15 Unique Birthday Party Ideas For the Special One

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Last updated on June 13th, 2019 at 05:12 am

There is a special birthday coming up and you need to plan up for a fabulous unique birthday party so as to make it an extraordinary event. For an awesome birthday party, one needs to spend quite a time for proper planning and execution of it. No matter what the age of a person is, everybody looks forward to spending their birthday in an out of the ordinary manner.

Where so ever the person maybe this is one such day when almost everybody longs for the companionship of their near and dear ones. Hence, the birthday of your beloved is actually an opportunity in disguise for you to let them know how much they mean to you.

Even for those who are not so much into celebrations and ceremonies, a birthday can be made a memorable time just by taking into account their likes and dislikes. If they find a birthday party to be a ‘childish’ affair still you can make it an opportunity for them to hang out with family and old friends, giving them a fun and relaxing day.

unique birthday party ideas

Unique and unusual ideas for birthday party

To make all of this easier for you we have some amazingly exclusive party ideas to throw an exceptional party.

1. Make a booking for a music concert

A good music can evoke some very strong emotions in a person. It can make you laugh and cry at the same time, bring back the forgotten memories, build up new ones and rejuvenating your soul.

If you know your guy/gal to be a music lover a music concert can make their birthday unforgettable. It will be a magical eve especially for those who are too stuck in their everyday routine to enjoy the little things in life.

2. A classy wine tasting night

If you have a group that enjoys the occasional drinking of wines but are not very aware of the details here is an idea for an elegant party where you can enjoy various flavors of different kinds of wines. This can be done in a normal budget as if you look around you will get some really good bottles at a very affordable price.

At the same time if you can spend more you can go for some exotic bottles as well. Before this however, make sure to acquaint yourself with some of the basics of wine tasting. You can find a lot of guide books and information on net regarding different varieties of wines from different regions.

3. Go for an open Bus Road Trip

Now, this is something I am pretty sure you must not have ever considered to go for. Celebrating a birthday in your home, in a hotel, lounge, event halls etc. is quite heard of but a birthday celebration in an open bus road trip is something not so common.

If you know your birthday guy/gal loves to travel them this birthday party will be the one they’ll remember all their lives. A road trip birthday celebration is an ideal way to have an exciting, fun-filled and unique birthday party.

4. Celebrate it with nature

To all nature lovers, this kind of birthday will be a treat. A small birthday party at a beautifully scenic location surrounded by the people you love and who love you back is all that can be desired for a perfect celebration.

Set up a small camp and make their day incredibly beautiful. It is something that is not usually done and thus will be an amazing way to give your loved one a happy and relaxed time away from the everyday hubbub of the cities.

5. Make the day count in an NGO

We all wish to celebrate our birthdays with an awesome birthday bash, loud music, lavish food, friends, family and a rocking party but why not do something different this time. Doing something which is a lot more meaningful and which brings happiness to a lot more people rather than just for us.

So, here we are talking about celebrating the birthday at an NGO with those who are lesser privileged than us. An orphanage or an old age home is full of people who are left waiting for even the faintest ray of happiness.

This small deed of kindness will not only light their day but will also bring a lot of joy and peace to you too. Spread the smiles and feel the warmth spreading to your heart.

6. Be a child again

Okay, now this may sound silly but believe me it’s going to be a lot of fun. Childhood memories are the favorite ones of everybody’s life so why not try to re-live it? As a child we used to start planning our birthday’s months before the actual date.

Rekindle that excitement in you and plan and decorate the house just like you did in your early years. Bring back the colorful balloons, ribbons, wallpapers and the rainbow tassels.

Plan up the old games which once were all you loved playing all day long. You can make this as a theme and ask the guests to dress up accordingly.

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7. Skydiving for a Change

If you wish to make a birthday absolutely terrific and worth remembering for the rest of your life go for an adventure sport and among all nothing can be as thrilling as sky diving. Feel the rush of blood and the excitement in your body.

Feel the calm and the bliss while you are floating through the sky. Feel every single moment of it and at the same time feel the ‘nothingness’ in the ‘fall’. But then these are such strong emotions which can hardly be bound by words.

Sky diving is an experience that will mark your birthday for the rest of your life and that is exactly what we are aiming for.

8. Nature hike and spend the night out camping

Another exiting way to celebrate a birthday be it yours or of someone dear to is to go on a hiking trip and finally camping down with blazing fire, loads of music, dancing, drinking and having fun in the middle of the wild. Make this outdoor trip an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the people near to you.

Keep yourself away from the outside world for a day and have your on yourself and your surroundings. Rejuvenate, refresh and revive your old bonds and memories with the people who matter the most.

9. Shopping is what you are missing

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But actually it’s not, especially for women. Common we all love to shop but our busy lives keep us from getting the things we love so often. So, now is the time. This is your day or even if you are planning it for someone else it’ll be a great idea.

Go out and ravish the malls, leave nothing that you like behind. You work most of life for money and you do not have the time to spend that on things you love, not fair! Spend on yourself as it is your day and you absolutely deserve it.

10. Go on a booze cruise

Now, here is one for absolute party people. What do you normally do in your parties? Go out to pubs, drink, dance and finally come back. But this is so very ‘everyday’ thing, let’s add a twist to it.

Grab your group or go solo as per your wish, move from one place to the other starting from a light drink in a coffee shop or a restaurant and then go ahead to some pubs and clubs.

Well, my point is you will get to meet a lot of new people and will get a break from your regular mundane lifestyle. In the last you can head back to your home with your gang for a personal time so do not forget to keep your home ready as well.

11. Fulfill your long pending wish

In our super busy lives we often forget to make ourselves our priority. Even the most important things are often left neglected by us. We all have at least one such desire to be fulfilled which has been on our minds since ages.

Let birthday be a chance to fulfill it. For example, you wish to start learning a certain type of activity or have wanted to buy a certain pair of branded shoes but have been unable to do so.

Let this birthday be a chance to fulfill that long pending wish. What other day could be better than this very day to gift yourself what you’ve wanted for a long time.

12. Throw a blackout sleepover

Now, we come to people who like more of a private setting, without an explosion of music and booze. For those who prefer a much more personal experience a sleepover is a perfect.

To make the setting more comfortable, turn off all the lights and gadgets and bring the room to life with the lighted candles. Do not forget to remove the furniture out of the way to save the guests from tripping over and hurting themselves.

Arrange some mattresses, blankets and pillows on the ground in a circle. Play some light music and enjoy the drinks and snack while conversing and playing some fun games with your friends.

This definitely is a very simple and non-glamorous way of celebrating your birthday but then birthday’s are not all about spending loads of bucks on getting high and partying out all night.

It is about spending some quality time together with those who care for you. You will have a great time, enjoying yourself wrapped up in the warmth of your near and dear ones, especially if you plan for it on a weekend so that nobody has to stress out of running to their work the next day. You can wake them up with delicious breakfast for a fantastic finish to an amazing start.

13. Have a ‘no work’ day

There are some among us who wish to celebrate their birthdays with no one but themselves. It is not that they are depressed or do not like celebrations but once a while everyone needs their own time. A birthday should only be celebrated the way the person wants to.

14. Unusual winning prize Gaming party

This is great idea for those who are in love with video games and I’m sure there are very few men and kids out there who do not enjoy the ‘gaming spirit’. All you need to do is invite a bunch of their friends and organize an electrifying tournament of their favorite games.

Make sure to have an interesting reward for the winner, to lift up the level of excitement. Add some age appropriate snacks and drinks and you will become the ultimate party planner.

15. Book a seaside villa

Everybody loves and wishes of having a lavish birthday party and if you are one of those who do not have to worry much about the finances here is a great idea.

Book a villa on a sea side for their birthday and invite their close friends and family to celebrate it in ‘king-style’. Let them enjoy the scenic beauty and the fun of an out-door party, all at the same place.

So, if they want to take their day off and be by themselves, that is what should be done. Keep this day for yourself and do absolutely nothing. Say no to work and office on your birthday, relax and breath it’s your day and no one gets to tell you what you should do it is something as simple as that. Enjoy