White Elephant Gift ideas in 2021

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A favorite to do during the Holiday season is the White elephant gift exchange. White elephant gift also known as dirty Santa or yankee swap are gifts that are funny, inexpensive and can be done with the office, family and friends. This is actually a great way to turn gift exchange into a game. How it is played.

  1. It normally comprises of a gathering of individuals who each bring one wrapped quirky/awkward/weird/funny gift (that could go to anybody in the gathering) of similar value and place them into a mysterious heap.
  2. Members at that point pick a number from a cap or jar (clue: this number determines the order in which you select a gift.).
  3. different players have the chance to take a gift from another player or keep the gift they picked before it is opened.

All participants will need to have a good sense of humor as some may not get a gift they would have wanted.

These items can really be anything from around the house, but just in case you need a little boost we got you covered.

1.Funny Mug

If what they say is true then everyone could not be Kung-fu fighting. This hilarious cup is perfect for someone who usually takes things literally and is sarcastic on a levels

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2.Shower Margarita Machine

This prank gift Box is made to look like a real a real expensive product which doesn’t exist. The receiver will actually think they are getting an awesome gift when in reality there is no gift.

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3.Dad Bag Funny Gifts-3D Men Beer Belly

Can you imagine yourself wearing this fanny pack and not getting the stares and laughter. This is a must have for pulling off the ultimate prank. The fanny pack will however have its use as it is spacious for storing things and comes with a zipper.

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4.Squeeze Peach Popping Remover Picking

This gross yet fulfilling zit popper is a weird gift to say the least. It however serves its purpose for stress relief ,anxiety or Autism.

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5.Zulay gigante burrito adultos franela

This cool burritos blanket not only looks tasty but is a warm cozy blanket that can be used anywhere. All I want for Christmas is Burritoss!!!!

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6.Toilet Practice Bathroom Barwench Games

Why not enjoy the go!!!. Fun way to utilize your time while in the bathroom.

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7. Outivity Burritos Tortillas Blanket Novelty

This pizza blanket will have everyone in awe. Quite unique and cute to know that you can not only eat a pizza but you can also be wrapped in one. It’s a funny gift for male or female that is quirky and a gag blanket.

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8.Button Talking Features Funny Sayings

Have you ever tried getting out of long conversations? Then you know it is sometimes not easy to do. This gift will help you escape the long boring and dull conversations by just pressing the button for the Blah sound.

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There is no such thing as the perfect gift, right? Wrong. this spider terrarium doesn’t exist but will give the impression of the perfect gift. This is a fun way to reveal your prank as the receiver will be anticipating a real gift.

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10.Prank Pack Handy Hand Prank

Looking for a gift box that looks like a real gift but really on the inside you have your prank gift. This box gives the illusion that it is a real gift, however after unwrapping the receiver will only be getting the prank gift you placed inside the box. Perfect for White Elephant exchange.

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