Spiderman Birthday Invitations

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  • Spiderman coloring page
  • Graphics editing software
  • Printer
  • Card stock or photo paper


Create free Spiderman birthday invitations using your home computer. All it takes is a blank Spiderman coloring page and any graphics editing software. Have your friends and family begging to know where you got such awesome Spiderman invitations. Learn how to create free Spiderman birthday invitations at home using the guide below.

Step 1

Find a free Spiderman coloring page. Use a downloaded version from a free coloring page website or scan a page from your child’s favorite coloring book.

Step 2

Open a blank document sized 4 by 6 inches in your graphics editing software. Set the color to red.

Step 3

Spiderman Invitation- Step 3
Import the Spiderman coloring page into the blank document.

Step 4

Color in the top of Spiderman with red using the paint bucket tool.

Step 5

Change the color to blue and color in Spiderman’s pants using the paint bucket tool.

Step 6

Choose a new color for the background of the page and fill using the paint bucket tool. Move the Spiderman graphic to wherever you would like it on the invitation.

Step 7

Add words, party date and time, as well as R.S.V.P information using the Text Tool. Try using different colors and font sizes to make the words really stand out on the invitation.

Step 8

Print your invitations on your home printer using the highest quality setting or upload them to your favorite photo printing company to be printed.

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