15 Amazing Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas for Take Away

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:33 am

spiderman birthday party ideas

Planning a spiderman themed birthday party for kids? Do you have any plans? If “no” is the answer then here are some perfect spiderman birthday party ideas you must take from here.

‘Look out, here comes the Spiderman’. If your kid is the one singing this song and announcing his entry, then he is a certified Spiderman fan like many kids of his age. Organizing a theme birthday party for this kid has to be a Spiderman theme then.

Spiderman theme birthday party is extremely popular with the kids. You can easily organize such a party as Spiderman merchandise and decorations are easily available in stores owing to its immense popularity. All you need to keep in mind while organizing such parties is that the entire set up should be done keeping in mind the age group of the kids that are going to attend the party.

If the party involves small kids, then make sure that there are no streamers or ‘web crawlers’ on the floor while if the party is for kids who are above 5 years of age, then you could do a whole lot of things for them. Safety still remains a concern and make sure that you do never keep any small parts or too many balloons on the floor. Keep the floor as clean as possible and clutter free to ensure that the kids have lot of area for their games and activities.

If the party is outside, in the garden then you could put some tents and assign different activities in each of these tents. You could have a tattoo and art and craft corner, and you could just place some Spiderman merchandise like bey blades, guns or web shooters and encourage free play. If the party has a mixed crowd with girls and boys both, ensure that you cater to both these genders and the girls do not feel left out in the party.

To start the party, get all the kids converted to Spiderman by placing a ‘radioactive spider’ at the entrance, and once they enter the spider could bite them and they would convert to Spiderman. After this, you could give them a mask or a web shooter for them to keep for the rest of the party and take it along with them.

Spiderman theme invitations, decorations, games, activities, food

Here are some of the awesome ideas for you to plan an amazing Spider-man themed birthday party. Explore these ideas one by one and plan a perfect party.

1. Spiderman Invitations

spiderman invitations

You can get creative with Spiderman invitations while sending them to the kids who have been invited. Here are a few ideas of Spiderman invitations:

  • Tattoo Card Send Spiderman tattoos along with the cards to your guests. Mention on the card that this is the secret pass that will allow them the entry to this Spidey party and they all must wear their tattoos.
  • Spiderman Bands If you intend to personally deliver the card, then carry some Spiderman bands and tie these on the wrists of the guests. The kids would love this small thing and will already feel excited to attend the party.
  • Spiderman Masks Print your birthday invitation on the back side of a Spiderman mask and you could ask the kids to wear the mask when they come to the party.

 2. Spiderman Decorations

Spider-man decorations

For decorating the venue for a Spiderman theme invitation party , you could use the following ideas:

  • Red And Blue Colors Use a lot of red and blue to get the Spiderman effect. Have all streamers in the room in these colors and you could place Spiderman masks, Spiderman table ware and cut outs of Spiderman across the room. Creating a web crawling corner in the room will give you the authentic Spiderman effect.
  • Art And Craft TableKids love to paint their favorite super hero and create masks and cut outs. Keep an art and craft table ready for them with lots of colors, paints, glitter pens and keep them happily occupied in the process.
  • Tattoo Table A tattoo table with an artist painting Spiderman tattoos for kids is totally delightful. You could also keep a few water colors, brushes and wet sponges for kids who want to create their own tattoo.
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3. Spiderman Games And Activities (5)

spiderman theme and activites

Kids would love to help their favorite superhero in missions to get the bad guys. You could use the game ideas given below or create your own game to keep the kids at the party engaged and excited:

  • Spiderman Web Walk For this game, you will need small cutouts of super hero characters glued on the spider web. You could create these on your own by using glue to make a spider web on the black chart paper and then pasting a small print out of the super hero character on it. Just like musical chairs, children will walk on/around these papers with music and once the music starts, you could call out/draw the name of a character and that kid will be eliminated. The last one standing on the paper should be the one with Spiderman on it and you could reward the kid by giving him a Spiderman costume.
  • Spiderman Treasure Hunt Create a story/video around Spiderman being on a mission to find his villains like Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus. Depending on the age of the kids, brief them as to where the clues are hidden and how many they are in number. Get them started and as they find one clue after the other, keep elaborating the story until they reach the bad guys.
  • Spiderman Balloon Toss Take two buckets and creatively decorate them in the Spiderman colors. You could also make one bucket black in color and call it Ultimate Spiderman and keep the other one red in color and call it Amazing Spiderman. Then ask the kids to come one by one and throw balls into the bucket. Assign points to each bucket and keep writing down the score of each kid. Repeat the process thrice or till the time the kids are enjoying. The one with the maximum points will be announced as the winner.
  • Make A Web For this game, only a ball of yarn is needed. Make all the kids sit in a circle with the birthday boy holding the ball of yarn. He will pass it to the child sitting in his opposite direction who will pass it back to the next boy sitting on the other side. Keep doing this and ask the children to make a web/entanglement to catch the bad guys. Once the web is ready, you could also throw in a soft toy for letting the children pull the web and catch it.
  • Get A Spiderman Nothing will excite the kids more than a live Spiderman. You could ask one of your friends or relatives to wear the Spiderman costume and come to the party or you could hire a person from outside. The Spiderman will come and wish the birthday kid and could also pose for pictures with other kids. You could use these pictures to send all the guests a thank you card later on.

 4. Spiderman Food

spider food

When it comes to food, a Spiderman cake is a no brainer. Get the cake designed with just the face of Spiderman or get the whole Spiderman shooting a web slinger on the cake. Apart from cake, you could make Spiderman cookies with web on them to resemble Spidey and get candies and other goodies for all the kids that are wrapped in Spiderman wrappers.

5. Spiderman Return Gift Ideas


As much as kids love birthday parties, they love the return gift too. If you are organizing a Spiderman themed birthday party, then keep the gifts also in tandem to the theme Here are a few ideas for return gifts:

  • Spiderman Comic Book You could give each of your guests a Spiderman comic book and in fact propose the idea of exchanging these books with each other so that everyone gets to read all the comics.
  • Spiderman Coloring Book Young kids will love to get this return gift and go home happily with this book. You could also pack in a set of color pencils or crayons with this book and see the kids beaming from ear to ear.
  • Spiderman Candy Bag Get candies, marshmallows and jellos and get them packed in Spiderman bags. All kids love candies and presenting these to them in Spidey bags makes it even more thrilling.
  • Spiderman Goody Bag This bag could include a Spiderman mask, some stickers, tattoos and other stationery with Spiderman on it.
  • Spiderman Merchandise Send the kids back with a Spiderman T-shirt and a Spidey cap and you will see many Spidermen playing around in your locality, each proudly sporting this gift that you would give to them.

Spiderman theme parties are not just fun for the kids but you can also send a message to the kids through Spiderman that ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. When you sum up the gatherings of the day, tell the kids about the great acts of bravery that Spiderman does and that to become as brave as Spiderman, you just do not need physical strength and agility, but also need to be responsible and sensitive towards the society. Such messages imparted in this manner to the kids have a great retention value and education mixed with fun is always more beneficial.

So, jot down your ideas and get working. It does involve a lot of effort but when you will see your kid smiling and beaming, all your effort would be worth its while.