28 Best Baby Boy Gift Ideas 2022

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:00 pm

How much ever interesting it is to buy gifts for a baby we all sometimes find ourselves perplexed in choosing something that is unique and special. Sometimes it is because of the numerous choices we have nowadays for babies or sometimes the lack of good and fruitful gifts.

However, for girls it is still easy to decide upon a gift because of their numerous needs, where we find caught up is when we have to select something for a baby boy. So, you might be looking for the best baby boy gift ideas.

We mostly keep two things in mind when buying something for a toddler- one is that it makes the baby happy and the other is that in return he is getting something useful and informative to extract from that kid.

baby boy gift ideas

At the baby age, the little ones may not be able to talk or respond or may not be familiar with a language but their senses are so active that they try to understand the surrounding and react basis on that in their own little odd manner. Thus, we should gift them something that sparks an action with them and ignites a reaction.

Keeping all this in mind and blending these elements together we have collated a list below of some endearing gifts for baby boys that may help you if you are someone looking for gifts for baby boys. Here we have compiled the list of best gifts for new born baby boy.

Unique Gift Ideas For Baby Boys:

1. Memory keepsake journal 

Memory keepsake journal 

A memory keepsake journal is a great way to store all the memories you wish to share with your baby once he/she grows up.

Thus, a lot of us who love to keep a tag of memories wish to maintain a scrapbook or a journal with all his moments and memories that you can sit and discuss with him years from now when he grows up. This memory keepsake journal comes with date partitions to record memories.

2. Newborn hand and footprint frame 

Newborn hand and footprint frame 

How mesmerizing it is to look at the little hand and feet of a baby! We know they are going to grow up into a monster (just kidding) someday why not save this little gems in a frame?

This clay frame will keep an imprint of the child’s hand and foot and will be saved as a great forever memory. You can put this frame around as a decorative and can relive the moment years later.

3. Baby’s monthly chalkboard

Baby’s monthly chalkboard

This is the time when you can know and understand the baby’s habits and actions that he inculcates with time. This monthly chalkboard will help you keep a record of the same and that is how you can keep a tab on the child.

You can hang around this chalkboard in the kitchen or anywhere in the house and mark his activities on it. You can keep a record of his height, food habits, etc.  with this chalkboard.

4. Baby swaddle blanket 

Baby swaddle blanket 

Kids are supposed to be wrapped around in blankets when they are small to keep them protected from winters and to protect them from catching cough and cold. These swaddle blankets are special ones designed in a very stylish and classy manner.

Each blanket comes with a custom designed bag. The packaging makes it look like a really precious and one of the unique baby boy gifts. While this gift is not just aesthetically perfect but it is equally useful.

5. Baby sleep aid 

Baby sleep aid 

Put the baby to a sound sleep with this cute owl plus baby sleep machine. If the baby is not sleeping at night or having a very disturbed sleep then this will help to aid this issue.

It is a shusher sound machine that produces some soothing sounds and instrumental music which will relax the baby’s mind and put him into a deep sound sleep. It also has a soft LED light that prevents the room from being pitch dark.

6. Baby clothes bouquet 

Baby clothes bouquet 

This is one of the best baby boy gifts that will enhance his wardrobe. It is a bouquet of baby clothes and some accessories with it. The unique part of this gift is it is handmade and has a total of 19 pieces of accessories.

Each of the clothing or accessory are in complement with each other and are made keeping in mind that the target audience of this gift are the baby boys.

7. Musical learning table 

Here’s another toy for the baby boy to facilitate some educational learning along with amusement. This musical learning table is an activity toy with multiple modes of knowledgeable and learning modes to develop certain skills in your baby.

It comes with different melodies and will introduce the infant to colors and some animal miniatures. The lights that emerge out of the table and the musical notes that it strikes will fascinate the kid and he will have an amazing experience. If you are searching gifts for his birthday then this is the best birthday gift for baby boy.

8. Dinosaur romper 

Dinosaur romper

This is an age when the baby boy can be given some cute adorable outfits to make him stand out and make him look the lovely age he is in. This dinosaur baby romper comes in the vibrant shade of green and an option of blue with spokes all around the back.

It is a full length hooded romper that will make the baby look like a baby dinosaur when he sleeps. It is made up of cozy fabric.

9. Fly toy 

Fly toy 

Although at this age, the baby hardly understands how to play with toys but some toys that are really amusing will grab the baby’s attention. In that line is this 4 pc parachute set with soldier miniatures.

The flying feature of it will keep the kid engaged with the toy and he would have a lovely time seeing these parachute toys fly in the air. The neon shades that they come is also a bonus point.

10. Kids travel tray 

Kids travel tray 

If you are taking your kid along with you for an outing or for some works and you want to keep him busy then this tray will be a great help for you.

It is a useful tray that comes with pouches that can hold baby’s stuff and the tray can be used to keep his food or toys or can be used as a dining table. The bonus of this gift is that it comes with a complementary color book. 

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11. Infant portable chair 

Infant portable chair 

This is a personal chair and dining table for the baby. It is foldable and compact and it is framed on each side to keep the baby safe and prevent him from falling off the chair.

It also comes with straps to secure the baby on the chair. The baby can be made to sit on this chair and can be fed on the table. It comes in a  nice shade of green and grey.

12. Musical toy

Musical toy

This is a fun portable small toy that can be carried along anywhere you go to keep the baby busy and entertained. It has a handle wherein the baby can hold a grip on the toy.

It is a mini toy cellphone kind of a thing that plays some musical melodies to amuse the baby. Also, the toy comes with various led lights that will dance with the classic tones that the toy will play.

13. 12 months photo frame 

12 months photo frame 

This photo frame is a special frame to observe and record the changes in your baby’s face as he grows through the year. It has 12 different photo frames, each one can have a picture of the month and likewise, the other 11 month pictures can take the other 11 spaces.

By the end of the year, this frame will reveal the changes that your child has gone through and how fast your little toddler is growing.

14. Mickey mouse set 

Mickey mouse set 

Kids enjoy wearing funky clothing and some accessories to go with. As parents also we love to keep our kid up to date dressed up in some fun outfits to make him look adorable.

This set of mickey mouse hat, mitts, and socks in the shade of blue and grey is a great gift to keep the baby boy warm and cozy. It is made of soft wool which is skin friendly for the babies. This would be one of the best gifts for newborn boy.

15. Baby wagon gift basket 

Baby wagon gift basket

Why gift a particular thing when you can get the baby boy a hamper or baby boy gift baskets which are full of essential gifts? This hamper for baby boys includes a variety of gifts for boys- it has a romper, a swollen hat, a bodysuit, a cute teddy bear, bath time board book, teething toy etc.

It is full of all the essential items that a baby needs to have. You can personalize it with the baby’s name too.

16. Kick and play piano gym 

Kick and play piano gym 

It is necessary to keep the baby active and facilitate some movement for him to relax his muscles that will facilitate him to learn to walk and coordinated movements faster.

This kick and play piano gym is a mat set up where the baby boy can lie down and put his legs on the piano stage that has various buttons that will play different melodies on pushing it.

Thus it will encourage the baby to push his legs. This could be the best gift for newborn baby boy.

17. Baby music box

Baby Einstein Music Explorer Musical Toy with Lights and Melodies, Ages 3 months +

Melody is a favorite topic of this post since kids can be allured with music because it is something that amuses them. This pirate wooden music box rowboat.

It has some cute miniature characters sitting on top of the stage and with their hand movements, the drum will play a set of melodious sounds.

It plays the tune of the popular rhyme ‘Row row your boat’ and comes in a cute blue shade.

18. Smart sock 

Smart sock 

Go a step forward and make use of the forward technological products that are coming for babies to entertain them or to keep them healthy and safe. These smart socks is an intelligent gift that has an electronic monitor attached to it.

It has a sensor that connects to a mobile app. The sensor detects the heart rate and oxygen meter of the kid and provides the information through the tracking system on your app.

19. LED light stuffed teddy bear

The easiest and the lovable toy that you can present to a baby is a teddy bear. Kids love teddy bears because they are so adorable and cute. This teddy bear soft toy comes in a light shade of white.

What makes it unique is that it comes with inbuilt led lights that will emerge out of the soft toy and make the bear luminescent. It has different colored led lights that will pop up the teddy bear.

20. Baby pillow 

Baby pillow 

The baby stage of a human is a very sensitive time when a lot of things needs to be considered and cared upon to facilitate a smooth growth of the child. One of the important things is the pillow that your baby uses.

This pillow is specially designed for babies to prevent them from getting a flat head syndrome. It supports the most sensitive area of a baby which is the head and the neck and is made up of soft foam. This could be one of the awesome and safest baby boy gifts.

21. Turn and learn driver 

Turn and learn driver 

This is another fun toy that you can present to a baby. It comes in a vibrant color of red and yellow that will excite the kid and attract him towards it. It comes with a steering wheel and gear that will ignite various activities on the toy board.

This toy also has musical melodies and is good for him to familiarise with different educational concepts like the colors, shapes, animals etc. It will also provide him some motor skills.

22. Sort and discover activity cube 

Sort and discover activity cube 

Looking for full proof learning gifts for newborn boy? You should go for this activity cube which is entirely educational and informative. This is the time when the baby is developing senses and thus his brain is very active and responsive to such gifts.

It comes with different activities that you can indulge your kid in. It will facilitate your kid to learn shapes, colors, animals etc. It is a perfect toy to keep the kid involved.

23. Squishy scented package 

This is a squishy toy that comes in a cute plastic box with a string attached to it that can be hung around the baby’s neck. The squish toy plastic box comes with a push button to take out the soft toy.

The squishy toy comes with a scented aroma that will read around the room once it is pressed. It will create a nice ambiance and can be used to relax the baby and is a stress relief.

24. Wooden Xylophone 

Wooden Xylophone 

If you are looking for a musical instrument kind of a toy that the kid can play then you can get him this wooden xylophone. It comes with a stick so that kid can bang on to the notes of this xylophone.

Each bang will create a soft music that will amuse the baby boy. It is a great gift to keep the kid busy and entertained and can be carried along with you whenever you take the baby along.

25. Kookoo egg drops 

Kookoo egg drops

If you are looking for a toy gift that is different and that will amuse the gift then you can go for this kook egg drop toy.

It is basically a soft toy of a kookoo bird and comes with 3 eggs along. All you have to do is to squeeze the birds for it to drop down the egg. This scenario will definitely fascinate the kid and will make him happy about it.

26. Balance bike walker 

Balance bike walker 

The most important and an essential part of a baby’s life is a walker. It facilitates the young toddler to learn walking faster, but we all have been accustomed to a single pattern of a walker that is mostly used by everyone.

The walker is out of the box with its unique bike shaped design. It is like a scooter. Your kid can sit on it and rest his hands on the handle while wheels will take him forward.

I think this is unique from the above-given list of baby boy presents will help him to learn walking soon.

27. Animal face hooded towel  

Animal face hooded towel  

Another cute addition to his daily wear could be this animal hooded baby towel. It comes in different animal designs but the cutest is this grey colored elephant print. The elephant has been given spectacles that make the towel look ultimately adorable.

It is made up of a fabric that is super soft and comfy for the baby skin. So you can throw away the basic towels and add this cute little one to his bathing trousseau.

28. Plush tool play set 

Plush tool play set 

Make your baby boy familiar with the tools and equipment through this fun plus set of tools in a plush box. It consists of a hammer, a saw, screwdriver etc.

It will push and encourage your kids imaginative and creative skills. The box also comes with a musical feature that allows each tool to make its realistic sound to mesmerize the kid and to make him learn the tool really well.

This comprehensive list is a mix of different aspect-oriented products. We hope you liked above baby boy gift ideas and find something of your choice or something appropriate you were looking for the baby boy.

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