30 Best Birthday Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys in 2022

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:59 pm

Gifts make every heart much happier and merry, and when you are gifting a 12 year old boy his happiness seems no boundaries. But selecting Birthday gifts for 12 year old boys from the wide range of options may sometimes seem quite a tough job.

So now with some tips on choosing the best gifts from the top brand shopping portals online would surely make your gift distinct and special for the little boy.

Do always check the quality of the gift you are going to get for the little master. With the enhanced technology now there are different types of gifts which you can get for the boy but do keep his choice in mind.

Starting from toys and games, to the dress and other interesting gifts for the 12 year old boys. You have to just explore from the wide range of options available today, and surely the best gift would be chosen by you.

While selecting the gift do remember that today children are quite smart and outgoing and they prefer gifts which would not only be fun for them, rather can help them create their own strong intellect.

So choose a gift which a touch of fun, adventure and strong intellect which would help the boy to built up is self confidence and share the same with his friends too.

Gift For 12 year old boys

Gift Ideas For 12 year old boys

1. GoLine night light with remote 

Price: $ 18.99 
Reviews: 4.3

GoLine night light with remote

The present will not only give them the thrill of exploring a new thing but also spread the word about conservation for our next generation. We all know that colors are very important in kids’ development, and each color has its associated meaning. With this night light, they can easily learn the various colors and their associated meanings at an early age.

The remote also helps in changing the static colors and bringing a new effect in the room. This kitty shaped lamp will bring a different ambience in the bot’s room with each of its color modes and surely he would find his room more exciting and adventurous.

The deal is good and the quality is seamless with the product having a strong rating of happy customers.

2. The darli walkie talkies

Price: $ 21.99 
Reviews: 4.8

The darli walkie talkies

Children always prefer outdoor adventures, and for a 12 year old boy the outdoors are the place for attraction to explore and discover. So this birthday gift him with the darli walkie talkies.

With a long length of range approximately three miles and around twenty two different channels, this would make his outdoor activity to a full adventure while talking to each other.

The sound system is crystal clear with a better durability. Aslo the best feature is the the auto quelch mode which helps in muting the background noises in the outdoor making the sound more profound. The package deal is affordable and comes with a guarantee.

3. The infinity magic cube 

Price: $ 6.95
Reviews: 3.6

The infinity magic cube

Stress is one thing which is keeping all age group gripped in their hands. The infinity magic cube is surely the solution for a 12 years old boy for his birthday, to destress themselves from the school and study pressure.

It is designed into 8 small chambers for flipping and helps in keeping the stress in control. Surely the boy would be happy. It is a must addition to his daily things.

The durability is strong and the pricing is affordable. So without haste get the birthday boy the gift to be cherished each day.

4. The Avengers Mad Libs book 

Price: $ 4.99
Reviews: 4.6

The Avengers Mad Libs book

Avengers are the favorite super heroes for all ages, so this birthday gift a 12 year old boy with the new Avengers Mad Libs, a word game book.

This is a unique gift idea for 12 year old boy based on the original stories of the Avengers series with total 21 stories, and is in a form of fill in the blanks.

Solving the empty blanks would surely give the child a feeling of fighting alongside his favorite marvel superhero. So gifting this book would be a mix of fun and will help in the building the boy’s intellect.

5. The educational stem set 

Price: $ 23.99
Reviews: 5.0

The educational stem set

Make gaming much fun with the new educational stem set of lego toys. It is one of the perfect gifts for 12 yr old boy as with fun he would be sharpening his brain cells while searching the exact pieces for making a toy.

This set has a total of 132 pieces which builds around 5 models which is a real fun for the boys of his age. The manual has all the details of toy building and also affordable, so this year gift him a futuristic game.

6. Mico kids digital multifunction watch for boys

Price: $ 29.00
Reviews: 4.0

Mico kids digital multifunction watch for boys

Having your own watch is not only a style statement but also an asset when you get a digital watch first time. So on his 12th birthday gift him a mico kids digital multifunctional watch.

With the LED light on the back, a stopwatch system, alarm clock it is a complete package for the boys. With affordable pricing and the different colorful dials, it is a must buy for a 12 years old boy, as it would make his outdoor and indoor activities much fun and in time.This is one of the best birthday gifts for 12 year old boy.

7. Lego ninjago movie master falls 

Price: $ 28.00 
Reviews: 4.8

Lego ninjago movie master falls

For his 12 birthday gift him something exciting and adventurous to build. The ninjago lego movie waterfalls, is one set which would fulfill this criteria.

It comes with all the inclusive accessories needed to build a wild waterfalls, like the cave, a skeleton body, bridge, leaves, trees, a ninja figure and many more hidden things. This game is surely going to make the birthday boy excited and fun filled with the given amenities.

Affordable in price the durability of the whole set is best without doubt and would last for many years, so the birthday boy can enjoy it till a grown up age.

8. EDC keychain spinning top 

Price: $ 11.97
Reviews: 4.7

EDC keychain spinning top

Boredom is a fearful effect on a child’s mind, so now there is a perfect present for 12 year old boy, with the new form of a stainless steel keychain available which is also a toy.

The EDC keychain spinning top is one such toy which also holds keys at the same time. So now the birthday boy can not only kill his boredom but can also keep his own room keys together safely in the keychain. His own room key will be his responsibility making him more self confident.

9. Lego space shuttle explorer 31066 building kit 

Price: $ 37.99 
Reviews: 4.7

Lego space shuttle explorer 31066 building kit

Lego games has always been the favourite of all ages. So on his 12th birthday gift him the new age lego space shuttle explorer 31066 building kit.

It includes a robotic form of arm, a satellite wings, opening payload bay with a minifigure. So a full set to build in for the adventurous science exploration in space. This is the ultimate mind game for the boy, to enjoy and cherish.

Also it has the portable moon station and a space rover of hi tech design with a drilling arm. Few more accessories are also added which would make him happy.

10. Duco kids polarised sunglasses for boys 

Price: $ 16.97
Reviews: 4.4

Duco kids polarised sunglasses for boys

This fashionable rubber framed sunglasses is going to be a style statement for the 12 year old boy. So this birthday why not add some style to his fashion.

It is very durable and comes in different color frames which you can choose for rhe child according to their choice of color. The special polarized lenses would protect the child’s eyes from fatigue eyes and glare of light. So in a way it would be fashionable and health protective too.

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11. Lego star wars stormtrooper commander 75531 building kit

Price: $ 24.99 
Reviews: 4.8

Lego star wars stormtrooper commander 75531 building kit

The ultimate gaming sensation is out now, the star war series is here again with a new toy specially for boys. So in his 12th birthday why not gift him that.

It is a lego star wars stormtrooper commander building set, the commander figure in the set comes in a black mounted and heavy blaster spring mounted shooter. There are also some attachable ammo pouches.

It is the new age two in one star wars commander figure building set which would keep the boy engrossed and active, coming it a good price which is worth paying.

12. Halloween costume for superhero dress up for boys 

Price: $ 9.97
Reviews: 4.6

Halloween costume for superhero dress up for boys

Kids are most excited on the halloween day, when they can dress up like their favorite heroes or villains. So this 12th birthday gift him the halloween perfect dress, making his halloween special this year and quite distinct from his friends

The new halloween costumes for superheroes specially for him, they come in set of few different superheroes and you can even get one pair with the cape and the mask, which is made of good quality satin material which would be soft on the boy’s body.

13. The wild west roundup card game

Price: $ 5.99
Reviews: 4.4

The wild west roundup card game

During the summer holidays the most common and favorite game for the kids are the card game at home with their friends or family. So this year on their 12th birthday gift the birthday boy the ultimate card game.

The wild west roundup card game, which would be different and exciting in one mix. This ld cattle of the ranches would be alive at your child’s platter with this twist and turning card game gripping him and his friends till the end.

14. The DIMY bike wheel lights

Price: $ 11.99
Reviews: 4.3

The DIMY bike wheel lights

Bike riding is the most amazing experience of childhood which we all have gone through. So this year make his 12th birthday celebration more special with some additional sparkle and lights.

The DIMY bike wheel led lights are truly going to make the little boy’s bike look magnificent and sparkle in the dark. This would not only make his riding exciting but would also make him special and different in the crowd.

It comes in a small diameter with high end flexibility and can be given any shape, so whatever style the bike is it would fit the wheel perfectly and in rhythm.

15. The toy truck transport carrier

Price: $ 23.99 
Reviews: 4.5

Car and racing are the most loved game for the boys of all ages, and having a full set is again a bonus. So this 12th birthday gift him the new toy truck transport carrier.

This would a new experience for the boy with 6 small car toys, with another 28 flexible car slot build ups and the tor truck for the complete experience of having a transport carrier. On each side you can fix and build 14 car slots making it a balanced toy with fun and adventure.

16. An outdoor exploration set 

Price: $ 18.99 
Reviews: 4.9

An outdoor exploration set

The most exciting game the kids can think of is the outdoor exploration during their holidays. So now for his coming 12th birthday why not give him the accessories which would help him have a hassle free exploration adventure.

The outdoor exploration set is the perfect solution for this, and includes six different accessories needed for the outdoor exploration, and will help the child to fulfill all his exploration with detailed study. All the six items are packed in a backpack which is available in few glowing colors.

17. Threeking smart robot

Price: $ 33.99 
Reviews: 4.4

Threeking smart robot

This new age enhanced smart robot comes with a remote and a charger. So this would be one of the unique presents for 12 year old boys, who would be able to know so much about new technology and scientific innovations.

This R2 robot is equipped in singing, dancing, different gestures and activities and with the remote in hand your child would truly have good fun and knowledge time with him.

Also, the special feature is the beautiful and stunning led lighted eyes, making the robot more real and fun.

18. Capture the flag redux glow 

Price: $ 59.90 
Reviews: 4.5

Capture the flag redux glow

Playing outdoor at night may be not comfortable as always lights are not available in all the playgrounds. Now there is a new age innovation to solve this, with a glowing led light effect.

The new capture the flag redux glow set would help the child glow in dark and he can play with his friends, even in the backyard. It is available in 33 different glowing led game pieces which would be charged for twelve to twenty four hours.

Also has a charger. So now playing in dark would be an adventure not a pain, for the 12 year old boy.

19. The crazy scientist card set

Price: $ 7.99
Reviews: 4.4

The crazy scientist card set

Magic will now engoriss the 12 year old boy with his new birthday gift, the crazy scientist science trick card game. This would be an ultimate game for him and his friends too.

It comes in twenty different card tricks, with scientific explanation which would not only interest the child but would clarify magic in a pure scientific way.

After practicing with the play cards the boy would be able to create his own magic touches and could even perform well in some school function or activity.

20. The luwint LED flashing finger gloves 

Price: $ 10.99
Reviews: 4.4

The luwint LED flashing finger gloves

Boys always have a keen toward LED lights and adventures. So this 12th birthday why not he has his own set with the new age luwint LED flashing finger colorful gloves.

With seven different colors and six different modes for changing this raving LED finger lighting gloves would surely be his ultimate gift.

This would help him to play in the dark and even have his own fun time, as sometimes kids love using these accessories at home for different explorations too. This will be one of the best birthday presents for 12 year old boy.

21. SGILE remote control car toy 

Price: $ 16.99
Reviews: 4.3

SGILE remote control car toy

Remote control cars would always fascinate a boy, and if he is in his 12th year of age then this would be a unique and special birthday gift for him, to own his own remote control car.

The new SGILE remote control car with the rechargeable 3AAA battery storage and power, it is a fun car to enjoy the rides.

It can rotate to 360 degrees and can also climb the walls and run fast on the floor. The tyre grip is very strong and the whole set is made with durable ABS plastic of premium quality.

22. The ZJQY starry night light projector 

Price: $ 13.99
Reviews: 5.0

The ZJQY starry night light projector

Give a new look to your boy’s room on his 12th birthday this year, with some stars and lights to fill the walls. The new age ZJQY starry night light projector is the one gift he must have this year.

It has multiple color choices to go with and comes with a 3AA quality battery with an USB connection to enhance it. At one time one color shade can be chosen to project or even the kid can choose the multi color stars to glow the whole room and the walls.

23. Adventure kids bug catcher kit

Price: $ 17.97 
Reviews: 4.3

. Adventure kids bug catcher kit

All ages need adventure, and for a 12 year old boy his favorite adventure is always exploring in the wild. So on his 12th birthday gift him with an adventure kit.

The adventure kids bug catcher kit is a gift which he would love to have. It will also help in his different school science project where they have to explore on some bugs or insects which are found in the farms and gardens. It is made of 100% non toxic and high quality plastic for the safety of the child.

24. Smart watch for kids 

Price: $ 30.99 
Reviews: 5.0

Smart watch for kids

In this new age world kids too need some extra smart touch, so why not their gift be something unusual on their special 12th year of age. Gifting the birthday boy with the smart watch designed specially for kids of today would be wise.

It has the two way high dimensions calling system, with alarm clock and stops click too. Few other enhancements are also added which would make the child be in connectivity with the parent from anywhere.

So the safety and style would be now in one package, with different color choices too. It could be one of the useful gifts for 12 year olds.

25. Ravensburger gravitax marble run and stem toy 

Price: $ 99.33
Reviews: 4.8

Ravensburger gravitax marble run and stem toy

Why not gift the birthday boy some intellectual game on his 12th birthday. So the ravensburger gravitax marble run and stem toy would be the best for him.

It comes in a set of total 122 pieces for building, and while the child would be plating this game of building the STEM toy it would help in sharpening his planning skills with the spatial reasoning senses in his mind.

The gravitax game is the best you can give him as with the enhanced technology it would help in his growth too.

26. Sand art set 

Price: $ 13.66
Reviews: 4.4

Sand art set

Many children have the strong creative mind from an early age which is sometimes hidden, from themselves, so now to polish the creative touch in him on his 12th birthday gift him something unique.

The sand art set would help the boy in his tender age to have his creative mind sharpen in a simple yet fun way. It comes in eight different sand colors and any form of figure can be carved by them, so now he would be happy making his own sand statues and figures. It now comes on a discount rate, so grab it first

27. QNIGLO 6X18 kids binoculars 

Price: $ 18.99
Reviews: 5.0

QNIGLO 6X18 kids binoculars

Binoculars are a must part of a child’s life helping them in various different forms of explorations and also school activities. Now the new enhanced QNIGLO 6X18 kids binoculars are out and would be one of the best gifts for 12 year old boy for his birthday.

This binocular can cover a range of total 331 ft/1000 yards for capturing clear visuals of birds and other nature life around. It would also help him to have a better outlook on the natural inhabitant around him for knowledge and for adventurous fun together.

28. Lego city ambulance helicopter 60179 building kit 

Price: $ 22.95 
Reviews: 4.8

Lego city ambulance helicopter 60179 building kit

The new age lego for building a city ambulance helicopter would be the best gift on his 12th birthday. It will make his collection much smarter and better.

It comes with total three figures of the pilot, the doctor and the snowboarder, specifically designed for mountain rescues this would be a adventurous building game for him.

The whole kit comprises the total of 132 pieces to be assembled and build the ambulance helicopter, with fresh design and amenities to go with.

29. Magnetic blocks and tiles building set 

Price: $ 57.99 
Reviews: 5.0

This 12th birthday why not gift him some playful and learning game set, so the magnetic blocks and tiles building set would be the idle game for gifting.

It comes in total 120 pieces, which are further divided into 40 triangulos, 48 squares, with two toy cars and all in one storage portable travel bag.

It will help in the polishing of the motor skills, creative mindset and imaginative theories of the child. With affordable pricing it is a must buy for him this year.

30. Pixelated video game styled wristbands 

Price: $ 11.99
Reviews: 4.8

A fashion statement for the children today are the wristbands, and if he is a boy who is touching his 12th year then he must have his own wristband, for sure.

So a unique gift would be the new enhanced pixelated video game styled wristbands, which comes in an 8 pack set with 4 different types of bands, and two in each set.

The vibrant colors and the pixelated design would surely make them more fascinating and exciting to wear.

I hope you liked the above list of birthday gifts for 12 year old boys. I am sure this will definitely help you to find the best gift for him.