36 Fantabulous Gift Ideas For Make Up Lovers

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 02:33 am

People like to be in trend. No matter you wear makeup or not, the trend is never going to end. The trend to color your hair will also never fade away. Finding gift ideas for makeup lover is a very hard task to complete. Not only for men but also women get confused about which product to buy or not, is the brand this that she uses or not? Not only woman but there are many men who also like applying makeup on their faces. No gender can specifically be termed that makeup is only meant for GIRLS.

All the television actors and actress have to apply makeup to look good on screen. So, every human on the planet has a different taste and choice of their own for everything. Some like heavy makeup, while some like light makeup or some just do not like applying makeup throughout their day. Some only apply makeup for special occasions and there are people who apply makeup when they are at home doing nothing. Some women want to be happy by applying makeup on their face. And some of the other women are just happy to keep their face bare without any makeup just the skincare regime that they do.

Every Occasion decides the amount of makeup a woman wants to apply. Like they want heavy or light or just the liner and the lipstick will do. People still get a lot of confusion while buying makeup. While buying the makeup products, every girl or woman have their own choices for the product or the brands may also vary. Some girls are so junkie for their makeup that they do not allow anyone to use them. But nowadays, makeup products are also too expensive to buy.

Does makeup define a person how do they look? Does not confidence matters to anyone? Some girls or woman for that matter feels too confident after applying makeup. Some of them take hours to get ready. But a lot of makeup also destroys one’s skin also. Gift ideas for makeup lovers are not that easy to find, only if you know that person in and out. Like the shade you know or the matching shade.

There are a lot of varieties that you can find on a daily basis. Gifting a girl or woman makeup is gifting them a piece of heaven. Some makeup junkies love the makeup more than the clothes. They would invest more money on makeup products than spending on food or clothes or just to save. Before you gift someone any kind of makeup, one shall know all of the choices that she uses or the brand that she uses. Because they can love a lip shade from one brand and other lipstick of the same shade from the other brand.


Gift Ideas To a Makeup Junkie

1. Makeup Organizer

What is a makeup organizer? Have you ever heard about that? An organizer is a product that helps one to keep their belonging in a proper manner. Same, like people who have a lot of makeup at their houses will also require some of the organizers according to the makeup they have.

These organizers are very convenient to organize the makeup in it. A large capacity to keep all the products in one place and can be found easily. They have a lot of space in it and the products are very easily found. So this can be a good idea to gift a makeup lover any day.

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2. Rotating Makeup Organizer

A rotating makeup organizer can be very useful to that person who tends to keep their makeup products anywhere and everywhere in the house. The organizer can rotate on their places just round and round.

They have ample space in their organizer that they can find all the makeup at one place if placed properly. Sitting at one place and the makeup is easily available. This product is very useful for the people who have everything at their last moments to do. They can find their makeup on time if it is an organizer well.

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3. Tri Fold Mirror

The mirror is said to be a women’s favorite thing while applying makeup. If she does have one makeup product less, she will still deal with it, but if there no mirror in front of her, she cannot do her makeup that properly. One needs to see the product while applying on the face. That does not matter if the mirror is small or big. Sometimes the quality of the mirror also plays an important role during getting ready.

This mirror have the led lights within them so one can clearly see the amount of makeup that is applying is also doing justice to the face or its just looking overdo. This mirror can help in correcting the mistakes while doing the makeup. Every girl keeps at least one makeup mirror with them. But now-a-days people have cell phones which has a camera. But few of them still carry a mirror with them.

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4. Makeup Sets

For those who apply makeup on a daily basis, they need to keep their product at one place, so you can do the makeup quickly. For such people who are clumsy all the time, this makeup kit is very useful. You have all the products in one palette including lip shades too. This is also important to the girls or women who can’t do a lot of make and also can’t buy a lot of make with different brands.

She can at least start using the makeup. Girls who do not apply makeup but wants to start applying makeup, this product can help them in doing. So there is no trouble for her to find a lot of different make up and she is good to go with just one kit that she has. Hence gift idea for a makeup lover is good.

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5. Makeup Brushes

Are only hands used while doing makeup? No brushes also play an important role while doing makeup. They help in blending the makeup so easily. Hands can also do the same at times, but these brushes are very good in playing their parts. One should always use their brushes clean or never let anyone else use them. This is because all the dirt and the germs might sticks on to people and can have infections too.

So always use clean brushes. Brushes also vary from one to another. There are brushes that are used for different facial organ. For example, there are many brushes like foundation brush, eye shadow brush, lipstick brush, highlighter brush and many more. The main importance of this brush is that they can be easily available and are one of the most useful product for a makeup lover.

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6. Brush Cleaning Mat

Do you have the time to clean your brushes every two days? One should use a clean brush while doing makeup. People who apply makeup daily and tend to use brushes can also require this brush cleaning mat frequently. This mat can help in cleaning the brushes easily and does not require much time. One only requires the cleanser to clean the brushes and the mat will do the work of removing the dirt from the brushes.

This mat is useful for them who has a lot of brushes with them and who uses it daily. The mat also cleans the brushes so easily that the brushes are all clean within a few minutes and it does not consume much time. The mat comes in different shapes and sizes and also different colors.

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7. Makeup Sponge

Makeup sponges are available to fix your makeup properly. This helps in fixing the makeup that you are using on your face. Brushes play their important role in blending but this blender is very useful to do the base of the makeup that is applying foundation or concealer. It helps in fixing the product on the face so easily that it can’t be fixed with brushes or hands. Gifting a makeup lover this makeup sponge can be a good option.

The best part is that you can gift as many blenders at a time in one packet. This also comes in different patterns and different style according to the usage of the product and also comes in different colors out there. The size depends upon the area that you will be using it, for example, to apply foundation you will require the sponge in the shape of an egg so you can easily blend. So sponge can also be a good option to gift a makeup lover.

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8. Beauty Blender Defender Case

A case is used only when one wants to keep their product very safely. Beauty blender case is used to keep the blender or the sponge away from the dirt or germs. The case is air free that is the air can easily pass by so that there is no problem of getting dirty hands on the blender or can also fall off easily or even can be misplaced anywhere.

The case can be of different colors and different shape and size according to the blender. The blender can be easily forgotten anywhere and thus one’s time is wasted in finding it. The case can be kept on the organizer and can be found easily. This can be a unique idea to gift a makeup lover and she shall like it.

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9. Makeup Bag

Do all women love carrying a bag with themselves where they go? What do they have in their bag? Makeup stuffs for sure. Girls now-a-days carry a makeup bag with them where ever they go. In a bag, it is difficult to carry a lot of things. So now there is a makeup bag mainly used for the makeup products like lip shades, compact, eyeliners etc.

The makeup bag is very convenient to carry from one place to another. This bag is not too compact to keep your belongings. The bag has many compartments to keep your brushes at one place, the lip shades on the other part, the foundation on other with the help of adjustable padded dividers. This can also help in organizing the products in a manner. So one who likes to keep things organized in a proper manner, this bag is very useful to her.

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10. Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Another way to clean your brushes, there are electric brushes too available in the market. They are very safe to use. This is safe because in brush cleaning mat, one has to use the hands. And before using the mat one needs to wash their hands properly, so there is no dirt any germ in the mat. This cleaner is automatically used so there is no waste of time and less chances of dirt sitting on the brushes again.

Once a week, all the tools must be cleaned to avoid the face getting some sort of infections due to the used blender and the brushes. I am recommending this cleaner because it saves time, no manual power has to be used. So one has to attach the brushes to the spinner, add some water and some cleaning shampoo and conditioner into a bowl.

Now turn the switch on so it can clean the brushes automatically. It automatically cleans the brushes n wipes off the extra water in the brushes. So a woman who use the brushes daily to do their makeup, needs to clean the brushes every two days. This brushes can be very useful for them to use as it saves time and no power is been used.

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11. Lash Stash Sets/ Mascara

Girls like to define their eyes. Some are already blessed with natural eyelashes. But some are unhappy with their eyelashes. So there is this product named MASCARA which helps in uplifting the volume of the eyelashes. There are false lashes too available in the market but not everyone can apply. This set has different types of mascara.

Some are used to widen the eyelashes, some are used to give a fuller look on the face, while some just apply for a thicker look. A woman says mascara can also change the whole look on the face. Their sticks have a variety of different of a curler in different colors too. Mostly girls apply black colored mascara, but you can gift different colors of mascara.

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12.Highlighter Palette

Have you ever heard about the highlighter? It is used to highlight the facial features like cheekbones, tip of the nose. Some also use this as an eye shadow on the eyelids because this shines a lot. There are a lot of varieties of highlighter.

This product has 6 shades in highlighter. Someone can also mix the shades to get a new different shade. Some girls like to experiment with their looks. Highlighter can be suggested as one of the gifts for makeup lovers.

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13. Slant Tweezers

Girls don’t like themselves hairy. Eyebrows tend to grow faster. Some need to tweez every once and some needs to tweez every twice a month. Some girls pay for shaping their eyebrows.

The tweezers in the market can be one of the solutions to this problem. They don’t require anybody’s help in doing your eyebrows. One can do this by herself only. And also it saves time and you can get less pain while doing it.

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14. Eye shadow Palette

Eye shadow plays an important role for a makeup lover. Some girls can’t step out without applying eye shadow. This palette has 16 shades in total. One gets ready according to the occasions.

This palette has all the shades that will be appropriate for any occasion at any time. The size of the palette is small so one can fit this in the makeup bag easily. Eye shadows are one of the product in the makeup kit that one can easily play with it.

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15. Lipstick Sets

Women or girls can have their own fairy tale land if they are gifted the right gifts that they want. And one of the products is Lipsticks. Some are lipstick junkie. There are a lot of varieties in lipsticks. The different varieties in shades numbers and different colors. Some like red, some like pink, some just go according to their shade of the body. Unlike colors, people also have their own specific brand for that lipsticks.

The recommended one is one of the leading brands in the lipstick. This brand has a lot of shades which every girl can want to have. This lipsticks don’t stain and are very comfortable to wear it all day. Makeup that comes out easily is not a good deal. Instead one should invest in products which them a better result. Lipsticks can be one that gift which you would like to gift someone any day.

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16. Eyeliner Pen

Eyeliners can change the whole look on someone. Some people who are makeup lover can’t step their house without applying liners. Some girls who are fond of applying liners can also have too many liners with them. Eyeliners also come in different brands and different winged ones. There are colors also available in the market.

The pen eyeliners are very comfortable to carry everywhere one goes. It does take a lot of place in the bag and is quite handy to carry in a small bag also. This eyeliner is waterproof and also is smudge proof to use. And is long lasting too. One of the gift ideas for makeup lovers can be eyeliners too.

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17. Nail Polish Holder

Girls like to apply nail polish on their nails. Now-a-days people do nail art on their nails. It’s the new trend that is happening around. There are special courses to learn nail art. There are different types of nail paints with different colors and bottle sizes.

But one can find it difficult at times when they want to apply on their own hands. This nail polish holder can be very useful to you then. It helps in polishing easily and saves time. With this product, one can polish their nails anywhere at any time, even at home, while traveling, while studying also.

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18. Refillable Glass Perfume Bottle Spray

Who does not like perfumes? Who does not want to smell good? Perfumes can be one of the best ideas to gift a makeup lover. Everyone wants to smell nice all the time, but specially when we have special occasions happening.

One can gift refillable perfume bottle so you don’t have to buy every time. Now one can also customize their own perfume, they can mix and match. So a makeup junkie can love this perfume bottles.

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19. Makeup Removal Kit

Everyone loves to apply makeup when you go out. But what the removal of that makeup. Sometimes some products can be very harmful to our face that we tend to get some pimples or spots. That’s the tearing of the skin at times. One’s skin needs to be hydrated all the time.

Drinking water can’t help out. So there are some products that can help you make your skin clean and smooth. Out of all, this makeup removal wipes are tested to be the best one. And this is best for all types of skin. Girls with sensitive skin or dry skin or oily skin all can use this wipes and can keep their skin happy.

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20. Makeup Remover Pen

This pen is very useful to correct small mistakes while applying makeup. It corrects it very easily and smoothly. This also helps in correcting the mistakes that you learned after some hours without messing with other applied makeup.

It has vitamins in the pen so there is no harm to the skin while applying. And also moisture the skin properly. This is also easy to carry with us whenever we go, just put the pen in the bag n you are set to go.

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21. Hydrating Solutions Kit

Can only drinking water and other smoothies help in keeping our skin hydrated all day? Do you think so? There are many hydrating kits which are available in the market. One can take according to its skin whether it’s dry or oily or sensitive. Now-a-days people want to keep their skin hydrated.

This serum has vitamins in it so it helps in reducing the blemishes, black spots, whiteheads, blackheads etc. Anti-aging can also be one reason the skin is not reacting to the hydration. This serum also helps in hydrating the inner skin which is damaged due to not keeping the skin healthy. So solution kit can also be an option for the gift for makeup lovers.

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22. Face Mask Sheets

They are total 16 sheets, with different types of a facial mask which will help you to hydrate your skin properly. The mask has vitamin E which helps in reducing sunburn, harsh rays of the sun which damage the skin badly. It helps in nourishing the skin and keeps it healthy. This can be very useful for girls or women who really like to pamper themselves a lot.

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23. Eyelash Curler

Eyes define every human being’s beauty. Some have beautiful eyelashes, that they don’t have to curl it every day. Some are born with that gift. But there are some girls who require to curl their eyelashes every day. There are different types of eyelash curler in the market.

This product is very safe to use. It does not break out the lashes while curling it. In fact, this curler helps in defining the eyes. This can be also carried easily in the makeup bag and won’t take a lot of places. There are different types of curler available in the market according to your need.

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24. Eyebrows serum

Does everyone has the same hair growth? Hair growth varies from people to people. Everyone likes one makeup product the most. And for some, that one product can be eyebrow kit.

Tweezing helps to maintain the shape of the eyebrow, and eyebrow kit helps in the length and the thickness of the eyebrow. There are many more variety of the eyebrow serum available in the market. This product is recommended by many women around the world.

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25. Makeup Palette

Do you like to play with your makeup? Do you like experimenting with your makeup sometimes? This palette gives you all the chances to do that. If for any occasion, you want to mix and match your eye shadow or two of your foundation than this can help you out by doing it.

It is stainless steel and along with this, you have a stick which helps you to mix your makeup easily. The quality of the product is high and is easy to carry everywhere you want in the makeup bag.

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26. Eyeliner Stamp Kit

Some girls like to experiment on stuffs. Some do it with lip shades by mixing two or three shade at times or just applying concealer instead of foundation. Same like, there are some girls who love experimenting with eyeliner stamps.

These stamps are easily available in the market. And also the procedure to apply this stamps is very easy. One is the eyeliner, other is the angled brush and along with this, you have gel liners. It helps in creating a perfect line on the eyelids. The size is also very compact and can easily be kept in the bag.

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27. Lip Scrubs

Exfoliating can also be a part of pampering yourself at a time. It is nice to keep our body clean. Lip scrub is made for making one’s lips soft and smooth. Application of lip shades on lips can also be very unhygienic at times. Due to this, the dead skin gets collected in the area. This lip scrub is very gentle and does not cause any kind of damage to the lips.

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28. Exfoliating Lip Brush Tool

Exfoliating lip with your hands can be unhygienic also at times. Many times, we find our lip getting chapped or dry, we scrub it with a lip scrub using our hand. But what if your hands are dirty? Well, there is a solution to this problem.

In the market, there is a lip brush tool that helps in exfoliating the dirt, dryness from the lips. Using this tool can help to maintain the skin properly. This might help more rather than just using your hand. Exfoliating lip brush tools can also be one of the options for gifts for makeup lovers.

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29. Face Massager

Massaging helps in stimulating the flow of blood easily. It also helps in relaxing the body or face. Face massage tools can help you in keeping the face clean and healthy.  A face massage can be easily available in the market. This product is easy to use and helps in cleaning the face clearly.

This face massage has many tools which come along with this. This can help in getting the dirt and germs from the face if one uses the hand. And also it is very hygienic to use. A face massage can be that one option for the idea to gift a makeup lover.

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30. Sunscreen

Sunscreens everyday play an important role in the makeup routine. Girls who know at the usage of sunscreen can say that sunscreen plays an important part. Some girls or women only apply sunscreen even if they are at home. The rays of the sun are very harmful at a certain point.

They can burn your skin easily and can get blemishes around the face or the neck. Sunscreens are always applied before half an hour you apply the makeup. This Neutrogena sunscreen can be used by every skin type. This can also work as a moisturizer. It helps in reducing black skin, blemished skin etc.

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31. Eye Gel

Eye gel can also play an important part in the makeup regime. They help in reducing the puffiness of the eye. Dark circles can also be one of the reasons why one can start using eye gels. Eye gels can be very calming at some point. This gel can be used in the day time as well as night time. After a certain age, one should start applying the gel. This might help them in relaxing the puffed eyes.

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32. Gel Eye Mask Cold Pads

This eye pad can be used by anyone of any age. They are kept in cool places like refrigerators and not in the freezer just to make it extra cool. The gel inside the pads can also be calming and so relaxing for the eyes.

It is very helpful for the person who sits every hour in front of the computers. The rays from computers or mobiles can be harmful to the eyes. So one needs to start taking care of the eye. This eye pad does not cover the eye so one can also do their work while the pad in doing their work.

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33. LED Ring Light

This led lights can be used by the girls who have their own youtube channel online or have to apply heavy makeups for their shoots. This can help them in correcting their mistakes. To see the makeup is just too much or not.

While shoot do they look natural on the screen, all this has to be a part of it. This led light is used to take pictures or making video often. Along with the ring, this has a stand to hold where ever one wants. This can also help girls to take help from others to click pictures or help them in making video.

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34. Makeup Brush Holder

Brushes also require their own space if they are a lot. This mug (brush holder) can help you in many ways. This mug is huge and has a lot of space within it because it is divided from the middle which also helps in keeping things differently yet one can find it easily.

They can help in holding lipsticks on one side and brushes on other. This holder can also be available in many other colors and many other animals too. This can be kept anywhere and still look cute. This can also be used as home decor This can be also used as an organizer to keep things safely and can be found again.

This mug is useful for those girls who love applying makeup with the brushes and also have a lot of brushes with them. This mug will look cute and at the same time this will look quite organized.

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35. Clear Plastic Apothecary Jar

Cottons are the best when it comes to removing the makeup. Cotton pads on that count can also play an important role in this. Girls or women always want some place to dump their clean cottons or cotton pads so they can find them easily.

Girls like cute stuff. So this jar can be useful to them. They can dump their cottons or makeup removers so they can keep it his jar. And can use whenever she wants. These jars are also available in many shapes and sizes. This can be one of the ideas to gift makeup lovers.

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36. Hair brush

Do you know how many hair does one person have? Can you count your hair? No one can count or knows the exact number of hair. But one can take proper care of their hair. One can gift this hair brush so one can take care of her hair.

Nowadays, not only girls but boys also grow their hair. It is the new trend to the people. This brush is recommended by many people who use this brush. So I am too suggesting this brush to you. It helps in removing the frizz, unhealthy hair and many more. One can gift a makeup lover this brush.

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There are many products, different brands available in the market. People vary different products from one to others. Girls or woman for that matter, have the habit of asking other girls or their friends of asking about the different products. Girls gifting girls some of the beauty products, can be understood but what about the boys for that matter.

Girls know what to gift other girls whereas boys are just clueless for gifting makeup. So there are some of my recommendation to everyone who wants to gift a makeup lover.
Women do apply makeup to enhance their beauty. Some of them get the confidence to behave among people. Also applying makeup can boost one’ s confidence to talk to people.

The above list has all the recommending products which can be helpful to them if you want to gift some of these products to your loved ones. Hence there are some ideas you could get to gift makeup lovers in general.