Yesterday i been asked for some suitable 90th birthday party ideas. It was a random person asking some ideas for her mother. So i thought to make a list of some good ideas that will help anyone who is planning a 90th birthday celebration. So here you will find some of the ideas that will help you make the occasion memorable.

Birthday parties have always been fun. And arranging them for someone you love makes it way more interesting. Now when it comes to celebrating or planning put a 90th birthday party, a lot of things are to be kept in mind. From looking after the comfort of your aged guests to keeping them happy, everything has got to be perfect.

If you are planning a 90th birthday party for your grand pa or grand ma, do not worry, we have listed down few important birthday ideas that will help you get through it really well. Make sure that you arrange the party in a really interesting manner.

A 90 year old birthday party is a big deal and you have to snatch every best idea that comes your way. Grab this time, spend it on searching for decorations and birthday cakes, and make the party a hit.

90th birthday party

90th birthday party ideas

Here are some very useful ideas that will help you plan a memorable party for anyone who is touching the age of ninety. So stay with me and find these ideas:

Location matters

party location

When you plan out a birthday party, the most important thing to keep in mind is location of the party. The venue has to be such that it is convenient for the guests to come. And when it is about celebrating a 90th birthday, the venue has to be easy as the age group of the guests will be an old lot. You can either choose your home or some banquet as per the number of guests you will be inviting.

Theme of the party

Party theme

With the on growing trend of party themes, birthday parties are turning out to be a lot more fun. Choosing a theme as per the interests of the guests is a cool job to do. You can choose any theme as your guests would like. Make sure that you select such theme which is comfortable to the guests and which they enjoy throughout.


Party invitations

While giving out invitations, you can go with the idea sending catchy ones. Like you can have amazing invitation cards that will make the guests get more likely to attend the party. If your invitation gets appreciations, the guests would be so willing to come to a fun birthday party. You can have trendy cards or catchy designs on them and send out to respective guests.



Confetti is something that works all the time. You can have cute little confetti for the party in different designs and shapes. You can spend some time and make them yourself or order them online. You can even buy them from good stores. You will get many types of confetti in the market.90th birthday decoration ideas should fit best according to your birthday party or the theme that you will be choosing.

Make the entrance look cool

party entrance

Now the first thing that your guests will see is the entrance of your party. So, that has to be cool anyway. You can get really cool decorating stuffs for your entrance and make the first impression of your party awesome. There are many supplies available on the internet which will help you choose the best among them as per your choice.

Get birthday videos made

Birthday video recording

This is one of the coolest things to do as well as quite nostalgic for the birthday person. You can ask the closest ones to speak out beautiful messages and you can record them and make them into a movie. Or you can even collect memories and make a movie based entirely on the pictures. Make sure that the video you make brings out the happiness for the birthday person.

Plan out things to perform

birthday speeches

The people who are close to the ones whose birthday is being planned out can decide several interesting performances to present on the special day. You can have a cool dance session or have singing dedications for the person. It will be absolutely loved by them and the guests will enjoy the party more.


party decorations

You can have really simple but cool decorations for a 90th birthday party. You can collect few old pictures that were quite famous in early times and get them pasted or hung on the wall. It will give an old but classy look to your decorations. You can even have 90th birthday banners and candles.

Have rounds of quizzes


You can have really interesting session of quiz games. Suppose, Sam is the birthday person. You can put up questions like,” The most interesting incident with Sam was?” or “What is Sam’s favourite colour?” or “Who was Sam’s first crush.” This will act as an ice breaker too.

Get a souvenir book

souvenir book

You can ask each guests to sign the souvenir book and write a short message for the birthday person. This way all the good memories, wishes and dedications will be summed up in a book and you can later on hand it to your guest of honour. It will be absolutely loved by the person.

Play good music

party music

Music is a must. And a good music ranks on the top. Seeing the age group of the guests, you can have old songs or old jazz and pop that fit well according to the taste of the guests. You can have endless music list and keep it on play till the end of the party. You can even ask the guests to shake their leg a bit on the floor.


party games


You cannot miss out on games. They are the most fun part of any party to keep it alive. You can have musical chair among the guests and that would not take much of their energy too. They can play it easily and with full enthusiasm. Similarly, you can have many such games that will interest the liking of the guests.

Set everything for the day

party planning

it will be better if you have the party in the day time because most of the guests in their 80s or 90s will not be able to drive at night. The night time will not be much convenient for them. Keeping a party in the daytime will allow more guests to come easily and enjoy as per their convenience.

Little surprises

prepare birthday surprises

You can surprise the guest of honour throughout the party. Apart from having a wonderful party, you can have little but beautiful surprises for the guests like inviting someone to the party whom the person has not met in years. Or presenting the person with gifts after every hour. Think of more such ideas and you can make the birthday memorable.

Board games

board games

Keeping in mind the age group of the guests, you can have simple games like board games. You can even bring back the era of old times and include games from the 60s or 70s that people used to play. It will charm the aura of the birthday party.

Play musical games

muscial games

You can have this amazing game too. You can ask the guests to guess the tune that you will play. The one to guess the maximum number of tunes wins. You can even have this game between two teams. To make it more interesting, select the tunes of old era that your guests would have loved back in those times.

Keep the food simple

party food

You have to make sure that the food you keep for the party is light enough to be easily eaten by the guests. Because your guests aged between 70 to 90 years will not be able to have a heavy meal. So, it will be better that you order something, or rather cook the food yourself that will be loved by them.


party sweets

Elderly people love sweet. Not much but even a little amount would make them happy. So, as a dessert, you can have cookies or cup cakes. That will make the guests feel elated at your choice and how you have kept their likings in your mind. Mostly. Elderly people have sugar issues. So. For diabetic patients, you can get sugarless sweets made so that they do not miss out on anything.

Get everything captured

birthday captures

The party will be great no doubt. Get these memories captured in photographs. Hire a photographer to click all the sweet moments at the party. You can latter on get all these photographs compiled and gift the album to the guest of honour. By the end of the party, you can even have a group photograph of the birthday person with the rest of the guests attending the birthday party; to capture a great memory of all these years and love u forgotten.