50 Awesome Birthday Gifts Ideas for Brother

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:27 pm

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Birthday gift ideas for Brother

If you have a younger brother or older brother, then you already know how special they are. Just like everyone else though, they also have special date on their calendar. One of them is his birthday. Your brother is one of the most important people in your life. Although he is the one that spoils you the most and treats you like a princess, he deserves to be spoiled and treated like royalty as well. Giving your brother a gift for his birthday is a priceless feeling that you can never get from anyone other than him.

Looking for the Awesome Birthday Gifts Ideas for Brother?

1. Shot-in Cool Men’s Backpack

Price: $ 54.99
Reviews: 4.5

gifts-for-brothers-Shot-in Cool Men’s Backpack

It is one of the cool bags I have seen so far. If your brother is college or office work, this is good to go in both cases. It can carry almost like very needful thing, i.e papers, book, notebook, earphones, pen, etc..

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2. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Price: $ 37.37
Reviews: 4.5

brother gift hamilton breakfast sandwich maker

He will be able to cook his breakfast in just 5 minutes and will able to cook delicious breakfast sandwiches while sitting at home by using fresh ingredients such as eggs, cheese and much more. He will be able to make biscuits, small bagels, English muffins and much more with the help of Sandwich maker.

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3. UDI RC Quadcopter

Price: $ 89.99
Reviews: 4.0

gift-brother Quadcopter

This is a stunning birthday gift for young brothers, they will love this badass gadget. It is a quadcopter. With its smooth control and integrated camera, it is worth the fun to have a good time with this gadget. I am really very impressed with this one as it has got some great reviews.

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4. Kings Brand Multifunctional Laptop Table

Price: $ 39.99 
Reviews: 4.7

gifts-for-brothers adjustable laptop table

If your brother works on a laptop while lying on the bed, then this is probably what he needs for his back, neck, and eyes. I have my own laptop table which really helped me sit in a good posture and work comfortably. So if your brother has a laptop and sits for hours in bed with his laptop, then this one is for him.

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5. Torege Men’s Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

Price: $ 21.99
Reviews: 4.2

cool-gifts-for-brothers Torege Men's Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

This is a gift that your brother will really like to have with him. If he is a sports enthusiast or love playing outdoor games such as Golf, cycling, fishing or driving then gift him Torege Men’s Sports Style Polarized lens.

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6. Canon EOS Rebel DSLR

Price: $ 399.00
Reviews: 4.6

gifts-for-brothers DSLR-Kit

Why don’t you gift him a DSLR on his birthday? What to say? I think it is a very good option to give him something good which he can use anywhere. I think your brother will love to spend his time with this perfect DSLR. It comes with many more tools for free. So I think it’s a thing to be snatched right away.

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7. Mpow Projection Clock

Price: $ 26.99
Reviews: 4.0

gifts-for-brothers mpow projection clock

Features: 5” LED Display with Dimmer, Backup Battery for Clock Setting, Curved-Screen Digital Alarm Clock, Dual Alarm with USB Charging Port, 12/24 Hours, FM Radio Alarm Clock, 

This is one of the coolest alarm I have seen so far. It is a dual mode alarm clock with LED display. It has got more than what you can expect in an alarm clock.

One thing that really impressed me is, it is capable of charging the cell phone as well, that’s pretty cool. An alarm clock is best for keeping him on time in the morning.

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8. Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set

Price: $ 26.99
Reviews: 4.4

gifts-for-brothers Barbeque sets

Your brother will be really happy when you will gift him the Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless-Steel Barbeque Set.

This Barbeque Set contains 18 grilling tools which are encased in a plastic case that includes items such as tongs, slotted spatula, bottle opener, barbecue fork, a grill brush, a basting brush, 8 com holders, 4 skewers and all-purpose knife.

Your brother will love this gift as it is made up of gleaming stainless steel and has riveted wooden handles to it with hanging loops.

This Barbeque Set can be used on many occasions by him such as for enjoying food in outdoor picnics and parties with family or friends.

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9. Casio Men’s Rescue Digital Sport Watch

Price: $ 73.99
Reviews: 4.7

gifts-for-brothers casio digital watch

This is an excellent gift to your brother because the Casio Men’s Rescue Digital Sports Watch is an attractive digital clock which your brother will like to wear on his wrist and will be also useful to him.

It is made in the USA. This watch has round shape and is made up of resin case with a mineral dial window.

It has got large buttons and display format with information on tides and moon-phase data. It has got a resin band to it with a buckle closure and is water resistant, therefore it can be used for professional marine activity and surface water sports but not scuba diving.

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10. VR  3D Virtual Reality Glasses

Price: $ 22.99
Reviews: 3.8

VR  3D Virtual Reality Glasses-birthday-gifts-for-brother

Your brother will really love the VR Headset Revolution Reality Glasses or Goggles as a gift which will give him 360-degree viewing of 120* (Frames of View) because the Virtual Reality Headset will give him the ultimate and awesome experience while gaming.

Your brother will like this gadget as he can access more than 300 games from Google Play store and Apple App store.

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11. Vintage Wood Watch Box Case

Reviews: 4.7


This is for the big boys, generally who are working professionals. It is a premium box case for keeping watches. It is made up of full wooden.

It looks very premium and the pillow to hold the watches makes it safe. He can carry up to 8 watches or bracelets too in the case, that is just perfect.

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12. Mug Shots

Price: $ 16.95 
Reviews: 4.8


This is a pretty cool stuff that I would like to recommend it to your brother no matter he is young or mature. This is really cool.

It comes with 6 shot glasses with each glass cover featuring a gangster picture and bio. It comes in a very cool box that you can see in the image.

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13. Playcraft Sports Foosball Table

Price: $ 55.95
Reviews: 4.2


Your brother will love to have his leisure time with his friends and foosball table. What do you think? I know you agree with me.

Recently I went to my friend’s place and played it at his home, it was really good time there. So I thought I can recommend it to you for your brother as well. You can also check this smaller and cheaper one.

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14. The Man Can – Set

Price: $ 38.93
Reviews: 3.6

man can set-gifts-sets-for-brother

I know you must be thinking that all these stuff goes well with girls but these days it is not like that. These days guys are much interested in grooming.

They love being clean and like to groom themselves. So I think this set of products will really help him to groom himself. This set contains 1 Rum Oil, 1 hand Butter, 1 shave gel, 1 scratchy body accessory, 1 bar soap, etc..

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15. Rover App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

Price: $ 159.96
Reviews: 3.3


This is another stunning stuff for gadget freaks brothers. I got stunned to see this kind of gadgets as I would love to spend my weekends with these amazing one.

This one is the perfect example of what I am talking about. This tank is awesome with its looks and capability of controlling from the mobile app. You can stream or record very well with its camera.

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16. Best brother ever Mug

Price: $ 13.99 
Reviews: 4.6


I think it is pretty cool to gift a mug with a tagline “best brother ever”, to your dearest brother. So if he is a coffee or tea lover, then he will surely love to have this gift as it is going to make his every morning or evening, just awesome.

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17. Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

Price: $ 45.00
Reviews: 4.0


It is an amazing stuff to gift your brother. This attractive piece is a mini fridge made to hold essential things and keeping it cool.

It can carry a bottle, tray or any small thing. It has got a door locking system as well. It looks pretty amazing with the Coco-Cola trademark on it.

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18. Handmade Blue Pottery Shaving Bowl

Price: $ 25.99
Reviews: 4.7

handmade shaving bowl-gifts-brother

Your brother will love this attractive Handmade Blue Pottery Shaving Bowl as a gift. It is made in the USA and is made by hand on a potter’s wheel which can be altered while making on the wheel.

Each and every bowl has a swirl pattern on it and there are indentations on both sides of the bowl to have a firm grip while holding.

The Shaving bowl has a beautiful blue color with a shining look. You can easily wash it in a dishwasher and is microwave safe. With this bowl the brush and soap pucks not included.

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19. LSTN Headphones LST3 Headphones

Price: $ 129.38
Reviews: 4.1


These headphones look damn eye catchy. I got stuck to this attractive piece, its design, material and looks made me bold over it.

I think its pretty good for young guys or mature too. So have a look at this amazing headphones. If he is a music lover, then I am sure he will love this one.

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20. Veezy Gear Bluetooth Smart Watch

Price: $ 45.99
Reviews: 4.5


This watch is worth the price. I have this smartwatch, which my sister gifted last month on my birthday. So I can suggest that this is really worth a gift. Luckily I found this, so I thought to tell you about it.

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21. US Navy Money Clip Military Clips

Price: $ 19.95
Reviews: 4.5

gifts-for-brothers-US Military Clips

Your brother will be delighted to have this US Navy bronze military money clip in his possession as it bears the emblem of US Navy on it.

It is made up of burnished bronze and has a detailed US Navy emblem on it which is a perfect thing to stock with you since it is made in the USA and the symbol is also the pride of the nation.

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22. 5-Piece Mustache Beard Kit for Men

Reviews: 4.5

gifts-for-brothers-Mustache Beard Kit for Men

Your brother who is having a mustache and beard will like to have this 5-Piece Mustache Beard Kit for men as a gift from you because it is all in one, completely useful kit since it includes pear wood beard comb, boar bristle bamboo brush and grooming oil for good beard growth.

It also includes a canvas travel bag and luxury gift box. This product works well for a beard softener if you have any facial hair and a skin conditioner.

This product includes premium fragrance accelerator oil which is made in the USA and is made up of 9 natural oils which perfectly tames conditions and grows your beard for a healthier and fuller look.

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23. Watch and sunglasses case

Price: $ 48.99 
Reviews: 4.5


It is an awesome gift to get your brother. Guys are pretty bad, worst and weird too to keep their things in their right places and then searching for those things. Its pretty time consuming and irritating too.

It’s mainly sunglasses and watches they look up for before heading outside home. So this case will help him put all his watches and sunglasses.

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24. Star war USB car charger

Price: $ 26.24
Reviews: 3.9


It is a really unique birthday present for a brother. You might not have seen this before, I guess. It is a charger with a star-war inspired look.

It is like gizmos stuff with sound effects, rotation movements, sounds, beeps etc.., while charging. One can use it to charge almost like any device.

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25. MLB Bam Vino Wine Bottle Holder

Price: $ 53.36
Reviews: 5.0


I think this is perfect for the big boys who drink wine. So if you are here to find some good birthday gifts for your mature brother then this cool stuff is for him.

Its bronze finish and structure makes it really cool to keep in the house shelf, room desk or bar room.

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26. Adidas National Duffel Bag

Price: $ 119.95
Reviews: 4.9

gifts-for-brothers-adidas duffel bag

Your brother must be going to the gymnasium and even if he is not going to the gym you will be thinking of gifting him a gym bag like the Adidas National Duffel Bag that we have so that it will encourage him to go and join the gym.

It is made up of 100% Polyester and is imported. It has a zippered shoe tunnel and internally the bag has hanging pocket to keep things and an extra pocket is provided to quickly stash small items.

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What to get your brother For his birthday?

Gifting your brother a nice gift is actually quite an easy task as you already know his likes and dislikes. But still, if you are confused as what to get your brother for his birthday then here are few options.

  • Guys love gadgets, So gift him some gadget which is trending
  • Consider something in the fashion segment
  • You can consider books, DVDs or particular subscriptions for Personal Growth
  • Gift him something related to his favorite Sports.
  • A personalized gift is also a good option for brother
  • Best Brother in the world quotes gifts
  • Birthday greeting cards with Personal Messages and birthday wishes for brother.

Birthday gift ideas for brother from Sister?

Sisters are more excited about their brother’s birthday and usually better in finding the right gift. But still, I give you few options to consider.

Birthday gifts for younger brother?

If he is young then probably there are many gifts that you can get him. Here are few options to look for.

  • Gaming gifts
  • Cool Gadget Gifts
  • Sports gifts
  • Fitness gifts
  • Wardrobe Fashion Gifts
  • Gift Him something Related to his hobbies

Birthday gifts for elder Brother?

If you are looking for gifts for your elder brother then consider some options according to his age. Here are few gift ideas.

Surprise Birthday ideas for Brother?

Here you can find some really unique birthday surprise ideas.

General Suggestions: Birthday gift ideas for your brother

I have many things for you in this article that I would like to share with you. Let’s just start with some suggestions. Here I will give you some broad ideas of the gifts in a most general way so that it can suit everyone who is here, I hope that makes sense. After this list, I will share some of my recommended gifts from which you can pick any gift for your brother.

1. Gifts for his Wardrobe

Wordrobe Gift

I really don’t know what’s your brother’s age is going to be, but I am pretty sure no matter what if he is young, kid or mature, he will love to see his wardrobe with some new good stuff.

I know you will agree with me. So think of some stuff he will love to see in his wardrobe. Here are few suggestions from my side.

  • Clothes
  • Belt
  • Bag
  • Shoes

2. Men’s personal

Perosnal gifts

Like women have their own kind of stuff, men also have their own stuff. There are many personal things they use daily or frequently, think about your brother what are the things he uses on daily basis.

So probably you get a chance to replace those things with a brand new one on his birthday. I would like to suggest you some of these things:

  • Wallet
  • Razor
  • Trimmer
  • Watch

3. Cool stuff

gifts-for-brother-Cool stuff

We all love cool things whether it is a gadget, accessories or trying a new thing. We guys love to keep it cool and trendy.

I am mostly talking about young guys, so if you are here for finding some gifts for your younger brother, who fall in young category, then think that way. You will find much cool stuff. Here are few suggestions.

  • Cell phone
  • Digital watch
  • Cool accessories
  • Cool gadgets

4. Gift for fitness

gifts-for-brother-Fitness gifts

These days everyone is busy in digital life and are really not caring about our health and fitness, whether we talk about old or young. Everyone is so busy in their life that they hardly get time for their fitness and health, btw that’s their bad excuses.

So if you care about your brother’s fitness, then gift him something related and encourage him to take care of his fitness.

  • Fitness band
  • Gym stuff
  • Fitness products

5. Gadgets

gifts-for-brother-GadgetsGuys or say men are found to be more inclined to gadgets. As you might have noticed as well. They always want to be up to date with all the new gadgets in the town whether its wireless headphones, digital watch, etc..

I am a guy and I really love to have all trendy gadgets with me. So if you think this is where your brother falls into, then here are few gift suggestions for your brother.

  • Music gadgets
  • Accessories gadgets
  • Health gadgets
  • Game gadgets

Diy Birthday Gifts for brother

Now easy things are over time for some DIYs. I know pretty well that brothers looking out for some gifts for their brothers are like ohhhh NO! and Sisters are still excited. As guys are pretty lazy in doing themselves and girls are more interested. So here we go, here are few suggestions who are all are interested.

diy-gifts-for-brother-Wallet1. Wallet

As I said men love using cool and trendy wallets. So why not to put your hands into it, to make a wallet yourself for your brother. With little efforts, you can make a new cool, trendy and attractive wallet that he will love to carry.

diy-gifts-for-brother-bookmarks2. Photo booth bookmark

He must be using books to read for his studies or work. For book readers, a bookmark is really helpful to get into the page you last left reading. So I think this will be very helpful for him. Photo booth bookmark is a bookmark with printed photos on it, it could be his close friends, family members or relatives. It will always bring a smile to his face.

diy-gifts-for-brother-Stationary holder3. Stationary holder

If your brother is a student or working men, he must be needful of a stationary holder for keeping things properly in a place where he can find it easily. As you know guys are not good at keeping their things to right places. So I think this pretty cool to gift a stationary holder that has been crafted by you.

diy-gifts-for-brother-Carry bag4. Carry bag

Carry bags are really handy for guys or men as they can carry their stuff very comfortably while moving out of the home. He can use this carry bag to carry his books, headphones, laptop, wallet etc.. So make him a nice carry bag that he will love to flaunt.

Understand what he will love to get as per his age, preferences, and choices, then just pick any of the gifts for your brother for his birthday from the list. So what are your thoughts on my list of birthday gifts for brother? I think you have got what you were looking for, at least I hope so.