Tea Party Favors

Last updated on May 22nd, 2022 at 12:35 am

Tea Party Favors

Hosting a tea party is so much fun and creating tea party favors is one area where you can really let your imagination go crazy.

Tea party favors can be elegant, funky, homemade, inexpensive, edible, decorative, you name it!

You’ll notice, as you read through our list below, that we love scouring our local thrift stores for ideas. They’re great places to find containers and accessories for favors. Inexpensive too, which we think is always a good thing

Our List of the Best Tea Party Favors

Okay, that’s just our opinion, but we hope you’ll agree. We guarantee that these are favors your guests will actually want to take home.

  • mismatched floral teacups and saucers from a thrift store
  • a selection of loose teas wrapped in muslin pouches and tied with ribbon or fabric
  • large cookies in the shape of teacups or teapots, decorated with colorful icing
  • fancy brooches from a thrift store (put them in a basket and let your guests
    choose their own)
  • mason jars filled with a selection of loose teas and a tea ball
  • decorated sugar cubes (either store-bought or decorated by you with food dye or food coloring pens), tucked into elegant favor boxes
  • small mason jars filled with homemade vanilla-infused sugar, along with beribboned vintage teaspoons from a thrift store
  • jars of lavender honey (imported from France if you can!)
  • lavender-filled sachets
  • small journals (or scrapbooks) with a blank slot for a photo on the cover in which you place a pressed flower or special quote
  • homemade bookmarks made with pressed flowers, laminated and strung with
    beautiful ribbon
  • pretty tea towels rolled up and tied with coordinating fabric ribbon
  • decorative soaps tucked into silk pouches
  • vintage tea tins (with tea or without), wrapped with a ribbon (you could attach a charm or thankyou note as well)
  • silver teacup or teapot charms for a bracelet or necklace
  • tea cups (from a thrift store, natch) filled with wax and made into candles (soy wax won’t leave black marks on the cup when the candle is used)
  • mini bottles of a favorite liqueur (for putting in your tea later, of course)
  • liquor-filled chocolates in colorful favor boxes
  • crystallized sugar on swizzle sticks (very pretty and colorful)
  • your favorite recipe for scones printed on gorgeous paper.