43 Birthday Wishes for Brother: Best Messages and Quotes

Last updated on August 31st, 2021 at 06:12 am

Few days back one of my friend asked me about how to wish her brother in a most special way. I searched all over internet and found few best birthday wishes for brother. I shared few with her and she used it as a “birthday message” for her brother. Just today i thought i can share many more such unique birthday messages and inspirational birthday wishes for brother that anyone can use to wish his/her brother. So all those who are interested in exploring these messages can stay with me through.

Do you have any siblings? If your answer is Yes, then you must know how special and fun it is to grow old with them. If you are having a brother and when you see his love for you, that is the most special feeling I guess. They care for you, they love you and they cannot see if something goes wrong with you. They will not let anyone do anything wrong with you. When it is their birthday, then it is time for you to show your love for your brother.

It is really great feeling for sister to have a brother. Two brothers may not be sharing such bond which a brother and a sister would be sharing. It is always a great feeling for you to enjoy your entire life with a friend like your brother. Your brother is going to be your first best friend in your life. Yes, it is with him you are going to start your life with. You are going to share all your secrets with your brother only. You do all kinds of naughty things with your brother only.

So, on this special day of your brother it is important for you to let him know that how much you love him and what can you do for him. If you think, you are unable to frame the right message for your brother on his birthday, then you can take help of the below list which give some funny messages and some best birthday quotes for brother. These birthday greetings messages are specially for those sweet little brothers and sisters who want to express their deepest feelings for their beloved brothers. Here we go…

Birthday wishes and message for brother

1.  Happy birthday to the most sweet and best brother in the universe. Thanks for being with me and sharing my feelings. We have built so many memories since childhood days. They are really special and you made my life colourful. Without you I would not have enjoyed my childhood so well. Happy birthday brother!!!

2. Hello my dear stupid brother… Have a blessed birthday and wishing you many more such birthdays. Do you remember those special moments that we spend together. I still remember every single day spent with you and they are all still fresh. You are the best brother anyone can wish to have.

3. You are the only person whom I can trust at any point of time in my life. You always guided me, you always helped me do whatever I wanted to do and you never discouraged me in anything that I did. I want thank you for being by my side everytime I needed you. Have a great birthday my brother.

4. You know there are very few gentlemen in the universe and I am lucky that one of them is my brother. I always feel lucky to have you as my brother and I wish to spend much more time with you. You are the most sweet brother. Happy birthday my dear darling brother. I wish all your dreams come true today.

5. Whenever I call you my brother I feel so proud of myself because I have the best man of the world as my dearest brother. You are the reason for whatever I have done till today. I am achieved a lot in my life and that is all because of your mental support. Have a lovely birthday brother. Take care.

6. We have spent a lot of time together. I cherish every moment that I have spent with you. I would love to have you as my brother for the rest of my life and if give a chance I would pick just only you as my brother anytime I get a chance. You are so lovely person to spend time with. Have a happy and peaceful birthday my brother.

7. It is just an amazing feeling to be part of your life and grow along with you. You were always with me when I cried and when I laughed since our childhood days. This is the special feeling that I can never ever forget in my life. Have a blessed birthday my sweet little brother.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

birthday wishes for brother

8. Do you remember, whenever I started crying, even you joined me. Whenever I started laughing, you always joined me there as well. You are a true companion whom I can trust at any point of time in my life and count on you. Wishing you a very happy birthday and pray to God for many more such blessed birthdays.

9. Those wonderful days that we spent together are always special for me. I know I am really far from you, but wherever I am my heart always thinks about those special childhood days that we spend together. Our hearts are always close my dear brother. Wishing you the best birthday and wishing for more such birthdays.

10. Many people have good brothers and a few people have a good friend. But it is just me who is having the best gentleman on this earth as her brother and best friend as well. You have always been my support and would not expect anymore more than you in the rest of my life. You are a lovely person. Happy birthday brother.

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11. No matter how old you grow or how old I grow, we will still be eachothers best friends and we will share everything together. On this special day of yours I wish that all your dreams come true. In fact, I wish that you get best in everything that you wish for. Have a fabulous birthday my sweet brother.

12. Dear birthday boy, you are growing one year older this year. But remember you will always be my favourite and stupid brother. Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing together, make sure to visit me for sometime at least. You know very well that I cannot miss this day and I am going to miss a lot if I miss meeting you today. Your birthday means a lot to me. On this day I got the most special person of my life. Have a happy birthday dear brother.

13. You know you are always special for me but more than you, your birthday is special for me. If there was no such day, then you would not have come into this world. That is the reason why this day is so special for me. Have a great birthday my dear brother.

14. On this special day I wish all your dreams come true my dear brother. Thank you so much for being the best part of my life. You have given me the best moments in my life and we shared them all together. I would like to spend much more time with you. Happy birthday and have a wonderful day my little bro.

Happy Birthday Brother Quotes

birthday wishes for brother

15. In everyone’s life, there will come so many odds and it is important to fight all those odds with courage and strength. You were always my strength and courage. Thanks for being there for me always when I needed you. You are the best brother that any girl can have. Have a fantastic birthday my brother.

16. Great brother I always feel so proud of you in everything that you do. I always to grow up in to a person like you. I wish you a very happy birthday and have a great day. I have planned a great party for the most lovely brother on this earth. Good luck brother.

17. It was you and your advices that kept me safe for years till today. Your love and care is the most precious thing that I got in my life and will never loose it. I want you to keep advicing me and keep me safe for the rest of my life as well. Happy birthday bhai .

18. To my cute and lovely little brother, here comes the most special wishes from the most lucky sister. I know you are growing one year older on this special day, but you will always be the stupid little brother for me. Have a great and wonderful birthday my brother.

19. It is just your simple words that can bring a smile on my face and your smile can make me laugh. It is just you who can understand me completely and make me feel better. Have a fantastic birthday my brother.

20. You know there are so many lovely memories that we made together. When I think of all those memories, I am sure I will be able to write a good story out of it. The best part about the story would be that I remember everything from our childhood days and it is going to be very true story. I still cherish every single minute I spent with you. Many more happy returns of the day my lovely brother.

21. Even if I get a chance to check the entire universe, I will not be able to find one person like you and I am so lucky that you are my brother for my entire life. Wishing you a very happy birthday and may God bless you.

Birthday Greetings For Brother

birthday wishes for brother

22. Do you remember how happy we were, when we were with eachother? I remember every thing that I shared with you. You are really special. The happiness and smile I shared with you in those childhood days can still be seen on my face whenever I am with you. Happy birthday wishes my dearest brother and may God bless you.

23. Whenever I am with you I always feel like I am out of this world. There was never a single day that I had to end with tears on my face. You were always there for every single thing that happened in my life and always made sure that I have that beautiful curve on my face. Your love for me was always special. Love you a lot my dear brother. Have a great birthday bro.

24. My life very simple for the first three years of it. But then God sent his best child on to this earth and that is when I started feeling blessed. You are younger to me, but you always made sure that you took good care of me. That is what makes you special and different from other brother. Thanks for coming in to this world just for me dear brother. Have a happy birthday my stupid bro.

25. You know we girls always look for the smart, intelligent and good looking guys. But all my friends look at you when they need someone special. That is my brother. He is so special and smart that he will be loved by anyone on this earth. Thanks for being my brother and my support. Happy birthday to my brother.

26. Whenever you think that you need someone to share your pains and sorrows, you can count on me. You have always been on my side and made me happy. I will also be there for you to make your life smiling and happy. Happy birthday bro.

27. On this special day, I just want to tell you that you are my younger brother and I will always be there to protect you at any kind of situation. You can trust me and share everything that you want to. Do not worry about anything in your life because I am always behind you. Many more happy returns of the day my lovely brother.

28. When you think that you are alone, just give me a call. Whenever you feel like you are down, just remember that you always have my shoulder to lean on and whenever you have some problem, then I am by your side to solve them. This is my promise to my sweet little brother for the rest of my life. Have a very happy birthday my dear brother.

Bday Wishes For Brother

birthday wishes for brother

29. Whenever I am by your side, I have a confidence that I can never be alone. You never made me feel alone as you always stood by my side to take care of everything and handle everything with a lot of care. Happy birthday to most loving and caring brother in the world.

30. Brothers like you are very rare. It can be really hard to find a good friend in a brother, because they are generally boys and do not make friends with sisters. But I am so lucky that I have found my best friend in my brother. You are the most special brother and I am the most blessed sister. Happy birthday my dear brother and my best friend.

31. There are so many kinds of relationships in this universe. You will be able to find some kind of relationship with people when you talk to them and get close to them. But I was never able to find a person like you whom I can call that you are just like my brother. Because there is no other person like you in this entire universe. Happy birthday my dear lovely and cute brother.

32. We have shared a lot of things in life. We have shared our sorrows, we have shared our laugh, we have shared our chocolates, in fact shared yours and I never shared mine. We have shared our thoughts and boosted eachother to get better in life. I will need this kind of support for my entire life and I am lucky that I have you in my life. You are the best brother any sister can ever have. May God bless you with the best birthday and have a great day dear brother.

33. You are the most caring and the most strong person on this whole earth. I have never seen a person who can keep me motivated and happy at any point of time. You are the best brother and I am proud of having you in my life. Have a beautiful and wonderful birthday my friend and my brother.

34. There are so many brothers in the entire world. But I bet that there cannot be another brother like you. You are the most loving and caring person. You are always a blessing to me my dear brother. I will cherish all the moments spent with you and I am proud to be your sister. Stay blessed and have a fabulous birthday my dear brother. May all your dreams come true my dear brother.

35. I still remember everything that you did for me on my every birthday. You always gifted me my favourite chocolates and candies even when you had just a few bucks in your pocket. That is the special love of my brother. You will always be that special person and best friend of my life. Thanks for being my biggest support. Have a great birthday brother.

Best Birthday Wishes For Brother

birthday wishes for brother

36. It is very common that parents take care of kids till they grow up and settle down in life. But I am so lucky that I have a brother who can take care of my like my parents do. That means I have so much love and affection my life from parents and brother. You are so special my dear brother. Many more happy returns of the day dear brother.

37. You are younger than me and you are always a sweet brother with whom I shared all my feelings. You have grown up today, I want to be that sweet little brother forever and you will always be the most loved and cared person in the family. Happy birthday to the most cute and lovely brother on the earth.

38. Whenever you are facing some kind of problem, you can always think of me and call me at any time. You have been my support and my inspiration for all these years. Now it is time for me to show my love and support for you. Have a great birthday and you are the best brother.

39. If I keep looking and searching for the reasons why I am so happy, then you will be the reason in every situation that comes into my mind. Yes, you were always there by my side in whatever I did. You are a lovely person with whom I can share everything and anything. Thanks for being with me forever. Have a great birthday brother.

40. Wherever I am and whatever I do, I will always remember you. You are the reason why I had a great childhood and I have so many memories to cherish. If I get a chance, I would ask God to give you as my brother in every birth I have. Have a joyful and dashing birthday party my dear brother.

41. Just like every year here comes the crown of the BEST BROTHER OF THE WORLD to my lovely brother. The best thing about this crown is it is being given to the right person. You are the person who deserves to be called as the best brother. Many more happy returns of the day my dear brother.

42. It is really tough for me to explain you or express how special you are for me. Whenever I miss you, I keep thinking about the special moments that we have spent together. You are the reason why I have so many special moments in my life to cherish. You are the best thing that happened to me. Happy birthday my dear brother.

43. My dear brother, it is your birthday today and I want to let you know that there cannot be anyone as sweet as you and any one as special as you. You are that special person that I always wanted to be by my side. You are a lovely person to spend time with. Have a fabulous birthday my dear brother.

So, all those sisters and brothers who love their brother a lot and want to express their love for them, here comes some special birthday wishes for brother and it is time for you to show your love. It is very important to express your love when you admire or love someone too much. That helps in increasing the  bond and relationship with that person. All lovely brothers and sisters, have a great day.