Over The Hill Birthday Cake ideas

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 11:16 pm

Over the hill birthday cakes sure can be funny BUT…do yourself a favor and be sure your guest of honor has a healthy sense of humor about getting older. We assume you do want to be on speaking terms when the party’s over. As we’ve said before, anything that might mortify the guest of honor is a birthday party no-no.

How Many Ways Can You Say “Hey, You’re Old!”

Most of the over the hill cakes we’ve seen fall into one of two categories: the cemetery cake (tombstone, grave, grim reaper), or a cake that looks like a hill or that has a picture of a hill on it. While these cakes can be cleverly done, we have one piece of advice for you. Choose wisely. Please, please don’t put a picture of the grim reaper or a tombstone or a freshly dug grave on a cake for a 70 or 80 year old. Simply not funny!

The Best Way to Make Your Cake Stand Out?

Personalize it. Just as with any other kind of theme cake, the memorable over the hill cakes are the ones that get a little personal. Now, we’re not saying you should attempt to embarrass the heck out of your beloved guest of honor. But adding that personal touch to your over the hill cake will make your guest of honor feel appreciated (and it’s always nice to feel appreciated while people are making fun of you!), and they’ll all remember the cake long after the party’s over. Win-win!

Ideas for Personalizing Over The Hill Cakes

Imagine you’re going to draw a caricature of the guest of honor —only instead of his/her face as the focal point, think about his/her personality instead. For example, is there a hobby, interest, vacation spot, job, car, or pet he/she is obsessed with? Something funny she/he is known for saying or doing? Is there anything (a misadventure, a faux pas, a favorite color or item of clothing) that you and others always associate with him/her?

If you’re still stuck for ideas, look through our photo gallery for a little extra inspiration.

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Over The Hill Birthday Cake ideas