The Perfect Garden Party Idea for A Flower Fanatic in 2022

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:16 pm

Perfect Garden Party Ideas

For the woman who’s a flower freak, go all out with enough flowers to line the Champs d’Elysees!

For a milestone birthday such as the 50th, the goal would be to have fifty different types of flora gracing the party location.

Don’t panic, that’s what you have friends for … uh, failing that, acquaintances will do. To make this doable, by all means include different types of greenery as well.

Overwhelm Her With Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

Make as many bouquets and arrangements as you can muster and place them all over your party space. Think unusual containers too. Vases are lovely but try tea pots, watering cans, and big terra cotta planters. Fancy high heeled shoes (with a plastic liner) look adorable with a bunch of pansies, paper whites, or other delicate flowers tucked inside. Flea markets and thrift shops are great sources for interesting bouquet holders. If the guest of honor has a favorite flower, by all means make it the center of attention.

  • If it’s gardening season, ask for donations from friends’ and neighbors’ gardens. You could even create little placards stating the type of flower and the name of the donor.
  • If it’s not gardening season, Trader Joe’s and Produce Junction have beautiful and reasonably priced flowers.
  • If push comes to shove and you’re desperate for more blooms, fill in with enlarged photos of flowers (especially handy when trying to reach a goal of fifty).

(We know that’s a lot of “if’s.” But that’s what we’re here for: the contingency plans.)

And Then Decorate, Decorate and Decorate Some More

This garden party idea calls for tasteful flowery decorations (in addition to all those bouquets, of course). Floral fabrics draping the tables, paper plates and napkins in a matching floral motif, or heck, get out the good floral patterned china if it’s a small party and you want to go all out. You can often find pretty china pieces in thrift stores, by the way. Mismatched china, all with floral motifs, would be a great look.

Another choice is to go with a color scheme. Perhaps one based on a flower’s name – rose and lilac come immediately to mind. This would save on visual overload.

Provide a small wheelbarrow to hold gifts and cards. And yes, wash it beforehand if it’s an actual working tool. Party favors can go in a pretty wicker basket.

Even the Guests Can Be Part of the Scenery (In a Good Way)

To add to the flowery ambience, note on the invitations that there will be no admittance without wearing some form of flower. Be strong; pretend you’re finally the gatekeeper at some upscale nightclub and now you get to determine who gets in (go ahead, practice that hint of a sneer in the mirror). Now this isn’t really as hard on your guests as it may first appear. An entire dress patterned in flowers counts, but so does a small button in a floral shape. You get the idea.

Let Them Eat … Flowery Looking Things

You can really get creative in the food department. Shall we make a list?

  • Fruit arrangements that look like flower bouquets (we’ve all seen these, right?)
  • Exotic hors d’oevres made with floral ingredients (rose water, edible flowers as ingredients or garnish)
  • Finger sandwiches cut in the shape of flowers with cookie cutters
  • Salads sprinkled with edible flower petals
  • A birthday cake decorated with flowers (could be real, buttercream or fondant)
  • Petits fours topped with delicate sugared violets
  • Homemade ice cream infused with rose water

The list could go on and on. Use your imagination and have fun!

At the end of the party sending your female guests off with a single red rose is classy; give a sprig of lavender to calm the frazzled nerves of any male guest who was brave enough to attend this heavily floral affair.