Happy Birthday Song

Birthday song piano

How to Play Happy Birthday on the Recorder Overview The recorder is an appropriate instrument for a musical beginner. A member of the woodwinds, it is an inexpensive alternative to the flute. It is lightweight and easy to take anywhere. Within a short time, a novice can play songs for friends and family. Learn eight … Read more

Say Happy Birthday

Learn how to say Happy Birthday in over 75 different languages. Feliz Cumpleaños! Language How to say “Happy Birthday!” Afrikaans Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag! Albanian Urime ditelindjen! Arabic Eid milaad saeed! Armenian Taredartzet shnorhavor! Austrian Ois guade winsch i dia zum Gbuadsdog! Basque (N. Spain) Zorionak! Bengali Shuvo Jonmodin! Brazil Parabéns a você Bulgarian … Read more