30 Unique Birthday Gift Options For Her This Time

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:15 am

unique birthday gift ideas for her

Here i will be sharing with you some of the unique birthday gift options for her. Gifts that she will definitely like and somewhat they are different.

Finding an absolutely ideal & unique birthday gift for her is not a cakewalk especially if the woman is an important part of your life. It has to be completely perfect and in accordance with the relationship you share with her, the occasion, her tastes and preferences and last but not the least your budget.

Some women may prefer precious metals and stones whereas some may love to go out on a simple picnic or even some beautiful flowers may suffice. The most important thing to remember before buying a gift is that it’s not about you and hence buy only that thing which would be of her interest and not yours.

If she is a woman who likes to explore and have experiences, then do not give her something that can come in a box, plan a holiday or a class which she might enjoy. To a woman like that gift her with your time and companionship.

Today most of the women are independent and know it pretty clearly that what they want for themselves and are also perfectly capable of getting it for themselves. This makes the task much more complicated. What can you gift someone who has everything they want?

Well for that we bring to you some interesting and unique ideas which are not so common hence are sure to be a wonderful surprise and a big hit. Continue reading for such exclusive, matchless and different from the rest kind of gifting ideas for that one special lady in your life.

Get ready to explore 30 options that will surely going to help you plan a right gift for her.

1. Rechargeable Bottle lights

Unique-birthday-gifts-rechargable bootle light

A beautiful way to transform simple bottles into beautiful lamps and change the entire ambience of the room. Be it a romantic dinner, party or even any outdoor event these can be used to enhance and brighten up a simple space into something just spectacular.

One need not limit them to just empty glass bottles but can experiment with any glass vessel that you think will go with it.

2. E-Revolution molecular cosmopolitan kit


Something to spice up a simple cocktail and turn it into an exotic drink. This is an entire kit which allows you to astonishingly recreate the flavors of your favorite drinks.

So if you wish to something really unique to someone who is very special to you and absolutely loves surprizes this is the gift to go for.

3. Family circle of love Birthstone necklace

Unique-birthday-gifts-family circle love birthstone

A completely personalized gift, a unique necklace with a pendant that has engraved names and small but pretty birthstones of all the members of one’s family.

The birthstones are attached right in front of the names. It is one of the most must have gift for a woman who has to stay away from home to remind her that her family is always with her.

4. Classic wooden jewelry box

Unique-birthday-gifts-Classic wood jewelry box

This is an elegant jewelry box with a beautiful rosewood finish. The inside of the box is lined with beautiful cream colored velvet that makes it easy to store even the most precious stones. On top of the box is a brass plate which can be personalized with any 9 letter word.

5. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses-Unique-birthday-gifts

For a woman who knows how to have fun and loves to party hard and the one who likes to different than others here is a set of innovative glasses made from Himalayan salt.

These will give your drink a salty tinge without needing to add it from outside; also it has a flavor rather different from the common table salt.

6. Heart necklace

Love Heart Necklace-Unique-birthday-gifts

A heart pendant is pretty common so why not gift her something that conveys your feelings in a different manner.

With a beautiful concept that even though love may not always be easy to be seen but yet it is always there this necklace holds a beautiful pendant of quite an unusual shape which on catching light casts the shadow in shape of a heart. Now is it not a beautiful way to express?

7. Copper Mule Mug

Copper mule mug-gifts-birthday-Unique

A beautiful and classic looking copper plated and basically made from steel, mug that works perfect to serve any drink that is to be served chilled. It can be personalized with a three lettered monogram.

8. Bathtub shower wine glass holder

Bathtub shower wine glass holder--gifts-birthday-Unique

Every woman loves to get for herself an exotic bath to get her refreshed from all the daily stresses and a glass of wine further adds on to the relaxation.

Here is a holder for those wine glasses making it convenient for keeping the glasses safe from falling and breaking.

9. Slushie and Soft Ice Cream Maker

An awesome frozen treat maker will make a wonderful gift to any woman. It is an extremely handy and easy to use equipment which can make preparing of any kind of frozen delight absolutely effortless. For those who are not into simple beverages well it can help you prepare fantastic cocktails.

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10. Coffee maker


A cup of coffee is all one needs to kick start a day. Nothing can be a better present for a woman who cannot get her day going without caffeine in her system.

A good coffee maker would be a solution for all her problems, keeping her enthusiastic all day long. Believe me, she will thank you a million times for it and you will totally make it perfect for her.

11. French cookies

french cookies

There is no woman who will not love these little pieces of delicious gourmet treats from France. This will make one of the most exotic gift for her and without a doubt it will express the amount of thought that you’ve put in and the efforts that you’ve gone through to find the most suitable and perfect flavor. Ofcourse we’ve tried to make it easier for you a little bit.

12. A set of therapeutic essential oils


When you gift these you are actually gifting her therapeutic relaxation in a box. Each and every day she goes through so many things to strike a balance between her work and family, the stress and the exhaustion she faces!

She deserves to be pampered and be relieved from the frustrations that she goes through and there is nothing better that a set of these beautifully smelling set of essential oils.

13. Autographed Acoustic Guitar by Shania Twain

For a music lover who would love to learn how to play guitar an acoustic guitar this would be the one.

An acoustic guitar is perfect even for beginners and the with Shania Twain’s autograph is definitely going to be her best gift ever! This comes with a certificate of authenticity as well to guarantee the genuineness of the autograph.

14. Azure High-Quality Porcelain Tableware

Azure High Quality Porcelain Tableware

For a woman who loves to have the finer things in life, here is an idea that is bound to touch her heart.

This is an elegant and exclusive set of white and golden dinnerware which will certainly be the highlight of a royal dinner party. It is an easy to use set which will surely go a long way and when it’s porcelain it’s always in style.

15. Stun Gun

Stun Gun

A fantastic self defense product to women who works late or in night shifts or even for students who are new in a city. This will keep you less worried about their safety. It also has a built in torch function which is a necessary feature.

Gift it to her to make her traveling less risky. However before buying this make sure that buying this product is within the approved legal limits.

16. Fitbit activity tracker

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity

Now this one’s for a fitness freak who cannot let go one day without working out. Fitbit is a well-known brand for fitness gadgets and this activity tracker does justice to the name it holds.

It tracks the entire day’s activity from calories burned, active minutes to for how many hours and how well did one sleep?

17. Nike Air Zoom Odyssey

Nike air soom odyssey

Another one of the best gift for her if she loves to stay well in shape or for someone you want should start a fitness regime.

These stability running shoes are a blessing to those with a flat foot and will definitely get them moving. With a brand name like Nike the quality is something that needs not to be worried about.

18. Fitbit Smart scale

Fitbit Aria Wi-fi

Another great gift idea for her in the list of fitness gadgets which not only tells about the weight but also the fat percentage in the body.

One can have all the information she needs about whether she is going on the right direction or not and that at her home only without going to an instructor.

At least eight profiles can be saved on this smart scale and hence can be used by other family members too. Now, is that not a great deal?

19. Aromatherapy candles

Women just love the idea of having aromatic candles in their home as it can help them create a relaxing environment after a stressful day.

These make a wonderful gift as they can fill any room with freshness and create a peaceful ambience. These are beautiful and scented aromatic candles which are made keeping the quality of wax in mind.

20. Hairstyling kit

Philips HP8698 6-in-1 Hair Styler, Curler, Straightener, 100-240V

From a brand like Phillips this is a hair styling kit that can solve most of the major hairstyling needs and that too at a reasonable cost.

Every woman wants to have that perfect look and the perfect hair style. They love to flaunt their long beautiful hair in the best possible way. So this is sure to be a hit when gifted.

21. Romantic-comedies movie pack

This set of six romantic comedy movies will lighten up her day to the fullest. These are not very heavy on the heart movies but the ones that are light and cheer you up to your core.

Watch it one by one with her or run a movie marathon but do share these moments with her because they are all going to be worth it.

22. The complete series of ‘Sex & the City’

Sex and the City- The Complete Series

One of the most loved series by women depicting everything a women goes through in her life in an hilarious manner.

Love, Marriage, Break-ups, Money, Brands and work this is an exciting series which has brought laughter, tears and anger on numerous faces. Buy this entire roller coaster ride of emotionsfor her to relive every moment of this fantastic TV series.

23. Garden tools set

Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set - Gardening Tools with Garden Gloves and Garden Tote - Gardening Gifts Tool Set with Garden Trowel Pruners and More - Vegetable Herb Garden Hand Tools with Storage Tote

If your woman loves gardening then gift her this good quality set of garden tools that contains almost everything that she will need to make a beautiful garden.

These tools come in a strong box, that is handy and light weight, and also it is easy to carry and storethe tools inside. This box will keep your tools safe from any kind of damage.

24. Paris Eiffel Tower Infinity scarf

Paris Eifel Tower Cafe Village Black Paris Pattern Infinity scarf-Fashion

To a woman with a great sense of fashion and class this evergreen piece of style is going to take her heart away.

It is something that goes with almost everything and can be worn at most of the occasions very comfortably and come on who wouldn’t love the Eiffel Towers on it.

25. OCD cutting board

obsessive chef cutting board

A blessing in disguise for a chef who needs to be overtly précised about everything she chops vegetables or meats.

Well, this definitely does in even cooking but can be a painful task without this chopping board. The name itself states OCD i.e. obsessive chef cutting board, take a hint and give her this.

Make her day special by gifting her something that she will cherish for the rest of her life! Select any of the unique birthday gift option for her from the given list, pour in a little love and see the magic!