35 Awesome Birthday Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:35 pm

A 12 year old girl loves her cartoons, toys, painting books, comics, dolls, and many knick knacks that are cute and cuddly. Still in the days of finishing her homework to playing with her friends and gadgets, a 12 year old has a full life.

When selecting birthday gifts for 12 year olds you can have a look at this well researched list that provides an extensive set of options from which you can make your little one happy.

Birthdays are special for 12 year old kids and they love their parties with kids, confetti, cakes, and gifts. This is the day they are waiting for eagerly as they can grab all the attention and spend time with their friends and loved ones.

From fairytales, indoor and outdoor games, toys, coloring items, story books, and many more things, for a 12 year old, the world is a curious place. They find joy venturing into motley of things out of their curiosity. You can gift from umpteen options for your 12 year old daughter that makes her birthday memorable.

Birthday gifts for 12 year old girls

Birthday Gift Ideas For 12 Year Old Girl

1. Fun Playhouse Tent

Fun Playhouse Tent

For your younger kid this is the best gift you can give on her birthday as the mommy knows the best for her daughter. This is a special gift that your daughter will love where she can read, relax, play, and entertain herself and her friends. Designed like a castle your daughter feels like a princess inside the playhouse reading fairy tales and playing with toys and games. This is one of the best gifts for 12yr old girl from mommy.

2. Cartoon Printed Novelty Socks

Gift your dear girl cartoon printed socks that she will like to flaunt around her friends. In winter and all seasons, these cute looking socks keep the little girl’s feet warm and look great on the little one. These are a set of 5 pair of socks that you can gift your daughter or sister on her birthday. These soft and knitted socks look great on most of the outfits and are a good option for a gift.

3. Tiaras For The Little Princess

Tiaras are all about the hair. Its a girl thing and your little princess will love this gift. This is a fun gift item that you can give your little girl. Celebrate her birthday with a theme party and make her day letting her look like a princess for a day. Girls will love their tiaras and live the day with cherished memories and love that you shower upon her, especially, on her special day.

4. Unicorn Printed Jegging

Unicorn Printed Jegging gift for 12 year old girl

Your little angel can rock the slumber parties wearing these awesome printed jeggings that you gift her on her birthday. A gift from her dear daddy or grandmother is something she would love to wear over and over rejoicing the fond memories of this gift. They are printed in candies and rainbows that the kids just love. They look fantastic on kids who love to wear all things bright and loud.

5. Bug Catcher and Adventure Kits

Like the adventurous girl in the Dennis The Menace movie if you too like catching bugs, this is the gift that you would like. Explore gardens, your backyard, and greener areas, catch bugs, and stay closer to the nature. One of the unique gifts for girls age 12, they will explore the outdoors with this adventure kit. This is a fun and an adventurous game for the kids to play and take a nature tour.

6. Creative 3D Multicolor Pen

For the intelligent, creative, and sensitive little one who loves dabbling in art, colors, and all things artistic, this is the birthday gift that she will love. A gift that lets her explore her creativity and imagination creating many artworks with the multicolor tip. Let her dazzle the world with her creativity and be her best in creating designs and crafts with her ingenuity.

7. Unicorn Hair Bows

Who doesn’t love unicorns. Your little doll will love these hair bows that have unicorns in them. She can wear them in her hair and team them up with her princess dress. These are cheerful gift ideas for 12 year old girl. These are headbands that will make your little one look cute and pretty. Especially, for the girls who love unicorns and their ponies this is a best gift to give.

8. Secret Lockable Diary And Pen Set

Pen down your beautiful feelings and anything you want to write in a lockable diary. This is a place where your secrets are safely locked. You can pen down your thoughts with the multicolor pen set and lock them up with the two keys that come along with them. Gift ideas for 12 year olds includes a secret diary where they can speak their hearts out and not bottle up any feelings. A good gift for the girls with all juicy secrets and things to say.

9. Scented Slime Toys

Playing with slime is an enjoyable activity that any girl of this age would love. Relieve your stress and play with the slime along with the friends and adults. One of the hobby arts to pursue and is not to be eaten. Though the scent of the unicorn slime might be tempting, needs adult supervision when the 12 year olds are playing with the slime.

10. Stencil Sets For Creativity

Draw and color motifs and shapes of animals, birds, flowers, and more in perfect shapes with these stencil sets. It gives the 12 year olds fantastic time coloring and drawing, perfecting the creative art. Girls and kids of that age love artistic things, their coloring sets. This makes for a delightful gift for your dotting kids who love their creative time with these fun activities. The best gift for the daddy’s little girl to keep up her interest in artistic pursuits.

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11. Ring Making Kit

Jewellery kits are popular amongst the 12 year olds as they love their beads, accessories, hair clips, and all the knick knacks. Gift your small wonder the ring making kit that comes in rhinestones and can be glued easily to the ring. For the girl who is cute as a bug, this is the kit that she will love making layered rings in 3D designs. A nifty gift ideas for 12 yr old girl that she will love exploring and creating beautiful designs.

12. Shockproof Binoculars For the Adventure Kid

Shockproof Binoculars For the Adventure Kid

A fine gift for 12 year old girl that loves to explore the outdoors and nature. Birdwatching, visiting the zoo, and taking the close view of nature with these shockproof binoculars gives a sense of adventure to the little one. A gift that retains the uniqueness in the little angel and lets her take a journey in the outdoor and be with the nature for the love of it.

13. Girl Pretend Play Kit With Girly items

You know how girls love wearing the items of their adults such as their books, big bags, goggles, and makeup. For the girl who loves wearing her mommy’s big sandals, this is a perfect play kit that has a big purse, makeup, accessories, and more that she can have fun playing with the pretend kit. A gift for 12 year olds who love all the jazz and bling of the teen life. They can play with the pretend kit that lets them come up with activities without harming their skin.

14. Smart Wrist Watch With Phone And More

A smart wrist watch and phone with many features for your dear little girl on her birthday is the best gift she can cherish. Cool and trendy with many features like the phone, camera, GPS, and more makes her popular amongst her friends. A gift that keeps her safe and boosts her confidence is something that your kid will love to have. Amongst a few smart gift ideas for 12 yr old girl that lets them track activity and communicate with their friends and family.

15. Crocheted Mermaid Tail Blanket

A cute knitted mermaid blanket that your little one will love to sleep in is a good gift to give on her birthday. Your little angel will look like a sweet wonder sleeping in comfortably inside the mermaid blanket. She can wear it while watching television, playing video games, or reading a book snuggling comfortably inside the blanket. This is a soft blanket that the child will love to cuddle up in cold weather.

16. Cute and Printed Pack of Knee Length Socks

With cute panda and cat cuts on the top of the socks, these are colorful socks with prints that the child can wear with frocks and skirts. Gift these pack of 6 pairs of socks that makes their outfit look pretty. They can wear these socks with birthday dress, casual, and any other dress on various occasions. It keeps their feet warm during all the seasons. A gift for 12 year girl that she will love to wear with her pretty dresses and shoes.

17. Cat Shaped Tassel Shoulder Bag

This is a little girl’s tassel purse that has a cute shape of a cat. She can carry her books and favourite items in this purse and go on excursions, outdoors, movie time, and have a joyful shopping experience. Put hair clips, small toys, snacks, chocolates, and many more items inside this purse to make your pursuits and errands joyful. This is a purse with a soft leather that looks nice and cute on the little one.

18. Colorful No Crease Hair Ties

These are colorful set of hair ties that are soft and stretchy and look great on the hair of your little one. Lovely hair ties that go well with hair of any thickness, do not let the hair of your little doll get entangled and protect hair fall. This is a cool and a funky gift that you can give to a 12 year old girl on her birthday. The pack has hair ties in all colors and shades that give her a lot of option to choose from.

19. Coloring Kit For Water Bottles

One of the best gifts for 12 year old girl that let her participate in group activities of coloring the water bottle with her friends. For all the animated get togethers, your little one can enjoy coloring and designing motifs on the water bottle. A good gift that promotes the imagination and creativity of the child. Your little one can create a masterpiece from this coloring kit that gives you a moment of pride.

20. Kids Glitter Nail Art Kit

Young girls love glitter. This is the best gift you can give a 12 year old girl who can manicure her nails with the glitter nail art. The kit has sparkling nail polish, confetti, and rhinestones that make your nails look glossy and creative. This is non-toxic, easy peel off nail polish that the girls can play around with coloring their nails in different designs and themes.

21. Scented Stationery Set

Travel and have fun during the holiday times writing and sketching with the scented stationery set that has a fruit flavor. Find pleasure in your favorite activity of drawing, writing, and coloring with these scented pens and markers. One of the charming birthday gifts for 12 year old girls that they will love. A gift that one ups their artistic talents is the best gift you can give on their birthday.

22. Pink Purse With A Sweet Pony

Pink Purse With A Sweet Pony

Your little one can prance around in the cute and pinkish little purse to keep her items. It comes with a soft pony toy that keeps her joyful and happy to play with. From amongst the best presents for 12 year old girls that you can gift on her birthday. Girls love to carry their little purses when they are shopping or going outdoors with their family and friends.

23. Electronic Keyboard For Kids

A musical gift for your girl child that she will love to receive on her 12th birthday. This is a lightweight and portable piano that the kids can carry along with them anywhere. It has many functions and come with a mike. Bring out the musician and the singer in your girl child and enjoy an encore fostering her musical talents. Your sweet angel can learn to sing songs and play them on the piano entertaining herself and learning musical skills.

24. Funky Backpack For The School Kid

Rock her time in the school by gifting her this funky backpack that she can carry to her school. It comes with colorful prints that the kids just love. They can keep the stationary and other items in the compartments that comes with this backpack. Their time in the school becomes exciting and fun carrying their items in this school bag. This is a colorful backpack for the girly girl to carry it to school along with her and get some brownie points of applaud from her friends.

25. Cool Bedside Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker

Gift this bedside lamp in neon color that comes with many features like the alarm clock, night lights that have controls for dimming, and make the sleepy time pleasant for the younger kid. Easy to operate and looks like a great piece of deco in the room of the child. Calendar, clock, and an MP3 player are the features of this night lamp letting your little angel sleep listening to her favourite music.

26. Craft Kits For Young Girls

A fairy magic jar kit is a good gift for young girls who love fairies, arts, and crafts. It comes with all the tools needed to create crafts based on the theme of fairy tales. On a rainy day, or lazy afternoons these are the activities that the kids love to do. Apart from the homework from school, creative activities like these keep the kids busy in constructive and creative activities.

27. Fun Memory and Concentration Board Games

A perfect holiday game for the younger kids to play with their mates on holidays and occasions. Gift this board game to your younger lasse and help her build her memory and concentration in a fun way. With question answers, and many other game formats these are board games that keep the fun rolling and improve their cognitive skills and other attributes.

28. Interesting Word Games

A book of games, stories, word games, truth or dare, and more options that are fun for family as well as girls during sleepovers. Funny stories that gives you and your little one laughter reading it to them in the night and playing along the word games inside the book. This is a great creative learning game that the kids can play with their family and have a fun time on holidays and festivals.

29. Soft Fleece Quilt

A beautiful and soft quilt for your dear girl is a good gift to give on her birthday. It comes with floral motifs and lovely color combinations. Your little one can feel happy and pretty using this quilt during cold seasons and have a peaceful sleep. A good gift that creates bond between the mother and daughter. Gift this sweet looking quilt to your little princess and give her moments to cherish.

30. Horse Stuffed Animal Toy

A sweet little soft toy for the little girl on her birthday is a nice gift for her to play and be with. Comes with a comb so you can comb the hair of the horse and play with it in your free time. Take the soft toy along with you on holidays and have fun playing with the stuffed animal. Talk and prattle with the sweet gift that is given to you with love on your birthday.

31. Karaoke Bluetooth Singing Microphone

Bring out the star in your little one by giving her this gift on her birthday. It comes with built-in microphone and many functions. Your kids can use it for telling stories, practicing songs, narrating dialogues, and lot of interactive fun stuff with the microphone. A nice gift for family fun during holidays and other occasions. The bluetooth connection lets you upload their sweet encore on social media channels like the YouTube, Facebook, and more.

32. Waterproof Kids Wrist Watch

A sweet gift that you can gift your little princess on her birthday that has cartoons and a soft strap. They can wear this watch and keep a track of time, by doing their homework on time, and can go swimming and outdoors wearing this watch as it is waterproof. Enjoy water sports with family and have fun snorkelling and some beach time wearing this watch.

33. Mini Boutique Gift Kit

Mini Boutique Gift Kit

This is a set of accessories, earrings, bracelets, and shoes for the young girl. They can enjoy the gift of this mini boutique and dress up like a queen. Young girls just love this gift and will cherish when you gift them on their birthday. A beautiful gift to give your little angel that she will love wearing on her outfits and get togethers with her friends.

34. Pink Electronic Piano With a Microphone

Take your music lessons learning this piano and give an encore singing your favourite songs. This is one of the best musical gifts that the little girl will love. A gift that encourages creativity and instills new skills in the little one. A proud moment for the mother when her sweet kid sings and plays the piano that comes with 8 different sounds. A musical gift for the prodigy composer and singer.

35. Fairytale Costume With Wands Set

Fairytale Costume With Wands Set

A beautiful birthday gifts for 12 year old girls who love to look like a fairy and have fun and frolic with their mates. It comes with butterfly wings, wand, a tiara, and an entire matching set. It lets your little girl have fun in the fairy costume on her birthday. Girls love prancing around in these pretty costumes and love to look like a fairy princess in their tiaras. It comes with gloves, a tutu, and many other accessories that she will love to get dressed in.