27 Expensive Gifts for Women – Gifts That a woman Want

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:33 am

Expensive gifts for women

To woo a woman is a very intriguing task. Whether the woman you want to gift is your mother or your girlfriend, the confusion to select the best gift from the lot persists anyway.

Understanding a woman’s mind is as complicated as the Big Bang theory. Therefore, one has to be précised to the core before selecting the best gift for any woman.

Anything that is packed with hell lot of emotions and sentiments always does the job of delighting a woman. That does not mean that materialistic or expensive gifts cannot do the talking.

Enticing Expensive Gifts for Women

In case, your mind wanders about spending big on the gift for the woman in your life, you are at the right place at the right time. Because we have got you covered in this space which is entirely dedicated to the best expensive gifts one can buy for a woman.

Basics first

We start the list with some basic expensive gifts for women. Most of the gifts in this category are very mundane and most expected.

However, that doesn’t reduce the value of these gifts even a bit. They are all too classy for one’s liking. Thus, when in doubt, one can blindly turn towards one of these gifts and play a safe bet.

1. Jean Patou Joy Eau de Parfum Spray

Women have a soft corner when it comes to elite fragrances. Not all, but most of them love to have a decent perfume at their disposal before they step out of the house.

This very need makes them wander from market to market, and brand to brand in search of soothing perfumes. Jean Patou Joy Eau De Parfum would be the one-stop solution for all their elite choices when it comes to fragrances.

Therefore, it would serve as a wonderful gift for them regardless of their age. So whether it is your sister, girlfriend, wife or your mother, she is going to appreciate your choice of fragrances.

2. Rolex Lady Date White Roman Women’s Watch

Does it even get better than this? If you are flexible on your budget and desire to spend big on the special woman in your life, then Rolex is the way to go. Very few accessories on the market can match the class and flair of a Rolex watch.

It might burn a huge hole in your pocket, but that is what you desired before turning to the internet for help, right? It is one of the best expensive gifts you can give to a woman.

She is going to fall face first after she opens up this exquisite piece of ornament that she will proudly carry on her wrist in the years to come.

3. Hermes Black Togo Leather Buckle Handbag

Have you heard of any woman disapproving a handbag as a gift? It rarely happens, as a handbag tends to be one of the best gift ideas for girls. For most of the women, a bag is an essential commodity that represents themselves.

Therefore, they are particular before purchasing one. However, even if women have 100 of them, they would never be enough. So if this is the case with the woman you want to gift too, then you can get away by gifting her a handbag.

We suggested the color bag, as it will go with most of her outfits. Not too flashy nor too subtle was out motive before picking out a bag from one of the best brands known to the fashion couture.

4. Swarovski 14 Carat Gold Ring

Rings tend to have a special place in a woman’s heart. That is why they emphasize on wearing their hearts out on their fingers with much pride. However, you can go with the ornament you like or you think that the woman you want to gift would like.

An ornament as a gift is always an excellent birthday gift for her to entice her mood. Whenever she wears the ring, it would remind her of you.

Also, it would automatically become much dearer to her as it is a gift from you. The best part is you will have the opportunity to stay in the receiver’s mind for the most amount of time.

5. Diesel Women’s Leather Jacket

Just like men, women have a fascination towards the leather jackets. Also, there are very little instances when these jackets go out of style. They hardly do. And when it comes from a reputable brand like Diesel, one has to least worry about its style quotient.

Therefore, keeping all these aspects in mind, it becomes a great gift for women, especially for the women in their young age. The jacket would serve as a great pull over in the chilly winters or during her travel expeditions.

Also, it would help her to keep her style game on point. So one shouldn’t think twice if you consider gifting a leather jacket to a woman.

6. Jimmy Choo Women’s Black Suede Pumps

Just like bags, watches, and clothes, women have a special place in their heart for their footwear. There is a wide range of footwear available on the online market, so you can go all guns blazing at the market.

We suggested a subtle footwear so that it suits every woman regardless every her age and choice. We are very specific about suggesting a particular brand because the list demands the inclusion of expensive gifts for women.

Jimmy Choo has a special name in the global market when it comes to footwear. You can consider an inferior brand if you are running a little low on your budget.

7. Gucci Women’s Aviator Sunglasses

This is the last but surely not the least in the list of basic expensive presents for women. Although it doesn’t serve as a necessity, if you know that the woman who you want to gift wears sunglasses or is fond of them, then surely it is the one to look forward to.

You can have no doubts when it comes to buying from one of the most reputable brands like Gucci. Also, if she is going for a vacation anytime soon, the sunglasses would be a perfect gift.

If the woman is brand conscious, you’d see the cheer in her eyes. But in case she is not, she wouldn’t appreciate as much as a brand enthusiast would normally do. So be careful while picking it up from the market.

Treat her with the Latest Technology

A list of efficient yet expensive gifts would look incomplete if we don’t include some latest technologies for you to choose from. Electronics find a way to the top of the list every time we have a task of mentioning costlier gifts in our blogs.

Then how could we leave this space without the mention of awesome electronic gifts? Here are few of the latest pieces of technology you can gift to a woman. We are sure that it would help her to add a dash of entertainment or comfort in her life.

8. Bose Soundpost Wireless Headphones

Headphones in the age of mobiles is always a most appropriate birthday gift idea for her. However, if you want them to be expensive, one should try opting for the best brands in the speaker realm.

Bose headphones would surely stick to the job of being awesome whilst it provides all necessary features. The Bluetooth headphones are great and wouldn’t let the user entangle in wires.

Also, it would keep her hands while she enjoys her favorite music. This would also give her the opportunity to take calls without having to pick up the call from the device.

9. Apple Watch

Just like their phones, Apple has put a lot of efforts to make their smartwatches efficient. And their efforts have paid off clearly giving us one of the best smartphone watches. Clearly so, it becomes an evident winner when it is gifted to someone.

But not all people would be able to use it due to its software which works only on Apple devices. Therefore, it would be an awesome gift only when it is gifted to a person who uses an updated iPhone device. Also, avoid gifting it to an older woman as she wouldn’t find it as useful as a woman in her youth.

10. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Women, more than anyone on this face of the earth, like to get clicked. However, there are some of them who love clicking pictures. This camera is suggested for such women.

Not only she will get a whole bunch of memories in the small digital piece, but if she wishes, she can get them on paper too. So this wouldn’t require her to run to the photo studios to get them printed.

It can be done on the camera itself. The camera on the first look of it looks feminine too. Therefore, the cute little digital camera would surely entice the shutterbug woman in your life.

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11. Amazon Echo

Give the women you want to gift a big source of entertainment by gifting her the Amazon Echo. It is much more than a regular speaker and one would know its efficiency only when one uses it.

It is more like a speaker with a Siri (an iPhone feature) updated in it. The feature is named as Alexa by the makers. All it does is it takes commands by your voice and plays music using several online platforms like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and Amazon music.

Also, it can make and receive calls just by speaking it loud to the Alexa feature. If you think that it is all that it offers, then you are completely wrong. Because one can even control electric appliances like bulbs, fans, etc. by using Amazon echo.

12. Pratesi Italian Travel Bag

If the woman you want to gift is an ardent traveler, then this the best option for the gift for the people who travels. There is not going to be any better gift other than a traveling bag.

We are sure, she is going to be intrigued by the design of the bag which is so damn sleek and trendy. It surely catches the eye of a layman. It would be with her for as long as she travels.

This means, whether she is in the same city as you or not, your presence will be definitely missed. And the bag you gift is going to make her miss you even more.

The best part about it would be it would allow you to stay in her memories when she is on the road for a very long time.

13. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

This one is there on the list for the women who are very much dedicated to their fitness. It could be one of the best gift for the young women to consider. It is a great way to analyze your stats and work on your numbers accordingly.

The GPS tracker gives you pinpoint information about the distance covered, elevation, calories burned, speed, heart rate, and much more. Apart from that, it also allows you to keep an eye on the call and message notifications that flash on your phone.

One even gets the liberty to keep a check on your sleep with the help of its silent alarm. With such great features, we are sure that the woman wearing it is going to stay motivated for a very long time.

14. Kindle Fire HDX

Unlike other Kindle variants, it not only suffices all your reading requirements, but also assists you to watch high-definition movies, play games, and even capture images.

It is inherited with an 8 megapixels rear camera and a front facing camera which allows you to talk effortlessly on applications like Skype. Also, it is a lighter than most of its counterparts which add to the efficiency of the device.

Not only you will help her to nurture a beautiful hobby of reading, but will also give her a great dash of entertainment for the time she is bored and has nothing to do. A great device which does the work of a tab and a book at the same time. Amazing, isn’t it?

For her love of cosmetics & other luxurious healthcare products

Women cannot stay away from the cosmetics for a long time. We don’t want to hurt those women who don’t use cosmetics, but that is anyway a rare find. Most of the women I have been acquainted with use some or the other kind of cosmetics.

Therefore, it is safe to say that cosmetic and other healthcare products are an integral part of women’s lives. To help you settle down on a gift, we made sure that we find out some expensive products in the category.

15. Kylie Lipstick Lip Kit Gloss with Lipliner.

I never knew that lipsticks were this costly until I came across this kit from Kylie. Yes, this a brand owned by one of the better-known fashion divas, Kylie Jenner. She is supposed to be the first cousin sister of Hollywood star, Kim Kardashian.

What has that got to do with our gift ideas, right? In case you ever ask a kid about which studs he wants, he would say that one which Ronaldo or Messi wears. The same way, ask a girl about her much-desired lipstick kit, and she would have her eyes on the brand Kylie.

It would be a nice gift for someone who loves to have a wide array of lipstick colors at her disposal. Young girls are going to fall flat on the ground if you pack this kit in a gift wrap.

16. 3 Lab Super Face Serum

This product is recommended for the women above the age of 30. It is an anti-aging product that nourishes skin for your face to be in top shape. Also, it helps you add a distinctive glow on your face with the special total skin rejuvenation and hydration formula.

The serum is used to improve the elastin and collagen count on your face which helps you to fight wrinkles. You would wonder why a 1. 17 Oz bottle makes the list of expensive presents for women.

You will be surprised to know that this mini bottle costs $575 after discount and is one of the fastest result giving products on the market. Therefore, it is a safe bet to gift it to the woman and help her to preserve her beauty.

17. Armani International Bath Robe and Towel Set

It might sound funny or even ridiculous, but trust us, it is a decent option to give her the utmost comfort while she walks out of her bathroom. So much pampering is surely going to flatter to the extreme.

The bathrobe would be a more appropriate gift for a wife, partner, or a girlfriend. And the fact that it comes from a reputed brand like Armani speaks volumes about its quality and style. It is made up of 100% Egyptian cotton which makes it an exclusive product.

18. Complete Makeup Kit

If at all, you know that the woman you want to gift won’t be satisfied with a single cosmetic product and would require an entire set to make her happy, then you should surely opt for this complete makeup kit.

It comprises of 48 eyeshadow variables, 24 lip color variants, and several other components required to apply the perfect makeup. We are sure that most women will be enthralled to see an entire makeup kit in the gift box.

Also, if the gift is meant for your sister or your cousin, then it gives you the chance to call her a plastic. Jokes aside, it is fair enough gift that will come in handy for most of the women.

Get her running!

19. Treadmill

Now that you are done with shoes and yet she finds excuses to hit the ground running, then you can gift her a treadmill. This would nullify almost all the claims she has for not going for a run.

Not that we are obsessed with women having a perfect figure, but we believe that one should exercise to lead a healthy and uncomplicated life in the future.

Also, if she is always busy with her office work, a treadmill would let her workout without wanting her to step out of the house. She may not like the gift at the start, but once she starts seeing results, she will shower you with compliments on your gift-giving skills.

20. Cartier Diabolo Ballpoint Pen

Not all would appreciate a pen as a gift. But if at all, she is a collector, or has a fascination towards collecting antique and exclusive pieces of luxury items, then the Cartier pen should be on the top of your priority list.

The black body with gold plated finish accents adds to the beauty of the high-end pen. You don’t even have to worry about wrapping it in a gift paper. The box in which it arrives is beautiful in its self.

But knowing the receiver beforehand would be a better option. Because it is one such item that only the person who has a passion towards it would understand.

There are several other options that one can look forward to while selecting an appropriate gift for any woman. Mobile is one of the safest choices that you can go with if you are really willing to gift her something that expensive.

Other than that, a vacation package to her favorite tourist destination can excite her to the fullest. An automobile is another expensive gift one can give to a woman, if and only if one can afford to spend several thousand.

Now that you have a fair idea about what could be gifted to a woman which is expensive and showcases your gift giving skills, we would like to conclude this space. We hope that most of you have got a definite answer to the confusion.

We’d love to know if the list helped you to jot down on gifts without creating a fuss. An expensive gift would mean nothing to a woman if feelings aren’t attached to them. So make sure you throw in a lot of heart and affection before selecting the best gift for her.