Astonishing 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:39 pm

Gifts are the way to make a person feel loved and spread our warmth in their life, on some special occasion. So when you are planning for birthday gift it becomes more important to think on some creative yet useful ideas to bring a smile on their face.

It is said that 40 is the age when a woman starts her next phase of life and with age and wisdom she grows more beautiful.

So selecting the 40th birthday gift ideas for women keep in mind the feature of being a unique and special gift for her on her 40th year. Why not give her something that would be strong on her memory and would also be useful being an essential part of her daily life.

There are various different types of gifts which are available online specially crafted for her 40th year so why not choose amongst them.

Jewelry, cooking utensils, dresses, watches, beauty products and so on well when it comes for her the creative and innovative gift rages widen up for a bigger and better platter to gift.

But always keep in mind that she is a very special person, be it your wife, sister, cousin, mother or even a neighbor or your best friend. She has made a strong and important contribution in your life making it more vibrant and happy.

So the gift you choose for such a special birthday should always be unique, innovative, modern yet classic and with priceless emotions to envelope it.

It should speak those un expressed words of affection making her feel needed and being an important part of your life. So this 40th birthday just buy her the perfect gift she deserves and which would stay with her reminding each day of your support and companionship.

Book it beforehand so that you can get good deals online which would also be helpful as it would reach her on the birthday itself without any delay.

40th birthday gift ideas for women

Recommended 40th birthday gift ideas for women

1. The Chelsea luxury picnic basket set

The Chelsea luxury picnic basket set

This year gift her a special Chelsea luxury picnic basket set for her 40th birthday. It contains crockeries and other accessories for 4 people with a beautiful lining and a cream fleece blanket to go with it.

It also contains porcelain plates, stainless steel cutlery, wicker basket with stainless steel cups, a waiter styles bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers, wine glasses, removable zipped chiller compartment and so on. Another special feature is that it also holds a stainless steel flask in a holder.

2. MAOFAED expandable bracelet bangle

MAOFAED expandable bracelet bangle

Honoring beauty is always a good way to appreciate womanhood. So on her birthday why not gift her with something to sparkle on her wrist.

The MAOFAED expandable bracelet bangle is one of the unique and precious 40th birthday present ideas which would surely bring a broad smile on her face.

Made with strong stainless steel metal with dangling alloy based pendants would make her new second phase of life more beautiful and poise. It is a style statement which can be worn with any type of dress she wears.

3. Goline makeup mirror

Goline makeup mirror

On her birthday gift her a special new age technology enhanced mirror for her makeup and dressing. The Goline makeup mirror is enhanced with led light fitting all around the three piece mirror with 22 small light bulbs.

The image is crystal clear due to the clear image throwback. The special feature of the mirror is the three fold shape with 180 degree rating mode which makes it perfect for any table top or dressing area.

4. The love sapphire pendant

The love sapphire pendant

A sapphire itself speaks thousands of expressions without words. To make her glitter more brightly, gift her the love sapphire pendant from Swarovski.

The blue stone would make her feel like a queen and the red velvet box would add to the glitter more with style.

The pure filigree white crystal pattern on the backside of the stone pendant enhances the look to a different level. Surely this pendant would elevate her inner beauty more with a touch of elegance.

5. Threadrock women’s burnout racerback tank top

Threadrock women’s burnout racerback tank top

Make her attire to wear much comfortable and soothing, with the new threadrock women’s burnout racerback tank top on her birthday this year.

It comes in a soft and classic fitting with a mixture of polyester and cotton. There is no fear of shrinking due to the durable cloth material and comes in different colors.

These are the best for home and while exercises for women. With the 78 logo printed on the front it brings back the retro feeling with a touch of modern design of fashion.

6. Inspirational gift set

Inspirational gift set

A perfect gift needs a creative choice, so on her 40th birthday give her a gift which would also be quite encouraging for her. The inspirational gift set would cover all what you want her to have now.

The set contains a mug, a stylish executive pen, a table sign and a leather notebook. It would bring out the writer within her, so that she can jot down the life experiences she had in her 40 years of life, or even she can write her future plans and dreams.

7. Everyday wish jar

Everyday wish jar

Wishing is a good way to keep oneself motivated and move towards fulfilling the wish. So gift the special women with the everyday wishing jar to store her wishes and fulfill them eventually.

The wish jat is a complete package with 100 wish cards and a beautiful rewritable hand written plaque where she can write some quotes.

The lid is also fashionable with some creative touch. So now writing down her wishes would be a regular habit once she has her own wishing jar.

8. Bamboo cheese board with cutlery set and meat server

Bamboo cheese board with cutlery set and meat server

Serving food in a beautiful creative manner is the strength of a woman, so gift her something which would be her strength in the kitchen and making her family and guests happy.

The bamboo cheese board with cutlery set and meat server is one such item which would be very handy in the kitchen.

It comes with 4 stainless steel knives for different purposes and a slide drawer for keeping the cutler. It is just perfect for your wife, mother, sister or even best friend.

9. Urbanised handmade natural coffee exfoliating soap and skin care gift set

Urbanised handmade natural coffee exfoliating soap and skin care gift set

 With the growing cosmetic awareness now natural products are much more in use. Such a beautiful gift pack is the urbanized handmade natural coffee exfoliating soap and skin care gift set.

This natural coffee seeds based soap and body wash is the best, and would surely make her happy to have her own set.

It helps in exfoliating and keeping the skin soft and smoot with the essential coffee seed effects infused in it. No chemical or palm oil used in the soap and the body wash, everything is natural.

10. BEUU 2018 special irregular stripes belt quartz watch

BEUU 2018 special irregular stripes belt quartz watch

Watches are the best gifts for someone, to remind the priceless moments of life. The new BEUU 2018 special irregular stripes belt quartz watch is the one watch for any sort of gifting to a women.

With a beautiful analog of the heart made on the dial it gives a special feeling to the person gifted, it comes with a warranty and is also durable for regular use, with the high fashion style to make anyone fall for it.

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11. Essential oil darkwood aromatherapy diffuser

Essential oil darkwood aromatherapy diffuser

This beautiful night lamp which is also an oil diffuser best for aromatherapy would surely make the room more soothing. So gift her this ultimate essential oil diffuser.

This lamp has many different 14 color shades which can be changed accordingly to the need of the room.

The special feature is that now essential oils can be added in this darkwood diffuser which would help in aromatherapy with the lighting of the room. So gift her this new age night lamp and diffuser.

12. Pink Peony spa bath gift basket set

Pink Peony spa bath gift basket set

Making her beauty more enhanced with the new pink peony spa bath gift basket set. It has all the essential spa treatment amenities making it handy and usable. Made with essential oils and high quality products this would be very rejuvenating.

It comprises a shower gel, a body scrub and lotion, a bubble bath, body salt and cream, a beautiful rose shaped sponge and bath slippers too. So this basket set would be giving her the ultimate spa facility at home, without any cost.

13. The wine socks

The wine socks

Socks are an essential part of the wardrobe today and specially for women who are careful of keeping their feet soft and clean. So the new wine socks would be an ideal gift for a woman.

It comes in a set pack with a socks pair, an additional cotton bag and also an anti slip. The socks are made with comfortable material, and the print is specially for the wine loves. Sop now she would be having her own pair of such cute yet elegant pair of socks to wear.

14. The funny apron

The funny apron

While cooking the most essential accessory one needs is an apron. So now the search ends with the funny logo on the apron for women, and also one of the perfect 40th birthday gifts for her, as she spends most of her time in the kitchen.

It comes in black color which would also be a bonus to save the greasing marks on them. Easily washable and durable made with soft material to protect the skin and also cooking burns, adding some fun while cooking.

15. Popsocket grips for phones and tablets

Popsocket grips for phones and tablets

Thinking of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women, so why not gift the lady something from the enhanced technology, the Popsocket grips for phones and tablets would be the ideal one for them.

This grip helps in holding the phone securely and making it easy for texting and calling and even while taking selfies.

It has an extended stand facility which would make video watching much better experience. The vintage print on the base would surely bring back the retro feeling making it more sensational.

16. Sipster stainless steel wine tumbler

Sipster stainless steel wine tumbler

With the advent of technology today the electrical amenities are wide and many, and one such is the new sipster steel wine tumbler, which is a fully sweet free and vacuum sealed tumbler.

It is capable of keeping any drink cold for more than eighteen hours and also hot. This would be a perfect gift for 40 year old woman on her birthday as in a way it is going to be helpful for the whole family, while arranging drinking parties at home, with chilled drinks to serve.

17. Kitchen knife set

Kitchen knife set

Chopping is an essential part of cooking, so the knife used should always be the best. And to gift a woman a set of beautifully designed knife set would be always a hit.

This new age kitchen knife set comes in 6 pieces with nature engraved as designs, and the protective coating makes it easy to chop, cut and slice. It would surely bring a smile on the chef’s face who would be using it in her daily cooking activity at home.

18. Face massage Jade roller

Face massage Jade roller

Aging is a big issue when it comes for the beauty upliftment of women. So now you can gift a Jade roller for face massage to her and she would be able to enhance her beauty at home itself.

The roller is a real magic on curing puffiness and wrinkles, also it helps in proper blood circulation which tightens the skin and further the glow of the skin is maintained and even retains the youthful look.

It even helps in stress release through chilling the roller and then using on the jawline and forehead for better effects.

19. Savvy infusion flip top fruit infuser water bottle

Savvy infusion flip top fruit infuser water bottle

The infuser bottles are unique way to have drinking water. So the Savvy infusion flip top fruit infuser water bottle would be one of the best 40th birthday presents for her.

It comes with a recipe booklet of infusing different fruit flavors in the water infuser. The unique leak proof lid makes the bottle much more better to get today for the best results. There are different color combinations available so now the gift can be according to her choice of color.

20. Grower’s cup coffee assorted gift box

Grower’s cup coffee assorted gift box

This is an unique gift for the coffee lovers who love to have strong and brewed coffee sessions. The grower’s cup coffee assorted box comes with five pieces of coffee brewers which can be easily brewed in a bag for better taste.

This is an unique and best gift for any women who would love to make their coffee sessions much better and tasteful with the premium brewed coffee pouches. It would surely take the coffee taste to a next higher level.

21. Lady color never be apart 7 inches bangle bracelet

 Lady color never be apart 7 inches bangle bracelet

Bracelets are the beauty in the hands of women wearing them, so gifting an unique pieced would always be wiseful.

The Lady color never be a part 7 inches bangle bracelet is a white gold plated craftsmanship which would surely bring a smile on her face.

It is hypoallergenic, with nickel and lead free metal. The folding clasp brings that unique design into life. The white stones engraved on them is an additional feature bringing that extra sparkle to the bangle.

22. Vino marker metallic wine glass pens

Vino marker metallic wine glass pens

The wine lovers would now have another asset in their hands with the new Vino marker metallic wine glass pens, which work perfectly on the wine glasses.

These pens are used to write on the wine glasses, with some quotations or messages for the guests, so holding them in hand would also not affect on the writing. The marker fluid is deep and strong and can hold on the glass for a longer time, hassle free.

23. Lady color hypoallergenic earrings

 Lady color hypoallergenic earrings

A woman would always be happy with a piece of glitter on her ears, so this birthday gift her with a pair of Lady color hypoallergenic earrings, bringing a better touch to her fashion.

The night black teardrop crystal would bring a new sparkle on her face and the lead and nickel free metal used for holding the crystals are just the perfect match for the pair. The perfect earring to be worn on any classy occasion to be adorned by many.

24. Rustic Round 13” genuine leather laptop bag

Rustic Round 13” genuine leather laptop bag

Laptops are now an essential part of life, as with the high end digitalization now work is always online. So to maintain and keep the laptop safe the new Rustic Round 13” genuine leather laptop bag is a must.

Gifting this bag would be her biggest asset, as this handmade rustic looking laptop bag is the ultimate protection and fashion statement for laptops. It comes with two compartments and two inner zip smaller pockets for small laptops and tablets to go with.

25. Stainless steel flasks

Stainless steel flasks

The flasks have a strong utility in the kitchen, so now gifting your female friend on her 40th birthday would be much easier with the new thermostat stainless steel flask pair.

It comes with two flasks with Mr & Mrs logos on them and the unique thermostat sealed flask would keep the drink warm and cold accordingly.

These flasks can be used for traveling purpose when carrying hot coffee or cold drinks would become easier and also fun for the couple, and specially for her.

26. 4 rings blue topaz necklace

4 rings blue topaz necklace

The unique design would make her fall in love with you again when gifted. So the 4 rings blue topaz necklace is an ideal gift for her this year.

The while metal with the blue colored topaz in middle gives an iconic look to the niche necklace piece, and adds more style to any fashion.

Your lady would surely love to wear this beautiful piece in any celebration showing off your love to others in form of the elegant piece of jewelry.

27. Hidden compartment jewelry secret box

Hidden compartment jewelry secret box

Rather from wearing jewelry the important aspect for a woman is to protect those valuables from getting spoiled or stolen. So now the hidden compartment jewelry secret box is the best solution for this.

The handmade wooden box is beautifully carved in the top and has two secret compartments, with a secret keyhole to maintain the safety the jewelry inside.

Different things can be adjusted inside, like the earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. a perfect gift for your loved one on her special day.

28. Topunder women flower choker Bib adjustable necklace

Topunder women flower choker Bib adjustable necklace

The beautifully crafted choker bib adjustable necklace is a must for any women of style. So on her birthday this year gift this beautiful set for better usage.

The stones are handpicked and set in a fashion which makes the adjustable Topunder flower necklace more enchanting.

This one neck piece would be going well with all types of dresses, be it formal or a party wear. The ultimate solution for woman fashion without doubt, so now just book it online just for her before her birthday.

29. TIANG flower glass tea mug

 TIANG flower glass tea mug

This tea mug would always make the tea and coffee much pleasurable to drink. So in her special day gift her the ultimate TIANG flower glass tea mug, which is a lead free glass mug with a modern touch in it.

The handcrafted flowers on the handle and the body gives a classic and ethnic look to the cup. Also the gold finish handle makes it more jewel touched and shiny. So now the drinking session every morning and evening would be a fulfillment of eyes and soul.

30. Retro colored vintage T Shirt for her

Retro colored vintage T Shirt for her

So making her 40th birthday more special give her a youthful gift to make her feel more young at heart. The retro colored vintage 1977 printed T Shirt for women would be an additional item for her wardrobe.

It comes in few dark shades so choose the color of her choice. The comfort is unimaginable and soothes for all seasons without doubt.

Keeping the thought for 40th birthday gifts for women this color texture would be good as it would stay after using for a long time, with washing and dry cleaning.

So now what are you waiting for? You have a long list of 40th birthday gift ideas for her. You can choose any of the above gifts that you like the most.