Things to do on Your Birthday in Lock down

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Birthday Coming Up But Can’t Figure Out How To Celebrate It Safely During These Exhilarating Times? Fret Not, Here Are Some Birthday Ideas That Will Surely Satisfy You Enough

birthday in lockdownBirthdays are undoubtedly among the most memorable times of a person’s life. For this reason, everyone wants their birthdays to have a great gathering at the pubs or at a nice restaurant where they can share their feelings with the ones that they love and, of course, receive a lot of gifts. However, such celebrations seem like a far-fetched dream nowadays because of the lock down and quarantine.

Now, we can’t risk our lives by going out to a high-end restaurant for a birthday party, no matter how important it is. Be that as it may, you still can have a lot of fun at your birthday party at home and it won’t cost much as well. In this particular article, we will be discussing with you some of the things that you can do at home in order to make this party a delightful one.

Some Of The Top Lock down Birthday Ideas To Make Sure That The Milestone Is Memorable

Here we have some things that you can do on your birthday without having to go out during lock down. These will not only keep you safe by helping keep social distance but will surely be extremely enjoyable as well.

Try The Netflix Party

Even though, before, you could only watch Netflix alone or with someone sitting next to you, now it isn’t so as Netflix just launched a new way of watching tv-series and movies. Created just for the times like the current ones with the lockdowns and all, the Netflix Party app allows you to watch shows and movies with your friends and family while sitting afar, using different devices.

This is a remarkable way of celebrating your birthday with your friends and family. It is so, because, by adding this extension to your Chrome Browser and setting up a party, you will be able to synchronize the playback and watch the show simultaneously with the friends while also having a group chat through there.

For this, once you have added the extension to Chrome, open up the show that you want to watch and click on the extension. Then, you will get a link which you need to send to the other participants who will then be able to join in through it.

Bake A Cake

Birthday in lock down

Any birthday party without a birthday cake is incomplete. Now, while you may not want to get a cake from a nearby bakery because of the threat of coronavirus spreading, you can always bake one at home. This way, you will be able to improve your baking while also feeling proud of yourself for it. You may also include some of your closest friends and family in the activity and share the pleasurable times.

In case you do not know how to bake a cake, you are suggested to try a simple vanilla sponge cake or the vanilla bean pound cake. Both these are basic cake recipes and won’t take much effort or time to make. However, if you are confident of your cooking and want to impress your loved ones with a complicated and delicious recipe, you should try a chiffon cake, a layered cake, an upside-down cake, or the hummingbird cake.

For an even better-looking and more delicious cake, you should top it with a nice topping like chocolate frosting, mocha frosting, or peppermint frosting. These are sure to impress your loved ones and add flavor to your cake.

Try A Birthday Game For More Excitement

Like playing games? If so, there probably isn’t a better birthday party idea for you than playing party games. These games won’t cost you much, can include as many people as you want, and will not require you to get too close to each other.

A great game is drop a hint for which you will need to divide yourselves into parties and write some words, shows, or activities of your choice on a piece of paper. Then, hand one of these over to a person of a particular team who is to perform actions to get other team members to guess it within a set time limit. If he is successful, he gets a point, and, if he loses, he doesn’t get a point and the next team tries its luck.

Another great game is the wooden spoon. For this, you will need to randomly write names of different items on different pages, with one category on one piece of paper. Then, add a random item to each paper which doesn’t match the other items and jumble the pages. Pass a random one to a participant and get him to guess the item that doesn’t fit in a limited time. If he wins, pass him another one. But if he loses, get him to do a particular act of your choice.

Get Singing For A Time That You Will Cherish Forever

You could also give singing a try. For this one, you can either hire a professional band or singer or even plan an activity of this sort among yourselves. If you hire a professional, well, good enough, but, it will be more lovable if you sing yourselves.

For this, you can write random themes for songs or the names of different songs on cards and shuffle them. Then, get one of them to every participant and get him to sing the song or the theme mentioned on the card. The others, in the meantime, could dance on the song or simply compliment the voice of the singer. This way, not only will you be able to enjoy yourselves but also find some possible hidden singing talents in someone.

Decorate Your House

Have an artistic personality, or just like decoration activities? Well, then decorate your house. You may have the idea that this is a very boring activity or that you need to be an extremely great artist for this, but it doesn’t need to be boring and you can do it even if you can’t make a full circle. Also, even though you could spend a lot on this activity, it doesn’t necessarily need to be so.

For this, all you will need are a few balloons, perhaps some candles, some fancy light, some glittering items, and other things that you may want. Now, you can either set a particular theme of your choice, or you can just randomly place items as you like. To make it even more enjoyable, you could turn up the music and dance while decorating the room.

Plan A Virtual Wine Tasting Experience

You may think that wine tasting is only good if done face-to-face, where you can easily and effectively talk about what you taste and smell. Now, even though it is better when done while sitting together, it can also be enjoyable if done virtually while sitting afar.

For this, you can contact a particular shop and ask them to get some particular wine bottles to be delivered at the homes of the people that you want to include in this activity. Then, you can arrange a meeting using an app like Zoom Meeting or Google Hangouts. Through this, you can turn on your camera and have a live meeting in which you can taste the wines one by one while sharing your thoughts about it as well. One drawback of this particular activity is that the wines could cost a lot and you might not be able to include as many people in this activity as you want.

Concluding Note

So, now that you know some of the things that you can do at home for your upcoming birthday, here is a final tip. The tip is that no matter what activity you decide to go for, remember to keep social distance and take a lot of photographs. This way, in the future, you will be able to reflect upon this unusual indoor party that you planned and cherish the moments. This will also help ensure that you do not forget these times and that, even if any of your friends do drift apart, you can always remember the great times that you spent together through these photographs.

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