What to Get a Girl for her Birthday? 21 Perfect Gift Options

Last updated on May 9th, 2022 at 06:40 am

There are some universal phenomena that have remained constant for millions of years now. Prudent people never object such phenomenon since they know the reality. One such phenomenon which could be refuted by any one is that all girls love gifts. Without an exception all girls enjoy receiving gifts.

Whether it is a special occasion or just another day that has dawned, girls love to receive gifts from others particularly from those whom they consider near and dear.

While this is basic case, imagine her happiness if she is gifted on her birthday. It makes her happiness increase by leaps and bounds. Basic being emotionally high at all points of time girls look out to be gifted eagerly on their birthday.

Every girl feels excited about the gifts she may receive from various people on her special day. She expresses the same levels of excitement and amusement when receiving gifts one by one

When it comes to gifts, girls enjoy certain gifts at all points of time. Their liking for some gifts never fades away even if many years pass away. There are many such gifts which can be gifted to a girl that will make her extremely happy.

One other interesting fact about gifting a girl is that there are thousands of gifts available all around the world to gift to a girl. The child in each girl makes her accept everything that is given to her as a gift.

She does not see if what is gifted to her is a tiny little thing or a costly one. Basically being guided by the heart, she sees the true love and emotion behind every gift that is given to her. This makes the gift more special than its own commercial value.

Gifts to get a girl for her birthday

21 Gifts to get a girl for her birthday

Let us look at some of the gifts that can be given to a girl on her birthday.

1. Deep 9 Photos Collage Frame

Deep 9 Photos Collage Frame

DEEP Large 9 Photos Collage Photo Frame Black is the perfect gift you can give to any girl and she would completely fall for this one. You can add all the special pictures of the girl whom you want to gift from her childhood pictures to her crazy selfies.

A personal touch can be given to this collage frame by adding a few family pictures as well. Gift this beautiful photo collage to her on her birthday and make her fly on cloud nine

2. Yellow chimes stud earrings set

Yellow chimes stud earrings set

Girls love jewelery by default and this Yellow Chimes Multi Color 18K Gold Plating Stud Earring for Women and girl are completely to die for.

These have 7 beautiful pairs of studs in different colors like blue, red, green pink, violet to suit her different dresses and different moods off course. Gift her beautiful jewel box with 7 pairs of glamorous studs and make her smile showing all her bright teeth out.

3. Grace Cole Rose Essential Relaxation Combo

Grace Cole Romantic Rose Essential Relaxation Combo

Girls love roses and the fragrance as it is mild yet evokes senses and this rose essential relaxation combo set is indeed the perfect gift for any girls.

The pack contains body wash, body lotion, bath caviar, luxury fannel, bath fizzers. This one single gift hamper will makes her so happy that she will keep rejoicing as she takes out one gift after the other.

4. Leather Diary Journal Notebook

Leather Diary Journal Notebook

This Journal Notebook  is something any girl would love. Yes it’s a diary but a special one its eco-friendly and has a lock so one can write and lock it for privacy. It’s beautiful too a great gift that is durable enough to last long.

This particular piece is hand crafted in Rajasthan for perfection so a great gift to flaunt out of many that we usually receive on birthdays.

5. Personalized Key Chain with initials embossed

Personalized Key Chain with initials embossed

Key chains have remained an excellent choice of gift for both the genders for many decades now.

You can buy keychain and then, personalize the key chain with your initials or little words that are meaningful and exhibit your love for her. She will preserve these personalized key chains for her life time.

6. Multiple Candies bouquet

Multiple Candies bouquet

Girls like candies next to their own skin. Gift them multiple candies bouquet and see their reaction. The bouquet not only has many types of yummy chocolates but also has flowers to make it look splendid and pretty perfect for a birthday. Any girl would love receiving this chocolate bouquet, so but this without a second thought.

7. Green Photo Album

Green Photo Album

This Green Photo Album 4×6 inches 72 Photos is an ideal birthday gift for a girl, not only its thoughtful but also is very useful gift that can be cherished for years together. Photo Albums are invaluable things that kindle memories of happy moments we have enjoyed in life.

Make her enjoy the important moments of her life by gifting her beautiful photo album which has her photos taken from many occasions. Candid photos of hers taken without her knowledge will surprise her and we are sure she will relish the album as much as she relished the original moments

8. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Fragrance Set

This is Elizabeth Arden Red Door Fragrance Gift Set, is perfect for teenage girls. This will energize and evoke senses when you use it.

This particular pack has a deodorant and a perfume which smells divine; it smells fruit and floral freshness. This will surely become the hot favorite of girls whomsoever you are gifting this.

9. Fancy Party Wear Charm Bracelet

Fancy Party Wear Charm Bracelet

Love is love. Love exists in all relationships. Let her know your love for her by gifting her this beautiful funky, chic bracelet that has cute scissors, comb, mirror, etc hanging from them.

She will preserve this so close to her heart all through her life time. This bracelet would go with all types of dresses and would look FAB.

10. Kindle Paper White

Kindle Paper White

If she is a voracious reader and love to read books all the time, Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi will be the best choice of gifts you can give her on her birthday.

She will just love your gesture. Gift her Kindle Paper White and make her feel extremely happy on her special day

11. Apple iPad Mini 2 Tablet

Apple iPad Mini 2 Tablet

If she is an electronic geek who loves to keep working with electronic items like Mobile phones and Tablets, gift her rich featured Apple iPad Mini 2 Tablet (7.9 inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi Only).

This will get all her attention throughout the day reminding her of your affection for her every time she uses it. Moreover Apple is brand that everyone’s loves to flaunt trust me the girl whom you are gifting this will go head over heels for this one.

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12. Canon EOS 1300D 18MP Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 1300D 18MP Digital SLR Camera

Girls love to be photographed. She never ever gets tired of being photographed. Her smile always remains broad irrespective of the number of times she has been photographed.

Gift her superior quality Digital Camera from Canon with some sophisticated features for sharp, bright and pretty pictures. This, camera effortlessly captures distinctive pictures and yet give great pictures to fell in love with.

13. Zodiac Necklace

Zodiac Necklace

Give her this wonderful necklace. You can personalize the same by adding a pendant with her with her sun sign inscribed in the same. This will make herself attach to it for a long time in her life

14. Kitchen Apron

Kitchen Apron

If she is a good cook and loves cooking, gift her wonderful Apron which would help her pursue her interest further. This will motivate her to cook delicious dishes for her near and dear one just for creating opportunity to wear the apron you gifted her

15. Maybelline Glam On The Go Kit – Red

Maybelline Glam On The Go Kit - Red

Every beautiful girl requires to be complimented. Makeup adds to her beauty and shows her in a more elegant manner. Give her this makeup palette from the house of Maybelline that will make her feel like flying in the sky.

It will remind you to her every time she wears her makeup. This kit consists of kohl, eyeliner, nude’s eyeshadow palette and a bold red lipsticks. In short, all that a girl would use to look special and glamorous.

16. Puma white dial watch

PUMA Unisex PU103592002 Gummy Analog Display Analog Quartz White Watch

A white classy watch from puma, this particular watch is designed for teenagers giving it a classy and yet glamorous look with stones on the sides of the dial.

This watch comes with a beautiful leather strap that adds a glamorous appeal to the watch all in all a great gift for girls; they would love to receive such priceless, pieces.

17. Silk Flowers Bouquet with vase

Silk Flowers Bouquet with vase

Flowers always reflect the moods of humans. Flower bunches are always close to a girl’s heart and lightens up her moods every time she sees them.

Gift her this bouquet of her artificial silk flowers, with a white vase and make her happy. You will see her smile wins over the brightness of the flowers

18. Pink color Stun gun

Pink color Stun gun

This is one of those gifts which will help a girl protect herself from unexpected dangers she is forced to face. Gift her stun gun which would safeguard her from all the perils that may surround her at any point of time.

This stun gun will be a novel as well as high utility value gift apt to be given to any girl. This is a sleek model that she can carry along with her in her small handbag

19. Microdermabrasion Skin Device

Microdermabrasion Skin Device

Girls tend to be beauty conscious. They love to look beautiful and glowing at all points of time. This mini device is a skin care aid. It decreased the depth of the wrinkles on the skin making the same look soft and healthy.

Gift this novel wonderful gift to her and make her shine in her blemishless skin. We are sure she will relish this gift that projects her in an amazingly healthy manner

20. Double Crystal Long Tassels Sweater Chain Pendant Necklace

Handmade Jewelry Long Sparkly Crystal Pendant Tassel Necklace Chain for Women 32"

The tassel necklace is a good option for her and being a girl this would surely add some glamour to her dress and styling. The double crystal long tassels sweater chain pendant necklace is the one for her on her birthday this year without fail.

The magnificent silver plated long tassel necklace would be an additional beauty to her neckline for those special occasions when she really wants to feel and look like a diva.

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21. Jenia Star Multi-Layer Leather Bracelet

Jenia Star Multi-Layer Leather Bracelet - Braided Wrap Cuff Bangle - with Alloy Magnetic Clasp Handmade Jewelry for Women,Girl Gift

She must be fashionable and should also have that extra smartness to go with the new age fashion. So the Jenia star multilayer leather bracelet is the one for her. The alloy silver stars would add that extra shine to the brown entangled leather strips to go on with.

It can go with any dress as it will bring the extra style and diva feeling whenever it would adorn her wrist each time with confidence and poise. So now just get her this ultimate gift and bring that sparkling smile on her face.

22. Purple Butterfly Umbrella

Kidorable Purple Butterfly Umbrella for Girls w/Fun Butterfly Handle, Pop-Up Wings, Antennae, 1 Size

The sweet little girly umbrella is the one for her without fail. So now gift her the most ravishing and upcoming umbrella in town which would surely bring the special push of smile on her face.

The purple color would be fun to take and the butterfly would add the extra glow to the umbrella which is going to be her most favorite thing from now on.

It is made with of 100% nylon material and would keep her safe from getting wet so it is a protection for those rainy days with the touch of style and color.

23.  Heart Earrings Hypoallergenic Dangle Drop Earrings Crystals

BONLAVIE Heart Earrings Hypoallergenic Dangle Drop Earrings Crystals from Swarovski- Gift Packing for Women

What a lovely dangling heart earrings and you have no idea how much these would be loved by her. Jewelry has always been girls first love and such a crystal crafted piece is the jackpot gift for her.

The beautiful and artistic crustal hearts would adorn the beauty of her and the red color is just to die for without fail. Just watch the happiness she finds when she is going to open the box and find the gems in them.

24. Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup for Girls toy

Having their own make-up kit is every girl’s dream and with the growing years, this dream becomes an obsession without fail. So now she is not yet matured to put make-up on so why not gift her a toy which would give her the feeling of having her own make-up kit.

The  Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup for Girls toy is one such fin game which would help her to train herself for the future make up time so now these 11 pieces of gems which are for play-time would bring her back to the happy times she has been missing on.

25. Birthday Girl Glitter Satin Sash

On her, this birthday why not give her a gift which would be saying her that she has won every heart, what it is the Birthday Girl Glitter Satin Sash. the black sash with the silver words on them would surely bring the diva in her alive.

She must have been thinking of it for a long time and now she got one for her which would be saying that please she is the one and only beauty and diva queen of the millenuim. This would be a simple yet stylish gift for eternity.


Illuminate her room with the new  BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp which is the ultimate lighting system of the new age technology and enhance mechanics. The 3D light would brighten her room in the dark and the wooden stand would add some glamour to the room.

It has the USB to charge and switch on and the touch lighting system would be hassle-free as no switch would be needed just one touch and she would lighten her room. So why just waiting this year bring her this new age technology in form of her best gift.

27. Reusable Thermal Foldable Lunch Tote Bag

Moosoo Reusable Thermal Foldable Lunch Tote Bag Cooler Bag Insulated Lunch Box Picnic Bag School Cooler Bag for Men Women Ladies Girls Children Kids Student (Gray)

Bags and purses are the best friends of any gal at any age. So this birthday gifts her the new age Reusable Thermal Foldable Lunch Tote Bag, which is fashionable and also would go well with her dress.

This is made of the best textile which is the dense and high-quality 600D oxford, tear and wear resistant with the touch of a mild waterproof covering with the dirt-proof material makes it more durable and strong.

It is also much leak resistant liner which makes it easy to clean and even to carry food in a safe and healthy way for small gathering or picnics. Keeping the touch of style highly intact in it.

28. Personalized Princess Pillowcase

A pillowcase may seem to be simple but when it is personalized with a name or a favorite imprint it becomes more special. So on her birthday, this year why not give her the Personalized Princess Pillowcase. It is made out of soft and strong microfiber polyester which brings the difference n quality for sure.

Her name with a figure of her favorite fancy character would make the pillowcase more adorable and lovable. And each time she would rest her head on it you would be in her heart and mind with a small smile of love.

29. Music box

Music box with I love you to the moon and back engraved on the top, with your choice of color and song, great Christmas gift

It is not the gift that matters it is the heart with which you give the gift to the person you love the most. So now you know what to give her and it is nothing just a little cute wooden music box with I love you to the moons engraved on it.

This would not only make her feel special but would also make her feel loved and wanted by her parents or her friend. You can have your own color choice to make it look more vibrant and glamorous.

30. Glass Mug Set of 2-Pack

The floral handle and the crystal clear glass would make the first impression. So the set of 2 glass mugs would be her asset this year. The colorful crysumthemam flowers as the handle and the clear-cut glass mug would make her drinking sessions more fun and loving.

The set of two would give her the chance to enjoy her hot chocolate or coffee with her best friend having some me time and girly chit chat to go on with.

31. Selieve Walkie Talkies

Ok so she is growing up beautifully and you want her to feel and experience some adventure in these growing years, then the Selieve Walkie Talkies would be the best gift for her. It comes with 2 in a set and she can have a real outdoor fun game with it.

So these tors are the best friends when paying in a team for some adventure or treasure hunt games where there are two groups and two captains. 

Each of them has the 90 g sound effect so can be carried for distant places and it also comes in four different color shades so now you can even gift her the favorite color walkie-talkie to go with her adventure times.

32. Hot V-Neck Nightdress

Image result for Keepfit Fashion Hot V-Neck Nightdress, Sexy Sling Lingerie Long Skirt Pajamas for Women Girls

So now she is a teenager and growing beautifully so why not give her something which would feel her be an adult. The hot V neck nightgown would be one gift which she would love wearing. As it would make her feel like the diva and also bring out that feminine effect in her life.

It may seem a bit bold but it is ok the new age girls are mature and smart enough to carry themselves well in such classy yet sexy dresses. It is a long form of long dress cum skirt and the dark color would add up to the style.

33. Bisque Porcelain Figurine

Just a little touch of love on her bedside so what would be better than the Bisque Porcelain Figurine which would bring the love for her more strength. The color combination and the pet besides the girl’s figure depict love and companionship in a very cute way.

It is durable and would add some life to her room with warmth and affection. So this yet this simple gift would make her feel loved and wanted too.

34. Microfiber Polyester Throw Blanket

The winters are on the way and now her birthday is also so the best gift would be the comfortable and warm microfiber polyester throw blanket. It would be light and easily be carried to any place. The blue color would be cozy for her in the nights to come for.

And guess what the special feature it has with it, the luminous constellation blanket glow which would make this throw blanket glow in the dark. So she would now be thrilled when her own blanket would glow the dark making her special and different if she is carrying it for her pajama party with friends.