Dog Gift Baskets Unique Ideas to Send a Dog Lover a Present

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Dog lover gift ideas

Dog Gift Baskets

A pet lovers gift for any season!

Creating Dog Gift Baskets is a fun and imaginative way to show your dog or another dog lover how much you care about them. Gift baskets are great gifts for a number of occasions. Obviously, they are great pet lovers gifts for birthdays (The dog’s birthday, Silly!) and they make great dog Christmas gifts, too.

Those ideas are obvious, but have you thought about bringing a cute dog gift basket as a hostess gift when you’re invited to spend a week with a friend in the summer, giving a gift basket as a welcome-home after a dog has been in a boarding kennel, or to help celebrate at a Fourth of July Picnic or a St. Patrick’s day bash?

Of course, we’re here so that show of effort doesn’t really have to take a lot of work. Below is a super-easy primer to have you creating your own fashionable dog gift baskets! Of course, if you would rather order your dog gift basket ready-made, we can help you there too.

1) Pick a Theme for your Dog Gift Basket

Is it a Birthday? Whose? Choosing the right theme is the first key to making a dog gift basket that will be well received on the occasion. Doggie birthday parties are getting ever more popular, so a dog gift basket on such a day might be just the thing to mark the big day.

What about a puppy shower? Think about bringing a few special treats for the expectant mother or for the recovering mother when you go to hug all her cute little puppies.

If it’s the return of the adventurers from a great hiking or fishing trip, why not reward your dog for his hard work keeping your loved ones safe. While you’re cooking venison, he’ll be busy munching on some new dog treats or toys from his dog gift basket. What a great way to welcome him home!

Fourth of July? The kids will all be there, bring a dog gift basket with some patriotic flair and your dog will be the hit of the Independence Day Parade and the water-gun fight afterwords. Who knows… maybe he’ll even stick around for the fireworks. (If not, maybe an anxiety wrap is the order of the day.)

As you can see, there’s only your imagination to limit you when deciding on the theme for your dog gift basket. Whatever theme you choose, make it fun and be sure you can find enough theme-centric basket-fillers to carry the theme successfully.

2) Start at Ground Level: Choose the right container

Choosing a container for your special dog gift basket can be a tricky task, but with a little ingenuity you can handle it with no problem.

One important consideration to keep in mind is the size of the container versus the size of the items you will be filling it with. A huge bag or box might make your array of surprises look small. Of course,

you can easily remedy this problem by filling the bottom of the container with some wadded up tissue paper or shredded paper in order to take up some of the extra space. Try to avoid containers that are very small unless you are only including a few miniscule items in your dog gift basket.

You want your dog gift basket to appear “filled to the brim” but it will be hard to wrap and transport if it’s so full that items are falling out or your container is ripping because it’s overstuffed. If that happens, don’t worry – the dog won’t mind!

A Bag: One easy option is to buy a ready-made gift bag at a stationary store. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from but you’ll probably only have good luck getting a style that’s “in-season” like an Easter themed gift bag at Easter. If you’re trying to plan ahead, it might be hard to find a Halloween themed bag at Easter time. If you don’t want to buy an expensive, professionally-made bag, try decorating a small paper lunch sack with dog stamps, pens or glitter!

A Box: Another idea is to create your own box. Find an old cardboard box of the right dimensions and cover it with wrapping paper that you find attractive. In a pinch, you could use the colorful Sunday comics which are always bright and festive. If you are artistic, or you have children involved, decorate the box yourself, wrapping it with paper you’ve illustrated. You can also writen happy greetings, or glue on images from old holiday cards or magazines.

Something Else: Sometimes the best dog gift baskets come in surprising, delightful wrappers. Try a straw basket from around the house, a Trick-or-Treating pumpkin, or a Santa Clause hat at Christmas time. What about an Irish Bowler hat for the St. Patrick’s day dog gift basket, or a Christmas Sleigh filled with goodies during the Holidays?

Ornate Food Bowls are also fun to try. Just be sure you have some plastic wrap to keep all the goodies in place til the lucky dog gets to open his surprise. Look around your house for unique or unusual items that you don’t use much, sometimes these finds (also available at a dollar store or garage sale) make the very best foundations for an award-winning dog gift basket.

Dogs also get a kick out of receiving gifts in a Dog Treat Jar because they know that after the jar has been emptied of its original contents, someone nice will fill it back up with cookies just for them!

3) Fill ‘Er Up!

So you’ve got a great container – the perfect start to any dog gift basket. Only one problem… It’s empty! That gaping hole is looking up at you in a way more intimidating than a blank computer screen looks to a newspaper writer with a 45-minute deadline.

What to fill it with?

Below I’ve assembled a list of ideas to get you started. Use these as a springboard to launch your creativity.

Treats: Dog Treats are NECESSARY for the dog gift basket or the dog will feel betrayed! Try these great dog treats or make your own. We’ve got a dog biscuit recipe page here on this site.

Try including a few homemade tempting morsels in a little baggie and make a recipe card to attach with a ribbon. These dog biscuits are so good, the dog will want to make sure SOMEONE will make him some more after he finishes the ones from you! Don’t forget the bone-shaped cookie-cutters so everyone remembers those biscuits are for the dog, not the kids!

Toys: Dog Toys are another terrific item to include in any dog gift basket. If the dog is an aggressive chewer, make sure the toys are toys are safe for him. Choosing a toy in just the right color is fun, and dogs like new toys on a regular basis to replace their worn out ones and keep their minds stimulated and bodies exercised.

Bandanas: All dogs like to feel like they’re getting into the act when the family is celebrating a special event. A dog bandana is a great way for him to show his style and these come in a variety of prints. You can buy one ready-made, or use a swatch of fabric from the fabric store, just cut with pinking shears or make a small hem for a longer-lasting item.

Brushes: When there’s a party going on, sometimes dogs forget their daily grooming regimen. A new brush might encourage her to remember to take good care of herself. She’ll want her coat looking good for the guests!

Personalized Collar or Leash: Fifi will love her new collar identifying her as a “Perfect Pooch,” Max will love his “Tough Guy” collar in black. Getting a new collar with the dog’s name or nickname is a great idea. You can also find collars with various prints that may be appropriate for the theme of the dog gift basket.

Doggles: If the lucky dog you’re shopping for spend a lot of time in the sun, or with his head in the wind riding shotgun in a car or motorcycle, doggles might be the perfect gift for him. These outrageously cute goggle/sunglasses for dogs are not to be missed. At least look at the picture, it will give you a chuckle.

Dress-Up Supplies: If the dog in question is a fashion maven, you may be able to go even farther. Pearl dog-style necklaces (LINK) are sure to make a splash. Consider nail polish (LINK), a new sweater, ear bows, or even a Holiday Costume for Halloween or Christmas.

If you got carried away, you could even make a dog spa gift basket and focus on special soaps, shampoo, colognes, soothing mist, or a dog aroma therapy candle.

First Aid Kit: If the pupster is heading off on a trip, or maybe just embarking on a rough-and-tumble summer, having a first aid kit on hand can be a great way to ward off the unpleasantries of nature. If you’re making your own include bug and flea repellant, thermometers, gauze, nail clippers, tweezers, ear cleaning solution and common remedies for poisoning.

People Presents: Even though we all know the doggie is number one when he gets his dog gift basket, it never hurts to include a little something for the person in his life. You don’t want anyone to feel left out. T-shirts, dog mugs, key chains, adorable dog figurines and gift cards, gift cards all make very nice tuck-ins for the dog’s person. You can also find plenty of good ideas in the traditional gift-giving spirit: A noisemaker on Halloween, a dog ornament at Christmas, an American Flag at the Fourth of July and a Turkey-something at Thanksgiving.

Great Reasons To Celebrate!

No matter what the occasion, a dog gift basket is a great way to commemorate it. Don’t forget these Special Events:

Any Time Events:

  • Birthday – Celebrate the Dog’s Big Day!
  • Puppy Party – Any excuse to see those cute furballs!
  • Housewarming – Give the Dog something to chew besides the new furniture!
  • New Baby in the House – Remind Fido someone still loves him!
  • New Puppy in the House – Get something for the puppy at the older dog!
  • Beach Trip

– Dogs love the beach, take them along!

  • Tea Party

– When the ladies come over next time, the will love to see Fifi enjoying her toys!

  • Camping/Hunting Trip

– Reward Buck for keeping the family safe.

  • Visiting Relatives

– Keep Ralphy from annoying TOO many people!

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