30 Best Gifts For 18 Month Old Girl

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 11:24 pm

18 months is a very small age to give the gift. They do not understand what is happening to them. Gifts for 18 month old girls are very difficult to find and also very easy. As she won’t know her choice of herself.

Finding gifts for an 18 month old baby girl will be a challenge for everyone to find. This is not the correct time to gift her things and everyone can use them easily. One can get her gifts which can be used to her now and when she grows up, she can still use them easily.

Gifts can make her happy at first but she won’t understand how to use them. This can only make her happy as she can play with it.

Gifts for them can now only be toys, clothes, and many other things. For now, her mother’s role can be the most important for her. She can only recognize her mother and father, and also them whom she might be seeing every day.

Some of the gifts can be so boring to use and some are small but they can have an attachment with them easily. One should not only plan to give her gifts but also plan to make her happy. This can be very important to make her smile.

When you have a small baby at home it becomes very difficult to adjust in the beginning as to how and what will happen.

But that baby will make you teach everything easily. So let’s plan a gift for an 18 month girl which she can use after she is grown up also. Some are so small but yet the baby wants those gifts only. This can make her happy when she sees the gifts.

Gifts For 18 Month Old Girl

Recommended Gifts For an 18 Month Old Girl

1. Playard

Even small babies require some space to play at home. This is foldable also. It can be packed easily and one can use this every time. One can get many different types of varieties of playard. This is a portable playard and everyone can use this every day.

This also protected and it can be carried from one place to another. It can make space for the baby to play with. One of the best and wanted gifts for an 18 month old girl.

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2. Rocker

A small baby can learn to walk fast also. This is a rocker which can help them in many ways. This can be used from infant to toddler. This is also available in many different sizes and many colors.

This has two recliner positions so the baby can sit comfortably and also has some calming vibrations to keep the baby girl active and comfortable in the rocker. This moves to and fro all the time. It also has a removable toy bar so one can also add her favorite toys on the top.

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3. Jumper

An infant also requires a jumper with him. This can also help the mothers to complete their work until they play with this toy. This can be one of the best gifts for an 18 month old girl as she can learn to walk easily.

This seat of the jumper can be washed easily in a machine also. This can help them in many ways. This is fully safe and every toddler can use this. This is wanted gifts for her as she can walk on her own.

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4. Spoon Walker

This is a spoon walker and every infant will require this walker. This is a walker which has a seat to sit and they can walk and roll everywhere in the house. But this is safe and also protected from falling down easily.

One can get many different sizes in them and also in many colors. It is easy for storage and traveling too. It can be folded and kept away when not required. this is very helpful to many people in many ways.

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5. Walking Protecting Belts

This is dual shoulder belts. This is very useful for those toddlers who cannot walk properly. This is one of the useful gift ideas for an 18 month old girl who can help her walking easily. This also helps in keeping balance and standing up also. This detachable also.

One can fix this easily when they want too. Cotton is used for shoulder and belt to give proper support. It is very easy for everyone to carry this with them.

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6. Silicone Bib

A toddler does not have the habit to eat her own food. She is just 18 months old and someone has to feed her properly. This is silicone bib for the toddler who can now fall the food from the mouth if she wants to. This waterproof and it can also be washed easily.

One can also get many different shapes in them to look different and unique. This is something which is a more comfortable gift for 18 month old girl. She will be happy as well.

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7. Teether

Small kids get itchy when they teeth coming on their way. This is a banana teether and is small in size One can also carry this with them and make things easy for her. This can also work as a training for the toothbrush also.

One can get many shaped in them and also many colorful. This has soft silicone bristles which can make their gums clean and healthy. It can be washed in a dishwasher and also kept in the freezer.

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8. Bathing Toys

Sometimes, it is very difficult for everyone to bath a small baby. This can help you out from that problem. This is a bathing toy which can help to divert the mind and make them comfortable while they are bathing.

There are many different types of toys which can be used while bathing. This is a boating set and one can get them in many different colors. It is very easy to make them play with this. You can help them with bathing easily.

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9. Toy Bath Cup

This is a bath cup and is made of heavy plastic. This is also available in many shapes. One can get them many. This has a handle on top which can make it easy for everyone to rinse water from.

This is used for that and there is also one protection for her as water directly does not go into the eyes. This is safe to use every day also. One of the best presents for an 18 months old girl. She will have fun while she is bathing.

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10. Bottle Warmer

Every mother requires this product when she has a toddler. This is a bottle warmer which helps in warming up the bottle easily and quickly. This is used on a daily basis also. This is suggested as the best for warmers as compared to others. It helps in warming up the bottle.

This is gentle and it heats evenly. It can help in heating the liquid within minutes. It has the measurements also. This can very helpful to her as she does not have to turn on the stove every time.

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11. Pacifier Clips

Image result for Babygoal Pacifier Clips Solid Color, 3 Pack Pacifier Holder for Boys and Girls Fits All Pacifiers & Baby Teething Toys and Baby Shower Gift

One of the most important things that a child requires is a pacifier. And these are pacifier clips which can be used in many ways. One can get many different colors in them and also many sizes. This also has a holder along which can be very useful to hold this easily.

The plastic is made of waterproof and one can also wash this every day just to keep it clean. One of the best gift ideas for an 18 month old girl.

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12. Bath Seat

This is a bath seat and every toddler can sit comfortably. Some kids like to have bath easily where some need pampering for this. This fits in a rectangular shape. This is available in many different sizes. One can also get many different colors also.

This can help your baby to freely enjoy the bath. This has an easy set and removable settings. This also has a locking system for stability and protection. It can help the mother to her comfortable while she is bathing.

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13. Baby Thermometer

This is very important for toddlers at least to have own thermometer. This is one of the safest out of many as this helps in finding the ear and forehead’s temperature also. This can also be used to measure the body temperature too.

This is something unique and different. One can get this in many sizes and colors also. The best gifts for 18 months old. It is small and compact in size so it can easily be kept in the bag too.

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14. Car Seat

Small kids also travel in cars. Some sit comfortably with their mothers whereas some start cribbing easily. One can get this car seat along with them and make the baby go easy with the journey.

This also has a tie-up thing which can be very comfortable for her to set and also to sleep in. This product has all the security options with them. This also has a back lock system for the car seat. And also the baby can now enjoy the ride comfortably.

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15. Car Mirror

This is the rear car mirror an this is very comfortable to carry along while traveling. This can help in diverting the mind easily of the baby. This is very easy for her to maintain a stable behavior of the baby throughout the journey.

This can help them to look at themselves only. Small kids have the habit of smiling at themselves when they look into the mirror. This also helps the parents to calm down and have a relaxed journey as the baby girl is enjoying the drive.

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16. Glider Board

This is a glider board. Small babies cannot walk properly. This is a glider board which can make work easy for the person who is riding it. It has 4 roller wheels that can make the board move in a smoother way. This is the best gift for an 18 month old.

She will enjoy the ride. And this is all protected. This is used while going out for a walk and so. It helps the mother to walk freely also.

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17. Seat Protection Cover

Small kids can make the place dirt easily. This is a seat protection cover and it is available in many different colors. But not in white color. This is washable also, so one can wash this when you want too.

One of the things which can make your seat cover and will also protect your car from getting dirty. This can be the best gift for her. She won’t keep dirty shoes on the seat. This can also be used at home also.

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18. Baby Grooming Kit

Everyone grooms so it is a necessity that the baby girl should groom. This is a grooming set and it is used for dressing the baby girl. It includes a comb, napkins, bottle, moisturizer, and many other things which are important for her.

This comes with a basket and it can be carried to every place. This is small and compact and everyone can use this to groom her. This can make your baby clean and happy every time. As this has everything that an 18 month old baby girl requires.

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19. Clay Kit For Fingerprints

This is a clay set and this makes the baby girl’s small hand into a memory. This is a solid clay which will help in making small fingerprints easily. It can also be kept as a decorative thing in the house. One can use it as a showpiece and keep it the entrance of the door.

This can indicate that this room belongs to her. One of the best gift ideas for an 18 months old girls so she can feel it when she is grown up.

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20. Baby Aspen Set

Sometimes, small things can make you feel big. This is aspen set which has 4 different toys along. This can be the best thing for her as well. She can use them as the decorative thing on her body.

This can also be used after the bath when she has to come out of the bathroom and head to her room. This can also help her in enjoying the bathing every day. It can be washed easily. This also has matching slippers too.

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21. Calming Machine

Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine - Sound Machine For Sleeping & Relaxation - 6 Natural and Soothing Sounds - Plug In Or Battery Powered - Portable Sleep Sound Therapy for Home, Office or Travel

This is a calming machine. One can get better sleep at night and day as well. This is the best machine for sleep for babies. It helps them to calm themselves and also in smoothing better. It can be carried with you everywhere with you to all the places.

It is available in one color only. It has 6 different sounds for relaxation and calming down easily. One of the best gifts for 18 months old as she can have better sleep every day.

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22. Toddler Beds

Every toddler requires a small bed for themselves. It is very easy for everyone to sleep, play, eat better on it. One can use this bed every day. It is safe to be used and it is portable also. One can join this every time when it is required.

Or you can remove the stands and place this at a side. One can get many different colors in them. On this bed, 2 small kids can sit comfortably, and 2 of them can sleep easily.

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23. Wall Cups

Safety is the best thing for small kids. When they start crawling, they can themselves move from one place to another. This is very easy to be used. It won’t take much time to complete the preparing of the wall cups.

It is the best safety that a person can have for the baby. This is very easy to set up and everyone can use this easily. One of the best presents for 18 month old girl and she will be happy to be in that one place and play with toys.

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24. Door Safety Cover

Doors should always be covered and protected. This is a safety door and everyone can use them easily. One can get them in a pack of 4 and everyone can use them easily. Deter can help the child to open the door and also close the door easily.

It is the best product for door knobs available everywhere. It also can match your room and look as decorative objects. It is very easy and safe to use as protection. This is a very useful thing for a small baby.

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25. Baby Monitor

Every small baby requires a third eye to keep an eye for her. This cannot be done by the mother every time. So one can use this baby monitor and it can be used every minute. This can be useful for your baby that she is okay playing in the other room.

One can use this monitor’s remote in the next room. This can show every time what is happening in the room easily. One of the perfect gift ideas for 18 month old girl.

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26. Mini Desk Fan

Even small babies require a fan. This is a portable fan and everyone can use this desk fan. It is woks on recharging the batteries every time. It is very easy to use this. This fan also is used on the laptop, phones, and other places.

It is available in small sizes also. It is very easy and safe to be used. It is handy and portable also. One can carry this everywhere she is traveling to. This is very easy for usage.

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27. Spill-proof Straw Cup

Small babies require small cups to drink water and milk. It is available in many different colors and sizes also. It is durable and also easy to use this as a disposal product. And also the straws are very easy to clean.

One of the best gifts for 18 month girl can be this cup. It can be used later also. The colors are fun and also the beverage is see through from these cups. This lid is so tight that the water won’t come out of the cups.

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28. Boosters

hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby | Folding Portable High Chair for Eating, Camping, Beach, Lawn, Grandma's | Tip-Free Design Straps to Kitchen Chairs - Go-Anywhere High Chair

Boosters are very important for kids who are infants and cannot eat in one place. This is not only used for eating but a child can also learn how to walk. This is available in many colors and many sizes. This is light in weight and foldable also.

One of the useful gifts for 18 month old girl. She can learn many things and also she can play while sitting on this seat. It is very comfortable to be used. It can be used every day also.

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29. Microwave Steam Sterilizer

An 18 month old girl is still a small baby. So she has to use the product which is clean and tidy. This is one of them. These are small bottles, sipper, pump parts and everything. This is one of the best gift ideas for an 18 month old girl as she can use everything which is safe for her.

This can also be used in a microwave to heat the water and milk. It can also be carried outside easily. This helps in destroying the bacteria in less than 5 minutes.

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30. Sippy Cups

Every child needs to learn to have a sip from the sipper by himself. This is a sippy cups and everyone can use them easily. These are long cups and everyone can use them easily. One of the best products while traveling outside is this cups.

They are also available in different colors too. One can also get them different sizes also. One of the best gifts for 18month old girl. She can herself also have water now. This can useful to her when she traveling somewhere for longer hours.

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Gifts for 18 month old girl are listed below. One can almost shortlist 2-3 from this and plan to gift her. She will be happy and to use it. She can play with it as she won’t understand it better will always like to play with it.

Small babies will like to play with all the things even if they don’t understand better what to do with this. So above is the mentioned gifts for 18 month girl. I hope you will like to gift her.