Birthday Wishes for Wife – 44 Special Messages

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From past few days I was planning to write an article on a list of some heart touching birthday wishes for wife. So here I am, today I am going to give you some of the very special birthday messages for your wife. You can just use these messages as it is or you can also edit the messages to make them more personalized.

Is it your wife’s birthday? Planning about what to write on the greeting card? She is your better half and she has really done so many things for you and your family. She takes of everything at home, she takes care of kids, she takes care of your parents and you as well. She the strong foundation of your family and only she will be able to manage everything without any kind of problem.

So, on this special day for her, it is now your turn to show your love for her. It is time for you to show that she really means a lot for you and the entire family. Tell her that you are nothing without her. It is time for you to recall all those sweet memories that you spent together and put them into words.

If you are still finding it difficult to frame something interesting and romantic for your wife, here are some messages that can really help you. Start her day with a morning kiss and warm birthday wishes, followed with cake, sweets and many more. She deserves all this respect and love for sure.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Wife

1. Hello baby!!! Today is the most special day in our lives. This is the day when you came on this earth for my sake. I promise I will always try to give you the best possible and this promise is for my lifetime. I also promise that I will love forever and till the last breathe of my life. Happy birthday my darling doll.

2. Here come warm birthday wishes for the most gorgeous wife in the universe. Today is definitely a special day for both of us and I wish you have many more such birthdays. But it is not just today that I wish you have many more such days. I wish this every single day. My love and respect for doubles every single day. The days change and we grow older, but our love is forever and evergreen. Happy birthday to my wife.

3. Hello darling!!! Today I am making a wish that you should get that life which you totally deserve and you always wished to have. That life is definitely going to be filled with loads of love, respect and of course me. My life is incomplete without you. Have a happy birthday baby.

4. I just want to tell you a secret which I never told you after we had our kids. I want you to know that you still look hot and beautiful even after we had spent so many years together. You are still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. Have a rocking birthday my darling.

5. You are the love of my life. I am lucky that I have you in my life but I still have a question in my mind that how did a woman like you say Yes to a stupid like. Whatever is the reason behind it, you made my life and I am thankful to God for it. Have a pleasant birthday my lovely wife.

Birthday Greetings For Wife

birthday wishes for wife

6. I will not wish for anything else than a hundred more such birthdays for you to spend with me. I have all that I need in life, which you gave me. You completed me the day when you entered into my life. So, it is now my turn to make all your dreams come true. I will take care of everything that you need. Have a happy birthday my dear hot old lady.

7. All I kept saying since so many years of our relationship and I still can’t stop myself from saying it is I love you more than anyone on this earth. You are the princess of my life and I wish to be your prince forever. Have a great birthday dear wife.

8. On your birthday, you may receive a lot of gifts and blessing. But on this special day of your I want you to make a wish to God and that is just always and never. I will always be with you and you will never have to face anything wrong as long as I am with you. That is a promise. Love you a lot and happy birthday gorgeous.

9. My respect and love for you are growing every single day that we are spending together. I sometimes feel that I am so blessed that I have you in my life and as my life partner. You have always given me more than what I deserve. It’s my turn now. Have a happy birthday wifey.

10. On this special day, I want to thank you for changing my life in so many ways that it is so perfect today. Everything that I enjoy today is all because of you. You have always made my each day special and beautiful. Your love really means a lot to me. Have a happy birthday my love.

Birthday Quotes For Wife

birthday wishes for wife

11. I would like to thank God for sending an angel into my life. Maybe she was his favorite angle as she is the best women I even found in my entire life. She is the most charming women, most caring, most loving and most adorable women on the earth and it’s you, my wife. Have a rocking birthday.

12. Hello, my lovely wife!!! Wishing you the best birthday of your life. I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun and enjoyment on this special day with me. In fact, I am going to make it as the best birthday party. May you have many more such wonderful birthdays dear. Stay blessed.

13. You are the queen of my life and you are the wife of my life. Wishing you the most joyful and happiest birthday of your life. Have a pleasant and beautiful birthday baby.

14. My dearest wife, You are the reason for my happiness and you have made every moment and every day of my life worth living. I have got so many special moments spent with you in my life to cherish. But I wish for many more such moments. Have a happy birthday dear.

15. On this special day of yours, I want you to know a secret which I never told you till today. I always feel blessed that I have you. You are not just my wife. You are a wife, but more of an angle for me. You always made every moment of my life special. Thank you and have a blessed birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes For Wife

birthday wishes for wife

16. I have earned a lot of in my life, I can now buy you everything that you need like a car, expensive and designer clothes and all other luxuries. But this is all just waste when you are not with me to enjoy them. I enjoy anything and everything only when you are with you. Please be with me for the rest of my life. Many more happy returns of the day dear.

17. With each birthday of yours and mine, we are definitely growing older. But the best part of growing older is I am doing that along with you. I love growing older with you because I just love doing anything and everything with you. You are really special for me. Have a great birthday my baby doll.

18. Many people have different locations on this earth as their favorite place to live. But from the day I met you, it is your heart where I would love to live as long as I am alive. Your love drives of crazy and this is something that every man would wish for. Have a happy birthday baby and stay blessed.

19. I can gift you diamonds, I can gift you something more expensive than this as well on this special day. But there is nothing that can suffice the love and affection that you show towards me and our family. Just love you and thank you for all the love you share with us. Have a blessed birthday my angel.

20. I sometimes wonder that how was it possible for a stupid man like me to have a beautiful wife like you. I may blink my eyes now and then when I am with you, but I will never be able to take my eyes away from you, not even for a second. You really mean a lot for me. This day is more special for me than for you. Have a great birthday baby.

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Birthday Wishes For Wife With Love

birthday wishes for wife

21. I always love to spend time peacefully with you because every minute and every second that is spent with you is special for me. I want to remember every single moment spent with you so that I can cherish it for the rest of my life. Your birthday is also a special day for me and you are going to have a special time with me today. That is a promise, my love. Have a happy birthday dear.

22. People always wait for some miracle to happen in their life so that everything changes forever. I no longer wait for anything like that because I am sure I cannot get anything better than my beautiful wife. You are the best thing that happened to me. Have a blessed birthday sweetheart.

23. Good morning baby!!! On this most special day of both of us, I want to give you a lot of love, a bunch of flowers and loads of kisses. Now stop blushing and come out of the bed my angel I am waiting for you outside. May God bless you with many more such birthdays. Happy birthday angel.

24. Those sweet seconds are turned in to minutes, minutes turned into hours, hours turned into day, days into months and months are turning into years. But our love for each other has never turned any other way. It is still that same old love that we share even after so many years of happy married life. Have a happy birthday wifey.

25. I always made one single to God regarding my life partner. I always wished for a true love and nothing else. But all I got is a beautiful loving lady. Beauty with brains is a lovely combination and I am blessed to have you in my life. Have a happy birthday my love.

Happy Birthday Message For Wife

birthday wishes for wife

26. You might have heard about travel packages and holiday packages, but did you anytime hear about the happiness package? I have one such package with lifetime validity and that is my lovely wife. I cannot imagine myself without you. May God bless you with many more such birthdays. Have a great day.

27. On this special day, before you I can wish you, I would like to thank God for bringing you into this world. You came all the way to complete my life and I am so happy that I finally found you. I cannot live anymore without you in my life. Have a happy birthday baby.

28. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met, in fact you are the only beautiful girl I met in my life. I love traveling in my life with you and create so many memories that we can share together. Every minute is very special for me because you are part of every minute that I spend with you. You are the best wife that anyone would love to have in their life. But I am lucky that you are all mine.

29. I love your smile, I love playing with your hair, I love your sweet pink lips. But above all, I just love those sparkling eyes of yours. It is those eyes which attracted me towards you and I fell in love with you. That is when I realized that I have found everything that I need in my life. Have a happy birthday darling.

30. All my bad times got converted into good times and all controllable pains became tolerable in life. That is all because I have you in my life. You have some magical powers that you will be able to turn everything to positive and make my life special for me. Have a special and blessed birthday darling.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Wife

birthday wishes for wife

31. At some point of time your love has made me blind. All I used to think was about you. But it is you who has opened my mind for my better future. We are happy and blessed and it is all because of you. Have a happy birthday darling.

32. All I want in my arms is just you, whenever my heart beats I want you to feel it, whenever I feel an emotion, I want you to feel it. In simple words, I want you to be on my side to feel everything I am feeling today. You are my love and you made me fall in love. May God bless you with all that you need in your life, in fact more than what you actually deserve in your life. Have a happy birthday dear.

33. There are people who read a lot of books and many other things to understand what actually is life and what is it meant for. But I do not read even a single for this purpose. Because I have you in my life and your eyes are going to teach me the essence of life. I love spending time looking into your eyes.

34. Your birthday is always a reminder for me that there are so many sweet moments that we spent together to cherish and we have so many more years to come. We still have a lot of time to create many more such memories for the rest of our life. Just enjoy today with me as if there is no tomorrow. I have planned something really special for you. Have a blast my love.

35. Do you know I have already practiced more than 20 different ways to wish you Happy birthday on this special day. But when the day has finally come, I feel that there is no better way than to give you a tight hug and just whisper nothing in your ears. You are the special gift of God. Have a happy birthday my baby doll.

Birthday Wishes Messages For Wife

birthday wishes for wife

36. If it comes to start your birthday wishes with the best compliment that I can give you, then you will end up celebrating your birthday with just my compliments only. You will not have anything else on this special day. I will just say two lines, you are the woman that I always wanted in my life and I cannot imagine myself with you. A great birthday party is waiting for you outside. Come join me my life. Have a great day.

37. This cake is made specially for you. It is going to be too much sweet and hence it is requested that you bear with it. This cake is made to signify you in our lives. Your sweetness is making all our bitter moments vanish just like that. We want that sweetness to remain forever. Have a great birthday ahead.

38. I remember every single day that I spent with you, how we fell in love with each other, how did we get married, how beautiful was it when you gave me the best gift of my life, our kids. There are a few bitter fights between us as well, but it never showed up because our love always dominates those bitter fights. Have a happy birthday my love.

39. Whether it is the happiest moment to celebrate or whether it is the most painful moment which cannot be shared with anyone. Whatever it is, you are always with me and whenever I look into your eyes, I see that my happiness doubles and my pain just vanishes. You are the best part of my life. Have a happy birthday baby.

40. Everyone who is wishing you on this special day are aware that you are turning one year older. But if you ask me the same question, then I would say that you still look the same way beautiful and simple. I still remember our first meet and I still cherish it. Have a happy birthday darling.

Wife Birthday Card Message

birthday wishes for wife

41. The moment you blow the candle on the cake, I would like to tell you a secret. Without you in my life, my life is also so dark that I can never do anything without you. You are the candle of my life and I want you to guide me on every step of my life. Have a great birthday baby doll.

42. Till the day I saw you, my life was like a walk on some crisscross road. That was always confusing for me. But after I met you, my life is like a cake walk. So smooth and soft. I want you to be there always to guide me and make my life simple and smooth. Happy birthday my baby love.

43. When you are blowing a candle on the cake, just listen to my heartbeat. I really want you to know how special is your birthday for me. You have always made my life special and I am trying to make at least this special day more special for you. Many more happy returns of the day my love.

44. I feel so proud and lucky, every time I introduce you to someone. That is because you are that special person in my life who has made my life worth living. You should always get the best and you deserve the best of the world. Thanks for being part of my life. Have a great birthday, keep rocking my love.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and just use these birthday wishes for wife as mobile messages or greeting card messages. I am sure your wife is the most special woman in your life and it is very important for her to know what you actually feel for her. She is the light of your life, she is beat of your heart, is the melody of your song. In fact, in simple words, she is your everything and you need to make sure that she gets everything that she deserves.