10 Unique Ideas to Make Creative Birthday Cards

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:27 am

how to make birthday cards

Today i will be sharing with you some of the amazing ideas to make your own birthday cards for anyone. So if you are confused how to make a birthday card, then go ahead with the list. You will get some of the most unique ideas.

Whenever you think of any birthday or party, the first thing that comes to your mind is what to gift! Gifting a gift has evolved as a tradition in our generation. We can gift a number of items such as show cases, photo frames, wall hangings, flower vast, a bouquet and a card too. Even if you will not be giving a gift, a birthday card is a necessity for rounding off the special day.

A card though looks simple but has many feelings attached in it. Giving a materialistic thing can be some more classy or can be considered as sophisticated, but gifting a card for someone’s birthday or on any other occasion is an ultimate satisfactory gift that anyone can give it to someone in which he/she can represent their inner feelings through it.

The best part of gifting a card to someone is that it is available in two options, i.e., you can buy it from the market or you can design your own handmade birthday card for the person. Though the second option needs lot of your time and money but the output gained from it is very beneficial.

Generally, adults love to receive handmade birthday cards from children because they know that the sentiment comes straight from the heart. Likewise, any person, whether loves craft or not, can easily make a birthday card as a unique greeting. If you gift a handmade card to someone, then that person would be very happy to receive it as gift as compared to giving a market one.

In handmade card you can personalize it according to your own use and your design. You can write, cut, paste, add, design or sketch whatever you feel like over there. Seeing the advantages of homemade cards, today I will enhance your knowledge with some more creative ideas to make birthday greeting cards more attractive:

How to make birthday cards! Check out the Ideas

Here are some of the ideas to make a unique birthday card. I am sure you will love to explore each idea from the list and would love to put your hands into it to make an awesome birthday card.

1. Use Real Flowers

This method of making a card adds a touch of realism to your card. All you need is to have dried flowers of small sizes that have lost their moisture completely. While preparing the card, you can stick those dried yet beautiful flowers with dry adhesive drop, either outside or inside the card. These pressed flowers add texture to your card thereby giving the receiver a sense of natural beauty.

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2. Use Phrase Stickers

Cards come in number of varieties with various sizes, styles and patterns. It is not necessary that a card should be only in square or rectangle shape. It can be small, medium or big.

To prepare a birthday card, one can even stick phrase stickers on it and then they can write their thoughts and feelings about the person for whom he/she is preparing the card. Adding phrase stickers is a great way to speak about your true feelings in phrases or some short sentences that can win the receiver’s heart and can make him/her feel special.

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3. Take Advantage of Waste Products

Many of you must be falling in that category that waste a lot of things unnecessarily. Wasting paper products and hard solid materials can prove very helpful in preparing your own birthday card. This can be an unique as well as creative idea where leftovers can be a part of your very own card.

All you need to do is to collect all the waste materials at one place, give them different type of shapes and patterns, cut them into any type of design according to card and then paste it on a blank new sheet of hard paper. Fold that paper into two equal halves and then your card is ready. Lastly, you can sketch some pattern inside the card with pen and write your name at the end.

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4. Use Materialistic Objects

A card is generally made out of thick chart paper or hard photo paper, so attaching objects on it can be a bit difficult task. But it is said, if you won’t take a risk, you won’t be able to gain anything. Hence, in order to prepare an extraordinary gifting card to a birthday girl/boy, you can add some pinch of small objects on the card that can enhance the beauty of the card.

For this, you can make a cute flower in front of the card on top, with the help of safety pins. Safety pins can be stuck on the card with the help of adhesive. You can even add beads into the pins for an extra touch. At last, to hide the glue holding the pins together, you can attach a button to the center of the design with adhesive.

5. Add Movement into Your Card

Imagine what if the cuttings on your card start moving! I know this sounds pretty difficult but executing such task is very simple and easy. First make the design of moon and cow on paper, color it accordingly, then cut them into their desired shapes and finally paste them on the card.

After this, provide movement to the card using wire to attach the elements. You can wrap the moon with wire and then can attach the cow wit coil. In this way cow will seem like bouncing on the moon. You can even add more elements as well as different objects according to your necessity. This amazing card will astonish the birthday boy or girl.

6. Use Thumb Impressions

A card containing different styles and patterns add grace to it. Similarly, you can design your very own birthday card with the help of your fingers and thumb. Just assemble some water colors, sketch pens and a rectangle shaped cut hard chart paper. Divide that chart paper into two equal halves and fold it.

On its front side, you can draw variety of things like flowers, cartoon characters, birthday cake, balloons, and many such items with the help of your fingers. First put your thumb and fingers in the paint then paste your fingers on the paper so as to draw the pattern according to your need. After that you can outline the pattern with sketch pens to make it clearer. This is a fun filled creative idea to make a homemade birthday card.

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7. Use Fabric

To create a beautiful textured gifting card, you can use fabric on your card. For this, cover your card with fabric pieces and then embellish it with other patterns made by fabric onto the card. You can draw floral designs, sequential patterns and emboss painting on the fabric which is machine-stitched onto the card.

In fact, you can also create a flower out of sewn together pouches, for an extra special touch. This idea will be loved by all and your tiring efforts will be appreciated greatly.

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8. Put Sand on the Card

This is one another unique method for decorating your card. In this take a black rectangle-shaped thick chart paper. After dividing it equally, fold it. Draw a design whatever you feel like on the card. Then outline the design with sketch pen or grey pen and leave it blank. Then, you can apply an adhesive to the area where pattern is not drawn. Then you can put the card on sand in upside down position.

You will notice that the sand will stick onto your card thereby giving it a complete new look. After doing this, finally you can complete the left over pattern and now your card will be ready to gift to someone. Before that, just write some caption as well as your name inside the card.

9. Make a Funny Card

Card is that part which gives great happiness to the receiver so it should always be outstanding and different. In market you avail only limited types of cards, but when it comes to making, you can make varieties of cards with many different styles and formats.

For giving a card on birthday, you can write jokes, playful verbal jabs or amusing anecdotes in order to give immense joy and pleasure to the receiver on his/her special day. Different cartoon characters or funny sketches can also be drawn outside the card to get a smile on the face of the birthday boy/girl.


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10. Make Computerized Card

Nowadays, many softwares and applications are available in the market with the help of which you can make completely inexpensive yet unique birthday cards to gift to your near and dear ones. Cards can be made on computer with such applications in very less time and hardly any cost is involved. You can use fonts like Dingbats on your computer to make it more stylish as well as creative.

In order to get a special touch on your card, you can add a customized metal rim tag to it, by printing an icon on plain paper and then sticking to the tag. Such cards possess high and definite graphics which enhances the show of the card.

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11. Make it Ethnic

You can make your card look more graceful by adding more cultural and traditional factors. A simple card can be transformed into an extra ordinary one by embellishing it with numerous things.

You can add or paste stones or shells onto it, give it an outline with glitters and make it more decorative with bright and shining colours, artificial pearls and floral designs. Colorful beads can add more to its beauty. This housemade birthday card will get an ethnic look and can be given to a person who values cultural traditions more.

12. Use Jute Mat

A handmade card is successful when it is uniquely made and is incomparable with any other. Card made on normal thick chart sheets or hard photo paper is easy to be made in comparison to the one made on any other material. One such card can be made on jute mat. Jute mat has thick as well as coarse material which can be folded easily.

Once it has acquired the shape of a card it can colored accordingly and various patterns can be drawn on it to illustrate that it’s a birthday card. Stitching can also be done on it, which can thereby transform the whole look of the card. This method can be considered as an Eco-friendly one.

13. Prepare an Egg-shaped Greeting Card

As we have discussed earlier, cards come in numerous variety of forms, colours, shape, sizes and patterns, so why to always go for classic one? Give your senses a new taste in the category of cards. Though making handmade birthday card is tough and time-consuming but the final result that comes out provides more than enough satisfaction to the maker.

So to enhance your knowledge, let’s find out another new method of making a birthday card. Instead of making it rectangle, you can try many other shapes and sizes which makes it more artistic and aesthetic. First decide in what shape you want your card to be as like an egg-shaped, after deciding it you can draw an outline of it on a thick chart paper or photo paper. Then cut that outline properly and very neatly so that all the edges are intact.

After obtaining the defined egg-shape or any other shape of your choice, punch holes on its left side. Place a ribbon through the holes of both pages and tie the knot. Finally you get a desired shape card on which you can draw any art or pattern of your choice to make it refined. Last but not the least, the knot tied in between the pages of the card will keep it flawless.

I hope the above suggestions and tips will help a lot to improve your knowledge about how to make creative birthday cards at home with limited resources and yet with extravagant outcomes. Keep trying them to provide an overwhelming smile to the birthday girl/boy.