125 Adorable Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife – Best Gifts For Your Wife

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:30 pm

One of the best ways to make your wife feel loved is to remember her birthday and all important occasions. These are small things that can make her happy, feel loved and appreciated. Give her a surprise gift and throw a party that is memorable to her. You can choose from the list of these humongous birthday gift ideas for wife and make her feel delighted and happy. For all the times she sacrificed her own happiness, took care of you, and showered unconditional love on you, a birthday wish and a gift is the least you can do to make her happy.

Listed are a great variety of gifts that you can choose from depending on her personality and taste. This is a thoughtful list of gifts for wives that have all kinds of taste and choices. For the geeky wife, for the perfectionist, for the busy bee, for the homely person, for the fierce boss lady, and for every kind of women who is a wife, here is a list of gifts that you can choose from to make them feel wanted and understood. When you choose from these gifts your wife is bound to feel that you understand and love her and have taken pains to choose a gift that she would love instead of randomly hopping through a list of items and gifting her.

She helps you take care of kids, nurtures them, participates in all of your activities, works along to unburden all of your financial challenges, and adds meaning to your life making you see the sweetness and the rosy side of life. Her birthday is the best way to make her feel on top of the world no matter how many years you have been married.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Wife

Awesome birthday gifts for wife

1.Cozy pillow with message of love for wife

A personalised gift that you can give your wife on her birthday is this pillow that has a lovely message for wife. You can decorate your bedroom with this pillow and treat it like a souvenir on your birthday. It has a sweet and a warm message in words about how the husband feels about the wife. It describes the feelings of husband for his wife.

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2. A fun quiz book for wife

Younger couples can choose this gift. You can answer all the questions inside this book and make it fun for your wife on her birthday. A cool and fun gift for a wife who loves pranks and funny things. It gives you a chance to get to know your wife better and get closer to her. It has a mix of questions for every category that makes it all the more fun and lets you know every aspect of your wife.

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3. A bucket list of adventure journal for couples

A nice gift for your wife is this bucket list of journal that you both can fill in. You can fill in your travel goals and fulfill your dreams of going places together. You can create as many as 50 goals with this list and work towards every goal together and make the best of your lives together. A great book for couples who dream together and have goals together.

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4. Elegant stud earring set

Jstyle Halo Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings for Women Girls Clear CZ Round Square Stud Earrings Set Ear Jewelry

A wonderful earring set of stud earrings that your wife can choose from to wear on different occasions. One of the pretty birthday gift for wife are these pairs of stud earrings in different designs. She will be happy to wear them with formal, casual, as well as party clothing. They are made in dazzling stones and look classy and elegant. Your wife will love beautiful wearing these earrings. They have brilliant luster and add to her charm.

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5. Swarovski pendant necklace

ASHE Elegant Teardrop Pendants Valentine's Day Necklace for Women Bride Wife Girlfriend Birthday from Swarovski

A stunning Swarovski pendant necklace is one of the best gifts you can give your wife on her birthday. No matter what her age, she is going to love this necklace and look beautiful wearing it. Birthday ideas for wife is to give her a shining and luxurious looking pendant necklace. The design of this pendant shows love and elegance, and is something that your wife will absolutely love. Wrap it up in beautiful packing with heartfelt words of love.

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6. Novelty coaster for a young wife

Newlyweds have a lot of fun celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. You can gift your young wife these novelty coasters that have funny wordings on them. If your wife is full of life and has a great sense of humor, she is going to love this gift instead of something mushy and romantic. One of the fun gift ideas for wife who is a comedian and loves a good laugh. You can use these coasters when you throw party for friends.

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7. Mason measuring jar

This is the gift that makes your wife’s life easy in the kitchen. She will love it as it helps her take proportions to perfection when cooking. It is dishwasher friendly. If your wife is vying to be in the shoes of Martha Stewart and ace the game of organising dining parties to perfection, this gift is a good start. This is a decent wife birthday gift ideas to choose from if you are looking at practical gifting.

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8. Vintage purse mirror

There is hardly a woman who doesn’t love vintage themed items. A nice and an artistic gift for the wife who is creative and loves everything old-school and romantic. It would remind her of the Victorian era and her favourite Jane Austen novels. If she is into art and literature, this vintage mirror is a good birthday present for wife who is satisfied and content with all she has. It is compact and ornate. It fits inside a purse and looks unique.

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9. Rustic kitchen decor with salt and pepper holder

For  the wife who is so country and loves organic farming, this is an awesome gift to give. It has sculptures of roosters, hand pump, and looks great in an outdoor or an organic kitchen that smells rustic and earthy. Birthday gifting ideas for wife who loves everything natural and organic. A great piece that goes in the kitchen decor and holds the salt and pepper bottles in style. They are handcrafted and look good on the tabletop of the kitchen.

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10. A book on healthy recipes

Your wife will love experimenting with healthy recipes using this book. A best birthday gift for wife who is health conscious and take cares to ensure that everyone in the family is eating healthy. It is very informative about cooking and ingredients that go in making a healthy recipe. You can have a lovely and a healthy meal that keeps you and your family healthy and happy. The recipes in this book are delicious and help you build a strong immunity.

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11. Lavender chamomile spa basket

A spa set in the soothing lavender and chamomile flavor is a best gift for wife on her birthday. It has spa goodies such as a hand soap, shampoo, bath salts, bath scrub, and all the bath products that lets her pamper herself. A gift that makes her love herself even more and lets her relax and be by herself. It smells amazing and is soothing to the skin. Your skin can breathe and get nourished with these spa products.  

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12. Sexy sleeveless ruffle shoulder dress

Mokoru Women's Sexy Ruffle One Shoulder Sleeveless Bodycon Party Club Midi Dress, Small, Red

A sexy dress that makes her look amazing is a gift that you can give on her birthday. She will love this dress that raises her glamour quotient to a few notches. A beautiful dress that would fit anyone like a glove as it comes in a stretchable material. An amazing dress for the evening parties and club nights. Makes her look sassy and stylish. For the woman who defines glamor and style this is one of the best gifts to give.

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13. Woven reversible shawl

Falari Women's Woven Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf 80" x 27" Brown Navy

A good birthday gifts for wife with whom you have spent more than a decade making memories, nurturing children together, and experiencing life together is this shawl. A gift that your wife will love to have at this age. It has beautiful motifs that are woven in paisleys and look great on senior citizens. Let your wife know how lucky she is to have you by her side all of these years through good and bad times with this gift.

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14. Dual sandwich maker

Your wife will be very happy to receive this dual sandwich maker as a gift that lets her rustle up yummy breakfast for kids and everyone else in the family in a short amount of time. If she is a working woman, she will thank you for being so thoughtful and giving her this wonderful gift that will make her life easy and let her wind up her morning routine quickly. It shortens the amount of time to make scrambled eggs and sandwiches, all in one go.

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15. Flameless romantic candles

These are a set of romantic flameless candles that come with a remote control and are made in real wax. A cool and a unique gift that you can give your wife on her birthday is these sets of flameless candles. They add to the decor of the home and create a warm and a beautiful ambience when lit. You can create a romantic setting at home with this gift.

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16. Truth or dare couples game

A fun gift to give your wife on her birthday who loves card games. This is a sexy game that has a lot of fun elements that can make your relationship interesting. A good gift that makes your relation even better and lets you have fun with your wife on her birthday. If you have been newly married this is the best gift you can give your wife on her birthday.

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17. Tote shoulder cross body bag

Covelin Women's Small Leather Handbag Tote Shoulder Crossbody Bag Light Grey

A lovely tote bag is a beautiful gift you can give your wife on her birthday. If you are thinking what to get my wife for her birthday, this is a good gift to go with. She will love this bag as it is stylish and has many compartments to keep her stuff organized. It is a small bag that is of a perfect size to carry along and looks great on younger women.

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18. Floral perfume

A wonderful gift to give wife on her birthday is this floral perfume. It is feminine and floral. A perfume is one of the good gifts to give her and make her feel luxurious. It has a fragrance that is designed by a luxury brand. A perfume by Gucci is a perfect birthday gift if you are thinking what should I get my wife for her birthday. It is suitable for all skin types and can be worn with casual clothing.

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19. Vegetable slicer

A nice kitchen gadget that makes cooking easy for your wife. For the homemaker who takes care of every aspect of your life together with perfection, this is a great gift that she will love as it makes her life easy cooking and helps in creating recipes to perfection. It has a slicer and a cutter that lets you cut veggies in different shapes and designs. You can decorate the platter of salads with nice looking veggies.

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20. Vintage necklace

JANE STONE Fan Statement 2019 Fashion Resin Frontal Bib Robin's Egg Blue Peacock Necklace Popular Jewelry

A beautiful vintage necklace in a contemporary design that looks chic and fashionable is a beautiful gift that you can give your wife on her birthday. If you are thinking what to get your wife for her birthday, this is an elegant and chic gift to give. It looks great on formal as well as party clothing. It is suitable for women of any age group. It has a beautiful color and design that makes your wife look prettier wearing it.

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21. A stunning evening dress

PrettyGuide Women 's 1920s Sequin Gatsby Plus Size Formal Evening Prom Dress XXL Pink

Enjoy a romantic, ballroom dance with your wife on her special day. Gift this stunning evening gown that takes you both to the stylish era of the Great Gatsby and celebrate eternal love in style. It is filled with sequins and floral motifs and makes your wife look sensational.

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22. Swarovski pendant necklace

OLYSHE Necklace Pendant for Women Swarovski Jewelry Blue Love Heart Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday Girl Gift

A piece of beautiful and elegant swarovski necklace is a best gift you can give your wife on her birthday. The pendant is designed in the shape of a heart and has a blue stone at its center. A unique design that looks good on all types of clothing. For the wife who loves everything classy, this is a fantastic gift to give. It would make her day brighter receiving this gift.

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23. Food steamer

Steam vegetables and meat to perfection using this steamer. This is the steamer that does not allow nutrients to escape during the steaming process. You can prepare healthy salads and dishes using this steamer. It lets you cook two different types of foods simultaneously. It has an automatic timer. You can enjoy cooking a variety of dishes using this steamer.

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24. Water resistant laptop tote bag

This is a laptop tote that your working and ambitious wife will love to receive as her birthday gift. It is in regal blue color and has a lot of room to place her gadgets. Looks great with formal clothes and she can carry it along with her to the business meetings. If you are browsing through what birthday gift for my wife to give, this is a good choice that she will absolutely love.

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25. Elegant sterling silver earrings

Ritzy earrings that are made in classy design and suit women of any age are one of the fantastic gifts to give your wife on her birthday. They are trendy and look great on any dress and outfit. Get dressy wearing these earrings and look class apart. You can wear them all day long and your ears wouldn’t hurt at all. They do not have closures and would not prick your ears when you put your phone close to the ears.

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26. Great Gatsby themed jewelry set

BABEYOND 1920s Gatsby Pearl Necklace Vintage Bridal Pearl Necklace Earrings Jewelry Set Multilayer Imitation Pearl Necklace with Brooch (Style 3)

A multi-layered jewelry set in pearls and stones is one of the great birthday gifts for wife. She will look lovely in this necklace set and as it fits women of all sizes. A great set of costume jewelry that you can be worn for themed evening parties. Goes well with evening dresses that have bling. This is an elegant and classy necklace set. Earrings are danglers in a small length that look good on women of any age.

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27. Zircon vintage wedding ring set

Women's Stainless Steel 316 Cubic Zirconia Antique Design Wedding Ring Set Size 9

This is a wedding ring set for the man and the woman made in unique and fabulous design. Gift this pair to your wife on her birthday. For the couples who believe in mushy love, and prefer everything in pairs just like David and Victoria Beckham, can gift these pair of male and female rings to your wife on her birthday. Feel like two inseparables on her birthday and shower her all of your love.

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28. Love messages in a capsule

For all the times your heart has melted thinking about your wife, whom you love endlessly, fill every capsule with beautiful and lovely messages for your wife and let her know how much you love her. For all the love in your heart and times together, fulfilling all the promises of taking care of each other lifelong, this is a heartfelt and a romantic gift you can give your wife.

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29. Quesadilla Maker

Rejoice cooking Mexican dishes for kids and family who love what you cook. Get Quesadillas ready in 5 minds and serve 6 wedges of them. Prepare restaurant-quality Quesadillas with this maker. Your kids and family will be happy to relish this recipe over the weekend. Make your wife happy on her birthday by gifting her this kitchen appliance.

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30. Coffee mug with an awesome women quote

For the man who respects the decision and independence of his wife, this is a great gift to give. A gift that celebrates your love and lets your wife know you honor and respect her presence in your life. Your wife is going to be happy receiving this thoughtful gift that have beautiful words that show that you care about her individuality. A meaningful gift for the wife who is more practical than romantic.

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31. Bluetooth Precision Cooker

This is a cooker that lets you adjust features and cook from a range because it is Bluetooth enabled. You can cook for 8 people with this device. You can cook vegetables and meat with a lot of precision using this device. You can cook food that is of restaurant quality using this device. You can control the temperatures consistently and let the food cook be moist and tender. Food does not spill cooking with this device. You can remotely control temperature while you are not in the kitchen and cook every dish to perfection using this device.

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32. Set of designer reading glasses

Reading Glasses 1.25 2 Black 2 Tortoise F503 (4 Pack)

For the wife who is a voracious reader and loves binging on books and anything that is good to read, this is an terrific gift to give. If she is an intellectual with a bit of a taste thrown in, you have picked the right gift for the that is a blend of design and intellect. Not a romantic gift, but something your nerdy wife with an artistic taste is going to love.

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33. Statement necklace about cosmic love

QILMILY The 7 Planet Necklace Astronomy Necklace with Planets Double-Sided Planet Necklace Handmade Gift

A cosmic necklace for the wife who is into wellness. It is elegant, vibrant, and made with the theme of all cosmic planets. For the couples who are into a healthy and wellness lifestyle together, this a fantastic gift you can give your wife. This is a handmade necklace that represents the solar system. A nice fashion jewelry that you can gift your wife on her birthday.

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34. Rose shaped and scented bath soap sets

Floral Scented Bath Soap Rose Flower Petals,JIALEEY Plant Essential Oil Rose Soap Set Guest Soap shaped Petals Best Gifts Ideas for Her Women Teens Girls Mom Birthdays, 18 PCS Purple

A feminine and a sweet gift to give your wife on her birthday is this rose shaped bath soap set that comes in regal and feminine colors. These sets of bath soaps are shaped in the design of a rose. These are 18 pieces of bath soaps that are made with organic essential oil. One of the sweet and romantic gifts for wife on her birthday is this set. Makes for a unique gift set that your wife will love.

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35. Exotic flavored lip balm and scrub

A beauty gift set for your wife on her birthday is something that she will thank you for. This is a set of exotic flavored lip balm and scrub. It is made with natural products and does not have any toxic chemicals or ingredients. It helps keep the beauty routine of your wife and she is bound to love this gift. A nice bday gift for wife who has everything and loves being pampered.

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36. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

A beautiful looking Dutch oven that is enameled with porcelain can cook anything to perfection. Use it in the oven or on the stove top, it cooks everything and is a ready to serve dish. It is easy to clean and heats food evenly. All the contents of food will be of even temperature when you cook in this Dutch oven. A gift that your wife will love on her birthday.

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37. Elegant blessing cards with beautiful wishes

For all the love you feel for your wife and all the compassion in your heart that lets you see her beyond her flaws, this is a wonderful gift that has beautiful blessings on each card for her. Bless her for the love and sacrifices she makes to keep the family together. A lovely gift to give a wife who is homely and sweet. She is bound to feel tears of happiness when you give her this gift.

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38. Porcelain tea cup and saucer with vintage painting

A beautiful gift for the wife who loves everything classy, vintage, and pretty much lives in the Victorian Era of Jane Austen. A best gift for wife, who throws flawless tea parties and loves her share of gossip and chit-chat with her close group of friends. For the lovely lady, this is a classy gift to give to make her smile. Hand washable and not meant for dishwasher. A perfect gift for the women who handles everything with care.

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39. A cookbook on French confections

Make French macrons in various flavors, and many other French colorful confections from this book. Throw classy and elegant tea parties and soiree and let show off your culinary skills with this gift. There is so much you can do in your free time if you are a homemaker and create a lovely setting and delectable flavors from the oven with the recipes in this book. If your wife is a huge fan of French cooking, this is a perfect gift for her.

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40. A box of caramel dipped chocolates

A box of chocolates are one of the best gifts you can give people of any age. For your wife who brings sweetness to your life, this is a meaningful gift to give. A dessert box that has natural flavors that the woman you love will be delighted in relishing in. Made in fine quality, they are going to put a smile on her face. They are made with natural ingredients without any preservatives.

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41. Vintage spoon set

A unique gifts for wife is this set of vintage spoon sets that have a fine design and detailing. A unique set that decorates the kitchen of your home. Stir the coffee or tea with style and feel the style of retro and vintage flowing through. Relish a piece of dessert with this vintage spoons and get compliments for your good taste. They are made in durable material and have floral motifs on them.

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42. Dessert and cake stand

Organise lovely afternoon parties with your friends and decorate the table with this beautiful and elegant gift. A cake and dessert stand that is made in porcelain is a sweet gift you can give your wife and fill her day with lovely memories. For the woman who loves organizing parties, this is an apt gift to give.

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43. Soft and silky scarf wrap

Achillea Large Soft Silky Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf in Solid Colors (Champagne)

A soft scarf that goes well with all outfits is a good gift to give your wife on her birthday. This is a smooth scarf with fringes that has a subtle shine. It can be worn to formal as well as informal places and events. It adds to your panache and style. It is suitable for a hand wash and not machine washing. One of the classy birthday gift ideas for wife is this soft and silky scarf wrap.

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44. Floral wall murals

A floral wall mural is one of the coolest gifts you can give your wife if she has a home office and is an entrepreneur. She can decorate her office with this beautiful gift. It can be applied on any surface and is easy to install it on the wall. An artistic birthday gift ideas for wife who loves to beautify her space. It can be used on the wall as well as the door.

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45. Flower shaped stud earrings

A special gift you can give your wife is these sets of stud earrings in the shape of a flower. A special gift for wife that have a stunning design and suit women of all age groups. No matter what the age and taste of your wife, this is a gift that suits any occasion and can be worn with any outfit. A beautiful pair of earrings that give you compliments.

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46. Bohemian fabric picture organiser

A unique picture frame that is made in wood and tassles is a nice birthday gift to give a wife who loves taking pictures and selfies. It can be placed in bedroom or living room and lets you hang pictures provided by the clips on the wooden hangers. It makes it easier to change the photographs and also use it for artworks. A contemporary picture organizer that is one of a kind and lets you display pictures for memories.

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47. Bohemian necklace with beads and rhinestones

NEARTIME ��Women Necklaces, 2018 Holiday Sale Bohemian Jewelry Statement Necklaces Women Rhinestone Gem Pendant Collar Gifts (Blue)

This is a long necklace that would suit a women of any age, especially older women. An elegant wife present ideas is this necklace that looks good with tunics, casual, and party clothing. This is a layered necklace that has a pendant that looks vintage. Wear it on off shoulder outfits to look chic and elegant. A choker necklace that has multi strands and looks beautiful on the wearer.

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48. Nonstick indoor grill with a large drip tray

A great gift for wife who enjoys cooking. A non-stick grill lets you make yummy grilled steak, sandwiches and many other grilled recipes. Enjoy a scrumptious snack on a cold day with this non-stick grill that comes with a large drip tray. This is one of the yummiest birthday gift ideas for her. You can enjoy indoor grilling without a lot of smoke as it comes with temperature controls.

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49. Stud necklace with beautiful design

A wonderful necklace that has a unique design for pendant in stones is a terrific gift you can give your wife on her birthday. It can be used for daily wear and is rust free. A comfortable and lightweight necklace that adds beauty to the outfit and makes the wearer look refined and graceful. A best present for wife who loves her piece of jewelry.

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50. Floral printed mason jar

A floral printed mason jar is a sweet gift to a wife who is homely and loves to decorate her kitchen with lovely looking jars and canisters. A dainty and delicate gifts for your wife who is graceful and loves to keep her kitchen organized. Impress her with a gift that shows good taste and that you care about her choices.

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51. Guitar shaped spoons and spatulas for kitchen

If you know that your wife loves rock music and has been a part of a band sometime in the past, this is a surprise gift that will bring back nostalgic moments and memories. She will enjoy stirring recipes in the kitchen humming, singing, and using these wooden guitar themed utensils. A music-themed presents for wife that makes her happy.

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52. Decorative candle holder set

The candle holder is placed on a designer wooden plate with stones and is in earthy shades. It looks great in any room and enhances its beauty. A good gift for the wife who loves to beautify and decorate. It is battery operated and is pleasing to the eyes when placed in any corner of the room. A stylish decor gift that lets your wife decorate any room.

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53. Flower shaped stud earrings

Sterling Silver Genuine African Amethyst Flower Stud Earrings

Earrings that have the shape of an open flower is a pretty gift you can give your wife on her birthday. It has a purple stone in its center that adds to style and elegance. It looks prettier on older woman. If you have been married for many years, and want to give something small and nice to your wife on her birthday this is a good gift to give. It is made in sterling silver and adds to the collection of her jewelry.

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54. Sterling silver anklet

DESIMTION Anklet Sterling Silver Infinity Heart Foot Rose Gold Adjustable Anklets Ankle Bracelets for Women Gift for Mother's Day (D-Rose Gold Heart Anklets)

A sterling silver anklet that looks elegant and has heart shapes is a sweet and a unique gift you can give your wife on her birthday even if she is not used to wearing anklets. It looks good on women of any size and body contour. If you are done gifting necklaces or other pieces of jewelry, this is a good piece of jewelry to gift her with. It symbolizes companionship and love. If you are feeling sentimental, this is an apt gift to give her. A sweet and romantic birthday gifts for wife.

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55. Adjustable zircon bracelet

ASHMITA Fashion Adjustable Chain Bracelet for Women,Cubic Zirconia Platinum Plated Gift Bracelet of Luxury Shining Jewelry

A lovely looking bracelet studded with zircon stones is a beautiful gift you can give your wife on her birthday. It comes with an adjustable chain and has shine that does not rust. It can be worn daily and is hypoallergenic. The wearer looks elegant and graceful wearing it. It is designed artistically and looks great with evening and party clothing. If you are thinking what to buy my wife for her birthday, this is the best gift to go with. 

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56. Ceramic stone tree of life coaster set

Ceramic coaster with the tree of life print are sweet looking gifts that would decorate the kitchen table. They absorb liquids and help your wife keep the table clean hassle-free. It prevents damage to the table or furniture and makes it easier for your wife to maintain home from damages. It adds to the beauty of the kitchen and can be used in numerous places where there is a chance of scratches.

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57. Stylish straw hat for women

Womens Straw Hat Wide Brim Floppy Beach Cap Adjustable Sun Hat for Women UPF 50+ (Bowknot&Khaki)

A lightweight summer hat for your wife who loves beach vacations. It comes with an adjustable feature and can fit anyone. The wearer looks stylish on the beach wearing it along with other beachwear clothing. Get some sun on the beach wearing this gift on a romantic holiday with your husband. You can wear it to any outdoor activity like camping, hiking, outdoor events, or even when you are walking your dog in the sun.

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58. Chic beret caps

VEC 100% Wool Berets Cap for Women Beanies Cap Artist Hats French Style

A chic beret cap looks artistic and stylish on formal clothing. A nice gift for the wife who loves horse riding, golf, and everything French. It is designed in a breathable material and absorbs sweat. If your wife loves attending dress up and costume parties, she is going to love this gift. It looks adorable and makes her look pleasing when she wears it. It has a delicate design and is more suitable for a woman who has a small face.

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59.  Frosting set for cake decoration

Gift this unique set to your wife which comes with baking supplies, nozzles, piping and frosting tips. Your wife can bake delicious and wonderful looking cake with these decorating tips. With this set you can decorate a cake like a pro. You can decorate muffins, cupcakes, cookies, and pastries for parties and celebrations. Create exciting patterns with icing tips and receive compliments for your cake decorating skills.

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60. Elegant clutch bag

Women's Wallet soft leather wristlet wallet Phone holder designer Ladies Clutch Long Purse large Zipper wallet with Wrist Strap green

An elegant clutch bag that has floral motifs in dark teal color is a good choice of a gift for your wife on her birthday. It has a wrist strap and is covered with lace having floral design. It looks feminine and is something your wife will love. It can hold phone, checkbooks, money, and other small items. For parties and informal occasions your wife can look stylish carrying this elegant clutch purse. For all those husbands who think what to get wife for birthday, this a gift she will definitely love. 

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61. Belgian waffle maker

Your wife can make delicious waffles with deep pockets and bring joy to children. This is a non stick waffle maker that is easy to clean. The baked waffles do not stick to the plate and can be dressed with toppings and syrups. It has options of customised heat and can cook different types of patterns for waffles.

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62. Floral printed shower curtain

Your wife can have a good time pampering herself in a bathroom that is decorated with this beautifully printed shower curtain. A unique gift that you can give your wife on her birthday. If she loves spending a lot of time grooming and pampering herself, this is an apt gift to give. It is printed in vibrant colors and adds to the decor of the bathroom. A good quality curtain that is machine washable is a good gift for your wife on her birthday.

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63. Non stick bread maker machine

This machine has two paddles for kneading bread. It is a non stick machine. Your wife will love this gift as it lets her bake fresh bread easily. It has 12 settings to make different types of bakes. You can also add fruits and nuts while baking bread. You have to select the loaf size and the crust setting to bake a bread like a pro. With this bread maker you can also make pizza dough, croissants, and flat bread.

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64. Rechargeable cordless wine opener

A lovely gift for your wife on her birthday is this rechargeable cordless wine opener. It is convenient, stylish, and ergonomically designed. It also comes with a wine chiller. This is an electric wine opener that opens the cork with a simple touch. It can open 30 bottles when charged once. You no more have to fiddle with the cork when opening a wine bottle. One of the best birthday presents for her if she is a wine lover.

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65. Retro floral design necklace set

Femicuty Fashion Womens Retro Purple Butterflies Elegant Style Necklace Earring Sets

Vintage necklace set that has elegant floral designs for the necklace as well as the danglers is a gift that your wife will love to receive on her birthday. It is studded with cubic zircon and is hand painted in enamel. It has butterflies and flowers set in a beautiful design. Your wife will look stunning and dainty wearing this delicately designed necklace set. An elegant jewellery set is the best gift to give if you are thinking what to get my wife for her birthday. 

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66. Beautiful artificial indoor planter

This is a metallic planter that has assorted artificial plants and flowers. You can choose this as a gift for your wife if she loves flowers and decor items. She can place it in her office or home. It looks real and is easy to maintain. It does not require watering and can look pretty sitting in one place without dying out. Express your love to your wife on her birthday with these flowers and planter that will stay lively forever.

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67. Twig light branch home decor

An artistic gift to give your wife to show how she lights up your life with her presence. It has twig branches that can be light up and acts like a great decor piece for the living room. It can be powered with a USB cord and can be used indoors as a decor item. You can place it in a vase along with other decorative flowers to make it stand out.

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68. Silver pendant necklace in Swarovski

OLYSHE Necklace Pendant for Women for Women Swarovski Jewelry Flower Anniversary Birthday Gift (Flower Pink)

This is a pendant necklace made in swarovski crystals and placed in a floral design. A great design that goes well with most of the clothing. Your wife is bound to get compliments wearing this design. It is aesthetically designed to suit women of all age groups. It looks good on older as well as younger women. It is nickel and lead free and does not lead to any allergies if worn daily. You can wear this gift to your work and look graceful in it.

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69. Travel makeup organizer

A beautiful travel kit that you can gift your wife who travels frequently. It helps in keeping all of her items organized. It is waterproof and comes with a padding. She can carry it along with her in any place in the world without worrying about damages due to climatic conditions. A reliable travel cosmetic bag that your wife will love as a gift on her birthday.

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70. Professional bartending tools and set

A fantastic gift for your wife is this bartending tools and set that lets her mix delicious cocktails and martinis. It works well with amateur bartenders as well as professionals. Throw awesome parting at home mixing drinks with this bartending tool and set. This is an easy to use bar set to make great cocktails at home.

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71. Electric egg cooker

A gift  that makes cooking eggs easy. You can easily make poached eggs, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelette with this gift. Make perfect variety of eggs in a short time and rustle up breakfast that has eggs. For a wife who has a busy schedule and counts every minute to get the job done. It makes her feel that you understand and care enough to make her life easy. It makes omelettes and other eggs within minutes of pushing the start button.

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72. Pan and pot organiser

A pan and a pot organiser saves space in the kitchen and helps in keeping the place neat and organised. It can be placed on the countertop and is easy to use and handle. You can easily reach for it and cook yummy dishes in them. A gift that lets your wife keep everything organised in the kitchen. A thoughtful gift that lets her know you care. This is a free-standing pan organiser. The pans and pots can be placed horizontally or vertically.

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73. Non-woven jewellery organiser

Gift this jewellery organiser that is made in fabric to your wife on her birthday. If you are living in a small condo, this is a gift that she will love to have and keep her jewellery organised in a place where space is a constraint. It has many pockets and loops where jewellery can be stored as well as hanged. The velcro loops make the access easy and is a great space saver gift that your wife will love.

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74. Wooden trivet sets for hot dishes

Unlike other trivets that get hot when a hot utensil is placed, this is a set of wooden trivets that does not get hot even if you place a hot utensil on it for any length of time. A nice addition to the kitchen decor and utility items. This is a gift your wife will love. It is thoughtful and useful, something that can be used for a longer period of time. It is easy to clean and maintain. It does not smell like trivets made in other materials.

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75. Silver bracelet wrist watch

â�¤Mother's Day Giftâ�¤ ETEVON Women’s Quartz Silver Wrist Watch with Small Crystal Dial and Hollow Bracelet Water Resistant, Casual Simple Dress Watches for Women

An elegant gift to give your wife on her birthday is this bracelet wrist watch. It has a beautiful design and is suitable for business as well as casual events. Your working wife is bound to get a lot of compliments for wearing it. It is not ideal to swim with it but can withstand splashes of water. It is made in scratch resistant glass and looks refined. A dressy watch that is suitable for business meetings as well.

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76. Multipurpose cooker

Gift this programmable multipurpose cooker to your wife on her birthday and she can’t love you enough for giving her this thoughtful gift. It has different modes such as pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooking, yogurt maker, warmer, and steamer. Smart features are available to cook different kinds of meat. Cooking inside this cooker retains the nutrients and aromas of the food.

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77. High speed mixer

A gift that your wife will love on her birthday. It makes it easier for her to mix bread dough, or any wet or dry ingredients. It comes with a bowl where all the ingredients are mixed. You can mix bread dough, mashed potatoes, stir, whisk, and blend food items using this appliance. Make every dish to perfection using high speed kitchen mixer.

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78. Mini waffle maker

Make hash browns, paninis, waffles, and many other yummy snacks with this waffle maker. Your wife will love this gift on her birthday as it is nifty and lets her rustle up a nice breakfast. If your wife is always on the go, this is a useful gift to give her. It takes less space on the countertop, is lightweight and can be taken along when travelling. You can always cook your favourite snacks no matter where you travel.

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79. Airbrush makeup kit

5 Easy Step Airbrsuh Makeup Kit (Light/Medium)

A lovely gift for wife is loves to post pics on Instagram. This is an airbrush makeup kit that lets her get the most flawless and photogenic photograph after applying makeup from this kit. It is made with organic ingredients and moisturises the skin with each application.

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80. Spinning organiser for storing spices and condiments

A spinning organiser that fits on the countertop, refrigerator, or the cabinet in the kitchen is a thoughtful gift you can give your wife on her birthday. It lets her keep the pantry organised and reach for spices and condiments easily. The spinning feature saves time in navigating through spices. It can also be used in the bathroom to keep shampoos and other bath accessories and items.

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81. Porcelain tea cup saucer set with spoon

A pleasing gift for the wife on her birthday is this set of porcelain cup and saucer. It has elegant print and is rimmed with gold color. Your wife will love this gift and grace her kitchen with this set of teacup saucer. It is delicate and stylish. It can be used daily as well as for tea parties. It is not microwave or dishwasher safe. It adds to the table decor when you organise tea parties.

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82. Bagel slicer

Your wife will love this simple and useful gift on her birthday. A bagel slicer is a nice gift to give her that can reduce her efforts in making breakfast. It’s easy to slice bagels without hurting yourself. Get non messy cuts on the bagel without having to use a knife with this slicer. It takes less time and make breakfast for your kids quickly using this slicer.

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83. Silent ergonomic hand blender

Your wife will love this hand blender that comes with 12 speed settings. It is lightweight and noiseless. Blend fruits and vegetables for juices, create puree, and whisk cream, cheese, and other food items to prepare yummy dishes. This is a compact hand blender that can be used to prepare food with different textures. It comes with one-click attachments and is dishwasher safe.

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84. Family Breakfast Station For Reheating 

A family breakfast station is an awesome gift to give your wife who dedicates her morning time in preparing breakfast for family and kids. It has a toaster, reheating options, non-stick griddle, and a tray that is removable. Heat up coffee, make toasts for family, make eggs and sausages, all in a single go. It takes only 30 minutes to prepare all of these food items and brew 4 cups of coffee at a time. A wonderful gift your wife will thank you for.

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85. Closet organiser

A closet organiser looks trendy and lets your wife keep her shoes, bags, and other accessories in order. Though it is lightweight, it is durable and lasts for a longer period of time. It was very roomy inside and has many compartments where you can keep your stuff organised. For smaller items this is an apt organiser that can be used to keep everything inside the closet in order.

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86. Vintage barrette metal hair clip set

3 Pieces Women Hair Clips Hairpins Retro Vintage Metal French Barrette Jewelry (Style B)

These are highly stylised and ornate barrette hair clips in vintage style. Gift the woman of your life with this set and see her gleaming in smile. The design of these hair clips are highly ornate and beautiful. They can be worn on all formal occasions and festivals. It is suitable for those with medium and long hair length. Your hair styling will be instantly recognised in the crowd when you wear this hair clip.

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87. The Summer House-bestseller romance novel

A beautiful romantic fiction set in the backdrop of a beach is a mushy gift you can give your wife on her birthday. It is a romantic story of how two people can see beyond what is presented to them. This is a love story that has too many storms and hope of true love that stands through all the challenges, secrets, and testing times.

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88. Crystal hair clip with peacock motif

Lovely Vintage Jewelry Crystal Green Peacock Hair Clips - for hair clip Beauty Tools

An embellished barrette hair clip that has a peacock motif is a pretty gift to give your wife on your birthday. She will be happy to notice your good taste and appreciate your efforts in finding a gorgeous gift for her. A magnificent looking hair clip adds to the beauty of your hairstyle and overall look. A decorative accessory for the hair make it look prettier.

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89. Manicure Pedicure studio with holder

Makartt Nail Base Manicure Pedicure Studio with Accessory Holder and Multi angle Rest- for Home DIY Nail Art

When you know your wife enjoys feeling lofty, this is a birthday gift that will please her. This is  manicure and pedicure studio that comes with a holder that tilts in multiple angles. The nail polish holder is adjustable. You can keep all of your manicure and pedicure tools and items inside this studio. It has an accessory tray and is easy to clean as  the parts are detachable. Your wife will love her manicure and pedicure routine with this gift.

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90. It Ends With Us- romantic bestseller novel

A marvellous gift to give your wife who is a romantic at heart and loves reading. A love story that has many tumultuous twists and takes of a relation about two people who are entirely different from each other in profession, thoughts, and ideologies. It talks of the roller coaster ride that takes place between two people and how reading this book can change your perspective about relationships.

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91. Set of liquid matte lipsticks

6pcs Matte Velvety Liquid Lipstick Matte Liquid Lipgloss Waterproof Lip Gloss

Boost the vanity and beauty of your wife with this gift of a set of liquid lipsticks that come in a variety of shades and tints. Colors that suit formal as well as informal occasions. If your wife works most of the time and loves her bit of makeup, this is a nice touch to what she loves as a part of her daily routine. They give a smooth and a creamy feel unlike other matte lipsticks.

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92. Painless hair remover

Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover, Lavender/Rose Gold

Love is about reducing the other person’s pain. This is a painless hair remover that will let your wife stay beautiful forever. It helps her be groomed without feeling the pain. A wonderful and nifty gift for your on her birthday is this hair remover that goes well in a small clutch and can travel with your wife anywhere she goes. It is battery operated and easy to use and handle. Anytime and anywhere your wife can groom herself and get that flawless and smooth skin.

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93. Rose gold wrist watch

ETEVON Women’s Quartz Rose Gold Wrist Watch with Simple Dial Style and Round Hollow Bracelet Water Resistant, Fashion Luxury Dress Watches for Women (Rose Gold)

A fashionable, water-resistant wristwatch with a beautiful design in rose gold is a fantastic gift to give your wife on her birthday. It is wrapped in a luxury box. Ideal for business and casual events and activities. Water splashes do not damage the watch but immersing it in water is not recommended. It is scratch resistant and a perfect gift for your working wife.

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94. Musical and humming bird printed apron

An aesthetic looking apron for the wife who loves to spend her time in the kitchen learning different recipes and cooking scrumptious meal for for all. One of a kind and a pretty apron that has musical notes and a hummingbird printed on it. Your wife can feel additional joy and rhythm cooking in the kitchen and experimenting with different recipes. For indoor and outdoor cooking this is a nice apron that is easy to wash and dry.

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95. Scented soap sets made in shea butter and essential oils

French Milled Botanical Soap Sampler Set in Nine Fabulous Scents, Individually Wrapped Vegetable Based Mini Soaps with Essential Oils, Shea Butter and Natural Extracts (Floral Favorites)

A lovely gift to give your wife on her birthday is this set of handmade soap bars that are made with Shea butter and essential oils. It leaves the skin soft and moisturised. Make your wife happy with this soap set that is made with organic ingredients and cleanses the skin making it smell beautiful.

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96. A bracelet with a love message

EGOO YAMEE 'I Love You Always and Forever' Inspirational Cuff Bangle Bracelets, Jewelry for Women, Girls, Wife, Her, Mom

Gift your wife this bracelet that has love message embedded in it. It would always remind her that you love her and are by her side always. It is made in stainless steel and can be worn everyday as a reminder of your love for her. A wonderful gift that would stay on her wrist forever, no matter where she goes to remind her of your love, affection, and support forever.

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97. An insulated colourful lunch bag

A sign that you care about her is gifting her this lunch bag that is insulated and helps in keeping her lunch warm. She can enjoy a warm lunch that remains fresh in this insulated lunch bag. She can enjoy a healthy snack and lunch daily no matter where she goes. Even if she has to travel for work, the warm lunch inside this bag will give her strength and boost her productivity.

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98. Glass paperweight with love message

A paperweight that has love message embossed inside it is a lovely gift you can give your wife on her birthday to let her know his feelings and emotions for you are sealed inside forever. You can feel inspired at work placing this paper weight on the table feeling that you are loved all the time. It could eliminate all of your stress and lead you to doing better at work and life. It has a message about how you will always be loved forever.

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99. Pair of champagne flute glasses

A classy gift to give your wife on her birthday is this pair of champagne flute glasses. Experience joy and harmony together sipping champagne from these glasses. It has an elegant design that can decorate the shelf of your wall in your home. Make lovely moments together and find joy in each other company, drinking and chatting up. They are lightweight and well  made glasses with an impressive make.

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100. Vanity tray with mirror base

A vanity tray that has a mirror at its base is a unique and elegant gift for your wife on her birthday. She can decorate her dressing table with this tray placing cosmetics or any other item. It enhances the beauty of the dressing room and creates a high-flown effect as the tray has decorative detailing that are eye-catching. A gift that would stand out and make everything prettier.

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101. That’s What She Said Party Game

A funny and a naughty adult party game is a merry  gift to give your wife on her birthday. It’s as good as a board game that is enjoyable on a game night. Gather your friends for a house party and have fun playing this game. It is fast-paced and has many twists that are hilarious and naughty. When you play with different people it gives different reactions and results.

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102. Vintage style foldable hand mirror

An ornate and foldable hand mirror that looks wonderful and fits inside a purse if a beautiful gift for your wife on her birthday who is pretty and classy. It can decorate her dressing room and give it a Victorian appeal. If she still loves fairytales and believes in old-school romance and made-for-each-other sagas, this is the gift she will treasure. It brings out the sentiment in the hopeless romantic.

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103. A pack of 10 romantic movie collection

Holiday Romance Collection Movie 10 Pack

For the starry nights and romantic full moons, these are the movie collection that you can watch outdoors when you go camping and sit by the wildfire, hand-in-hand, happy to be together. Get her teary-eyed and let her know how every emotion of yours is depicted in these romantic movies. It lets her binge on them back-to-back when you are away. Let the romance flow during all seasons.

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104. In The Company Of Women- inspirational book

Gift this book to your wife on her birthday if she has ideas to make it on her own and start her own business. A great way to inspire your wife to make a head start and let her follow her dreams by encouraging independence and creativity. A New York best seller that has stories from successful women from all walks of life.

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105. Rimless oversized sunglasses

Stylish rimless oversized sunglasses in rose-tinted color is bound to win the heart of your wife on her birthday. Gift her these sunglasses and see her giving a bright smile. They are trendy and fit your face perfectly. Lightweight and provide UV protection. They protect your eyes and perk up your style. They are durable and can be used for longer duration. Your wife would be happier receiving this gift.

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106. Jasmine and lavender spa set

Bath and Body Gift Set For Women and Men – Lavender and Jasmine Home Spa Set With Rose Soaps, Double Sized Bath Bombs, Reusable Travel Cosmetics Bag and More

Pamper the love of your life with this jasmine and lavender spa set on her birthday. It soothes the senses and keeps her in a happy mood. It pampers her skin as well as her emotions. Spa sets are perfect birthday gifts for your wife. A personalised gift that will help her relieve her stress and soak herself up in tranquillity and happiness.

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107. Butterfly shaped tray with prints

Pretty pair of trays that have beautiful prints on them. They can be used in the outdoors, snacks, and some chat time. They are dishwasher safe and have a meadow pattern printed on them. Easy to clean and remind of the summer and holiday theme. They are unbreakable, lightweight, and make for a wonderful birthday gift.

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108. Compact Air Fryer

A compact air fryer that does not require a lot of oil to fry foods helps reduce fat content by more than 60% is a gift your wife will love on her birthday. Your wife can fry foods without worrying about fat content and prepare delicious snacks with this air fryer. It comes with automatic settings that shuts off when the overheated. You can relish crispy food without feeling stressed about putting on weight.

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109. Ceramic planters with marble prints

A nice gift for your wife if she loves greenery and gardening. These planters look artistic and decorate the living space in the urban set up. They have attractive patterns and look good in any rooms. Your wife can place them in your home or her office and decorate the space with these planters. They have an eclectic design and boost the aesthetic appeal of any room. A decorative for your wife who loves going green and loves nature.

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110. Pretty sandals with ornate embellishments

These sandals have a unique design and have wedge heels. They go well with most of the casual and party outfits. Do not wear them with formal or business clothing. They have an outdoor and a vintage appeal. Embellished in floral designs, you are bound to look dainty in them. These are dressy shoes for your wife on her birthday.

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111. Pearl choker necklace

Simulated Pearl Choker Necklace for Women Manual Bead Multi Strand Necklace for Bridal Jewelry

Chunky pearl choker necklace suits a women of all ages and make them look dulcet and elegant. A perfect gift for your wife on her birthday is this choker necklace. It can be worn on formal occasions, weddings, festivals, and other celebrations. Celebrate your bond with her by gifting her this beautiful necklace on her birthday.

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112. Multi Layered choker necklace in metal

Outee 5 Pcs Layered Necklace Chokers Simple Layered Clavicle Necklace Multilayer Gold Tone Tiered Chokers Necklaces for Women Girls Bead Heart Star Moon Pendant Chain Necklaces

An elegant set of choker necklace is a sweet gift you can give your wife on her birthday. It has stars, moon, and heart shaped pendants that are tiny in size and signify cosmic love you feel for your wife. For the one and only who is made for you and for whom you would bring back the moon and stars, this is a symbolic gift. It can be worn with a party or an evening dress.

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113. Bluetooth wireless speaker with in-built mic

A wonderful gift for your wife who loves gadgets are these wireless Bluetooth speakers. They can be used with numerous devices. They can play continuously for 5-hours. It can be carried in the outdoors to listen to music and watch movies when you go camping and spend the night under the sky, listening to music and watching movies together.

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114. Jewellery trinket tray

A jewellery tray that has a symbol that signifies luck is a magical gift you can give your wife that would bring her good luck and beauty. A gift with a good wish that keeps the evil out and keeps the smile on her face. Easy to store jewellery and acts as a decor piece as well. It is made in fine ceramic quality and looks good as a desk or dressing table decor piece.

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115. Wooden bread box

A sweet gift for your wife is this wooden bread box that stores food such as baked items. A compact wooden storage box for stacking breads, baguettes, and bagels. Easy to reach when you have to make a breast toast and prepare breakfast. It helps keep the food organised and fresh. It looks nice on the counter table and is easy to assemble.

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116. Foldable and portable hooks for bags

An ornate and embellished foldable hook to hang bags is a practical gift your working and busy wife will love. It lets her hang her handbag anywhere when seated close to a table. It holds the grip well and can take the weight of the handbag. A handy gift that you can give her if you have gifted her jewellery for years. They come in a set of eye-catching designs and are suitable portable accessories for women who are on the go.

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117. Gucci perfume for women

Gift your wife perfume from Gucci and make her feel luxurious and pampered. It is suitable for every skin type. Ideal for casual occasions and parties. Make her feel on top of the world with this wonderful gift that she would love to have. A light perfume that makes you feel graceful and feminine.

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118. Floral printed pumps

Nine West Women's Flax Pump Peach Multi 10.5 M US

Sweet looking pumps for your wife is the gift that she will drool over. A gift that can win her over and over. If your wife loves to binge on style, this is dandiest gift to give. Let her feel on top of the world and in vogue walking in them in a lovely gait. A classic and a happy dress up pair of pumps is a terrific gift for wife’s birthday.

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119. 16-piece suave dinner set

Throwing parties, entertaining people and chit-chatting over dinner are few of the priceless things in life. Gift this eclectic dinner set to your wife who organizes parties to perfection. It is made in artisan glaze and is microwave and dishwasher safe. A nice gift that shows your wonderful taste that your wife will appreciate.

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120. Creative bath set collection

Spruce up your bathroom with this gift from your husband on your birthday. It is creatively designed in pristine white and silver lining. It decorates your bathroom and gives it a suave and elegant touch. A nice gift set collection because your wife loves decorating and beautifying the space.

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121. Food dehydrator with 9 shelves

A wonderful gift for your wife on her birthday that lets her keep all kinds of foods fresh. This is a dehydrator that comes with 9 trays. You can use it for fruits, vegetables, beef slices, or any food could dry when placed outside. It prevents food from drying and keeps them fresh. It comes with digitised settings and retains the flavors and nutrients of the food that is stored.

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122. Faux fur collar scarf

BABEYOND Womens Faux Fur Collar Shawl Faux Fur Scarf Wrap Evening Cape for Winter Coat (Light Khaki)

A luxe scarf for your wife on her birthday will make her feel on top of the world. One of a kind gift for wife who does not mind donning up in the drama and the high-flown vanity once in a while for being casual and simple for the most part. A nice gift that lets her play dress up with panache.

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123. Rotating oven for baking foods on both sides

A compact oven that sits on the counter top without taking a lot of space is something your wife will love as a gift on her birthday. It has a rotating tray that lets bake the food on both sides. It has different heat settings that lets you bake the top and bottom portion of the food evenly. It saves a lot of cooking time and your wife will adore this gift for being a time saver.

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124. Programmable coffee maker

A fantastic gift for a working wife who loves to kick start her day with a cup of brewed coffee. It can brew more than 6 cups of coffee in a single fill. The water reservoir is easy to remove and fill. It comes with control buttons that let you make delicious cup of coffee every morning.

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125. Fully Automated Beer Brewing system

A fully automated beer brewer lets you brew best flavors of beer with added ingredients and flavors. It is connected with Wi-Fi and lets you control the brews and receive notifications on your devices. You can download the Brewing App and start the brewing process enjoying a pint of Ale. It connects you to the mobile app that makes the process simple to follow up.

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Your wife, a partner for life is a blessing in your life who fills it with sweetness and compassion. With her, you experience the true meaning of life in every aspect and stage of your life. Choose from this extensive list of birthday gift ideas for wife that suits your budget and taste. Her birthday is a chance to show her how much you love her and care about the choices she makes in life.