White Elephant Gift ideas in 2022

A favorite to do during the Holiday season is the White elephant gift exchange. White elephant gift also known as dirty Santa or yankee swap are gifts that are funny, inexpensive and can be done with the office, family and friends. This is actually a great way to turn gift exchange into a game. How … Read more

Italian Party Theme Ideas in 2022

For this Italian party theme think old world Italy. Picture a narrow cobblestone road in Rome, the walls awash in warm yellows, ochres and oranges, café tables with damask cloths, delicious aromas wafting on the breeze. Now that we’re all over in Italy, relaxed and hungry, let’s get this party started! La Dolce Vita! Make … Read more

Dog Theme Birthday Party Ideas in 2022

Maybe you’re thinking that our dog theme birthday party is for kids. Well, those of you with pets know that a dog party knows no age! The ultimate dog theme birthday party is one where the guests can bring their dogs along. Think high-end dog park, socializing two-legged and four-legged creatures at the same time. … Read more

50th Birthday Cake Ideas in 2022

If you’re searching for 50th birthday cake ideas that are unique, interesting, and just plain drool-worthy, we can help! We’re sharing the steps we follow for dreaming up creative cake designs. Follow along and dream up some of your own. For a 50th birthday party, not just any ol’ cakewill do. A big celebration demands … Read more

Bonfire Party Ideas in 2022

Put some of our bonfire party ideas into action and celebrate a special birthday against a cozy backdrop of crackling rustic perfection. This is that rare at-home event where frantic cleaning of the house is not involved. Clean bathroom facilities are about all you need since everything takes place outdoors. The very best setting is … Read more

Party Favors ideas in 2022

Adult party favors are a fun and often meaningful way to send your guests off after a great party. Who doesn’t love getting a cute and thoughtful little gift? It’s hard to think of interesting party favor ideas (umm…not tacky) when you’ve got so many other party details on your mind. Well, no worries…we’re here … Read more

Ideas for Printable Party Favors in 2022

Printable party favors are so much fun to make! If there’s one thing we love, it’s crafting and a birthday party is a great excuse to make stuff! Printable favors are usually fairly simple DIY projects, and you can keep them on the inexpensive side as well. What we like most about these favors is … Read more