20 Delightful Birthday Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:03 pm

 Birthday Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

We all know how difficult it is to select a gift for the girls. The task gets tougher when the girl’s age hovers around the teens. It is a daunting task to know about the things that wander in a young and curious mind. Therefore, choosing a gift that would be loved by a teenage girl can be an intriguing affair.

To simplify the things and to hone your gift giving abilities, we decided to dedicate an entire blog that would help you to settle down on a gift that a teenage girl would love to the core. After all, everyone likes to see their gift being appreciated by the receiver, don’t we? Scroll down to find a list of awesome birthday gift ideas for teenage girls and get ready to delight the birthday with these exciting range of gifts.

Recommended birthday gifts for teenage girls

We categorized the list into several different categories so that it gets easy for you to select a gift according to your girl’s needs.

From electronics to fashionables, you will get everything in the list given below. Regardless of a girls choice and mood, the below mentioned birthday presents for teenage girls are going to delight the receiver to the fullest.

For the Mobile Phone Addict

1. Selfie Light Phone Cover

Teenage girls love their mobiles as much as they love themselves. Another thing that comes to a girl’s mind when they think of mobiles is selfies. It is safe enough to call mobile phones and selfies as an international obsession.

Thus, a selfie light phone cover makes a perfect birthday gift for teenage girls who love clicking their selves with the front cameras. The cover will not only protect your phone from physical damage but will also give you the extra light to click pin point photos. It will help the girl in her teen age to make her selfie game strong.

Selfie Light Phone Cover

2. Floral Print Headphones

Well, if she loves music, she is going to love these headphones too. The floral print on the headphones is going to help the receiver build on her style game. It’s intricately designed to look perfect on a girl in her teen age.

However, the looks only add a few brownie points to the headphones. But its main feature is its premium sound with efficient bass. These headphones are lightweight and are built with 8-line thick wires for longevity.

So be less worried, as these headphones are going to stay with the receiver for years to come. Also, it will stay with her for the majority of the time. Thus, she can enjoy her music, and every time her ears are covered with the headphones, it will remind her of you.

Floral Print Headphones

3. Sony DSC Smartphone Attachable Lens-Camera

If you think that the girl you are going to gift is an avid shutterbug, this lens is going to do wonders for her. It would suffice her needs to become a well-versed photographer and help her to polish her photography skills.

The attachable camera lens wouldn’t make her miss the camera, as she would be able to click DSLR level photos with the help of her phone.

It is good for someone who is very active in the social media and loves blogging or trying to carve a career in the blogging world.

This lens turns your mobile phone camera into a 10* zoom camera and helps you get the edge over the regular mobile photography. It can be easily connected with a Wi-Fi connection and is compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices.

lens camera

4. Portable Battery Charger

Now that you are seeking for the gifts in the section of mobile phones related gifts, it is quite inevitable that she is constantly glued to her smartphone. Therefore, there are high chances that she might run into a drained battery every second day.

Thus, a portable battery charger which fits perfectly in a purse will be an efficient add-on in her long list of electronic appliances.

It would give her the freedom to use her phone without worrying about the battery. There will always be a back-up with her to refuel he dead phone. This is the best birthday gift for her.

Portable Battery Charger

As parents, you will be happy to be connected with her without her phone been dead. So late night parties and sleepovers won’t be an issue, as you can find her available at any given point of time.

Most of the portable chargers are ugly boxes that look very dull, but this one is quirky enough to be carried around by a girl. Also, its bright colors will make it more attractive than other chargers.

5. Selfie Stick

If young girls won’t take selfies, who will? The invention of selfie stick has been a boon to the pretty angels to get them captured in the angle they want using a selfie stick.

Within no matter of time, these sticks have become an important part of the commodity owned by the youth. Therefore, it makes a perfect gift for the young girls to suffice their hunger of taking selfies in every possible way.

Selfie Stick

This stick can be easily connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth giving you the freedom of clicking the picture at your own will.

It provides a tight grip to your phone and is extremely lightweight which makes it portable. It can be a carried out to accompany you in your travel diaries and click memories using the selfie stick.

For the cosmetic lover and a future diva!

The girls love to dress, don’t they? Getting the glamor up to the mark is always on the top of the priority list of most of the girls. To get their looks right to the point, they heavily rely on the cosmetics and their wardrobe.

Therefore, gifts related to the fashion world will be more appreciated by someone who loves to keep herself in the trend. Thus, this category is specially dedicated to someone who is a complete fashionista and loves her wardrobe table filled with high-end cosmetics.

1. Clever Nail Art Tool

Nail Art came into the glam world in the recent times and gained tremendous popularity amongst the today’s girls. Thus, a smart nail art tool which will let her make wonderful designs on her nails will be a perfect gift for the teenage girls to entice her mood.

By gifting this, you give her the freedom to create intricate designs on her nails and make her own statement amidst her friends and family. You will also boost the creativity within the girl who can create limitless designs using several tools in the set.

Also, this gift comes with a lifetime refill given that the girl needs to register her pens on the maker’s website. It comes along with a book that proves to be helpful to create and customize your own designs. Girl’s love to be on the top of their style game, and your efforts to keep her style game strong will be much appreciated by the receiver.

Clever Nail Art Tool

2. Solo Mio Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush

Now that she is in the transitional phase of being hit by the puberty, she is going to care about her skin tone and everything related to how she appears. She’d start using beauty products that’d help her skin to glow and shine.

Thus, that makes this sonic face cleanser and massager brush an essential commodity for the teenage girl who loves and cares for her skin. This device effectively cleanses your face of all dirt, reduce pore size, and exfoliate your skin.

Solo Mio Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush

The device gives you the liberty to experience deep cleansing and facial massage at the expense of your home.

All you need to do is clean and scrub your face with the help of the Mio Sonic Face Cleanser. The fact that you care about the beauty of the girl will add to the value of the gift.

3. Automatic Hair Curler

If there is a trait that most girls pay most attention to while dressing up is their hair. Girls with straight and sleek hair dream of having wavy and curly hair, while girls with curly hair want their hair to be straight.

Girls love experimenting with their hair. But at times, it might cost several hundred dollars to get the hairstyles done in huge beauty parlors. Hence, this machine, the automatic hair curler proves to be an efficient appliance for the girls growing up.

Automatic Hair Curler

It would serve as the best birthday gift idea for a girl which would allow her to comb her like a Rapunzel. This appliance saves a lot of time and also allows you to save a huge amount of money. It can give you the curls you desire depending on the level you decide to keep your liver at.

4. Kylie Lipstick Edition Birthday Kit

For the girls who love to add some artificial colors to their face, this lipstick set is nothing less than a boon. Any girl with a little bit of knowledge in the realm of cosmetics knows the brilliance of the Kylie Lipstick kit.

It is one of the most sought after lipstick collections in the world. Thus, gifting it to a teenage girl is surely going to impress her to the fullest. Whether you the parent of the receiver or a friend, this lipstick kit is going be adorned by the receiver.

Be rest assured while you gift her one of these. If she loves putting on her makeup, there is hardly any chance of her not liking the world famous collection.

5. Shanny All in One Harmony Makeup Kit

How could we leave this one behind? Now that we decided to cover most of the cosmetics that could be gifted, we thought of including the entire makeup kit too.

This makeup kit comprises of 98 shimmer eye-shadows which are highly pigmented and formulated with mineral oil. Also, it has 6 lip glosses, 3 blushes, 7 sponge brushes, 2 lip brushes, one blush brush, and a mirror.

To be précised, it is one of the most gifted and most wished product on the Amazon.com. Your teenage girl is going to love this packed makeup kit where she finds everything at one place. And because it would be a gift from you to her, she’d be more inspired to look confident after she wears her makeup.

Allure with Accessories!

No girl in the world would deny her affection towards the accessories. Whether it is a bracelet or an earring, they are going to love it to the core.

Thus, it is the safest option for everyone reading out there to gift any of these accessories to the teenage girls. Have a read, see what you find.

1. Funky Bracelets

Bracelet is one such thing that not only adds some enticement to her style statement but also gets her to stand out amongst her friends. The message on the bracelet will simply inspire her to get on with her life. It is the best birthday gift for teenage girls.

It says, she believed she could so she did, which will motivate her in all aspects of her life. This bracelet comes in different colors and choices.

The size isn’t an issue either, as it comes with an adjustable string band that fits all sizes. It is comfortable, doesn’t irritate, and goes with any casual dress.

2. Temporary Metallic Tattoos

She is in her teens, which simply translates into her being at her rebel best. The love for the tattoos, and getting inked is immense at this age. However, with the enthusiasm and thrill, it isn’t exactly the right time to get inked permanently.

One can make nasty decisions while getting inked and then regretting every bit of it. Thus, to keep the teenagers away from committing such mistakes, this temporary metallic tattoos is a great boost for the girls.

These tattoos have wonderful designs and can be easily applied by just adding a few drops of water. They are made with the highest quality of a premium adhesive so that the shine lasts for the longest of times. The kit comes with 4 sheets that have 34 overall tattoo designs which are going to add some zeal to the girl’s style statement.

3. Quirky Customizable Necklace

Necklaces are an integral part of a girl’s wardrobe throughout her life. They seem to change as one age. From the quirkier ones to the plain classic ones, the transition is quite smooth as the choice differs.

Since we are looking out for the gifts for teenage girls, this quirky customizable necklace is the perfect one to express herself. You can customize the necklace with any name you want or can add the words like believe, freedom, faith, etc. if you don’t want to add the person’s name.

4. Floral Design Watches

Watch, by a distance, has to be the most gifted commodity in the world. Gifting a watch hardly goes out of style. But there are high chances that the teenage girls might be expecting a regular watch, and it wouldn’t surprise them even a bit.

Therefore, these watches with floral designs are made just to be gifted. It can surprise the hell out of the teenage girls and its quirky design would look great on their delicate hands.

Anything that is vibrant embedded with finely crafted floral designs can catch the eye of the teenagers. Just make sure that the receiver wears the watches regularly. Because, for a person like me, I hate to wear watches as I think mobile phones do the same thing.

5. Cozy Mermaid Tail Blankets

Girls love to stay in their own fairy-tale world. These mermaid tail blankets will help them to stay in their very own wonderland for as long as they wish to.

Girls love to snuggle in their wraps while they listen to music or watch television, and this quirky wrap is going to be loved by each and every girl.

This blanket is half split from the middle so one can easily put their legs in the wrap and get covered up till the waist like any other regular blanket. It is available in several colors in the market at really affordable prices.

Therefore, it qualifies to be one of the best gifts on the list to give to a teenage girl. Regardless of her choice and taste, she is going to love cuddling with the fleece blanket that looks like a mermaid tail.

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6. Bath Bombs for Girls

Now that your girl is coming from her childhood, and entering the world where relaxation is the utmost need, bath bombs prove to be a sensational birthday present for her.

Bath Bombs would help your daughter relieve their stress levels and nurture their skins with essential nutrients, minerals, and oils. These bath bombs make your bathing time luxurious and help your skin detox.

Don’t be surprised by the receiver’s ever so jolly mood after you gift her this set, as the aromatherapy formulated in the bath bombs is going to set the mood for the user.

According to the famous online selling portal, Amazon.com, these are the most popular gifts for all occasions. Unless and until you want to do something for the teenage girl, you can stick to these bath bombs, which are going to get appreciated once the receiver starts using them.

7. The Teen Girls Survival Guide

This is one of the most efficient as well as the knowledgeable gift to give to a teenager girl. As we all know, due to the infiltration of the social media, there has been a lot of uncopiable drama that persists in the life of a teenager girl.

It gets difficult for the young girls to share this drama with their family members which result in the girls stressing out to the extreme.

Therefore, this books efficiently deals with topics such as how to avoid the unwanted drama, how to make friends and how to prioritize them, and how to cope up with social stress.

It is an excellent guide for a girl aging through while being hit by the puberty. As parents, you would be much happier when your daughter is not at all socially awkward and leads a normal life.

8. Casual Lightweight Canvas Backpack

Backpacks are an essential part of anyone’s lifestyle in the teenage. Whether it is to taking it to the school or carrying it to the tuitions or any other classes, backpacks come in real handy. Also, these quirky looking bags never go out of style.

Therefore, it is also considered as one of the safest gifts to give to anyone of this age. There are several colors available in the market from which you can opt for your daughter’s favorite color.

The other two small bags with printed Bohemian designs are added bonuses that come along with the normal backpack. The first one of two bags is a small messenger bag which girls can carry on the day out with their friends. The smallest one in the pack is a pencil bag where one can keep all her stationeries.

We had a very long list of gifts that one can consider giving it to a teenage girl. Well, there are several age groups that come under the teenage section.

Therefore, we made sure we select gifts that’d suit every particular age group. All you have to keep in mind is stress on their choices, know their demands, and sort down an exceptional gift that is going to blow their minds.

You just cannot gift an ordinary watch when the girl is anticipating it right from the beginning. Surprise her with your gift giving skills by choosing one of the delightful gifts mentioned in the list, and see the excitement on her face while she receives and uses the gift.

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Now that you have all the birthday gift ideas for teenage girls, get off your porch, head down to the online store, and order your supplies. Don’t you want these gifts before her birthday?

Make her feel like a princess by gifting her a crown while she cuts the cake. These little things are going to build up for the main gift. Also, the gifts mentioned above won’t burn a huge hole in the pocket, so it is safe to select any one of the gifts for your baby doll.