys or laundries into the bag attached to the hoop. The gift will be appreciated by the 10-year-old, but will also simplify your work to clean his room.

It is easily attachable to all types of doors and doesn’t take too much space in the room.

17. Junior Metal detector

Give an adventurous gift to your 10-year-old boy in the form of junior metal detector. The metal detector can detect coin-sized objects dug below 5 inches and bigger objects hidden below 3 feet.

It will be a great activity for your kid to see the background with the help of his new device to find hidden coins and metal pieces. It will encourage your child to move out and play instead of getting glued to the electronic screens.

The device would make him feel like an adventurer on a mission. You can design a treasure hunt for him that would require him to use the detector.

What to get a 10 year old boy? Now that you have a long list of toys for 10-year-old boys, you should go fetch the markets to acquire these wonderful gifts. We are sure that the children of that age are going to love these gifts over and over again.

18. Cartoon waterproof silicone kids watch

This is an age when you should teach your boy the importance of punctuality thus you can get him this funky watch that has cartoon designs all over it. It is waterproof so you do not need to worry about him messing it up. He can wear it to the shower and while playing too. It is a nice printed watch in black color which boys of 10 years old will love.

19. Gesture control intelligent robot 

Kids fancy of toys that respond to them and are equally involved in the playing process because as human beings we look for responses in toys and people. This robot toy is a gesture control robot that sings, dances and performs various activities whatever your wants him to do. It can be operated through a remote. It is a fun toy which is available in different colors. It can also be programmed to perform movements according to your liking.

20. Walkie talkie 

Walkie talkies are kids favorite toys. It is a fun toy that can help the kids play detective or commando games. This one has a camouflage print and has more than 20 channels in it. It also has more than average sound quality and is very sturdy in make. You also get these in different kinds of colors and patterns. thus you can pick your favorite one as per the birthday boy’s liking.

21. Nightglow game 

Technology has its pros as well as cons one of the biggest cons is that it has made children dull and lazy because instead of spending a lot of time doing physical activity they rather play games on a phone or computer sitting on the couch. Thus, if you wish to promote some physical activity this glow game is what you should get. It is a fun game that has more than 33 light pieces and supposed to be played at night.

22. Educational constructer toy

If you are looking for a gift that is educational at the same time very enjoyable then this is what your search will end. This is an engineering stem toy that has building blocks through which the boy will have to create an RC car. It improves the mental and aptitude skills of boys because it involves a lot of mental thinking that goes into constructing this large car of sorts.

23. Crazy scientist trick card set 

Treat or tricks? This time let’s go for tricks. If your boy enjoys the magic and loves watching those crazy happenings that come out of nowhere and put everybody in a soup then it is time you teach your kids to do or perform such tricks too. This is a scientist trick card set which he can use to show some magic to his friends that will make them think he has turned into a magician.

24. Grey shark tail blanket 

If you are looking for some light gift that can stay with him for a longer time and also be remembered when he grows then you can get him this adorable shark blanket. It is not an ordinary blanket which you just put on yourself it is a nice snuggle blanket in which you will have to step in like a dress. It will keep him warm and cozy in those winter nights without worrying about the blanket slipping away.

25. Flashing LED gloves

Kids love stuff that is extraordinary and does not have any sense but is fun to just watch. One of these is the glowing gloves that your kid can wear it in his hands and it will give an X-ray effect but with different colors in it. It is safety checked and thus very secure for your kids. he can also wear it on his birthday party and to the next Halloween.

26. Adventure kit 

Instead of keeping kids intact at home, they should be promoted and pushed to step out and tackle the adventure on their own. For this ,we have a safety adventure kit that you can get your boy that will keep him armed in all his adventures. It comes with a bag that has binoculars, lights, magnifying glass and a compass. You can also keep this in his luggage when he goes for school field trips.

27. Toy truck transport carrier 

The most common gift yet exciting one for him is any kind of vehicle. Because boys have a natural bent towards vehicle toys. This is a loaded truck that you can get him. It is used to carry cars and other vehicles from one place to another thus it has several small vehicles inside it too. It also has a handle that makes it easy to carry it around. A 10-year-old boy would absolutely love this.

28. Premium magic trick set 

If your boy adores magicians and gets inspired by them a lot then you should get him his own magician kit so that he can be a magician himself. It is an entire kit with different magic equipment through which he can perform some artistic magic tricks. It has cards, sponge balls, etc to perform a different kind of magic tricks. It has beyond 100 tricks that he can learn first and ten perform.

29. ilearn tennis pitching machine

You don’t need friends always to play sports. You can get him this indoor as well as outdoor pitching ball set that will fuse out balls as per requirement. It comes with a tennis racket as well as a baseball bat thus he can play any of the sports he wishes to on his own without waiting for someone to throw a ball at him so he can hit.

30. 3D writing pen

There is an increasing fad for 3D pens among kids of these age group. Through this 3D pens, you can make live things without much of an effort but simply draw or writing like a normal pen. Thus you can choose one of the colors these 3D ens are available in and see your boy making different artistic things come to life. It is a very interesting play toy for 10-year-old boys.

31. Remote control car toy 

Boys of this age love moving gadgets especially those of which they can control the movement. This is a very extraordinary car that comes with a vacuum principle which allows it to run everywhere even on perpendicular objects. It has been designed very lavishly as to look like a premier car. It can be operated through a remote and thus one can decide its movement through just a click.It also has a 360-degree rotation feature.

32. Personalised superhero cape and mask 

Boys of this age are so much influenced by superheroes and always wish to be one thus most of them want to have a cape and a mask of their own. Now, this may seem impossible but it no longer is. This personalized cape comes in different colors and can be customized with the birthday boy’s initials printed on it. One can choose and pick a color of their choice. It is also available in different sizes.

33. Polarised sunglasses frame 

Give your boy a stylish look when he goes out with these unisex polarised sunglasses that will make him feel like a hero. These frames are flexible and come in different kind of colors. they are packed inside a cute box which is in a shape of a car. They are also UV protected lens and thus will keep the boy safe from the harmful sun rays. It is made up of good quality rubber.

34. Mini drone for kids

All the remote operated toys are a fail in front of this drone. It is a toy drone for beginner kids. They can fly it around as they want by operating it through a remote device. It can also be attached to a smartphone to capture the surroundings. The drone has an inbuilt camera that makes this feasible and viable. The resolution of the camera is also very decent enough.

35. Googly eyes game

This one is a fun game that he can also play with his friends at his birthday party. It comes with a googly glass that one has to wear and the other one has to draw something on a board which will appear as distorted and jaded to the other person who is wearing the glasses. It is a simple game not too many fundas but very enjoyable at the same time.

36. Sumo bumper bopper

This is one of the hilarious toys one should definitely get for a 10-year-old. It is a sumo bumper cover that one has to wear and can fight with other person wearing the same toy. It is damn funny to watch someone in that costume and even more fun to see them fight with the inflated big stomach attachment. You can also consider it as an alternative to pillow fighting. And it is also absolutely safe and secure.

37. Golf toy set 

Golf is a very popular game especially among men in the US and few other countries. It is a good time pass game that one can play in his free time. Thus you can prepare your boy and make him learn the game with a mini set for him. This set contains everything right from the goal spot to the ball and bat. It is small and portable and thus can be carried everywhere along very easily.

38. Bowling play set 

This is another mini gaming set that will allow him to play these fun sports in the comfort of his home. This is a miniature set of bowling which he and his friends can play in teams. It is made up of high-grade material absolutely safe for young children. The set consists of 10 miniature bowling pins and set of 2 balls that can be used to target these assortments of pins.

39. Justice league goodie bag 

If your boy is a big justice league fans like a lot of boys of his age then this is another cool birthday present for 10 year old boy. It is a fun canvas bag that has justice league characters printed over it. It is a useful bag to carry his belongings to tuitions or any other extra activity classes. You can him a bunch or bring a pile of it to distribute among his friends too.

40. Ninjago movie master falls 

10-year-old boys usually love to play with miniature cartoon characters and stuff because that is what they are exposed to over TV and cinema halls. They consider these miniatures creatures only their friends in the play game. This movie master fall set is a fun toy for educational purpose because it will teach the boy some good construction skills.

41. Crazy dog t-shirt 

If your kid is a great fan of dinosaurs and love to hear about the species and also love dinosaurs patterns everywhere then you can get him this T-rex t-shirt which comes in an uber cool green color. There is a dinosaur face pattern beneath the shirt too which he can fold and put it on his face to scare others. They are also available in other vibrant colors to choose from.

42. Boy’s summer camp care package 

If you are looking to gift him a mixture of a lot of gifts in one goodie bag then you need not look for separate gifts all over the place. This is a separate goodie bag specially made with a lot of different stuff. It is a summer camp package that has all the different stuff to keep him engaged throughout. It has almost more than 5 fun stuff activities that he can play around.

43. Shooting wheel target 

Racing, shooting etc are some of the arcades that boys between 10- 11 years enjoy a lot. It also evolves them mentally and keep their brain functioning and makes them alert. This shooting game is kind of archery in which one has to use the gun to target the point. The aim base is made up of high-quality plastic. It also has LED lights on it which accentuates the look of the game.

These birthday gifts for 10-year-old boys would add a bright smile and joy to their faces. There is a wide range of options available in the list.

So, in the end, the final call remains with you if you wish to gift an electronic gadget or a toy that will inspire your child to hit the park instantly. With this, we conclude our article for the wonderful 10th birthday gift ideas for boys.

To make his birthday a memorable get some 10 year old birthday ideas.