32 Cool Soccer Gifts For Boys

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 01:19 am

Boys who love playing soccer and enjoy outdoor activities also enjoy getting gifts that are soccer themed. They might dream to be the next Messi or Pulisic. You can choose from this list of soccer gifts for boys and encourage them to pursue this sport. Kids will be delighted to receive gifts that are themed in soccer on their birthday or any other occasion. It keeps the spirit of their favorite game up and brings a smile on their face.

Soccer Gifts For Boys

Soccer Gifts For Boys

1. Soccer backpack and organizer

This is a large soccer bag that has a capacity to fit the soccer ball, clothes, water bottles, and snacks. Boys, as well as girls who love soccer, will find this gift useful.

One of the coolest soccer gifts is this lightweight backpack that can hold all things soccer. Most of the compartments inside this backpack are ventilated and it helps in keeping it free from bacteria. It has drawstrings that make it easy for you to carry the backpack to the soccer game.

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2. Soccer ball shaped pendant necklace

Pendant Sports Soccer Prayer Necklace Crafted in Stainless Steel with Luke 1:37 on The Back, and Nicely Presented in a Black Velvet Jewelry Box.

A nice gift to give boys who love soccer as well as hip hop. It looks cool on most of the casual outfits and makes their style look offbeat. It makes them stand out from the crowd and shows their love and passion for the game.

Gift it to your son or brother on his birthday or graduation day. He will love and treasure this unique gift. It looks good on boys of all age groups. It has a subtle design suitable for boys to wear this unique necklace. It makes boys look cool as well as stylish.

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3. All about soccer book

Boys who have a passion for the soccer sport will find this gift fantastic to read. It has all the information about the soccer game including fun facts, pictures, illustrations, and more about the soccer game and the sports people across the world.

It also has the behind-the-scenes information that kids will find it interesting to read. This book is informative and fun and gives a lot of insight and knowledge about the game.

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4. Colorful calf socks for soccer

TCK Sports Digital Camo Over The Calf Socks (Neon Yellow/Electric Blue, Small)

Play soccer wearing these colorful and vibrant calf socks that are suitable for playing soccer. A wonderful gift for boys who love playing this sport. They are stretchy and comfortable to wear for hours of playing the sport.

They are made with special fabric that controls the moisture, odor, and is a breathable fabric that does not let your legs sweat when playing the sport. It also has antimicrobial properties that protect your leg from catching allergies even if you play the sport for a longer time.

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5. Soccer ball that sings

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin Soccer Ball

Young boys will have fun learning from this musical soccer ball. It plays many fun sounds and has information for young boys to learn in a fun way. This is a fun and colorful soccer ball that boys can play with their friends and have interactive fun.

Ideal for toddlers who love outdoors and ball games. It enhances and helps them develop multiple abilities and skills in them. This toy is machine washable and keeps the boys engaged playing, learning, and having interactive fun with the soccer ball toy.

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6. Hands Free solo soccer trainer for boys

Boys can learn to play and master the soccer game with this solo soccer trainer. It lets them train for the sport on their own and practice kicks with this trainer. One of the coolest soccer gift ideas is this trainer. It works well with soccer balls of all sizes.

It has an 18ft chord that is stretchable and adjustable. Your boys can spend a lot of time perfecting the sport using this solo trainer. You can practice various throws, juggling, and other mechanisms of the sport with this trainer. Young boys can learn techniques for playing this sport with this solo trainer.

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7. Soccer strategies and secrets book for boys

Read this book to master the strategies of playing the soccer sport. It has a lot of information about the skills and techniques needed to be good at this sport. A good gift to give boys who love playing the soccer game. Boys can coach themselves reading this book and learn techniques from basic to advance level.

It comes with many pictures and diagrams to explain the techniques of the sport. Your boys will be self-taught soccer players reading this book. Gift it to your son or a sibling who loves this sport and wants to get good at playing it.

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8. Hilarious talking soccer ball

Boys will have a lot of fun playing with this soccer ball that generates funny reactions and sounds when kicked. It is equipped with sensors that make a variety of sounds for a different type of kicks. It gives a hilarious response as well as gives musical reactions when touched or kicked.

This soccer ball is machine washable and is a perfect gift for toddler boys. They can have a lot of interactive fun playing with this soccer ball. Gift it to your nephew or son on his birthday.

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9. Soccer ball themed candles

Astra Gourmet 6Pcs Soccer Ball Football Birthday Party Cake Candles for Kid Birthday Party Decoration

A cute gift to give boys on their birthday are these soccer themed birthday candles. They can enjoy the decorations and knick-knacks of their favorite sport. Place them on a birthday cake or use it as party decor. Kids who play soccer will love this gift.

They can use it in their room as a decor item or use it as a party favor. This is the gift that looks good and authentic dressed in the soccer theme and works well for those who love the sport.

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10. Soccer themed paper lanterns

UNIQOOO 6Pcs Premium 12'' Soccer Football Paper Lantern Set, Reusable Hanging Decorative Japanese Chinese Paper Lanterns, Easy Assemble,Sports Fan Game FIFA World Cup Soccer Ball Party Bar Decorations

One of the coolest soccer gift ideas for avid soccer enthusiasts are these soccer themed paper lanterns. You can decorate your patio, backyard, or the interior of your home with this paper lantern. A cool decoration for soccer lovers.

You can use it in any area of the home to give it a sporty look. Use it for party decorations or let it hang in there on the ceiling. They are sturdy and usable for a long duration. You can as well take them for camping and hiking expeditions.

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11. Inflatable soccer themed drink cooler

Enjoy a long game of soccer and stay hydrated using this inflatable drink cooler. You can take it along with you to the playground and store all the water bottles and energy drinks inside this inflatable drink cooler.

You can make all the drinks available for you anytime during the match and do not have to worry about grabbing a warm drink. Water bottles remain cool in this inflatable drink cooler and let you enjoy playing the match for a longer period of time.

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12. Soccer themed scrapbook album

Stick your favorite photographs in this soccer-themed scrapbook. For soccer lovers, this is a great gift to let them store memories in this form of photographs inside this soccer-themed scrapbook journal.

Boys can handle them easily who will love to put memorable pictures inside this scrapbook. A unique gift for the kids who love playing the sport. It encourages them to create a memorable photo album and store it for the keeps.

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13. Ceramic soccer ball themed coffee mug

Ceramic Soccer Ball Design Sports Coffee Tea Mug with Handle Great Gift Idea for Coaches, Soccer Fans, Soccer Players - Black/White, 15 Oz

Take a break from the soccer game and relish a cup of nootropic coffee from this ceramic coffee mug that is soccer themed. Gift it to your soccer coach or a friend who loves a game of soccer. It looks good on the table of the office or the kitchen of a soccer lover.

You can also use it as a stationery holder if drinking coffee is not what you want to do. Use it as a planter as well and use succulent plants in it. Drink your favorite cup of coffee or hot chocolate after an energetic game of soccer in this ceramic coffee mug.

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14. 3D optical illusion lights

A perfect gift for the soccer lover is this 3D optical illusion lights in the shape of soccer balls. They come in different color modes and are not very bright. They can be used in the bedroom or the living room.

The lights change to different colors and are pleasant to have in any room. This light does not overheat and can be plugged to a laptop or a power bank to recharge it. Your son who loves soccer can use it as a night light in his room. One of the coolest soccer presents to give boys who love this sport.

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15. Soccer ball piggy bank

Let boys learn to save money with this soccer-themed piggy bank. It is made in ceramic and looks like a soccer ball. Young boys who love the sport will also be encouraged to save money with this gift. It would inspire to think well before spending every penny and make the best use of time and money.

Their sense of timing and handling money will get better with this gift. It can also be used as a decor piece to decorate the room of the boys. Gift it to your sibling or your son to encourage them to save money and understand its value with regard to time.

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16. Soccer themed bracelet for boys

Infinity Collection Soccer Bracelet, Soccer Jewelry, Adjustable Unisex Soccer Paracord Bracelets - Soccer Gifts

A fantastic soccer gift for him is this soccer-themed bracelet. Gift it to your brother or your friend who loves the sport to the core. They will love wearing this bracelet that is designed in the theme of their favorite sport.

It comes with an adjustable strap and looks good on teenage boys. Wear it sports or casual outfit. A bracelet that can inspire you to hit the goal and stay determined just like the soccer players.

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17. Soccer themed novelty socks

Bits and Pieces - Novelty Socks - Soccer - Silly Socks - Machine Washable - Cotton-Rich Socks, Fun Great Gift - White/Black - Adult Size 6-12

Gift these pair of soccer-themed socks to boys who love the sport. They do not cover the calf but can be worn for most of the outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing. You can wear them with costumes as well.

A unique gift for soccer lovers is these pair of socks that have a print of the soccer ball. They are soft and unusual in their design and print. Something that younger boys will love to wear.

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18. Soccer printed table cloth

Dress your desk or table with this plastic soccer printed table cloth. It displays your love for the sport as well as keep the table clean from getting stains and scratches.

You can use this table cloth when you arrange soccer themed parties for kids and let them have fun with games and knick-knacks. Spread it in the backyard or your garden with all the other soccer party supplies and let kids have a blast.

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19. Soccer themed padded lunch bag

Show off your love for the sport with this gift and stay healthy packing nutritious lunch and breakfast. You can take this lunch bag to the coaching games and take pride in using thematic accessories of your favorite sport.

It comes in a soft and durable material which lets you use this lunch bag for long term use. It has a zipper closure that lets you keep all the items secure inside the lunch bag. A fantastic soccer gifts for boys is this lunch bag.

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20. Chocolate soccer balls

Madelaine Premium Milk Chocolate Soccer Ball Candy Party Favors (1 LB)

Everybody loves candies. When you organize soccer themed parties you can give away the chocolate soccer balls as party favors. They are made in delicious chocolate flavor. People of all age groups can relish on these unique looking chocolates.

Send away trophies that are filled with these chocolates when you organize theme parties. They are tasty and are the goodies that you can give away to a soccer team that you are coaching to motivate them to perform better.

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21. Set of 16 soccer squeeze balls

Gift this gift to soccer lovers and let them relax with these squeeze balls. It motivates them to have a productive day reducing their stress. They are squishy balls made in foam. You can place them as a decorative piece on your desk.

Keep them away from toddlers who have the habit of putting everything in the mouth. Older kids can play with them. You can also use them outdoors and have fun with kids. You can use it as a decor piece for the boy’s room or a giveaway as a party favors.

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22. A traditional soccer ball

A simple gift you can give someone who plays soccer is this authentic soccer ball. It is covered in a leather fabric and has a rubber bladder that retains its shape even after you play with it regularly. It comes in the perfect size of the soccer ball and can be used to learn the sport professionally.

Play with it for long hours and master the game using all the techniques and tactics. You can juggle and shoot them as they come in the perfect size and weight that is suitable for practice.

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23. Soccer ball shaped planter/dish

Decorative Ceramic Soccer Ball Planter/Candy Dish, Black & White, Medium, 3.5" x 3"

A ceramic planter that can also be used as a dish is a nice gift to give boys who love soccer. They can plant succulent and small plants inside this ceramic soccer themed planter. They can also use it as a bowl for snacks when watching the game.

It comes in a size that is suitable for young boys to enjoy snacks and dessert in them. Fill this bowl with candies and goodies when you host a party at home. Kids love these kinds of gifts and are a good choice to give one to bring a smile on their face.

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24. Soccer ball themed photo frame

Decade Awards Textured Soccer Ball Themed Picture Frame - Holds 4 X 6 Inch Photo

One of the coolest soccer gifts for guys is this thematic photo frame. Fill it with wonderful pictures or collage of your soccer team and hang it on the wall. A gift that a soccer player will love to have for memories and keeps. Gift it to your kids on holidays, festivals, or their birthdays.

It is a thin photo frame that is suitable as a decor piece for boys room. It holds smaller pictures and can be hung in a vertical or horizontal position.

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25. Decorative sports themed pillow

Boys can decorate their rooms with this gift that has prints of baseball and soccer ball. It is made in good quality and works for boys room. Use it as a throw pillow and enjoy watching your favorite sport leaning on it.

Suitable gift for toddlers who love soccer and are losing their teeth. This is a tooth fairy pillow in a soccer theme. They can hide their teeth inside this pillow that comes with a pouch to hide teeth.

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26. Soccer ball printed headband

MadSportsStuff Crazy Soccer Headband with Soccer Balls (Electric Blue/Black, One Size)

A nice gift that grandparents can gift boys is this soccer printed headband. It is just the perfect size that won’t slip and looks cool on most of the casual outfits. It is designed in a good quality fabric and absorbs sweat during the game.

Wear it to all the soccer games you play and stay fresh juggling and reaching goals on the field. It builds your confidence and makes you look cool wearing it.

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27. Soccer ball cufflinks

Bling Jewelry Soccer Football Sports Coach Black White Cufflinks for Men Shirt Cuff Links Hinge Back Stainless Steel Enamel

Look stylish wearing these cuff links that show off your love for your favorite sport. They are suitable for boys as well as men. Gift it to someone who absolutely loves the sport and wouldn’t mind wearing thematic accessories.

They are made in a unique design and look good on traditional as well as contemporary suits. They are bigger in size compared to the size of the normal cuff links and look great on anyone.

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28. Soccer ball shaped birthday candles

These are a pack of 6 birthday candles that are in the shape of a soccer ball and have a stick. They can be used on birthday cakes. Boys who love playing soccer and outdoor activities will love blowing these candles on their birthday.

A unique gift for soccer lovers who can celebrate their birthday with their favorite sport themed goodies. They look cute and make for a perfect gift for a thematic party.

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29. Soccer ball pinata

Soccer Ball Pinata

Keep up the birthday tradition of breaking the pinata by gifting this soccer ball pinata to someone who loves the sport. Fill it with candies, toys, and goodies that the boys love and let them have a good time on their birthday with this gift.

This soccer themed party bags can be gifted to your grandsons or siblings on their birthday. You might have to make a hole on this one as it might not be shipped with one. Kids can have a lot of fun kicking this ball and getting all the goodies.

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30. Soccer ball paper plates

Soccer Party Paper Plates, 8ct

A perfect gift for someone who is hosting a soccer themed party. These are apt paper plates that the boys will love having their snacks and desserts in. They look fabulous and kids will have a lot of fun at these parties with thematic party favors of their favorite sport.

Host dinner or birthday parties and have these paper plates decorating the party making it alive and sporty. These are medium-sized paper plates that can be used for dinner foods as well as snack items.

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31. Hoodie with funny soccer quote

Indica Plateau Kids Hoodie Its About to Get Messi Youth L - (10-12) Charcoal Grey Hoodie

Boys who are Messi fans will love this gift. A hoodie for boys that has a pun intended quote about Messi. It’s made in the blend of cotton and polyester and can be worn throughout the year in all seasons.

It comes with a hooded pouch and does not fade even after a few washes. A great gift to give boys for their birthday or holidays. Wear the pride of Barcelona and enjoy watching a game of soccer.

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32. Soccer ball shaped phone and tablet grip

A useful and cool gift to give someone who is a soccer fan. This is a phone and a tablet grip in the shape of a soccer ball. It helps you hold the phone or the tablet with a good grip when you are in a busy place without letting it slip from your hand.

Read books, listen to music, mail, chat, and navigate through the phone and table comfortably using this grip. Nicest and chic soccer gifts for boys.

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