15 Best Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas To Try

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:37 am


The Paw Patrol can handle any job, no matter how big it is, and every puppy, no matter how small, is an important part of this Paw Patrol. It is because of the heroic acts of these puppies that many kids across the globe are a huge fan of the Paw Petrol. Some kids may want to be a firefighter like Marshall, while some may be in love with Chase the policeman.

If your kid is also a fan of this series and is in love with all its characters like Ryder, Skye Zuma, Rubble, Rocky, Everest, etc., then a Paw patrol theme for his or her upcoming birthday party would be a great idea. From party decoration to food, from games to party settings, there are many fun things which you can do to make your party appear like it is a page straight out of the Paw Patrol series.

Scroll down the list below for some inspiring ideas to help you plan a fun, exciting and a perfect Paw Patrol theme birthday party for your little one.

I have managed to come up with some very simple to implement but very effective ideas for throwing an awesome Paw Patrol birthday party.

1. Use Dog Dishes Instead Of Plates

Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Use-Dog Dishes Instead Of Plates

This may sound a little weird, but it is a Paw Patrol birthday party after all, and it has to celebrate the heroics of these cute little puppies. Therefore, serving guests food in dog dishes, instead of the regular plates, would make the guests feel like they are truly in the house of these puppies.

Of course, you do not have to use the regular dog dishes. There are some very fancy and attractive dishes, in the shape of a dog dish, available in the market, you can buy these fancy dog dishes to serve your guests. They will not only be perfect for the theme of the party, but these fancy dog dishes will add to the decorations of the party venue, by making the table, they are placed on, look attractive.

2. Dog Coloring Competition

Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Dog Coloring Competition

One of the games you can make all the guests play is to make them color puppies with crayons. There are special crayons available in the market, which are in the shape of dog bones. You can buy these crayons for the guests to use for coloring the puppies. Even if the guests are not interested in painting, these dog bone shaped crayons will be able to attract the kids and make all the kids participate in this painting game.

3. Paw Patrol Special Invitations

Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Paw Petrol Special Invitations

The first and the most important thing when throwing a theme birthday party is to get the invitation design right. It is very important that your invitation should be in accordance with the theme of the party.

Thus, when throwing a Paw Patrol theme birthday party, you will have to come up with some idea for the invites which represents this theme. One of the ideas you can use in this regard is to get the invite made on construction paper and they can be in the shape of the police badges which the puppies wear.

4. Welcome Your Guests With A Puppy Door Sign

Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Welcome Your Guests With A Puppy Door Sign

It is important that as soon as the guests reach the party venue, at the entrance gate itself, the guests should start to get the feeling that they are entering the world of these puppies. You can hang a colorful and inviting sign, which can have pictures of various characters from paw Patrol printed on it and each character can be saying something to invite the guests inside the party venue.

Just make sure that the sign is attractive and fun to look at, giving the guests a sneak preview of what lays for them inside the party.

5. Bone And Paw Shaped Food

Paw-Patrol-Birthday-Party-Ideas-Bone And Paw Shaped Food

Well, if it is a party by the puppies ad for the puppies, then it is quite obvious that the food that is served at the party should be in the shape of dog bones and dog paws. There are many food items which can be prepared in the shape of dog bones and paws like bone-shaped rice crispies, Marshmelloe paw print cupcakes, bone shaped meat and cheese, puppy chow favor, etc. Just doll up and design as many food items you possibly can in the shape of a dog bone or paws for this party.

6. Drinking With The Paw Patrol Gang

Drinking With The Paw Petrol Gang

The guests have come to celebrate the birthday with Skyes, Rocky, Rubble and other Paw patrol character, so why should they have to drink alone. Serve them their drinks in cups which have the figures of Ryder and his entire gang printed on them, to give the guests the feel that they are enjoying their drinks in the company of their most favorite puppies.

7. Paw Prints Everywhere

Paw Prints Everywhere

Make small cute paw prints on paper and paste these all over the house for decoration purposes. These paw prints can be colorful, of different sizes and in slightly varying shapes. You can also find ready-made paw prints available in the market. You can simply purchase those paw prints and pin them up all over the house.

Make sure that you distribute these paw prints carefully and strategically all over the party venue so that neither does it appear that a few places have too many paw prints while other places get left out completely. Everywhere the guests go, they should know that the Paw Patrol team has been there before.

8. Get Everyone Into Character

Get Everyone Into Character

One thing that you can be sure that all the guests would expect and love to do at this party is to play the character of their favorite puppy from this series. Therefore, to help them have fun playing their favorite character, provide them with masks of different characters to pick from.

The kids can be provided with these masks right at the start of the party so that throughout the party they can be in their character, and even find their own personal mission to fulfill during the party.

9. Use Miniature Paw Patrol Characters For Decorations

Use Miniature Paw Petrol Characters For Decorations

It is a simple yet a nice way of decorating the party venue as per the theme of the party. There are small miniatures of the different characters from the series available in the market. In fact, if your kid is a big fan of these puppies, then he or she would for sure already have a quite a big collection of these characters. You can place these miniatures on the food table or create a special corner with life-size cutouts and these miniatures for the kids to get their pictures clicked along with these characters.

10. Special Napkins To Keep The Paws Of The Guests Clean

Special Napkins To Keep The Paws Of The Guests Clean

There are entire sets of cutlery available in the market, which has these characters printed on them. You can use these plastic cutlery sets for serving food to the guests. Also, remember, that along with the cutlery, place the special Paw Patrol napkins with every food plate for the guests to clean their paws, once they have finished their meals. These napkins are very colorful and will help in enhancing the beauty of the table, besides helping in keeping the same clean.

11. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

One of the most popular and fun games that you can make the guests play at this party is a scavenger hunt game. Find badges of the Paw Patrol team and ask the guest to find those lost badges. Anyone who finds the maximum number of badges would be the winner of the game.

Just make sure that there are enough hidden badges for everyone to find at least one. Besides, this is a really fun and high energy game, and you do not want the game to end within a blink of an eye. So hide enough badges so that everyone has ample of time to find at least one badge and enjoy the game thoroughly.

12. Assign Seats For Everyone

Assign Seats For Everyone

This seating arrangement can be coordinated with the masks that the guests pick right at the entrance of the party. You can assign seats for each character by placing a tailor made placement on the same. Depending on the mask that the guests select at the entrance, he or she will have to sit on the seat which has a placement of that character placed on it.

This can be helpful in making all the guests mingling with each other.

13. Pin The Badge

Pin The Badge

This is the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey game, which has been given a Paw Patrol twist. Instead of a donkey, print out an image of Chase. Put this up on a wall. Now one by one, blindfold all the guests and make them pin the badge of Chase at the right place.

Whoever comes the closest to the right spot, wins the game. This may be an old game, but it continues to be a lot of fun to play, and kids simply love watching other kid pin the badges at all the wrong places.

14. Inflatable Puppies

Inflatable Puppies

There are inflatable balloons in the shape of puppies available in the market. In fact, there are some online sites where you can find inflatable balloons in the shape of Paw Patrol characters. Use these balloons for decorating your party venue. Kids simply love playing with these almost life size balloons. Besides, floating around, these balloons will really give your party venue a fun and cheerful feel.

15. Tattoo Station

Tattoo Station

At almost all the kid’s parties these days, you will find a tattoo station. However, let your tattoo station be a special one, where the kids can get only the characters from Paw Patrol tattooed on their hands.

It goes without saying that the tattoos we are talking about here are the temporary paper tattoos, that easily comes off with water, and not the permanent ones.

16. Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

I have had the chance to attend a couple of birthday parties with this Paw Patrol theme and in both the parties one thing was common and it was the cake. I am not talking about the flavor of the cake, but the inspiration behind the design of the cake. In spite of there being so many characters in Paw Patrol, it seems like the kids prefer to have a Rumble-inspired design for their cake.

Of course, the design of the cake should be as per the wishes of the birthday boy or girl, so ask her to select his or her favorite character from Paw patrol and use that for selecting the design of the cake.

17. Party Favors

Party Favors

There are so many items that you can give out as a party favor for this party. from bone shaped candies to paw print memo pads, there are tons of cute little items which are available in the market on this theme.

You have the option of either selecting one of the above items, getting it personalized with the name of each guest and then giving it to them, or you can make a small doggy bag, with many small, small items placed inside it. The decision will depend greatly on your budget for these favors.

18. Adopt A Puppy

Adopt A Puppy

Instead of giving out the regular favors as mentioned above, you can actually ask the guests to adopt and take home a puppy with them. Feeling shocked at my suggestion. Don’t worry, I am not asking you to give out living puppies.

Buy stuffed puppies from the market and create a special area where all these stuffed dogs can be lined up neatly. The guests can pick any one of these puppies and take him or her home, to take care of like a living puppy.

The above ideas should be enough to help you plan that perfect Paw patrol birthday party for your little one and his or her friends. I am pretty sure that with all the food, decorations, games, etc. taken care of, this Paw patrol birthday party is going to be one which your kid and his or her friends will remember for a very long time.