34 Coolest Birthday Gifts For 8 Years Old Girl

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:16 pm

Birthdays are the happiest moments for girls still in their school. Celebrating it with their friends in school, and with family at home is an all-day occasion for them. This is the day that they anticipate the most and wait with excitement as it brings them true joy and makes them feel special in the entire year. Birthday gift for an 8-year-old girl is something that she can use and cherish as a sweet memory.

Board games with friends and siblings, mock games with playmates, outdoor fun, and vacationing with a family playing card and outdoor games fill up beautiful memories of childhood. On the birthday of your young girl, there is a party theme, confetti, laughter, music, and a lot of furor to celebrate the birthday of the little one. Select from these gifts to give it to the 8-year-old girl on her birthday.

Birthday Gift For 8 Years Old Girl

Awesome Birthday Gifts To Give 8 Years Old Girl

1. Charm Friendship Bracelet

Ac Union ACUNIONâ?¢ Handmade Infinity Angel Wings Butterfly Charm Friendship Gift Leather Bracelet

These are beautiful bracelets for 8 years old to gift on her birthday. A nice cute present that she will love to wear on most of her dresses. It comes with a butterfly motif and is pink in color. Girls love wearing jewelry and this is one of the simple and elegant gifts for 8 yr old girl that you can gift on her birthday. It can be a right fit for kids as well as adults as it comes with adjustable options.

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2. Ballerina Dancer Pendant Necklace

Soulbreezecollection Light Pink Dancing Ballerina Dancer Ballet Dance Pendant Necklace Charm (Pink)

A piece of pretty and elegant jewelry for little girls that you can gift them on their birthday and make them smile. They will absolutely adore wearing this necklace and flaunt it around with pride and style. This pretty necklace can be worn with party wear. Your little angel will adore her jewelry and store it in the jewelry collection. Your girl will look pretty in this delicate pendant of ballerina dancing and gives out sparkles from the pink and white rhinestones.

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3. Portable Jewelry Box

A beautiful jewelry box in elegant pink color and embellished motif that makes it stylish for you to carry your favorite jewelry everywhere with you. Go on mini vacations with family and carry your favorite earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in this mini jewelry box. One of the cute and elegant gift ideas for 8-year-old girl to gift on her birthday. A simple design and easy to carry it in the hand luggage. Your kid will love this gift as she can take her jewelry everywhere without any hassle.

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4. L.O.L Glitter Series Surprise Dolls

This is a ball in which there are a series of unique and rare dolls. One of the superb gift ideas for 8-year-old girls is this doll glitter series. Only after opening the ball you will know which are the series of rare dolls you have with cute clothing and theme. Each doll does some kind of an activity when you feed or bath them. It is fun to play with them as the surprise keeps rolling. This is the playset that the girls will just love as it comes with a unique theme and activities.

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5. Creative Spa Kit For Kids

Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

This is a spa kit that comes with 30 pieces. Girls can play with the spa kit and enjoy their manicure, pedicure, and grooming routine with their playmates. They will absolutely enjoy their girl time with their playmates. One of the sweet presents for 8-year-old girls is this kit that comes with grooming kit to let your kids organize the mani-pedi parties and enjoy their leisure at their home spa, chatting and grooming.

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6. Create Multi-colored Fashion Images

Barbie is an age-old classic doll that has remained famous for many decades. This kit lets you draw the Barbie doll in fashion poses and lets you illustrate and color them using your imagination. It comes with stencils that you can mix and match and creates numerous designs. A choice amongst the creative gifts for 8-year-old girl who will absolutely adore spending her time sketching and designing fashion dresses for the Barbie doll.

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7. Make Your Own Candy Kit

One of the sweet birthday gifts for 8 yr old is this edible candy kit. Kids learn to make their own candy and share it with their friends. It comes with tools and ingredients that let the kids make lollipops, jelly candies and more delicious candies. An awesome group activity where the kids can develop a new skill and have fun with their playmates. A birthday gift that the kids will adore and stay glued to is this candy kit.

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8. Pretend Makeup Kit For Girls

A beautiful pretend makeup kit for the 8-year-old girls who like to play the princess and party games with their friends and playmates. Nice fun for girls in their leisure time to play all by themselves or with their friends and siblings. Ask your little one to play the stylist or the makeup artist for a day and she will bring out her artisan skills with this mock makeup kit and display her skills and knowledge of using makeup. One of the cool birthday present ideas for 8-year-old girl is this mock makeup kit.

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9. Making Flower Crowns Kit

A nice birthday gift for 8 years old girl who loves to look like a fairy princess. They will enjoy creating these paper crowns with the paper flowers, glitter, and all the tools available in this kit. They can create many crowns and gift them to their classmates and siblings. Hours of creative activity and fun is promised with this flower making kit. It can boost the creativity of kids and lets them use their imagination to create as many designs as possible.

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10. Activity Maze Toys For Kids

A wonderful gift for the kid’s age 8 that develops their cognitive abilities and multiple skills. A fun activity that they will enjoy playing in their leisure. A nice gift that motivates them to do their homework for some playtime. It keeps them away from watching television and playing with gadgets for hours. The nicest presents for girls age 8 is this maze that comes with sliders and pointers that helps them develop their logical and analytical thinking. A good gift for learning and brain development.

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11. Barbie Holiday Doll

For those who are a fan of Barbie doll, this is the perfect gift to give on the birthday of the 8-year-old girl. She comes adorned in a metallic gown and stylish danglers making it a perfect piece of decor item as well as a favorite doll that you kid can admire, talk to, and play with. The kids will love combing her hair, dressing her up, and making jewelry for their favorite doll.

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12. Pink Waterproof Polka Dotted Backpack With A Doll

Fanci Cute Bowknot Kids Backpack Sweet princess doll Waterproof Primary School Book bag with pencil case

Kids will love going to school in style when you gift them this awesome looking, glamorous backpack. It comes with many slots as well as a pouch for keeping stationery and water bottle. If your kid is really stubborn about going to school this is the best gift to give that motivates them to wake up early to get dressed and go to school with joy and happiness. You no more have to coax your kid or nag them about their daily school routine when they have this gift in their shelf.

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13. Temporary Flash Metallic Tattoo Kit

One of the coolest gifts to give the little one is these blingy tattoos that come in many colors and motifs. It is safe for the kids to use as they are temporary and can be taken off anytime without any hassle. Kids can wear them for 4 days in a row and take them off. A nice and trendy gift to give girls of this age. It is gentle on skin and kids can have fun displaying funky and elegant metallic tattoos.

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14. Fun Perfume Making Kit

Kids can now have fun creating perfumes when you give them this gift. This is a unique activity and skill that they can develop at a younger age. An opportunity to make them child prodigies. If you are thinking about what to buy for an 8-year-old for her birthday, you can choose this unique gift to give her on her special day. She can have fun with her friends creating perfumes, bath tonics, perfumed paintings, and adding fragrance to just about anything. An interesting that the kids will love and keep them engaged in this creative activity.

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15. Bright And Funky Low-Cut Animal Critter Socks

Wiggletoes Little Kids' Soft Cotton Low Cut Animal Critter Socks Size 5.5-8.5

A cool and funky set of socks that the girls will love wearing with their outfits. This is the gift that gives them wonderful options to choose from when they are going out. They come with animal critter themes. Something that the kids will love. For an outdoor time, your little girl will get all ready and excited wearing these socks as accessories complimenting their outfits. Kids can feel comfortable wearing these socks as they are made in breathable fabric.

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16. Minion Themed Slippers

Despicable Me Minion Slipper (Little Kid/Big Kid), Yellow, 2/3 M US Big Kid

A funny and an awesome slipper that provides comfort is a cool gift you can give a kid on their birthday. They will love wearing these slippers and walking around with joy. It comes with googly eyes and kids will have a lot of fun putting them on and running around in them. A nice gift that will bring a lot of happiness to kids and does not let them trip. It keeps the little feet warm and comfortable during all seasons.

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17. Tinkerbell Costume For Kids

Tinkerbell Costume for Toddler Tinkerbelle Birthday Party and Dress Up, Green, Small 1T-2T

Kids love playing the princess and the fairies. This is the costume that they will love wearing and playing the Tinkerbell fairy with the wings and the magic wand. It lets your little princess be the fairy for the day and enjoy playtime with her friends. She can go around fulfilling the wishes of people with her magic wand and do all magical things. Kids look adorable in these costumes like little angels and can wear it throughout their playtime.

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18. Word Game For Kids

Challenge the kids to a word game that boosts their vocabulary. It builds their memory, word list, and helps them learn correct spellings. A nice fun and learning game that the girls will enjoy playing with their kids. It comes with many tools and instructions to play the game and helps the kids in developing good diction and vocabulary. A fun game to play with family and friends on holidays and weekends.

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19. Sleepover Party Game

This is an awesome game that the girls can play when they are having a sleepover. It comes with hundreds of stunts and activities that let the girls have all the fun during their slumber parties. A fun activity that involves many acts and comes with instructions. It is easy to learn and play this game. Girls will have a ball of a time during holidays and night outs with their friends.

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20. Classic Charades For Kids

A gift that gives kids an opportunity to have fun and laughter. This is the kit that comes with many games that give laughs and giggles. It also builds imagination and many skills in the kids. A family game to bond and have fun during holidays and vacations. Not a day of boredom during summers or when it’s raining outside. You can sip your favorite drink and play charades with family.

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21. Party Toys For Kids Birthday Parties

Amazing party gifts that you can give away to kids who attend your birthday party. A gift that makes birthday fun and enjoyable. They come with a variety of knick-knacks, toys, and items that are fun for other kids too. For every party of the kid, you can give away party gifts from this gift pack which contains more than 100 pieces of party gifts.

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22. Decorative Pinata in Unicorn Shape

A popular fun and activity is breaking the pinata and collecting treats and toys. Gift this to the birthday girl on her 8th birthday and let her collect gifts and treats. Girls will love this fantasy character for a pinata. It is made out of paper. You can fill them with your favorite toys, candies, and other treats. Surprise your friends and playmates with gifts and toys that fall from the pinata. Bring joy the kid’s birthday party by adding this fun element as her birthday gift.

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23. Colorful And Adjustable Thematic Finger Rings

minihope Adjustable Rings Set for Little Girls - Colorful Cute Unicorn Butterfly Rings for Kids, Children's Jewelry Set of 7

Little girls will absolutely adore wearing these thematic finger rings that come with different motifs and designs that are unique and offbeat. These are the kind of finger rings that the kids love to wear at this age. It brings them a lot of joy to wear such unique stuff that comes in the designs of their favorite items. They are easy to wear on their delicate fingers and look cute on their fingers. It makes them look fashionable and different from the rest.

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24. Fruity Lip Gloss

Kids will love the juicy scents of their favorites when they apply this lip gloss. It comes in striped contour and sparkles. They will have sparkling lips that smell their favorite fruit. Gift the little princess this sparkling and scented lip gloss on her birthday and she will treasure it like her prized possession. They will have a lot of fun experimenting with the rainbow colors of the lip gloss. They can explore wearing the lip gloss with their friends and have girly time with their playmates.

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25. iPhone Themed Makeup For Juniors

Girls at every age love makeup and you cannot stop them from wanting and trying the makeup on your dressing table. Gift these kids safe makeup that comes in an interesting and compact pack of iPhone and has colors that make the kids look adorable and cute when they wear this makeup. It is safe on their sensitive skin and they will have a lot of fun dressing up instead of getting bored playing with mock makeup sets. They can carry it with them in their tiny purse and apply their favorite color lipstick and get dressy anytime like a princess.

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26. Nail Polish Set For Kids

These are the lovely colors that the little girls can paint their nails with and have fun with their playmates playing princess. They are safe on the nails of the kids and easily removable. Kids can apply this kid’s friendly nail polish that match with their dress and shoes look lovely. Girls will enjoy this group activity of applying nail polish to each other and playing the mani-pedi games. These are odorless nail polish bottles that come in cute and compact packs.

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27. Candy and Charm Accessories For Hair

Your little princess can decorate her hair with these charms and accessories and look lovely and adorable. She will love it when you give this gift to her. Like a real princess, she can take hours decorating her hair and getting dressed in front of the mirror. One of the favourite girly activities that give them freedom of expression and have fun doing what they love the most, dressing up!

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28. Mermaid Themed Makeup Kit

Be stylish trying on this makeup that comes with a set of eyeshadow colors, temporary hair colors, nail polish, blushers, mirror, and a lip gloss. A complete set for the little angel to experiment with every outfit and accessories. The junior stylist and makeup artist can explore her creative skills with this makeup kit. It boosts her confidence and gives your little girl a sense of individual style. A gift that lets the kid express herself using her skills in makeup and hairstyling.

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29. Fizzy Bubble Bath Bombs

BESTOPE Bath Bombs Gift Set, 8 Vegan Natural Essential Oil & Lush Fizzy and Spa Bubble Bath Moisturizes Dry Skin, Luxury Gift for Kids, Teen Girls, Women

Let the kids enjoy the luxury of spa treatment at home with this bath bombs. They are gentle on their skin and come with adorable fragrances that the kids just love. Made with organic ingredients the kids will love having a good time bathing and enjoy their bath time with these bath accessories. Add some squishy toys to their space, and bathing them is no more a hassle.

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30. Hair Color Pens For Coloring Hair

GirlZone: Hair Chalk Birthday Gifts For Girls, 10 Colorful Hair Chalk Pens. Temporary Color, Presents For Girls Age 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Years Old

Apply these amazing colors on your hair without worrying about damage. These are the hair colors that make your kid look stunning and add the style quotient to their cuteness. Dress them up in the theme of barbies and let them have all the attention and fun in the world looking their best. Available in shades of vibrant colors and metallics, your kids can experiment with their hair and makeup with all of their outfits.

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31. Awesome Polarized Sunglasses For Kids

RIVBOS Rubber Kids Polarized Sunglasses With Strap Glasses shades for Boys Girls Baby and Children Age 3-10 RBK037(Pink,Black Polarized Lens)

A cool and stylish shades for your little angel. She can wear them to the outdoors during the summer days and protect her eyes and look fashionable in them. Cute and adorable goggles for little girls who love to show off their style and stay chic in all seasons. Unbreakable goggles that girls can wear on all of their outdoor adventures and look awesome. Kids will be fond of these cool sunglasses and wear them on all outfits.

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32. Cupcake Themes Spa Bath Bombs

BRUBAKER Cosmetics 6 Handmade"Sweet Berries" Spa Bath Bombs Bath Melts Bath Truffles Gift Set - All Natural Vegan, Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil Moisturize Dry Skin.

Made with shea butter and vegan ingredients these bath bombs in the shape of a cupcake is a beautiful addition to the bathroom. Girls will enjoy their spa time and have fun taking bath with these bath bombs. Their sensitive skin gets moisturized with the shea butter present in these bath bombs. It smells amazing and girls will absolutely love this gift on their birthday.

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33. Pink Stylish Satchel For Girls

A stylish satchel in the pink color that comes with a metallic chain and is decorated with glittering stars. Comes with handle and space to keep makeup and other stuff that little girls want to carry in their purse. A trendy and beautiful satchel for the little princess when she likes to go shopping. Fits in her tiny hands and lets her walk around in style.

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34. Cuddly Animal Themed Soft Blanket

Bearington Baby Patches Cuddle Me Sleeper, Giraffe Large Size Security Blanket, 28.5" x 28.5"

Let your baby princess have the best sleep with this soft and cuddly blanket as her gift. The best birthday gift for 8 years old girl could be this unique and soft blanket that comes attached with a giraffe toy. They can stroll in, read, listen to bedtime stories, go to sleep staring at the stars from the windows. A sweet gift to give your little one on her birthday from mom so she feels secure and safe sleeping in this cute and cuddly blanket.

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