41 Birthday Gifts For Daughters Which Convey Your Emotions Perfectly

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:05 am


Confused what to gift your daughter? Do you have any birthday gift idea for your daughter? In both the cases i would love to assist you.

Today i will be sharing some of the birthday gifts for daughters. This is for the parents who are looking forward to their daughters birthday memorable for years. So stay with me and pick your best choice from the list.

Getting gifts are one of the most exciting parts of a birthday. While we all do expect our friends and family to shower us with gifts on our birthday, but there may be times when these people may forget our birthday or choose not to gift us anything on this day.

But, there are two people who will never forget our birthday, nor will they ever miss out on showering their love on us in the form of gifts on this very special day, and they are our parents.

Irrespective of your age and whether you are celebrating your birthday or not, your parents will always give you something special for your birthday, just to let you know how much loved and cherished you are.

Therefore, as parents, finding the right gift for their daughter can turn into a daunting task. They not only have to find a gift which their daughter will like, but it also needs to be something that conveys their emotions perfectly.

If you too have a daughter whose birthday is coming up, and you are stuck for ideas for buying her a nice gift, then the list of ideas for daughters birthday can be of immense help to you.

Girls love to show off their gifts to their friends, especially the gifts that they receive from their parents on their birthday.

Therefore, parents need to be careful to find a gift, which their daughter can proudly flaunt in front of her friends. Some of the ideas that come to mind for finding an ideal gift for daughters are as follows:

1. Beauty And Fashion Gift

Birthday-Gifts-For-Daughters-Beauty And Fashion Gift

Every girl loves to look beautiful and anything that can help in enhancing her beauty would be a well-appreciated gift.

Thus, from jewelry to clothes, from fashion accessories to makeup and skin care products, you can buy any of these items and gift them to your daughter. Your daughter would love to receive them as gifts.

2. Memories Gift

Birthday-Gifts-For-Daughters-Memories Gift

The relational between parents and daughters is a very special bond. Unlike sons, who find it very difficult to express their emotions, daughter tends to be extremely expressive and vocal about their feelings.

As a result, even parents find it easier to communicate their emotions to daughters. Put together all these emotions and find a gift which can express your daughter’s life and your journey in her life.

A nice collage with a collection of her photos right from her birth till date, a memories journal, a nicely framed special memory from her childhood, like her first shoe, etc. are some very emotional and perfect gift options that you can consider in this regard.

3. Personal Space Gift

Birthday-Gifts-For-Daughters-Personal Space Gift

Unlike boys, who do not care how their room looks, girls are very particular about ensuring that their room looks absolutely perfect. They like to decorate their room with some very artistic things to give it their special touch and make it look appealing to anyone who enters the room.

You can find some nice, modern, artistic and feminine items for decorating your daughter’s room. If she finds them right for her room, then they would be a perfect gift choice for her.

4. Personalized Gift Items

Birthday-Gifts-For-Daughters-Personalized Gift Items

A cup with her name and a message from you, a T-shirt which says how special she is in your life, personalized key chain, bed sheet, or any other items, made special by writing her name on it, would make a nice personalized gift idea for daughters.

Owning items which have been personalized with your name or photo are always loved by girls.

To find more specific gift choices for your daughter, you can browse through the list below:

1. Tiny Yellow Glass Bird

Tiny Yellow Glass Bird-Birthday-Gifts-For-Daughters

These glass birds are all handmade using a high-temperature torch. Each and every bird is made unique. These birds are available in many different colors and depending on the color scheme of your daughter’s room, you can choose the color of the bird.

Resting on the windowsill of your daughter’s room, this bird would not only look pretty, but it would add a lot of color and brightness to the room.

2. Glow In Dark Photo Radium Mug

Glow In Dark Photo Radium Mug-Birthday-Gifts-For-Daughters

This is a very special mug. You can upload a picture of you with your daughter to be pasted on this mug, along with some customized message. The best part about this mug is that it serves two purposes.

On the one hand, you can use it as an ordinary personalized mug with your photo on it, and in the night, the radium in the mug will make your photo glow in the dark and make the mug appear like a photo frame.

3. Ukulele


If your daughter has a musical streak, then this birthday encourage the musician in her, by gifting her this four string Puretone Ukulele.

The use of this instrument by the beginners, starting their relationship with string musical instruments, has become very popular in recent times. You can even enroll your daughter in some music class, where she can learn how to play this Ukulele.

4. Hang It Up Cosmetic Bag

Hang It Up Cosmetic Bag--Birthday-Gifts-For-Daughters

Every girl has loads of cosmetics and toiletries which she uses on a daily basis. With this amazing gift idea, you can give a place to neatly hang out all her toiletries.

This bag will not only ensure that all her toiletries are placed in an organized manner, but also make accessing these items easy and comfortable.

This bag helps in saving a lot of space and at the same time, these colorful bags will help in making your bathroom look bright and cheerful.

5. Long Distance Mom Daughter Pillowcase

Long Distance Mom Daughter Pillowcase-Birthday-Gifts-For-Daughters

This is a perfect gift from a mom to her daughter when the two of them are not living in the same city. This pillow can be customized with the map of any country, highlighting the two cities or states where the mother and daughter are residing.

The pillow signifies that irrespective of the distance between them, the love and bond between a mother and daughter never grows weak.

6. 5 Minute Shower Time

Gifts-For-Daughters-5 Minute Shower Time

The job of parents is to teach good values to their children, and this job never ends. Therefore, irrespective of the age of your daughter, you can help her learn an important lesson in saving the environment with this gift.

This 5-minute shower timer is a stylishly designed suction cap, which can be placed inside the shower and stop the water supply after 5 minutes.

Thus, ensuring that your daughter does not waste any extra water, then the minimum required, while taking her shower, and in the process saves water and energy.

7. 80 Piece Art Set

Gifts-For-Daughters-80 Piece Art Set

To boost the artist inside your daughter, gift her this amazing art set, which consists of all the tools that she might require for doing some amazing artwork.

From watercolors, to paint brushes, from oil pastel crayons, to color pencils, anything and everything that she may need for creating a nice and beautiful painting, is present in this 8o piece art set.

The best part, the box in which all these art tools come, can be customized with the name of your daughter.

8. Rainbow Charm Necklace

Gifts-For-Daughters-Rainbow Charm Necklace

This rainbow charm necklace can be personalized with the initials of your daughter. It consists of a 20”ball chain which is silver plated. If you want, you can even get the birthstone of your daughter fitted in this necklace, to make it more personal and special.

9. Engraved Handmade Leather Journal Gift Set

Gifts-For-Daughters-Engraved Handmade Leather Journal Gift Set

Gifting a journal to your daughter for recording all her emotions and memories is a great gift idea. What makes this journal a perfect gift is that it is handmade and can be engraved with the name of your daughter.

The fine leather and the dark tan color of this journal give it a classy look and is sturdy enough to last for many, many years.

10. Sun Jar

Gifts-For-Daughters-Sun Jar

Your daughter is like a ray of sun in your life, and this sun jar signifies this emotion perfectly. This is a solar powered LED lamp, which does not have an on/off button.

As soon as it gets dark, the lamp automatically gets switched on and the sun rays locked inside the jar spread light in the dark room and brighten up the life of your daughter.

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11. Butterfly Earrings Transparent Resin Jewelry Butterfly Wings

These butterfly earrings are not just beautiful to look at, but they are extremely light weight and concave on both the sides like a candy. These earrings look extremely pretty during the daytime, when the rays of the sun pass through them, bringing out their colors.

Even when worn in the evening, these earrings still look really elegant with their light translucent magic. Author’s technology has been used to make these earrings with the help of resin and silver hooks.

12. Keep Calm And Be A Princess Phone Cover

Everyone today has a personal mobile phone, and your daughter too must be carrying one. Give her old phone a new look with this special phone cover which will remind her at all times that she is your princess and also motivate her to handle all situations in life with a calm mind.

Thus, even without being next to her physically, you would be able to encourage her and guide her always with this amazing phone cover.

13. It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be Book

This is a worldwide bet selling a book, which provides the necessary guidance and counseling that young kids need to handle the pressures of life these days.

Thus, if your daughter is interested in reading books, this book may be a great gift option for her on her birthday. This book will encourage your daughter to look deep inside her, recognize her talents and use those talents to make a mark for herself in the world.

14. Binkie Elephant Lamp

Binkie Elephant Lamp

This is an absolutely adorable and cute elephant shaped lamp, named Binkie. Place him at the bedside of your daughter and watch her fall asleep every night with a smile on her face.

You have the option to either buy a completely plain white Binkie, or you can even get it colored or printed with some nice patterns like hearts or trees or clouds, etc., as per the taste and liking of your daughter.

15. Friendly Family Character Bowl

Friendly Family Character Bowl

You can but one bowl for each member of the family and get a sweet cartoon figure of that member printed on the bowl.

Every time your daughter eats her ice cream or cereal in this bowl, the cute figure on the bowl will not just remind her of that family member, but also bring a smile to her face. These bowls are made of porcelain and are microwave safe.

16. Personalized Stuffies

Personalized Stuffies

No matter how old they grow, girls are always fascinated by stuffed toys. Therefore, whether you are for a gift for your small toddler daughter or for a married daughter with her own kids, these personalized toys are sure to bring a smile to her face and make her feel like a small kid in your arms once again. Relive that childhood of your daughter with the personalized stuffies.

17. Personalized Photo Collage Double Bed Sheet And Pillow Cover

Personalized Photo Collage Double Bed Sheet And Pillow Cover

Collect all the fond memories of your daughter right from the time of her birth and get a beautiful collage made out of the same on this glossy cotton bed sheet. Along with the bed sheet, you can even get the pillowcase customized with her photos as well.

18. Hanging Pendant Lamp

Every room requires a lamp. So gift your daughter this hanging pendant lamp which they can use every night. One can add many different colors of lights and make it look like a decorative thing. One of the best birthday gifts for daughter. She will like to use this.

It works with the pendant and also has a remote to switch it on and off when required. It can be used at the balcony also. One can get many shapes in this lamp.

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19. Spider-Mobile Holder

Nowadays, everyone has phones. So they also require some of the accessories along with it. One of the best accessories for phones can be this mobile holder. One of the perfect gift ideas for daughters and this can be used every day also.

It is shaped in the spider and one can adjust it the way she wants too. It is portable and compact. One can also carry this holder with them easily. One can get many sizes. It can be funny to see a spider holder for phones.

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20. Easel Stand

Does your daughter paint? This can be the best gift for her which can be very useful to her. This is an Easel stand and everyone can use this for painting and drawing. One can get them in many other shapes and sizes also. It is available in many different colors too.

She can draw and paint on this Easel stand. This can also help her in improving her skills better. And can also be folded when not required.

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21. Rolling Backpack

Every child requires a backpack. There are many different types of backpacks. It is a rolling backpack that every daughter would like to have. It is available in many colors. One can also get them in many sizes too.

One can carry this rolling backpack while she is traveling outside and also when she is going to school. It can be easy for her to roll her bag instead of carrying it on the shoulders. This can be that special gift for daughters that she will like to use.

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22. Handheld Vacuum Cordless

Everyone should be taught to clean their room and house. This can help you out as this is a cordless vacuum and it works by hands. It is rechargeable so one has to keep the charger with themselves. This can be great teaching for the kid to keep the room clean.

It completes the work within a few minutes and makes you free easily. One can make other features available in them but this is the best suggested one for gifts for daughters.

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23. SmartWatch For Kids

Every girl wears watches nowadays. It is important for them to know the time. So you can gift this smartwatch as a present for daughters on Daughter’s day. It is waterproof and heats resistance. One can get many different colors in them and many other sizes too.

The best feature of this cell phone is available with a free sim-card. One can call and also pick up through this watch. She will be happy to use this every day.

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24. Musical Jewelry Box For Girls

Some girls like wearing jewelry. Childhood is the time where one has the time for these things. Every girl requires some boxes to keep her jewelry. So you can gift her this jewelry box which has music in it. One of the perfect gifts for grown daughter.

She will like to use this and be happy. Some of them will like to open this for the music itself. It is the best jewel keeper. It also has ample storage in this.

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25. Toy Chest

Not only boys have toys, but also girls have toys to play. Like everything, there are many different types of toy chests available in them and one can get many colors in it. People like to organize things better that helps in making things decorative.

This toy chest has a large space for storage. She can keep many other toys in this. One can also get them in bigger sizes and in wooden material also. It can later help you to keep more things.

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26. Wireless Headset

When you have cell phones, the next important thing to have is a wireless headset. It is available in many other sizes and many different features also. This is one of the best suggested wireless headsets which can be used every day also.

The quality of the headset is high and the design is lightweight. This is the advanced microphone technology and one can get many colors in them. This can be one of the best birthday gifts for daughter.

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27. Apron Set

Does your daughter like cooking or baking? Then you can plan to gift her this apron set. This apron set is available in many colors. Along with the apron, she can get oven mitts, kitchen gift set, baking set, and many other useful things.

This apron has everything matching. One of the special daughter gifts from mum. She can also help her out in baking and cooking. This apron has 2 sizes available in one set. One is for daughter and the other is for mother.

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28. Jedi Challenges

What are the Jedi challenges? For this challenge, you will require a smartphone. She can get this on her birthday so she can now play with it. It is one of the games where you have to place the phones in front of your eyes and see the visual things.

One of the perfect gift ideas for adult daughters. They can adjust the time and won’t hurt themselves easily. This is a Lenovo star wars challenge. It is portable and she can also carry this for outings.

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29. Felt Bag

Luxury Purse Organizer, Felt Bag Organizer, Handbag Tote Bag in Bag Organizer for Speedy Neverfull Longchamp, 3 Sizes

What is a felt bag? It is a huge organizer which has many sections in them. One of the best luxury gifts for daughters. She can place this on the table and adjust all the important things in it. The sizes are available in them and also colors.

One can add books, laptops, purses, and many other things. One can also wash this if she wants too. It has many pockets also. One can also remove the middle section easily to have a big space.

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30. Card Holder

Image result for Thread Wallets - Slim Minimalist Wallet - Front Pocket Credit Card Holder for Women

Small kids want to act like adults. They also like to carry cardholders with them. These card holders are available in many colors and many sizes also. These holders can have minimum things like cards, money, and keys. It can also be kept in the pocket and also in the bag.

This can be gifts for your daughters this can help them to take care of their things. It is very easy to carry. Also the tight-knit has comfort in holding the cards properly.

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31. Ramp For Skateboarding

Everyone loves the pool. So if you have a big lawn then you can add this ramp for the skateboard. This can best gift for your daughter. She can play with this anytime.

This can also help in improving her game One can get them in many sizes and many other shapes also. It can also be used when you have a party at your place. One of the perfect presents for daughters. She will like to use this every day.

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32. Swing Bar

Not only kids but also adults like swinging. This is a swing bar and one can get this as a Daughter’s Day gift for her. The can help her to swing easily and one can easily learn swing. The swing bar is very tight and also portable. This bar can be carried everywhere.

It is very useful in many other ways. This can help them to do extra circular activities. One can get them in many different colors. It can also be hung at home or on the lawn.

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33. Weaving Kit

Some kids like weaving clothes. This is a weaving kit and everyone can use this easy to weave clothes. It is very helpful to many others also. This kit will help to learn from simple weaving to some of the professionals. It is very easy to use.

It connects looms for larger making. One can learn this from their Mothers also. One can also show much creativity and learn from mistakes. She can learn to make scarfs, mufflers, and many other things.

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34. Bicycle Seat Cover

Everyone rides bicycles. This is the seat cover. One can get them in many sizes and many different colors. The seat has a cushion in it which is water and dust resistance. The best gifts ideas for daughters.

It can protect you from falling and one can easily sit on it comfortably. The material is the best gel material and it is very easy to place it. She can plan for long rides and very safely. It can be taken to school also.

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35. Pillow Seat Belts

This is pillow seat belts. Small kids often fall off to sleep easily. This can be useful to them in many ways. It can personally customize it. One can get many different colors in them. One can adjust this to the seat belt and one can be comfortable.

It is made out of soft material and is very comfortable to use it. One can easily get this as the present for daughters. She will like to carry this belt for long drives also.

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36. Bicycle Tools

This is a bicycle tool and everyone needs to have the tool along with them. One can get this as a gift for your daughter so she can herself only fit if the problem is a way too small. One can also get these in sizes. This is very handy and very convenient to carry.

One can get them and use this. It can be kept in the bag without any disturbance. This is a mini tool and easily carried. It is used by everyone, professionals and also by freshers.

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37. Rolling Laptop Stand

Everyone uses a laptop. This is a laptop stand but with rollers. It can be carried without picking this up from one place to another. One can get these rolling laptops and make the daughter use it. One can comfortably work on this.

Many different colors and sizes are available in them. One can use this every day also. If you want it can also be washed. It is portable and adjustable easily. It is also used to keep a notebook.

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38. Books

Where the Crawdads Sing by [Owens, Delia]

Books are man’s best friend. Everyone should read books. It gives you knowledge and strength that is required by you. This book named, Where the Crawdads Sing is the name of the book and it is the most suggested books out of all. One can get them in kindle also.

And also one can get this book on paper. It can be the best gift for your daughter if she likes reading a lot. She can try learning a few things from this book.

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39. Aquasprouts Garden

This is an Aqua sprout and is easily available everywhere. One can use this as a decorative thing at home, on the balcony, and also at school. One can also present this as gifts for grown daughters. One can also add fishes in the tank.

One can also add vegetables to the garden. The best way to find out nature and its way of growing by planting this at home. One can have an aquarium below. Your daughter can feed them every day and learn caring.

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40. Board Games

Everyone likes playing board games. One can get many board games for your daughter. But this will help her to grow and form a mindset. This is the best-suggested game out of many as this can learn you many things also.

This game should have players. It cannot be played alone. One can have when your family coming over and playing this game. Everyone can play with this game easily.

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41. Ship Building

This is a shipbuilding game which can be played by everyone. It comes in a ship holder and one can make a ship out of it. This is one of the best and special gifts for daughters. This ship has around 900 above puzzle available to play with.

One can have this as a decorative object in the house, in the kitchen, and many other places. This helps in removing your inbuilt creativity.

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All daughters are very close to the hearts of their parents. The gift selected for them should also be such, that it represents the deep love that parents have for their daughter.

The above list has been prepared carefully by me to include those items which I feel convey the emotions in a parent-daughter relationship perfectly.

Hopefully, you will be able to find a gift in the above list, which represents your relationship with your daughter perfectly as well. Choose your gift wisely, and make a very special day in your daughter’s life even more special.