35 Extraordinary Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Boy

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:34 pm

The world of an 11-year-old boy is full of activity, imagination, and every aspect of his life bears significance to him. One of the best birthday gifts for 11-year-old boy is from a list of educational and fun toys, books, and knick-knacks.

Toys are what the kids of this age like the most. They love reading about cartoons, stories, love action figurines, and more. You can choose from a humongous choice of gifts for the birthday of the 11-year-old kid that will make him happy and bring a smile on his face.

Educational toys are the best gifts that you can give an 11-year-old kid as it enhances their mental and cognitive skills and instills creativity. These are the best birthday gifts that you can give kids of this age as it boosts their skills and helps them develop their creative and intellectual abilities. You can choose from the following gifts when you want to gift the little one on his birthday.

birthday gits for 11 year old boys

Awesome Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

1. Toy Laser Tag Gun Sets

Young boys love playing laser tags. This is one of the best fun gifts that you can give on the birthday of a 11 year old kid on their birthday. They will have fun playing tag with each other and spend time having a lot of fun in this activity.

These are one of the best-recommended gifts that let them have a more outdoor time after their school work is done. An awesome set of gift ideas for 11-year-old boy on his birthday.

2. Slammo Game Set

An outdoor game that the kids can play along with adults in the backyard as well as on the beach. A portable game set that has a net and a set of balls that can be played anywhere in the outdoors by a group of people.

You can take it along with you when camping, hiking, and in all outdoor activities. This also works as a great exercise outdoors for kids as well as teens. A good gift to give kids on their birthday.

3. Stem Games

An cool gift that you can give 11 year old kid on his birthday. A gift that encourages logical thinking, develops spatial reasoning, engineering and building abilities in kids. There are more than 50 challenges that let the kid enhance their abilities dealing with challenges at beginner to expert levels.

It is fun and an easy to learn game that comes with a set of instructions for the kid to learn, play, and develop many critical skills and enhance his abilities.

4. The Legend Of Battle Island

One of the adventure story books that the kids of this age will learn to read and enjoy in their leisure time. This is a gift that also encourages reading abilities in a kid.

This is a funny as well as action-packed series of stories that the kid will enjoy reading. It keeps the kid engaged in reading these fascinating stories from this book and they might as well finish reading them quickly.

5. Epic Zero Superhero Box Sets

One of the best gift sets for 11 year old boy that you can give on his birthday. He will enjoy reading the epic superhero series. Kids love super hero stories and will enjoy reading these epic series about the super hero and his adventures with his dog.

These are action-packed series that comes with illustrations that the kids at this age will love reading. Kids will laugh and enjoy reading this hilarious journey of the superhero in these epic series.

6. LED Drone Toy

An awesome birthday presents for 11 year old boy that you can gift on his special day. A crash proof toy that the boys at this age will enjoy playing with. An indoors as well as outdoor game that flies with LEDs on.

It comes with a control mechanism that lets you control the direction of the drones flying. Boys will love watching the flying drone in their favorite colors. It works on battery and can be flown as long as the battery is active.

7. Hilarious Joke Book

Everybody loves a good laugh. Your little one will make you laugh by reading the rib-tickling jokes from this book. Tell jokes to your friends and family from this book and have a good laugh.

This series of joke book is an awesome gift that you can give kids of any age. One of the fun gifts for 11 year olds that they will enjoy reading and love you for gifting it to them.

8. Pranklopedia-Book About Pranks

Boys love playing pranks. This is the book that they will just love reading about pranks that are fun and not mean. Cool and fun gift to give to a 11 year old kid. You can pull pranks from these books on your friends, siblings, and anyone you want to have fun with.

A reason to have some time for chuckling and having fun. One of the gift ideas for boys age 11 that they will enjoy reading and playing it on anyone in a non-offensive way.

9. Interactive Wrist Watch

One of the cool gift ideas for boys age 11 is this waterproof and interactive wrist watch. It comes with a camera, photo effects, games, and many features that keep the kids engaged in playing with their wrist watch.

It also has a voice recorder that comes with voice changing effects. This water is splash proof but cannot be worn when swimming or during any of the water sports activities that require submerging.

10. Spikeball With A Net Game

This is a cool game that can be played with maximum four players. A cool gift to give a 11 year old who will love playing outdoors with his friends and siblings.

A cool activity game that can be taken outdoors when you go camping or hiking. A nice and an enjoyable that the kids will love to play in their backyard along with their family and friends in leisure time.

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11. National Geographic Interactive Brain Games Book

One of the mind blowing interactive books that can be given as a birthday gift to a 11 year old kid. It has fun facts, puzzles, quiz, and many challenges that boosts the capacity of the brain and makes it think better.

A great book that helps the child develop many skills and can also be taken to the classroom for some interactive activity. Kids can have fun reading this book and also have a lot of information in various streams of science.

12. Adventure Book Series

A cool adventure books that the kids of this age will love reading. It has four books with adventure stories that the kids will love reading in their leisure. A magical adventure and stories that have gripping plot.

Kids will get glued to these books and will love you for gifting them these book series. The best gift that grandfathers can give their grandsons on their 11th birthday.

13. Juggling Toy Sets With Balls For Kids

Juggling is a game that anyone can learn at any age. This is a toy set for juggling with balls that let kids develop their motor skills, learn eye coordination, and balance. It develops their focus, concentration, and is a fun toy that can be played indoors as well as outdoors.

This is the activity that develops both the sides of the brain enhancing their creativity as well as logical reasoning.

14. Harry Potter Random Facts Book

Harry Potter series are fascinating and kids will love a gift that has unknown facts about their favorite character. This is a fun book that they will enjoy reading during their leisure and something that they would love to re-read it a couple of times and enjoy the read.

There are a lot of interesting facts that the kids can learn from reading this book. For kids who are a huge fan of Harry Potter, this is the gift that they will love reading.

15. Sensory Sox Dynamic Movement Fabric

A fabric that can help the kid to calm down and increase his spatial awareness. The kid can dance and boost his movement creativity wearing this fabric. It has elasticity and comes in designs and colors that the kids will love.

This is a unique gift that the kids will love wearing and moving around in it. It improves balance and develops various skills in the kid. This is especially, a good gift for kids with special needs such as, autism, and kids suffering from hyperactivity and anxiety.

16. Stunt Racing Toy Cars

Boys at this age love remote control racing cars that perform stunts. This is an exciting gift that the kids will love spending their time with. You can make this racing toy car run on walls and ceilings as well. It runs on smooth surfaces and rotates 360 degrees.

It comes with sensory controls and kids will love spending their time racing these cars that perform all the stunts that they see in action movies.

17. Slime Kit For Kids

Slime with beads, glitter, and many colors is something that the kids will love playing with. A fun activity that is safe for the tiny hands to play with. It comes with different powders that let the kids play with different kinds of slime colors filled with beads and glitter.

Easy to clean up and leaves no mess after the kids are done playing with it. A fun game to play during birthday parties or any get togethers that have kids.

18. Toddler Golf Ball Game

Toddlers can now play golf with this toddler golf set. A fun activity and a great outdoor exercise for kids is this game of golf. It develops social interactions and cognitive abilities of the toddlers.

They will also develop motor skills, patience, and many more abilities that help them build a better life for themselves. This is the sport that can be played in the living rooms as well as outdoors.

19. 4-in-1 Board Games For Kids

A cool birthday gifts for 11 year old boys are these board games which are printed on a rug. It has tic-tac-toe and many other board games printed that encourages group activities in kids. The material is washable and durable. Kids can play board games with family and friends.

It can be stored in a small place when not in use. A unique way a board game is printed where multiple people can play from any of these board games at once.

20. Math Dice Junior Game

More than 2 players can play this game of dice. One of the classic games that kids and adults can play together. It comes with instructions and is easy to store.

On holidays and when traveling this is the dice game that you can easily carry with you and play with the kids when on a road trip or traveling in a train. Kids love these kinds of games and you can gift them on their birthday.

21. Bowling Play Set For Kids

Bowling set is a nice gift to give a 11 year old boy on his birthday. Kids can play alone as well as with groups and enjoy playing this game. Preschoolers and toddlers will love playing this game at home as well as outdoors.

The bowling pins come in vibrant colors that make it interesting for the kids to play them at their own leisure. It is safe for kids to play and they can play this game for hours together without getting bored.

22. Outdoor Disc Set

Kids can play outdoors with these discs when they go camping and on outdoor trips. A nice gift to give to a kid on his birthday. They can play with their siblings, family, and friends when they go outdoors on a trip and enjoy playing the discs amidst nature.

These are waterproof discs and can be played on beaches and swimming pools like frisbees. You can also play it with balls and use these discs to play numerous outdoor games.

23. Bullet Target Fun Game

This is a bullet and a strike game that increases the focus of kids when they play this game. It comes with easy to challenging modules that the kids will enjoy playing. This is a wall game that can also be used as a room decor. It has spinning flags that calculate the score of the strike.

This game boosts the will power and hand-eye coordination of the growing kid. Kids can bond with their friends over this gun and strike wall game.

24. Tic-Tac-Toe Party Game

This is an awesome and a classic indoor game that you can enjoy with your kids. A cool game to play when it is raining outside, or you are traveling with kids. Kids will love playing this game with their grandparents, family, and playmates.

Not a reason to get bored when you are traveling or all by yourself. The kids can entertain themselves for hours playing this simple challenge game that comes in colors and prints.

25. Cat Crimes Brain Teaser Games

This is a board game that has 40 challenges, a few tokens and cat pieces that you can use when playing this game. It comes with instructions and you can play this fun game with family and kids and have a joyful time.

It has multi-level challenges and develops the reasoning and logical ability of kids when they play this game. This is a fun and a learning experience for kids to enjoy with their family and friends on holidays.

26. Mini Basketball Hoop

Place this mini basketball in the room of the kids. Playing this game can increase their height and lets them stay fit. It comes with an electronic scoring system and a machine that lets you shoot the ball into the basket repetitively.

This is a battery operated system and can be rotated in various angles. It fits the door and kids can have fun time playing this sport everyday.

27. Rescue Dinosaur Eggs Game

Kids love dinosaurs in games and toys. They love reading about these creatures and will have fun playing this game. The challenge is to pull out each egg out and is a delightful activity when kids play with 2-3 other kids.

Kids can have a lot of fun and laughter playing this game as the tension mounts when the kid is trying to take the egg out of the pit. It enhances their motor skills and is one of the fun gifts that you can give your nephews on their birthday.

28. Naval Battle Strategy And Adventure Game

A legendary and a classic game that kids and family can play together. The challenge is to smash the ship of the enemy and capture their fort in order to win. It comes with an innovative game play where you have to use strategies to win.

It comes boxed with many components that makes it an exciting game to be played with family and in groups. The family can spend time together playing this games that keeps the kids away from gadgets addiction.

29. Ring Toss Game

Enjoy a good time playing with your family and kids outdoors targeting the pole and place the hoop on the right stem. Playing this game increases the concentration and focus of the kid. Kids can play this game in their club houses, outdoors, during birthday parties and on all occasions.

For family unions, and many other occasions, this is a perfect game that you can play with kids for fun. A gift that kids will love to have on their birthday.

30. Gesture Control Smart Robot

A playful robot that fits the fun times with kids and family. It keeps the kids engaged and gives them company during their homework and outdoor activities. This is a singing and dancing robot that comes with many features and auto controls.

It comes in various combinations and has movements in different directions. It comes with a remote control where you can have fun interacting and controlling the mechanisms of this robot.

31. Wimpy Kid 10 Second Challenge

This game has fast paced active challenges that needs to be completed in a certain amount of time. It comes with 90 game cards and can be played with 6 players. An awesome game that can be played during a family night.

Kids will love this gift when you give them on their birthday. It comes with a different set of rules that are easy to follow and participate in interesting challenges.

32. On The Dot Brain Teaser Game

Kids love playing brain teaser and puzzle games. This is a game that comes with more than 50 challenges that keeps the kids engaged and boosts their brain activity. It can be played up to 4 players.

Kids can have fun playing this game, boost their logical and reasoning skills as they keep playing this game. This is the game that can be played with people of all age groups. Kids will bond well with family and friends playing this game.

33. Spiderman Snakes And Ladders Board Game

A classic game that now comes with the print of the Spiderman that the kids will simply love. You can gift this game to the kids on their birthday and let them have a fun time playing this classic game with their family and friends.

A board game that the grandparents will love playing with kids and not a moment of boredom. It comes with many characters and instructions that makes it an interesting game to be played with the family and kids.

34. Baseball Card Collection Box

Kids who love baseball will love this collection of 500 cards that has the baseball history. This is one of the cool birthday gifts for 11 year old boy on his special day. These are the kind of collections that they cherish and treasure and hold dear to their memories.

They will spend a lot of time reading information and facts on these cards. They can carry it with them to school or outdoors and have a fun time reading it.