10 Simple Indoor Birthday Party Games to Have in Your List

Last updated on May 9th, 2022 at 06:59 am

Its always my pleasure to share some interesting and fun games with you, today i will be sharing some of the best indoor birthday party games with you.

Birthday is an occasion of celebrations and with celebration there has to be party and games as that what makes the occasion more fun. The party should be fun so that the memories can be cherished for years.

Anyways, today i will give you some birthday party games that you can play indoor. This means that if you don’t have a lawn or a playground, don’t worry you can still make your birthday party awesome with these indoor games. Here i will give a list of games for kids. So look around for the list that suits you well.

indoor birthday party games

Indoor birthday party ideas for kids

If you as a parent looking up for some ideas for your kids then here is the list of you can check out. The games which i have shared are easy to play and fun too. So enjoy  reading the list and i hope you will find few games for your kid too.

1. Ballet freeze

Its a musical and dance game. I am sure any kid would love to have this one in his birthday party games list. It is simple to play and fun.

For this game you need a music system and guests as participants. The game is about music and ballet dance. For this game kids has to dance in ballet style on music. So as soon as the music kicks in kids starts dancing and at any point of time when the music stops kids have to stay freeze at the moment.

One who do this last, leaves the game and one who stays till the end wins the game. Few days back i have played a similar game in a group, i don’t know what’s it name. But the game is similar, one who freeze late is out of the game. The only difference is that the one who is out will then do things or make gestures in a way that can distract the other contestant to move, i.e by making funny faces, singing, shouting, etc.. The one who moves is out of the game and one who stay till the end wins the game.

2. Buzz-Bomb

This one is just fun to play as all you have to do is blow a balloon. Yes, this game requires just balloons equal no. of kids participating and a target.

So the game is like that each contestant will have a balloon to blow. When the game starts each kid needs to blow his balloon and leave it in a way that it should hit the target when popping. I know its hard to hit the target this way but yes you can have 5 points to the closest place and for the target hit, you can put 20 points.

You can have even 5 balloons per kid as this will be more interesting and competing as they will get another chance. The average then can be calculated. The one who have the highest point wins the game.

Buzz bomb balloon game

3. Celebrity heads game

You can call this any way “celebrity heads game” or you can also call this game as “guess me who i am”. The game is little tricky but it will let the kids be more interactive and engaging.

For this game you need card boards on which you have to write celebrity names that means you need to write one name on each cardboard and the card boards should be equal no. participants. The game starts when each kid will come and pick one cardboard and puts it on head with help of band, in a way that the name should be on front side that means other can read.

The participant who is picking the card should not see the name. The game is all about asking and guessing. Let me explain with an example. Let suppose one kid got a cardboard on which he have “Tom cruise” name as celebrity. He will go and ask other kids for clues. He can ask ” M I short”, “M i blond”, etc. So this way he will ask for clues and with that clues he has to decide which celebrity he is. The one who finish it of fast wins the game.

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4. Spoiled telephone

It is an not that easy game but yes when considering props it requires nothing. The game is just based upon listening, remembering and saying.

For this game each contestant need to sit in a circle. The game will start with one person saying one word to the person who is sitting left. He will remember the word and add one word more to it and pass it on to his left. So this is like first participant say “Tom” Second person will say tom and add one more word to it, example- “Tom hates”. Now the third person will add one word more and pass it on, example – “Tom hates Jerry”.

This way one word will be added and it will pass it on to the last. Its fun to see when they are all allowed to speak which words they passed on. I have played this game last year in a party and i really enjoyed it.

5. Anagram Challenge

It is for very young kids who are just learning words in schools like dog, cat, rainbow, banana, etc.. The game requires printed or written letters on square card boards. Choose some name, not so easy and nor so hard to guess.  Then write few names on the cardboard and cut them into pieces so that each piece will have one word.

Scrambled these words and give each team one name that they have to assemble. To make this game little more tough give them many scrambled words which they need to make maximum words.

Anagram Challenge

6. Balloons relay

There are many ways to play balloon relay here i will tell you simple one and interesting too. Divide the kids into three groups. Let suppose there are 12 kids so divide them into 4 in each team.

Let these team stand in a line and put some milestone kind of thing in front of them at least 30 feet away from them. The game is like, the leading kid in each group will hold the 2 inflated balloons in their arms near armpits area and one between their thighs.

When the game start they have to run and cross milestone and again comeback to the place. They should keep in mind that the balloon should not be popped out or fell down. If it happens he have to start again.

In this way when he comes back the other team member will join in a row and they both will complete the round. This way the whole team if completes the race first wins the game.

Balloons relay

Here are few indoor birthday party games you can have it in your list. I hope these games were easy to understand and play. In case if any game is unclear let me know. I will explain it again.