12 Perfect Baby Shower Gifts in 2022

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 01:40 am

Baby Shower gifts

“These baby shower gifts are so much fun and unique for any special baby-to-come!”

When it comes to unique new baby gifts, what do you expect?

For those arranging the baby shower, it can be a lot of fun setting up beautifully themed baby shower decorations and preparing the seating and side dishes, along with the most important part – the gift table.

So how does a guest make sure that their baby shower presents are both remembered and treasured?

Although there are useful baby gifts, they are lacking in fun, uniqueness and will quickly be forgotten by the mom-to-be when her bundle of joy comes into the world.

Baby Shower Gifts For Baby

Baby Blanket Gift

Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are useful and gorgeous. A personalized baby blanket gift is perfect not only for the mom who needs everything for her darling newborn, but also for the mom who has everything.

Every baby needs a gorgeous blanket that they can rest their head on. Giving a special, custom-made blanket is a memorable gift that can grow with the child. This is the type of gift that they can have as a keepsake for a lifetime.

Every mom-to-be will undoubtedly receive a whole pile of receiving blankets. While these are helpful for the first few months, they can’t really grow with the child or stand the test of time. A larger blanket made of fleece and ribbon trim makes such a beautiful statement and can really stay with the child as they outgrow their smaller counterparts. These blankets aren’t just functional, but also gorgeous too.

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The SwaddleMe

SwaddleMe wrap


The ingenious SwaddleMe wrap is a relative newcomer to the baby gift market, but so many new parents swear by it that it’s well worth consideration.

If you’ve ever watched one of the hospital nurses wrap a newborn with the mind-bending swiftness that only comes with practice, you can surely appreciate the usefulness of putting this gift on your list! The clever SwaddleMe wrap takes the place of a simple receiving blanket. For new, sleep-deprived parents, the struggle to swaddle a squirmy, howling baby the traditional way is not a skill easily learned, yet the baby tends to expect perfection the first time. Enter the SwaddleMe. Simply position the baby in the center and the folds fasten with Velcro for a perfect swaddle every time!

Even better, it’s one of those items you can’t have too many of. One leaky diaper and the thing is out of commission until it can be washed and dried, so in this case parents will be grateful for duplicate gifts!

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The Moses Basket

When you select baby shower party gifts, it helps to keep the practical part of life with a newborn in mind. When you consider those day-to-day tasks, the Moses Basket becomes an obvious winner! New moms favor bassinets because newborns seem to be calmed by the smaller spaces, but even a bassinet isn’t usually portable. The Moses Basket is!

One baby snuggles down to sleep in this adorable basket, parents can easily move him or her around from room to room. Anxious moms can do household chores, prepare meals, and even take one of those elusive new-mommy showers, all while keeping her newborn by her side. The gift of not having to worry – or wake a sleeping baby – is priceless, which makes this gift well worth the price!

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The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer

The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer


If you’ve spent any amount of time with a newborn, you can appreciate the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer!

This clever gadget makes it easy for sleep-deprived parents to know exactly how long it has been since the last feeding, diaper change, and nap. It also has a bonus setting that you can use for other options such as medication or special needs.

Unless you’ve actually been a new mom, it’s hard to fully explain the impact of this clever tool. Nursing moms worry endlessly that their babies have enough milk, and to complicate matters they have to remember which side the baby nursed from last.

The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer will remember for her even when she can’t! When the days run on endlessly – and sleeplessly – this tool will make new parents feel like they’re doing things right. That’s an amazing gift, especially for folks who haven’t slept in days!


Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

These gift ideas may be a bit out of the ordinary, but that’s what makes them so much fun! When you need a baby shower gift for mom, you can bet she’ll appreciate any one of these smart gift suggestions.

The Everyday BellaBand

It’s a common perception the Everyday BellaBand is only useful during early pregnancy, when the regular clothes get a bit too snug and the maternity clothes seem too drastic.

If you’re not familiar with it, the BellaBand is a remarkably clever wrap – sort of a wide stretchy belt – which allows mom-to-be to wear her pre-pregnancy clothing. When she puts it on, she can leave her old jeans unbuttoned without a so-called wardrobe malfunction in the works. It’s a beloved addition to the wardrobe of a newly pregnant mom!

Why, then, is it a good new mother gift? After all, by the time the baby shower rolls around, the mom-to-be is usually solidly into maternity clothing! The trick in this case is to get the new mom out of maternity clothes and back into her regular clothes as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

That is one incredible gift! If she already owns a BellaBand she is still likely to appreciate a new one, as the old one probably stretched out quite a bit as her tummy grew.

Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover

Nursing can be difficult for new moms and babies alike, and it’s a huge source of frustration and, often, anxiety for nursing mothers. Modesty is a frequent concern for frazzled new mothers, particularly when their little ones pick busy public venues to require a feeding.

Created just for those situations, the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover is a wonderful baby shower gift and baby feeding time!

The design of the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover includes a rigid top edge to maintain an opening – and a connection – between mom and baby. The lightweight design provides full coverage without overheating, and it makes a great extra blanket in a pinch.

But perhaps most of all it allows a new mom to mother without embarrassment, and that’s a wonderful gift in itself.

A Little Something for Mama to Be

The name of this gift says it all! When most folks choose a baby shower gift for mom, it’s really for the baby.

A Little Something for Mama to Be bucks the trend to provide new moms with a gift of indulgence. She’s pampered her baby all these months, and it’s time for her to pamper herself!

There are few moms-to-be who wouldn’t appreciate a little TLC for those swollen, tired feet.

Itchy stretch marks are no match for the Stretch Oil, and new mommies truly deserve the lift they’ll get from the lip balm. And because these products are all natural and Earth-friendly, this is a gift she’ll wonderful about.

Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

Don’t make dad feel left out at the baby shower! Instead, choose one of these awesome new father gifts he’s sure to love!

The Frog Pod

This is a fabulous choice of baby shower gifts for dad, and not just because dads like creepy crawly amphibians. In fact, this Frog Pod couldn’t be any cuter, but that’s not what makes it the perfect gift!

When the baby comes it often seems like falls under mom’s territory, and new dads often end up clueless as to how they can help.

This is particularly true for nursing infants, and one of the best ways for dad to help out mom and forge his own bond with the baby is by taking over bath time.

This darling Frog Pod has just enough guy appeal to provide the no-frills help he needs to get the job right. With space for tub toys to drain and dry properly plus room for shampoo and other gear, this unique gift is sure to make a splash!

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag

It may have a long name, but this clever Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag has mass guy appeal!

It comes in a huge selection of colors, but odds are pretty good that when you’re looking for baby shower gifts for dad, green camo will hit the spot.

If dad is a bit more reserved, there are plenty of other muted tones that won’t scream frills attached – chocolate and charcoal just to name a couple.

Another guy-friendly trait of the Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag is the assortment of eleven pockets and zippered compartments. The average dad doesn’t specialize in the dozens of pint-sized gadgets, gizmos, and accessories a baby might need while they’re on the go, so a straight shot to the diaper portion of the diaper bag is likely to score major points with him!

Harley Davidson Roaring Softail Rocker

Not every man feels at home in the nursery, so few new father gifts will rev his motor like this one will!

The Harley Davidson Roaring Softail Rocker is the perfect gift for the guy who is in touch with his wild side.

Fatherly instincts will go into overdrive when he introduces his little guy – or girl – to this rockin’ bike with real Harley sounds!

And this cool gift comes with a bonus: with a new baby in the house this might be as close to a real Harley as dad is going to get. He might not brag to his buddies about this Harley, but you can bet he’ll bond with his little one over his or her first real “hog!”.