1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys You will Love to Know

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 02:56 am

Birthdays are always awaited. We all wait for our birthday as it brings many wishes, blessings and most important thing, gifts. Gifts, when received in a wrapping sheet, give the feeling of being special. Birthdays are always welcomed no matter the age, and with this, all good wishes are welcomed. This is the day when a person comes to the earth.

So it is the perfect day to thank God for sending you in this world. Birthdays are never fulfilled unless there are parties. They never get complete without parties. Here we are going to discuss a lot of  1st birthday ideas for boys.

Birthdays bring fun and people enjoy at the party and give blessings to the birthday boy. Here are the ways to conduct a party in a new and unique way, with lots of fun and new innovative ideas.

1st birthday brings lots of enjoyment and fills the life of the person with fun and excitement. Baby’s 1st birthday adds the memories in the life of parent and child as well. Parents find themselves lucky to celebrate the birthday of the child. And the child when grows up and sees pictures and videos of his 1st birthday feels lucky and happy and special. Let’s have some ideas of celebrating 1st birthday party of the boy.

Congratulations to the parent that you have completed 1 year of parenthood. Today is your child’s birthday and here are the best wishes for him. To have a wonderful party lets plan so that each guest will say “WOW!! WHAT A PARTY.”

First birthday party ideas for baby boy

First birthday party ideas for baby boys

I know you might have many ideas in your that you want to be sure about also you want to know some ideas that can help you plan a perfect party. So here we go, check out this 1st birthday ideas list and at the end, you will take away many helpful ideas.

1. Hire a party planner

Party Planner

Have a party planner. If you need to save some money then plan a low-priced affair. Create a budget first then plan for the party.

Create a blue color theme party as it is a boy’s first birthday party and they love the blue color. Decorate the party with the budget-friendly decoration ideas.

2. Be creative with props

Birthday party props

Design the props with the idea of making kids feel more adventurous and to help them enjoy. Plan everything and capture the memories so as to keep all these moments alive and fresh in the coming times. Serve drinks to the guests and children keeping in mind the choice of the child. Play with the child and arrange the games accordingly.

First birthday always adds memories in the life of parent and child. A child is the future of parents and they live their childhood with the children. Parties bring enjoyment happiness and fun with them. All enjoy themselves as there are many games and activities which keep them busy and they enjoy themselves in the party. Different activities for different age groups bring spice to the party.

3. Plan the Menu

Birthday menu ideas

Get everything pre-planned if you are organizing a party. This will ease your work and will bring positivity in the party. Make the food colorful and creative. Food should be attractive so that your guests will never forget the taste.

Add the desserts to your menu. Keep in mind that the desserts too should be the choice of the birthday boy

Get creative with Cocktails– it adds color to the party and everyone enjoys it. Be creative and make different color cocktails. Enjoy to your best.

4. Invitation Cards

Invitation card
Invitation Card Example: Source – Purpletrail.com

Create the invitation with an innovative card.

  • Since it’s a boy’s first birthday party, you can be innovative with designs of superheroes, cars etc.
  • Create an invitation card with the hand print of the child. It will create a memory in the life of child and parents. An invitation card adds memories to your life and child’s life.
  • Paste the photo of the child to the invitation card to invite his one year old birthday party.
  • Give the identity card to the boys who are coming to the party and who are 1 year and below it.
  • Create an online invitation card for the invitees. Get an e-mail address and send them an invitation through online.
  • Get poems printed on the card of child’s 1st
  • Make a collage of the photos of the baby from 0 months to 12 months.
  • Get the quotes printed on the card.
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5. Themes and The Birthday Party

1st birthday party themes

Birthdays are the main event for which the cake is the main part. Enjoy the party with the cake and you can play with the cake smash. Make your guests feel special and welcome them with the cake. Keep your guests busy with the games and different activities. Let your guests enjoy the activities and give them the fun while playing and guests moving.

  • Superhero Birthday Party: This idea will enhance the party and bring a new mood to the party. Superhero decoration idea will bring adventure to the party. Design the food also as the superhero. Bring the glass and all containers of the superhero. It brings the effect of the boy’s birthday. Prepare the chocolates and cakes for the boy as it will add flavor to the party. Superhero game activities will be enjoyable for the boys coming to the birthday party. Get the inspiration of superhero games and it will add the adventure to the party.
  • Glow light theme: Give the glow light party theme to the party. It will really make your party look beautiful and will add a beautiful memory.
  • Balloon theme: Decorate with balloon theme and give a new look to the party. Make different shapes of a balloon and give an innovative idea to your party.
  • Animal theme: An animal themed birthday party will add a different theme to the gathering. Animal shaped cookies bring wonders to the party. This will make the baby learn new animal names.
  • One year in a flash: This will bring a positive effect to the birthday party. It’s new and innovated first birthday theme idea for the party owner. Click the growing image of your child, keep the collection and paste it in one chart. It will show the growth of your child. You can even do a slideshow of the same.
  • A market shift tent which holds the items like popcorns, candies and small gifts just to make the party attractive. Create small shops as the market has. It will be the attraction of the party.
  • Ferrari themed Birthday Party: This brings a Ferrari feeling to the guests who have come to join the party. Give speed to your party. Create the car shapes and hang it for all the children.
  • Black and white cap party: In this theme give white and black caps to the men and women so that it may differentiate between men and women from far away. It will have only black and white color as the main colors.
  • Circus carnival birthday theme party: Make all the animals with the papers and cut them into their shapes and cut in the way of costumes, so that guests can wear.
  • Royal prince 1st birthday theme parties: Give the royal look to your party as you are throwing a party for your prince. Make a unique dress for your child as a king. Make an apparel of king and make him wear.
  • Bake a different cake as it may be in the shape of apple which is the first word the baby learns in school or at home. Cake with the theme will add beauty to the party. And everyone will remember it for a long time.
  • Bring the magic show to the party as it adds thrill to the party and attracts all the persons coming. A magician attracts all with its magic and it becomes the center of attraction of the party.
  • Create a play space for kids as it is the party for the kids and by the kid. So play space is required, so that kids enjoy themselves. Children love to play and if there is a space for playing then it will really add activity to the party.

6. Games

party games

1. One-Year-olds on parade

Let the kids’ parade and give them the horns and drums to do a parade. They will surely go to enjoy and it will show that how discipline they work.

2. Bubble Game

Make the bubbles and tell the children to catch them as it touches the ground. This game will surely be enjoyed by elders and children. They both will enjoy and the party hall will get filled with the laughter of all the guests.

3. Treasure Hunt Games

Hide sweets and tell the children to search those sweets. I am sure children will love to play this game. This game will increase the patience and they will earn a reward by searching the sweets. I think sweets are not only liked by children and I am sure that parents will also enjoy this game.

4. Dancing games

Allow all the kids to show their talent through dance. Play the music and let the child dance. Music is the heart of the party. It brings charm to the party. Dancing with all will give the advantage of knowing them and their styles.

5. Passing the Parcel game

Pass the small teddy to all and tell them to give it to another child. Let them enjoy this game. It is a quick game which keeps all active. Active participation of the children will bring motivation to the party.

6. Outdoor water games

Children love to play with water. Give them a chance so that they can enjoy themselves. Arrange the pool in that way so that all children can enjoy themselves without creating any fight scene. All love to play in the water and if this will be the theme of the party then all are going to enjoy to their heart.

7. Puppy dog party ideas

Give your child a theme of a puppy dog. You can attach tail of a dog to a child. They will surely enjoy. Small puppies are always loved by children and elders. Children will really become the center of attraction of the party. Costumes of the Puppies will make the party charming.

8. Adventure time party ideas

Arrange all the adventures to your party and create a party which is full of new activities and adventures and it will help to show the potential of your kid.

9. Uniform party ideas

Tell all the children to come in uniform to celebrate the party of your child. All children will look alike in uniforms and it will create a feeling of togetherness.

10. Western party ideas

Inform all the parents to bring their child in the western dress. This will enhance the beauty of the child and bring new effect to the party.it will bring new charm to the party and fashionable dress will bring the self-assurance in the kids.

11. Story themed party

Tell every parent to participate in this story time activity. Children will love to see the participation of their parents in storytelling activity

12. Costume dress party

Give the costumes to the children who are invited to the party. It will be a very beautiful party with different costume wears.

7. Return gifts for the Children

Return gifts

1. Personalized toys: You can gift personalized gifts like a Personalized Name Puzzle game, a Football game, blocks or some light and sound toy

2 Birthday books: There are many books that can be gifted as return gifts for kids.

3 Birthday photo frame: A frame with picture of each child

4 Give a snack and sipper cup to a child: A small supper cup would be an attractive option for small kids

5 Nightlight: There are many night lights available in many fancy shapes and colors that will look attractive to children who would come to the party

6 Piggy bank: Every child uses piggy bank so you can gift this as a return gift for your child’s birthday

Capture all these memories in a camera so that your child can see the party and can see himself later. The images will bring the memories to your life and strengthen the bond of love between child and parents. These memories and images make the child feel special and center of attraction for the friends and relatives. I hope this list of 1st birthday party ideas will help you plan your boy’s first birthday in a most special way.