First birthday party themes for girls

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:09 pm

A year of happiness and laughter with you, all the time was so meaningful. A true joy of life was the day I behold you. And to celebrate the day I am so excited. All these memories I rejoice and feel like to be with you.

Birthday party themes for girls

My cute little princess, you are my heart and soul. And wish to make great themes on your first birthday to make it a memorable one. Your tiny steps I wonder, your little finger holding me. You blabbers I hear and try to find out what you feel.

Great joy to play with you, you toddler and day by day a new development pleases me. Day falls short when I am with you. No other thing in the world is as blissful as to be your mom.

All the other friends of your are as little as you. Keeping this in mind a look out for a suitable birthday theme. All that you will enjoy.

My princess birthday theme


Home decor to be like a palace a  cozy elegant sitty for my princess. all the theme in pink and a huge banner to at the gate.

The table should be neat with white- cloth on it. All the little graceful miniatures on it. Some glasses with marshmallows in it. and

little prince in elegant dress with blow all the little girls in the party gown.

Since it is royal birthday the food should be rich too

Balloons in the tub

This is a real great fun for you and also for all those little friends who will join you. It’s like to put small colorful balls in a huge tub and you can play and have the fun. Few other ball tubs I will arrange you can have great fun on the day.

Let me make it a point to keep some toys handy, the one which you love to pull by the string. How can I forget your doll in the pram. You always like to push it once I put your favorite jenny doll in the pram.

Will make the balloon decor for the evening. Will try to put some on the ground and hang a few of them on the wall.

Table decor for the birthday would be the cup -cakes, all those with customized sticks and the juice to sip. Some jellies so juicy and chocolates with the caramels. Great fun will be the sugar candies along with the lolly-pops.

Animals Theme

Invitation card with animals themes. Elephant her best friends calls them on the day and tells the time

Call the kids it a real wild animals theme. Wear the t-shirts with animals pics. Will give out some caps to the kids. to start from home in the open bus all the bash with the little ones

You love to watch all the animals from those huge elephants till the tiny sparrows. You befriend them so easily and play pranks like those little monkeys. See the crooked walking penguins and the real scary crocodile. All your amused expressions too good to see the fun. Along with you, I become a child and claps and awe with you each time. I am sure you will have a great time seeing all your forest friend join you in your birthday bash.

So let me party out to see the animals in the park. We will have some food and great fun out with all.

I need to carry some food in the foil and containers of drinks as it will be slight hot.

Pond party

You have great fun in water all the excitement in when you experience the sprinkles. Your laughter sounds great to me. So I have planned a birthday themed so watery. Yes with a big pond so shallow with those little ducks and the float toys into it. Great time for the kids. The pond is shallow and the water is still. In the backyard

In the backyard, it’s easy to have one. Warm water if it’s winter. All the kids will have great fun. With the music of some rhymes. I will also arrange some slides beside the pond. Kids love to swing and play on the sea- saw. And the favorite merry go round.

Jumpers in the party

She loves  to be on the jumpers holding my hand. So I thought of the jumper themed party. Gigantic jumper to hold them all at once so cool so worries to fall its so save. It will be a thrill to enjoy in it. Parents with the little ones can also be into it.


This is the theme to explore. different types of rides you can go for. Right from a train. So very marvellous experience. Board in quickly the train is about to run. Then can have some cars. Help the little ones who cannot be on their own

Another excitng rides are those motor- bikes for the little men in the parties to glide.

All the elders can enjoy the dashing cars. They will find it thrilling to dash around. all this will be so entertaining. With the kids the parents enjoy.

Food for the party is a chocolate fountain. some yummy burgers and fondues to offer. Sausages and jelly with custard. Fries and chips to munch. Good food and great fun this is how the partying fun.

Micky on the way

Her favorite cartoons are the fun. Micky is in to set the fun. Play with the mini mouse all the games like ring around roses and run to catch. Dance floor with the kids and Donald, you arrange for those whom your daughter adores. Dance and play is a real theme

Make a big screen

For the above theme put a bid screen live to see the fun because you can rejuvenate with these memories in the future you make a cd and preserve.


Picture themed

stick her pictures all over the home. In her different moods and expressions. You may have lots of occasions just paste a paper and write a line of those reminders. Invitation card with her pick

Make it on customise sticks on the cupcakes. Make a red puppet theme

Make a red puppet theme let each one get their favorite soft toy. and let them play. You can also call for the puppet show keep it small and be it as per the kids liking. Animals and birds they know. Let the puppets dance and sing this will be the joyous theme.

Jungle book Fancy dress birthday party

All the kids in the garb of some different one. this is the real party fun. Its the fancy dressed birthday theme the kids will just walk in. Some are dragons some butterflies, and the peacock twist and dance.

You can announce the best dress and announce some prizes. For the party it’s a nice theme. Keep it going till the children love to be in it.