60 Happy Birthday Wishes & Greetings For Nephew From Aunt

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022 at 09:15 pm

Aunts always spoil their nephews by gifting them and spoiling them with love and pampering. Pick from these birthday wishes for nephew from aunt and make her feel loved and grateful for always being there for you. These are thoughtful messages to choose from to make the day of your aunt who has always supported and loved you.


Birthday Wishes For Nephew From Aunt

  1. Happy birthday to my gorgeous nephew. You are someone who always brings a lot of joy to life. Your prattle and your mischief make our day. I so cherish having you in our lives. You are more of a son to me.
  2. Happy 7th birthday. You are so cute in your years. I hope you liked the gift that I gave you. There is always so much fun happening on your birthday. I am so happy that today is your birthday and I can celebrate it with you.
  3. You are so smart and a genius for your age. You are so quick to learn. I am proud of you and all of your talents. Happy birthday. I always wish and pray that you reach the greatest heights, make merriest moments, and always be joyous in your life.
  4. As a kid you kept me running around the house, chasing after you. You have always been an active kid, always outdoors playing and venturing into things. Your curiosity makes you learn a lot of things. I am proud of you. Happy birthday.
  5. I had tears in my eyes when you were born. You looked cute as a button and adorable. Today you are five years old. It feels like I have not stayed away from you for long. Your birthday always puts a smile on my face because I feel happy celebrating it with you. Happy birthday.
  6. Tutoring you during the school days was a pain, but you ended up scoring so well. I felt rewarded. You have grown into a fine gentleman. Happy birthday. May you find true love and a nice woman to settle down with.
  7. I remember the days of your break dance, the days when you were so soaked into the pop culture donning funny hair. We have seen you all crazy and it was entertaining. You have achieved a lot in your life. You make us proud. Happy birthday.
  8. Maybe today is the only day when you are not glued to social media and your gadgets. It is good to see you on your birthday and spend time with you as you are busy with the internet and chatting all the time. Happy birthday. I hope you have a better focus on the things you do. Good luck.
  9. You are super talented and exceptionally good at everything. My kids have a lot to learn from you. You are a good example of how a son should be. Happy birthday. May you find immense joy and happiness in life and succeed in all of your endeavors.
  10. You have always been as sweet as a cupcake. You are my favorite nephew in the family. No matter how old you get, it is always a joy to pamper you and spoil you with love. Happy birthday.
  11. As the eldest son and sibling you have always displayed maturity. We hardly had to mentor you. Most of the times you took care of yourself. Happy birthday. May you rise and shine to any occasion.
  12. I have so many fond memories of you growing up. I was there for your elocution contents, your dance performances, and all the important events in your life. I can’t stop but feeling proud of how you have grown into a fine person and progressed all of your life. Happy birthday.
  13. I have always encouraged you to pursue your passion. I will always advise you to listen to your heart and follow the path which is your true calling. Then no impediment looks like a challenge at all. Happy birthday and may god bless you with grit and strength to follow your dreams.
  14. I am always happy to be the first person to wish you on your birthday. Happy birthday. I wish that you get all that you have dreamt of and achieve great success in life. You deserve all the love and growth for the hard work and dedication you put in.
  15. You are a person with a lot of good qualities and skills. You always do us proud. Never did you have behavioral problems. Never did we had to rectify you. Happy birthday. God bless you with immense success and progress in life.

Birthday Message For Nephew


  1. You are now surrounded with cute girls. Always the ladies man. I wish you find true love and experience it in your lifetime. These are the things that we live for, to be loved and love endlessly. Happy birthday. May your journey of life be more meaningful, filled with purpose.
  2. You are 21 today and this is the new phase of your life where you begin to understand the responsibility and adulthood. I wish you good luck with making sensible choices in life and setting an example for others to follow. Happy birthday.
  3. You are in your teens. This is an amazing phase where you are new to learn and grasp many experiences of life. Know which ones to imbue from and which ones to eliminate. Happy birthday. I wish you have a great time and learn meaningful things in life.
  4. As a kid, you spent so much time with us. We miss you. Your birthday is the day again to connect with you and spend time with you. Happy birthday. I pray that you reach the success you aim for and always be in good company.
  5. I hope and pray that as you grow old, you learn to take the bitter sweet experiences of life on your stride and choose a better path for yourself. Life will always take you on crossroads. It is your good thinking that will take you places. Happy birthday.
  6. Happy birthday. You have always been a studios person. I hope you use this day to have some fun and relax. You are the ideal example of how someone must grow up to be a good person. I am proud of you.
  7. On your birthday I would like to gift you your favorite desserts, gifts items, and some good playlist of music. Happy birthday. Cheers to you and enjoy your day.
  8. Your birthdays are the most memorable because all of us meet after a long time and this a good occasion to catch up with you. Happy birthday.
  9. Happy birthday. I pray that you reach the greatest heights in your career and fulfill all of your dreams. You put in a lot of hard work, you deserve the best. Good luck in all of your endeavors and all the best.
  10. As a kid you were lazy and in your own world. You have proved to be a dark horse, proving everyone wrong, and doing amazing for yourself, building a good life. Happy birthday.
  11. You have always been as good as my own son. You and my kids have grown up together doing things together. It is always a joy to have you around. Together you and my kids have learnt so much from each other. God bless. Happy birthday.
  12. You have always been a lovable child, always listening to elders. It was hard not to pamper you and spoil you with love. Happy birthday.
  13. You always came to me whenever your parents didn’t approve of your choices or activities. I have always encouraged to wear your heart on your sleeves and listen to your heart. Happy birthday. May god bless you with all strength and focus to reach your goals.
  14. I always had a word of advice for you in your personal as well as professional life. I am glad it worked well for you. I am happy to guide you and help you take the right decision. Happy birthday.
  15. With you I know I have the coolest company to be with and talk about all that is happening. You are always up to something new and exciting. Happy birthday. God bless you and may you always remain cheerful.

Birthday Quotes For Nephew


  1. You are such a helpful nephew. You always help me around the house when you come by. This is such an adorable quality of yours. Happy birthday. May you succeed at everything in life.
  2. As a kid I had fun putting up with your tantrums and forgiving you for your mischief. Happy birthday. You are one of the funniest and adorable kids in the family. God bless.
  3. You are a cool and an awesome nephew who always has respect for everyone and does the right thing without being coaxed into. Though you are younger to me there is a lot that I learn from you. Happy birthday. You have always inspired everyone around you and I hope you continue to do the same.
  4. You are here to reach all of your goals and also find meaning in life beyond reaching your goals. You have best of both the worlds. My advice to you is to sit back and enjoy the moments that life is throwing at you. Happy birthday and God bless.
  5. You are hardly in touch with your family. Your birthday is a reminder that you have had good times with your family and it’s time to connect and rekindle fond memories. Happy birthday.
  6. You are lucky to be in a good place and have a family that loves and supports you. Happy birthday. May god bless you with all the fulfillment of your desires and let you reach all of your goals.
  7. I want you to keep the faith and always look at the silver lining because life throws a lot of opportunities for you to grab and learn from. Happy birthday and may god bless you with strength and focus to fulfill your dreams.
  8. I wish that you stay in good health, not get into bad company, and find your true calling. Happy birthday. May you shine in your life and find long lasting relations.
  9. Happy birthday. This is the day for you to feel all the joy in the world and remember all the good that happens in your life and move ahead. God bless and may good fortune stay with you all the times.
  10. There are times in life when you will have to take hard decisions. Those are the times you need to put a speed break on impulsive behavior and check yourself. Happy birthday. Here is wishing you always make sensible decisions in life.
  11. You have been the naughtiest kid. Happy birthday. It is a pleasant surprise to see you grow into a fine person. I am happy you have matured and don’t play pranks anymore. God bless.
  12. Happy birthday. I hope you find more joy and worry less from this year. Take this as a birthday resolution as I want to see you happy, worry less, and look at the sunnier side of everything. God bless.
  13. I am so happy to see that you have got over your rage and impulses. Those are the things that never let anyone get ahead in life. Happy birthday. I always pray that you find more balance and happiness in life and progress with speed.
  14. Happy birthday to you. Many many years of happiness and moments of joy. I hope you find time to get off your video games, social media, and spend more time in nature and experience real life. You are still young and I wish you that you see the best of this world.
  15. There is always more to life than having fun. On your birthday you have the prerogative to have unlimited fun. I hope you take life seriously and learn to choose a path that lets you progress. Happy birthday.

Birthday Greetings For Nephew


  1. Failures are only stepping stones and not something that you must ever be ashamed of. Your parents might not be very proud of your average score, but I am proud of you because I recognize your talent and potential. Listen to your heart. Happy birthday. May you progress.
  2. Stay healthy and happy. These are the two primary ingredients based on which you can build your dreams. Happy birthday. Focus on yourself and enrich your inner world.
  3. Do not let the noise of the outer world shut your true self on the inside. Try not to lose yourself in the crowd and never try to please anyone. Happy birthday. Stay strong and be cool.
  4. Strength comes not from going to gym, strength comes from staying calm in a storm and having the will to build with dedication. That is what makes a true man. Happy birthday. I know you love your routine and you look great. Spend more time in meaningful things.
  5. Express yourself, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Just let it out in the open. I have always seen you suppress your feelings. I hope you relax and learn to be more open to life. Happy birthday.
  6. Rise to every occasion. Meet everyday with a gung-ho and see what difference you make in your own life. Happy birthday. I hope this year and in the time to come you always put the best foot forward, rise and shine.
  7. Meet success with godspeed. Happy birthday. You have always valued relations and that is the best thing you have done. You deserve all the success in life because you are a wonderful human being with a heart of gold.
  8. Happy birthday. May your life be illuminated with wonderful things and I pray that something nice happens to you that changes your life for better. God bless.
  9. You have interest to learn so many things, I sometimes think that your mind must be a treasure trove of all wonderful things. I hope you spread your wings in every direction and see a new side every time. Happy birthday.
  10. Time is your gift. Something that nobody can ever take away from you. Make the most of it and also learn to have fun. Happy birthday.
  11. Being in love lets you conquer the world and gives you the strength to fight all odds. I hope you find a wonderful person with whom you can share your life soon. Happy birthday.
  12. May your life be filled with wonderful memories, amazing friends, beautiful travel experiences, and many more happy occasions. Happy birthday.
  13. I hope sorrow never invites itself at your door. I wish that you find happiness and content in everything that you do. Happy birthday.
  14. I always look back to all the wonderful times, happy conversations, and all the fun times with you and miss being with my nephew. Happy birthday. I hope you visit your aunt soon.
  15. May your life be supercharged with love, success, joy, wealth, and goodness. Happy birthday. I wish that you be showered with blessings that let you make headway.

Pick from birthday wishes for nephew from aunt and let him know of all the memories you cherish and that you love and care for him. These are heartfelt and meaningful birthday wishes for a nephew that you can send to express your love.