10 Best Minute to Win It Games For Kids

Last updated on February 21st, 2022 at 07:16 pm

Last month i have written a huge list of general games that can suit anyone but today i am going to write specific minute to win it games for kids only as yesterday i have got a mail from a lady who asked me for some more specific games that are interesting and fun for kids. So i thought it is better to write a post on it rather than mailing her, so that it can help others as well.

Anyways, it is always so much to write about party games and specially when i write for kids. I think kids are the best source of inspiration for me to write a lot of topics from games to party ideas. Anyways, today i will be sharing with you some of the awesome, fun and interesting minute to win it games for kids.

So if you are parents and planning birthday party for kids or any even any other occasion then this list will surely help you in planning some awesome games.

Minute to Win It Games For Kids

Minute to win it games for kids

There are are many games in this category but i thought to share only few that are perfect suitable for kids. So here i have only shared some games options that will be more appealing to kids.

1. Candelier

This is a game of balancing and patience. It is very simple to play and can be played between two or more contestants to make it more fun.


  • 15 Soda cans
  • 5 Paper plates

Set a table on which the game will be played. For the game each contestant should be given with 15 cleaned and dried soda bottles and 5 paper plates.

As the stop watch starts, the contestant needs to put one bottle on the table then put the paper plat on the can. After that two soda cans on the paper plat and then the plate. After that three cans on the plate and then the plat and so on.

For this game one should be very patient and put each can and paper plate very carefully as every base should be strong and balanced. The one who completes the pyramid with all cans and cans, wins the game. Kids can play the game, one after the other or the can also be played simultaneously to make it more exciting.

2. Bucked head

Its a very easy game to play which requires your body bend balance and little bit of luck. It is simple to play and interesting too.


  • Ping pong balls
  • A small bucket

This game is played in support of wall that means for this game you need a wall and at least 10 feet space in front of it. To start the game the contestant first need to strap the bucket at the top of the head.

Mark a line at least 6 feet far from the wall, its a line against which constant plays the game. Now when the game starts contestant need to through the ping pong balls in a bouncy way that it should first hit the ground then the wall and then he/she has to make a way that the ball should be in the strapped bucket by moving the head.

It is a sixty seconds game, so the contestant who gets more no. of balls in the bucket wins the game. This game can be played one by one or if you have big space then more contestant can play the game simultaneously.

3. Defying Gravity

It is a very fun and interesting game to be played within one minute of time limit. Kids loves this game a lot and that is why i have included this one in the list.


  • 3 Inflated Balloons

Its a very simple game but very interesting too. For this game to be played each contestant should have tree inflated balloons. As the clocks start the contestant need to through the balloons in the air and as soon as they come down he/she have to again hit the balloon to make it stay in the air.

If one of the balloons go down then the game is over and the one who completes 60 seconds wins the game or the one who stays in the game for maximum time.

4. Play it By Ear

This game requires little bit of sound observations as the game is centered around hearing and observation ability.


  • 180 coins
  • 8 soda cans

For this game you need 8 dried and cleaned soda cans, also 180 coins. These 180 coins needs to be divided into 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. Now each can is filled with these groups that means one can with 5 coins, another with 10, another 15, 20 and so on.

The game is simple but brainy too. Shuffle the cans and put it in a row on the table. The contestant needs to shake the cans and hear the sounds and decide which one has more or less coins. So simply it means hat the contestant needs to arrange the cans in ascending or descending order.

Although you can try this game for any occasion party but its perfect for any kid’s birthday party.

[ Tip: Hear the voices and compare two and then compare the second one with the third and so on ]

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5. Separation Anxiety

Kids love candies and this game is based on candies, so i think they will like this game too. This game requires focus and persistence.


  •  M&M candy packs
  • 5 Transparent glasses

Each M&M candy packs contain 50 candies of different colors, 10 of each color that means 5 groups of colors. Place open candies on the table and 5 glasses in a row.

The game is simple for kids, each contestant needs to pick a candy and put in glasses in a way that each glass have 10 candies of same color. It looks quite simple but it becomes interesting as you only have got the time of 60 seconds.

6. Tweeze Me

This game is little bit difficult to play as it requires a lot of patience and calm mind.


  • tweezers
  • Tennis racket
  • Tic-Tac Mints
  • Tennis ball
  • One glass

To start the game it requires little bit of setup which is simple.

  • Place the racket on the table, its handle should be on the table that means racket needs to be in a balanced position, resting on its handle.
  • Put the tennis ball at the head of the racket.
  • Put one glass at the other side of the racket.

Now game can start, as soon as the stop watch starts the contestant needs to take the tweezer and pick one tic-tac mint and pass it from the colored square hole and drop the mint so that it can be in the glass. The contestant have to repeat the same.

Contestant should be very careful while passing it over the hole as it can break the balance of the racket. If the contestant breaks the balance and racket falls down then he/she is out of the game.

7. Ball cap

Kids loves this game as it does not require any particular skills and just simple to play.


  • 3 soda bottles and caps
  • 3 ping pong balls
  • 1 Table

Put three open bottles on the the table in a row( bottles should be unfilled). Put the cap on the head of each bottle facing the roof. Now as the stop watch starts the contest should drop the ping pong ball on the head of the cap in a way that it should hit the cap and replaces its position.

There is no elimination in the game, the contestant who completes the task in sixty seconds wins the game. This game can be played amongst many contestant simultaneously.

8. Breakfast scramble

It is the most easiest and fun game for kids. Kids love solving puzzles, so they will love this game.

  • Cereal board (Cut into square pieces)
  • A table

Nothing can be as easy as this game. For this game you need a cereal card board which you have to cut into pieces with scissor in a symmetrical square shape.

The game is simple as soon as the stop watch starts contestant have to assemble the board pieces and again put every piece in a right way to make it the same as it was before it was into pieces.

9. Tissue toss

It is another simple game and perfect suitable for kids. It requires no, you just need to be fast enough to win the game.


  • Full tissue paper box

To play the game let the contestant be stand in front of their table with their each paper box on the table. Each contestant need to put one hand folding at the back or hold the box and use only one hand to remove the tissue paper from the box. The contestant can’t insert hand in the box and pull all at once. They have to pick one by one. The one who empty the box wins the game.

I made my best efforts to put together all good minute to win it games for kids. I hope you have liked these games as they are easy for kids. You can also check out the other general games list i have shared at the beginning to know some more games.