33 Useful Gifts For Quilters

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:40 pm

Any time of the year you can choose from these gifts for quilters and let them shine in their sewing projects. Quilters love the patchwork and can get very creative creating applique and patchwork also known as quilting.

They spend hours together to devote themselves to this passion and create tasteful artistic work. You can choose from the list of these gifts for quilters that make it easy for them to do the quilting job and create wonderful patchwork products.

Gifts For Quilters

Gifts For Quilters

1. Multi-purpose colorful sewing clips

Multi-purpose colorful sewing clips

A box of colorful sewing clips is one of the wonderful gift ideas for quilters to give them on any occasion. They are useful in holding the fabrics together for creating wonderful patchwork. You can create wonderful crafts work with fabrics with this gift that lets you do a lot of quilting work.

You can create elaborate patchwork with these clips and showcase your creativity. It protects your fingers from needle pricks when you are quilting and also prevents damage of the fabric.

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2. A fiction novel based on quiltmaker

A fiction novel based on quiltmaker

This is a story about how a quiltmaker changes the heart of a greedy king. A nice gift to anyone who loves quilting and enjoys that hobby. One of the unique and best gift ideas for quilters to let them enjoy reading about quiltmaking. It comes with a beautiful message about selflessness and kindness that people of any age can read and enjoy.

It also teaches about values of life, such as, standing up for what you think is right. This is a beautiful fictional book that comes with beautiful paintings and drawings that are relevant to the story.

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3. Mini iron for quilters

Mini iron for quilters

You can get professional looking quilting done with this gift. This is a mini iron that lets you get perfect seam lines when you press the fabrics for patchwork with this mini iron. You can create numerous bias techniques when quilting with the help of this mini iron and work on random edges of the fabric.

It comes with a rubble sole and a metallic holder that makes it easy to manipulate the fabric for bias cuts of any type and get innovative with quilting techniques and designs.

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4. Coffee mug with funny quilting print

Coffee mug with funny quilting print

A cool and a funny gift for those who love quilting. It has the design and motif of how the brain of the quilters looks like with a patchwork done in the shape of the brain. A funny novelty gift for those who love quilting. They will love drinking their morning cup of coffee in this mug that is themed in quilting.

It is made in ceramic and a simple design with the print of quilting theme and funny quilting wordings. A nice vintage piece for the shelf and for the quilters to enjoy their morning cup of Joe.

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5. Cool quilter thematic pendant necklace

Cool quilter thematic pendant necklace

A cool and stylish pendant that has funny wordings about quilters that says, “When life gives you scraps, make quilts.” For those who enjoy making amazing and creative motifs using scraps and recycling fabrics to create more beauty, this is the perfect gift to give.

To the seamstress who has a beautiful mind to design motifs from scraps and sew them onto fabrics creating an awesome patchwork, this is one relatable pendant that they will be delighted to have as a gift.

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6. Quilters themed wall clock

Quilters themed wall clock

What a joy it is for quilters to look at the time that has some patchwork? One of the perfect presents for quilters is this wall clock that has prints of quilting next to the numbers. A beautiful and decorative clock that makes for a novelty item for the room where you enjoy quilting.

Gift this item to someone who loves the quilting on holidays, festivals, or any special occasion. They are bound to be amused by this unique gift that is made in the theme of quilting.

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7. Funny t-shirt about quilters

Funny t-shirt about quilters

A funny t-shirt for women who love quilting. It has an amusing pun quote that says, “quilters are piecemakers.” A gift that will amuse the quilter when you give them on holidays or festivals. It is printed in fun font and has a fabric that does not shrink.

A cool and casual t-shirt that your quilter family member or friend will love wearing. It has a message that blends the message of peacemaking with pun-intended quote.

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8. American quilt themed coasters

Highland Graphics American Quilts ~ 4 Tile Square assorted coasters Drink Coasters ~ code 446

Cute presents for quilters are these quilting thematic coasters. Printed in quilting and patchwork motifs, makes for a perfect decor item for the dining table. Enjoy a cup of hot beverage placing them on these coasters. A way to start coffee table conversations are these set of gifts.

These are easy to clean coaster that are damage free as the print does not fade with use. They look classy in any setting and decor of the dining room and kitchen.

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9. A canvas tote bag with quilting print

A canvas tote bag with quilting print

A simple white canvas bag that comes with a beautiful print of quilting and has a quote about friendship. A nice bag that you can carry with you to casual meets and errands. An awesome quilting gift for quilters is this tote bag.

Men as well as women can carry them as it has a unisex appeal. Use it like a grocery bag or something that you will carry with you when you go camping or on weekend getaways. For someone who enjoys quilting, this is a sweet and simple gift to give.

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10. 6 Pair of colorful thread huggers

6 Pair of colorful thread huggers

A thoughtful gift for the quilters are the 6 pair of thread huggers that prevent the threads from tangling and breaking when you are doing the quilting work. They keep the threads organized and you will have no mess working on the quilting projects with these thread huggers.

They are flexible and easy to use that go back in their original shape after you are done using them for the bundle of threads. You can use them for as long as you enjoy quilting as they last for a long period of time.

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11. Funny parking sign for quilters

Funny parking sign for quilters

Am amusing quilting gifts for quilters is this parking sign that can be put outdoors. It reads, “violators will be threaded.” A unique and funny parking sign that can decorate the outdoor area as well as amuse the onlookers.

You can put it outside the garage or your work area so nobody disturbs you and has fun reading this sign. It is made in colorful motifs and vibrant font to give it an artistic as well as funny appeal.

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12. Gripper for the quilters

Gripper for the quilters

You need to lock the fabric at different places when quilting. This is a beautiful gift that someone who loves quilting will thank you for as it makes their job easy and brings in more finesse in the artistic and creative work that they do.

It comes with suction cups that make the cutting of the bias fabric easy and let you work with perfection on any portion of the fabric. They can be used with the rulers and makes the entire process of measuring and cutting the fabric easy.

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13. Microtip marker pen for quilting

Microtip marker pen for quilting

For those involved in the works of arts and crafts, this is the perfect gift to give. A quilter who does multiple arts and crafts work will find this pen handy. It lets them create work of precise quality and create highly artistic works.

These pens are specifically designed for arts and crafts work and are better than the regular microtip pens. These pens create finer artistic lines than the regular microtip pen and something that artists and quilters will just love.

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14. Quilted cover spiral bound journal

A journal to jot down your thoughts or any notes inside this notebook that comes with a cover that is done with a patchwork of fabrics. An apt gift for quilters who love everything artistic and creative.

Write to-do lists, or anything that you want to write down in this journal for the keeps. Turn it into a memoir and let it sit in yourself with beautiful thoughts written, anecdotes or stories that you will love to jot down to read later.

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15. License plate with funny quilting quote

License plate with funny quilting quote

An amusing and a useful gift to give someone who loves quilting is this license plate that has a funny quote with pun intended about how quilting works. Your family member, friend, or colleague who loves quilting will love this license plate as a gift.

Express your individuality and interests through this gift and use this license plate on your vehicle. It is made in metallic finish and is made in vinyl that makes it long lasting. It displays your sense of humor and values at the same time.

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16. Ruler grips for quilters

Ruler grips for quilters

Create quilting works to perfection with these rings that hold the rulers on the fabric. They are easy to place and let you use the fabric with all the measurements to perfection without letting the ruler or the fabric slip.

These ring-shaped grips are transparent and do not block the measurements on the ruler. A nice and useful gift to give the quilter that lets them do the work to perfection. You can use these grips for a variety of arts and crafts projects.

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17. A book on fixing quilting projects

A book on fixing quilting projects

A useful gift that any quilter will love is this survival guide to fix and repair quilting mistakes. This is a useful guide that has tools and techniques to fix any of the quilting errors. You do not have to redo any of the quilting work when you have this survival guide that gives you information about how to repair and fix and quilting mistakes.

You can do a flawless work quilting with the help of this book. Your quilter friend will thank you for this gift as it saves a lot of their time repairing or fixing any quilting errors.

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18. Fabric bundle for quilting

Fabric bundle for quilting

Quilters shop for fabrics more than a normal human would. A bundle of colorful fabric is one of the best gifts you can give someone who loves quilting. They can use this fabric for all kinds of arts and crafts projects apart from quilting.

It’s helpful in letting them create home decor and other artistic projects. They can create container covers, wall decor items, and many other decorative pieces with this gift.

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19. Handbook for creating modern quilting projects

This is a wonderful gift you can give someone who loves quilting. It comes with many design principles for quilting and provides information about having a scientific approach towards quilting. With the information given in this book you can create modern quilting designs and many decorative pieces for home, office, and garden.

Every chapter inside this book teaches you various modern techniques of quilting. Create masterpieces in quilting work with the help of the techniques given in this book.

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20. A guide for modern quilters

A wonderful and useful guide that has step-by-step instructions about quilting beautiful patterns. You can create detailed patchwork in creating as many decor items using your imagination and techniques from this book.

A gift that quilters will love and learn from and create many more beautiful creative pieces in patchwork. You can break free from using older techniques of doing patchwork and adopt these modern techniques of creating amazing patchwork.

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21. Assorted quilting supplies

A useful gift you can give a quilter is these assorted and colorful quilting supplies. You can create as many patchwork projects with these supplies and design splendid artwork. Design wall pieces, bags, accessories, embellish dresses with this patch work, create many decorative pieces for interiors, exterior, patio, and office.

You can use your imagination to create as many decorative pieces you want with this assorted gift of quilting supplies. It has quilting clips of all sizes that hold multiple layers of fabrics and let you do professional quilting work.

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22. A beginners guide to quilting

Charm School—18 Quilts from 5" Squares: A Beginner's Guide by [Goertzen, Vanessa]

Learn to get started with how to quilt with this beginners manual. A wonderful gift to give someone who wants to start quilting and learn arts and crafts work. You can get started with creating small quilting projects like adding motifs like stars, smilies, and do small patchwork on any fabric.

You will have fun quilting and sewing patterns on fabric and add a new creative skill to the list of your skills and abilities.

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23. Quilting themed dangler earrings

Quilters Birthstone Earrings, Sewing Earrings, I Love Quilting Earrings, Personalized Quilter Jewelry Gift

A pretty gift to give someone who loves creative and quirky items are these pair of dangler earrings. They are made in antique metal and have an embedded birthstone. This is a choice for personalized jewelry that you can give to someone who is passionate about quilting. It can be worn on ethnic and casual clothing.

It makes the style look more earthy and offbeat, adding to the quirks. These are handmade gifts that the quilters will love receiving on any occasion.

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24. Quilting themed jigsaw puzzle

An amusing gift you can give someone who loves quilting is this jigsaw puzzle game that is based on quilting theme. It comes with 1000 pieces and is entertaining for anyone who loves puzzles and quilting to play. Use your imagination and arrange the puzzle accurately and have fun playing this game.

A good break to take from continues work of quilting and amuse yourself playing this game. These puzzles are easy and fun to play, suitable for people of any age group.

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25. Coffee mug with quilting quotes

A ceramic coffee mug that is printed with quilted quoted is a wonderful gift to give anyone who loves doing quilting and patchwork. It can be used in microwave as well as the dishwasher and the print doesn’t fade with washes.

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or favorite beverage in this quilting themed coffee mug and relish on it. Gift it to your friend, sibling, colleague, or anyone you know who loves the quilting on their birthday or holidays.

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26. A chalkboard for the quilting room

A metallic chalkboard about quilting is a beautiful gift to give someone who enjoys quilting. They can place this gift inside their room or hang it outside as a wall sign. A nice personalized gift that adds to the beauty and decor of their quilting room.

The metal frame does not rust and makes the decor look vintage and stylish. You only have to drill two holes to place this signboard on the wall.

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27. T-shirt with funny quilting quote

A nice gift to give the quilting champion that makes them look like the quilting hero. It is made in cotton, does not shrink or fade the print, and is machine washable. A gift that your quilter friend and sibling can wear regularly and flaunt their love for quilting and decorative works.

It is styled in retro and vintage style, something the quilter will love. Suitable to gift people of any age who love quilting.

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28. A book about quilting without rulers

A book about quilting without rulers

With the instructions given in this book you can forget the rulers and rules on the shelf. A wonderful gift to give someone who is passionate about quilting and makes wonderful decorative pieces is this book about quilting.

It teaches hassle-free quilting techniques that does not require you spending time with rulers and grids. Create detailed and wonderful quilting projects with the new methods given in this book.

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29. A catalogue for quilters

A catalogue for quilters

This is a book that gives you instructions on the creative as well as the business side of quilt making. You can turn your hobby into business with the information given in this book. Gift it to your daughter who loves quilting and encourage her to turn it into a business.

It gives information about various websites that sell quilting work, local shops, and national fairs where quilting work can be sold. A lot of information about manual and computerized techniques, and the business of quilting is journaled inside this book.

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30. A novel about a quilter’s holiday

A novel about a quilter’s holiday

Enjoy reading this fictional tale about the family life, and the emotions sewn together when the quilter spends the thanksgiving holiday creating a quilting block that has beautiful stories about love and family. This is one of the best sellers that the quilters will love reading.

You can read about the challenges the women in this novel face who love quilting in their business and also dealing with their husbands and other family members. It gives you insights about how to deal with various situations and people.

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31. Coffee mug with funny definitions about quilting

Coffee mug with funny definitions about quilting

Gift this funny quotes mug to anyone one you know who loves a good laugh and quilting. Gift it to your sibling, friend, boss, coworker, or wife who loves arts and crafts work of quilting.

It has many funny wordings and definitions related to quilting that is amusing to read. Start your day with a smile and a laugh reading these quotes and drinking your favourite beverage from it. It is made in ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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32. Quilter course handbook for juniors

Quilter course handbook for juniors

Gift this quilting course book to younger people who love quilting and encourage them to learn this new art of patchworks. They will enjoy learning new techniques and use their imagination to do creative work in quilting.

They can learn to create a variety of block and quilting work with great accuracy and precision. It can boost their confidence showcasing their talent in making quilts and patchwork. People of any age group can learn various techniques in quilting and master this skill.

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33. Sewing and quilting charms bracelet

Sewing and quilting charms bracelet

A dazzling sewing and quilting charm bracelet is one of the pretty gifts for quilters that adds to their style and makes them look unique. They can wear their passion through this jewelry and wear it daily to their work. It is hypoallergenic and rust free.

A cute piece of jewelry you can gift anyone on their birthday or holiday. A unique design that you will not find in any local shops and the quilters will love having them.

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