25 Useful Birthday Gifts For Pregnant Women

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 01:59 am

Are you married and it’s your pregnant wife’s birthday? Do you want to celebrate her birthday? There are many gift ideas on Birthday gifts for pregnant wife. Some men try to make gifts at home to make it more special for her wife. Having a baby is one of the best feelings in the world. One can be at the top of the world. There are mixed feelings which are around you. One have to keep his wife happy all the time. Many women do get many mood swings at this time.

They feel like doing many things at one point. It can be fun to watch them. People feel happy when they have gifted some gifts which they would be wanting it from a long time or one can be her a surprise by gifting her. This can make her happy from within and one can see that on her face.

When a woman is pregnant, she not only brings happiness to her husband but to all the family members in the house. A man has all the responsibility to keep his wife happy. There are many gifts that a woman can get or she wishes to have when she is pregnant. Some people have a function at their home after knowing about the pregnancy. This can be surprising to the woman who is pregnant. This can make her more happy. Gifts also play an important role in making people happy. Some girls expect some gifts on her birthdays. A woman getting pregnant is one of the best feeling ever.   

A woman too glows when she is pregnant. She is all in a different feel that she herself cannot express. This can be her best birthday as it’s her birthday and she is pregnant. This can make her more happy.

There is a list of ideas for birthday gifts for pregnant wife mentioned below.


Gifts For Pregnant Women

1. Essential oil bracelets

Divass essential oil bracelets for women birthday gifts for women stainless steel aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils leather bracelet Christmas gifts for women sister gifts for sister

During pregnancy, it only a man’s duty and responsibility to take care of her wife, but also it is a woman’s duty herself to take care, There can be many complications if one does not take proper care of the body. It is important to keep the body and mind healthy. A pregnant woman needs to eat properly, drink properly, and do many more things which useful to her.

Just eating and drinking healthy food item one cannot be strong. She have to include some essential oil to the skin. There are many products that help one in absorbing the oils. This is a bracelet which is filled with essential oil. One can wear it all the time. This can be a perfect gift for a pregnant woman.

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  2. Essential Oil Diffuser

Some people need a lot of fresh air around her. One can keep the windows open for a longer time but there are times where there is no air passing. One needs to have different solutions to the problem. This is an essential oil diffuser. This diffuser has many different varieties and colors. One can choose the color and the size of it.

It can also work asa decorative object in the house. One gift that a pregnant lady can receive. This can help in many ways. One has to refill it with your favorite essential oil and switch on the button. This will help to keep the house smell good. A gift for pregnant wife.

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3. Bump Boxes 1st Trimester

Have you heard about the trimester? After the conception to about 12 weeks it is called a trimester. It is a procedure which helps to see the baby in the womb. This can be very important for a woman and his man to see their first glimpse of the baby.. It can be gifted by a friend, or by a member of the family, or even by your husband.

If gifting this makes her happy then one should gift her this and make her happy. This box have all the important things that she can require during the trimester. Like, belly sticker, a water bottle to drink, a band which helps in not feeling lazy and unhappy, and last but not the least 9 bath bombs. This box is a box of happiness. A gift for pregnant wife.

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  4. Bump Boxes 2nd Trimester

The 2nd trimester happen between the 13th week to 26th week. During this time, a woman can have a lot of changes in her. This is the time when she can learn new things about her. One can also gift her the same bump box but for the 2nd trimester. This can be gifted by family, friends, or by his husband itself.

This routine of gifting her some of the essential stuff can make her feel important. This can again bring the smile on her face. One can be happy seeing her happy during the pregnancy. This box has 9 belly sheets which can be fun to watch when she applies it, a sleeping mask, 9 different types of bath bombs, and many more. A gift for pregnant woman.

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5. Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester

Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

One can always continue with the routine. There are many thing which can also be gifted to a woman when she is getting into her 3rd trimester. The 3rd trimester is between 28th week till the baby is born. There are many products that a women can use during the 3rd trimester.

Like, 9 foot soaking sheets, belly sheets, some of the essential oils, all natural organic food items which can help the skin to glow and help in keeping the clean healthy. This can help her out to reduce the sore foot and legs. This can be a perfect gift for pregnant wife on her 3rd trimester.

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6. Pamper Time Gift Set

NIVEA Pamper Time Gift Set - 5 Piece Luxury Collection of Moisturizing Products and Travel Bag Included

Who does not like to pamper yourself? This can be gifted to a woman as a gift for pregnant women. She also have to relax and keep herself healthy so the body and the baby is healthy. But what about the outer skin of the body. One have to keep their skin clean and glowing.

One can get this product and gift to their loved ones. This can make them happy and seeing them happy one can be happy too. This skin care is been suggested by many of them. It have 5 product in one bag. It can be gifted to a pregnant woman.

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7. Pregnancy Pillow

This can be new to you but there are special pillows for a pregnant woman. This can help them in many ways. They require their comfort while sleeping. One can also use this both the side while sleeping or while sitting to for dinners and lunches. This can help her in getting better rest than any other pillow can give.

One can get this pillow for her wife and make her happy. One can also give her a surprise. One can get many colors in many sizes according to one’s need. It is very comfortable to sleep in there. It has a u shape so she can sleep in properly. This can one options to the gifts for pregnant wife.

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8. Maternity Belt

Some women have back pain during the pregnancy. This can also lead to the future pain also. One can gift this belt to women who require it. If you know one, you should gift them. It can help them in many ways. It cannot release the pain totally but can help the back to get them less pain.

The belt can help them in many ways. It also  gives an external support to the posture. They can continue the daily routine with wearing the belt and do the work. It can also be worn after the pregnancy for support. This belt gives a lot of support in many ways. This can be a perfect gift for pregnant wife.

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9. Skin Care Gift

Premier Skin Care Gift Set to Pamper Skin. Stretch Mark Prevention in Pregnancy for the Mom-to-be (4 Pieces)

Many people use the organic products for their daily basis. One can also try it once before using the artificial products which only smell and have nothing to do with anything. This products come in a set of 4 things. It includes, a brush, a natural soap, organic oils.

It can be very helpful during the pregnancy and also used after the pregnancy. It can be used by anyone. And also be gifted by anyone. A husband can give surprise to her pregnant wife and make her happy.

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10. Coloring Books

A coloring book can be one’s time pass. A pregnant woman’s day can be boring if she do not have anything to do all day long. This coloring book can also be gifted by any family member, or friends, or by husband only. It can help in making one’s day interesting and entertained.

This can help her to be fresh all day long. This book is also suggested by many other people also. I am too suggesting you this coloring book as it can help you and your mind won’t get distracted by other thoughts. One can be happy when she colors. This can also be one option to gift a pregnant woman.

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11. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Savvy Infusion Flip Top Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - 24 Ounce - Unique Leak Proof Lid - Great Gifts for Women - Includes Bonus Infused Water Recipe eBook

A water bottle can be that one option to gift for a pregnant woman. A woman should have a proper intake of fruits and water regularly. It is very healthy for them to eat. One can always forget to have her snacks on time. So this bottle can be very helpful. It has an infuser too.

So one can add all her favorite fruits in this and add water to it. One can also keep in the fridge to cool so she can drink according to her choice. One should carry her bottle wherever she travels. This can be a great option to gifts for pregnant woman.

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12. Pregnancy Journal

My Pregnancy Journal with 120 Pages That Can Be Rearranged Weekly & 40 Milestone Stickers | Scrapbook for First Time Moms | Book Included in a Keepsake Box | Baby Memory Books for Girls & Boys

Some have the habit of noting down things that are very important to them. So write it daily, some write it once a week, and also there are people who don’t like to write at all. Everyone have the habit to do things. One can gift this journal to the woman who have the habit of writing down things.

A woman can write down her feelings and emotions during that moment and later after many years one can read them and she can go to the same emotions again. This journal can be very important in her life as she will cherish it for many years.

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13. Flame less Candles

Everyone is different from others. Some women during pregnancy like to smell good things whereas some women don’t want to smell anything. There are candles which are available in the market which only lights but cannot smell. This can be very useful to them. One can gift to a pregnant lady so she light the candle easily. 

It comes with a remote with colorful buttons on it so it will be easy for the person who is lighting the candles. This  can be very easy for her as she can sit in one place and on the candles, according to her mood. There are many colors available in the market. One also have the many sizes in them. You can gift this to a pregnant woman if you know one. She can be happy with the choice of the gift.

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14. Pregnancy Tea

Pregnancy Tea - Perfect Pregnancy Gift for Women - Birds & Bees Teas Sampler Set is a Favorite for Expecting Mother's - Great Pregnant Mom Gift for First Time Moms and Pregnancy Announcement Gift

There are many types of tea which are available in the market. If you know someone who is a tea lover. There many food items which are not allowed to eat by the doctors according to the health of the woman. Teas also play an important role during the pregnancy.

A woman should always take care of her health before anyone else during pregnancy. These teas are very useful for it. One can drink this tea. This is healthy too to drink and tastes also better. One can also have this tea daily to maintain her body. A gift for pregnant woman.

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15. Pregnancy Books

This is one of the most suggested books that people are suggesting to read when a woman is pregnant. This book has all the ideas about the pregnancy and it’s procedure. One can learn a lot from this book. This book is very beneficial for the people who want to know more about pregnancy.

This can also be very beneficial for the woman who is pregnant for the 1st time. This can be of great help to that woman. This book can be an option to gift a pregnant woman.

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16. Shoehorn & Sock Donning Device

Nowadays, everything is made of a device. Anyone can use this device. Senior citizen, man or woman can use this. If you have sore legs, one can use this often. A pregnant women’s leg can be swollen at times. So she can use this as the helper Sometimes a woman can express what she is feeling about her swollen legs.

So this can help them in a way. It is very easily to wear it. One can use this while he is sitting or  walking around in the house, in the garden, and sometimes in offices too. This can be a great help for women during her pregnancy.

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17.Baby Bump Belly Stickers

TAFLY 10 Sheets Facial Expressions Pregnancy Baby Bump Belly Stickers Maternity Week Stickers

There are many types of belly sticker which are available in the market. One can use this sticker for fun. It can be very entertaining also. It can be fun to apply it on your belly and one can walk from one place to another. This stickers are very interesting in a way.

One can gift this stickers to any know you know is pregnant and will be happy to do this weird stuff. It can be gifted by any of your family members, friends, or by husband also. This can also be counted as one idea for birthday gifts for pregnant wife.

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18. Pregnancy and Beyond Gift Set

Bella B Pregnancy and Beyond 3-Piece Gift Set

A women during pregnancy should not only intake food item properly, but some days she can also require that pampering that everyone requires. One can gift them this gift set and make them happy. It will make them feel wanted and loved.

This set come is 3 pieces. It is made up of butter, honey, and all the natural food items. This can be one option to the gifts for pregnant women.

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19. Women’s Gift Basket

Spoil Her Rotten! Elegant Gourmet Women's Gift Basket for New Mothers

There are many gift basket  which is available in the market. One can also diy one and present it to as a birthday gift for pregnant wife. Women likes the gift which takes efforts to make. One will like it more when one takes more efforts to make others happy. This is gift basket which helps during the pregnancy.

This can be the pampering gift for the women who are pregnant. Anyone can gift this basket to the pregnant women. Like, anyone of the family members in the house, friends, or also husbands can gift this basket. This can be one of the options that a person can gift a pregnant wife.

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20. Stretch Mark Cream Remover

Stretch Mark Cream Remover-Decrease Stretch Marks in 93% of Customers in 2 Months-Helping Scars and Prevention w/Cocoa Butter, Shea,Vit E,Centella Asiatica and Avocado-The Best For Pregnancy

Do you have stretch marks? A women can have more marks than any men because she gives birth to a baby. A mark only happens when the body tears its skin that is her body stretches. It can happen due to many reasons.

During pregnancy, one can apply this remover and see the difference. It is been suggested by many people who have used this cream to remove their stretch marks. One can easily remove the stretch mark. This requires no one’s help while applying it. This can be one option to gift a pregnant women.

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21. The Whole Pregnancy

Everyone should eat healthy food. No matter how much you feel you are healthy. One has to eat all the fruits and vegetables on time. This book helps the pregnant women out there. Some eat healthy because they know about it whereas, there are people who do not know anything about the food intake in pregnancy.

So this can be that option to gift a pregnant women. So she and her baby can be fit and healthy all the time. One should always prepare the food before taking rest. If you do so you will end up ordering from outside and eat the whole junk food again. This book have many different types of recipes so one can make different food item everyday.

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22. Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Everyone has their own comfortable pillow which they like. One can change his habit which they do in their daily routine. One can never do that. This pillow is very comfortable and one of the most recommended pillow for pregnant women.

One can also gift them whenever they want to. Pregnant women can have back pain. One can also use this pillow for their support. This can help them in reducing their pain and they can feel better.it is available in the market in many colors. One can also present this pillow as a gift for pregnant women.

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23. Hand Painted Sculpture Figure

There are many sculpture which helps you to decorate the house. One can be also make it and present to the women who is pregnant. One can be very happy to see that. It becomes very difficult for them to find the sculpture.

This is one of the most recommended picture which have one women and one man standing holding their hands on the belly. This also shows the love between the two of them. One can also hand paint it with the colors of her own choice. One can gift to a pregnant lady. This looks small but can give a lot of happiness to someone.

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24. Organic Belly Balm

Honest Organic Belly Balm, 3.65 Ounces

During pregnancy, one can have a marks on her belly. One of the most suggested balm is this organic belly balm. It can help in many ways. It also works as a protection for the outer skin and can also make the skin glowing and helps in growing healthy.

One can also use this daily and can see the difference. This can be gifted to a pregnant women on her birthdays, during and after the pregnancy. One should not only take care of here during pregnancy, but also after it. Some products can help one in glowing too.

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25. Prenatal DHA Vitamin

The Honest Company Prenatal DHA Vitamin, 60 Count

Not only food items and other healthy product are important to take during pregnancy. But should also take care of her skin and bones too. A women giving birth to a new living thing can cause her pain and weakness.

It can also be unhealthy for the woman. She also requires to take vitamins for the body and bones too. This one will help her to maintain her body and bones. This vitamin is suggested by many doctors so one should ask her doctor before eating one. This can also be gifted to a pregnant women.

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Birthday gifts for pregnant women can abe be very difficult to find, but if one knows the choice of that person it can be very easy for them to find the gift. There are many gifts that can be gifted to a pregnant women.

One can glow more when they are happy. A happy face can be more happy if they are gifted the right gift according to them. One can be very happy about seeing it. A men can be very happy on seeing her wife happy.

Gifts for pregnant women can actually make a woman happy. Materialist things matter to people a lot.  Above is the list that can be gifted to a pregnant women. It can make happy. A pregnant women need to be happy all the time.

Not being happy from within can lead her health and the baby to some complications. There is a a list of many gifts that a pregnant women can receive on her birthdays, anniversary, and also at many other occasions.