28 Marvelous Gifts for Young Men

Last updated on February 28th, 2022 at 07:36 am

Today, it is rather easy to find the best choice of gifts for young men. One just needs to know their choices and preferences, and the gift is as good as yours!

Here are some cool gifts for young men you can give them.

Gifts for young men

Mind-blowing Gift Ideas for Young Men

1. Play Station 4

Play Station 4

Hi-end video gaming experience is much-appreciated electronic gift idea by any young men. Right from Nintendo starting with the Mario game to EA Sports redefining gaming with FIFA series, the gaming scene has come a far way.

Therefore, if you want the man to have a rich gaming experience, the PS4 would be the best choice as a gift.

However, it may take out a chunk from your pocket money, but all that money is worth it when one experiences all those high graphics games which could be played on the PS4. Therefore, it is one of the best gifts one can give to a young man.

2. Tile-Mate


If your friend or any of the young men you want to gift to have the knack of misplacing valuable things like keys or wallet, it would be the nicest gift idea for young men.

What tile mate does it that it helps you relocate the things you have lost or misplaced in the daily rush. With the help of the smartphone, one can easily locate whatever he has attached his tile mate to.

Although he wouldn’t appreciate it at the first look, as the tile mate starts working unknowingly, he would be delighted to the see the results.

3. Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Young men and fitness go hand in hand. One thing that a lot of young men are evidently attracted to is the fitness tracker. It has been the most popular gadget for the past couple of years.

Therefore, we thought that however common it may sound, we had to get it on the list for gifts for young men. The fitness tracker allows the users to keep records of the distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, etc.

Thus, it kind of works as a motivation for the people who like to track their day to day progress.

4. Go Pro Camera

Go Pro Camera

Cameras are great, Go Pro Cameras are beyond greatness. If the person you want to gift is a blogger or loves capturing clips or taking videos, no other camera can give him productive results than the Go Pro Cam.

It is great for capturing POV videos. Also, the quality that it produces can be compared to the video quality of regular DSLR cameras.

The best part about it is it can be fitted on the bike, helmet, or anywhere you like to shoot POV and journey videos. Also, it is waterproof and shockproof to an extent which makes it a decent choice for young people.

5. Foosball Table

Foosball Table

Foosball has the heart and attention of a lot of men in the world. If he is one of those who thoroughly enjoys the game of Fussball when at the mall or a gaming zone, you should consider giving him a Foosball table.

What it would do is it would suffice his needs for playing the game at the expense of his home. Also, you create yourself an opportunity to be called over a for a foosball game night.

He would love your choice for him because it would eventually serve his love for the game and help him become a master at it.

6. Amazon Echo Dot- 2ND Generation

Amazon Echo Dot- 2ND Generation

One can listen to the music, make or attend calls, give commands to search songs on the online portals, all of these just by voicing your opinion to the Amazon Echo Dot.

It is more or less like the Apple’s Siri which can take in commands by recognising your voice and help you with the best results possible. It is adaptable with most of the smartphones which makes it easier for all to use this device efficiently.

You can even book an Uber or order Pizza using the Amazon Echo Dot. No wonder, it is one of the highest selling products on the amazon.com and proves to be an extra ordinary gift for the men.

7. Travel Scratch Map

Travel Scratch Map

Wherever you have been, just scratch it out and feel the urge to explore more countries to make a scratch on the map. This is the great gift for men who love travelling to the core, and it is their only ambition in life.

He would love to have it hung on his wall which would give the guests a fair idea about the places he has visited. Not all, but most young men find traveling interesting. Therefore, there is a high chance that they’d find the gift exciting too.

8. Car Humidifier Essential Aroma Diffuser

InnoGear USB Car Diffuser Air Freshener with 10ml Peppermint Essential Oils Portable Auto Humidifier Aromatherapy Air Freshener Odor Eliminator for Office Travel Vehicle

Men love cars, and take immense car of their machines. Right from the engines to the interiors, they pay a close attention to every aspect of driving. If your man loves his car and takes utmost care of it, he is surely going to love this car air diffuser.

Not only it helps a good fragrance to circulate  in the car but also works as a USB charger and a air humidifier at the same time. For the man who loves his car more than anyone else, it would prove as an excellent present for him.

Also, it would hardly make you feel a pinch on your pocket, which is why it automatically becomes a good choice for you.

9. Coffee Maker and Brewer

Coffee Maker and Brewer

If caffeine is the thing he cannot live without in his life, a coffee machine would serve as a decent gift for him. With this machine, he would have the liberty to brew a cup of coffee according to his preferences.

Whether it is a cappuccino or a latte, he would get to brew his fresh coffee at the expense of his home. It would even save few bucks for him as it would curtail on his frequent trips to the fancy coffee restaurants.

Also, he can have a cup of freshly brewed coffee at the stroke of the midnight hour without having to fight and fidget with the machine.

10. Lap desk

Lap desk

Lap desk if for those people who are constantly on the move and still have to use their laptop for some work. The desk allows them to organise in a way that all their valuables stay in front of their eyes while they work relentlessly on their laptop.

This would make as a great for young businessmen who cannot afford to shut down their laptops. Also, the desk comes with a light which can be used in the dark.

It illuminates the desk perfectly without troubling the people besides you. With such great pros, it is a feasible present for the young men.

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11. Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

Men are fascinated about music and there is no questioning that. Most of them like to switch of from the world while they listen to music. Regardless of the genre, music has always had a special place in men’s lives.

Therefore, to greet them with amazing musical experience, the Bluetooth headphones would be a perfect fit for them. He can wear it while he is working out or whether he is on the movie.

Also, he doesn’t have to deal with the wires which would make his entire experience more fruitful. Regardless of the age of the young man, it would be the safest and awesome gift from the entire list.

12. Guitar


From listening music to playing it, there is no love lost for music when it comes to men. If the person you want to gift has expressed his will to learn a new musical instrument, then a gift like this would serve as a perfect motivation.

It could be any musical instrument that he would love to learn. We tried to mention the most basic instrument that people have the most affection with.

You can even gift it if he is a skilled guitarist and wouldn’t mind having another guitar being added in the jam room. For both the types, it would be a satisfying gift to receive. If you are searching for the birthday gift then this is one of the best birthday gifts for him.

13. Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

This is something that not all men would find common grounds with. However, young people are going to love it, if and only if they love clicking selfies. The selfie stick can do a lot of other jobs along with doing its main job, that is to take selfies.

For the ardent shutterbugs, it can work as a tripod for their mobiles. Also there is a wireless button that comes along with the stick which makes it easier to capture images.

It is portable to the core, and one wouldn’t find it difficult to carry it during their trips. Also, its light weight helps to the cause of the users to capture wonderful images.

14. Lipstick-sized Portable Charger

Lipstick-sized Portable Charger

With the extensive use of electronic devices in the today’s world, a need of lightweight and portable charger is a must. Also, there is always an added plus when the charger is efficient in its shape.

Therefore, we recommend it to the people who are always on their mobile phones and complain about their batteries being drained. You wouldn’t have to hear them give excuses as in why their phone was switched off.

It can even be helpful for the people who have a lot of calling to do for their work purposes. Something which helps them in their day-to-day life would be surely appreciated by the receiver.

15. Shower Speakers

Shower Speakers

If the man you want to gift loves listening to the music while he wets himself under the shower or while he is pooping, this is a mere perfect gift for him.

It would allow him to listen to his favorite songs without having to carry his costly mobile phone in the bathroom The fact that it is a shower-proof speaker would give you to the freedom to take it to the washrooms without having the fear of dropping it in a bucket full of water.

Any which ways it would still work. Also, it is a great appliance to be carried on treks where climate is uncertain. You can listen to your favorite music without having to worry about rains.

16. Hiking Bag

Hiking Bag

If he is a person who likes to travel  trek enthusiast, and you want to be with him in his every journey, a trekking bag would be a decent option. It would keep him reminding about you every time he uses it. Also, he’d love it more because it is a gift from you.

It would motivate and encourage him to go on more such adventures. Anything that inspires people to do or achieve their goals is always a great gift.

For the mountain lover or a globe trotter, a hiking bag is a must, and once received as a gift, he would be his most priced possession.

17. Toshiba Hard drive

Toshiba Hard drive

Well, for a computer geek, it is useless to give him a hard drive with lots of space because he already has it. But for someone who is always running out of space to save his files, a hard drive would come in handy.

He can get his important documents and files stored in it. Also, it comes with a lot of options in terms of the memory offered.

Therefore, depending upon your budget, you can choose a hard drive with particular space on it. It would be a useful device to have for most of the people in their youth.

18. Kotor 3D VR Glasses

Kotor 3D VR Glasses

VR Glasses are one of the latest inventions in the technology arena. Its newness itself makes a great present for men. However, it has a tremendous lot of it to offer to its user. One can have the best gaming experience while they wear and play it.

Also, watching videos on YouTube were never this fun. What it does is immerses you in the virtual world and help you to become a part of it while the video is being played.

These glasses are comfortable and can give you one of the best movie watching experiences of your life. Therefore, it becomes a decent gift to be given to a young man. We are sure that some way or the other, he is going to find it exciting.

19. Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets have not gone out of trend ever since their inception, at least with the young men. It is a great accessory which many boys love to have around their wrists. It definitely adds to the style statement of person wearing it.

Also, you give yourself an opportunity to stay in his memory as long as he wears the bracelet around his hand. Therefore, there wouldn’t be a moment that he would not miss you.

Style, fashion, trend, and all that which comes along with it, the leather bracelet has everything that you need to look out for while selecting a gift.

20. Remington Body Groomer Kit

Remington Body Groomer Kit

Men are always in dire need of decent hair trimmers. Facial hair, undercut on their heads, and body hair, there are lot of hair on him that he has to deal with on daily basis. That is when a good grooming kit comes to the rescue.

The trimmer we have noted in the list consists of 8 attachments which have the answer to all your body grooming needs. To be precise, it comprises of a foil shaver, full-sized trimmer, detail trimmer, hair clipper, nose shaver, and eyes shaver.

One can have a great finish to his appearance with the use of the body groomer kit. With its all around abilities, it becomes an awesome present idea for men.

21. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

For the men who love to read, Kindle would be the best gift for the young men, or any men in that case. Reading tends to be an obsession for some, and hobby for some, if your man is anyone of these two types, Kindle as a gift would be much-appreciated by the receiver.

It can be the best travel companion for anyone as it is lightweight, portable, and allows you to read regardless of the light settings. Also, you can carry as many books you want to all fitted in one device.

This means you should not worry about carrying a weight of numerous books in case you get bored with the book you are reading.

22. Multi-tool Pliers

Multi-tool Pliers

Young men are always trying to fix one or the other thing in their houses. Whether it is a pipe in the garden or a nail in the wall, the multi-tool pliers are going to help you with all the household chores.

It is a great device to have if you want a one stop solution for all your basic household chores. The kit can cut wires, pull out nails, cut like scissors, and tear like blades.

It is an efficient tool that one can have at his disposal. Therefore, considering its efficiency and usability in the day to day life,  it is a wonderful gift for young men.

23. Classic Cufflink Set

Classic Cufflink Set

Regardless of his age, a man would require cuff links at some or the other point in time. He could wear it when he goes to the Sunday mass or to some function. It would definitely give him an edge over his style.

Also, the fact that it is a gift would make him protect the cuff links. He might even keep them for special functions. We all know that a 3-piece suit is incomplete without a proper set of cuff-links.

Therefore, it becomes a great gift for young men, who have to wear suit in some or the other functions. There are lot of fancier cuff links available on the online portals. If simple ones aren’t the piece of his cake, you can opt for fancy ones that would suit his personality.

24. Digital Camera

Digital Camera

A photographer might have a plenty of devices at his disposal, but he is never tired of checking out a camera regardless of its specifications. Therefore, it would be a great addition to his collection if you consider gifting it to a photographer.

Also, it could be a boon to a person whose hobby is photography but doesn’t own a camera. It would be a great motivation for him. Anything that motivates or inspires the receiver would serve as a perfect gift for anybody.

25. Custom Engraved BBQ Grilling Gift

Custom Engraved BBQ Grilling Gift

If you know any of the meat lovers and whose birthday is near, a BBQ Grill Set would be a nice choice as a gift for him, He’d get all the equipment he wants to grill the perfect chunk of meat for him.

Also, the fact that it can be roasted at the expense of his home would give him a chance to have a go at the freshly grilled meat. Don’t be surprised to see regular parties being organized by the receiver.

There is a high possibility that he’d love to flaunt his new BBQ grilling kit amongst his friends. Also, it can be customised with your name or a favorite quote to make give it a personalised feel.

26. Free Engraving Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Quality Pocket Knife

Free Engraving Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Quality Pocket Knife

Knife as a gift would sound a little off, but those are who are frequent visitors to the mountains or jungles would know the exact worth of it.

So if the person you want to gift is a trekking enthusiast or a backpacker in the forests, a knife as a gift would be mind blowing birthday gift idea especially if he is in his thirties.

On top of it, if it is engraved with a personalised message would add to the entire value of the gift. It can customised according to your liking. It could be anything from the name initials to a quote, and it would certainly add to the overall value of  the gift.

With this, we conclude our list of best gifts for young men. If you want gift ideas for a precise age, you can browse through our website birthdayinspire.com.

You may get a chance to browse through several gift ideas of which we are sure that would give you the solutions to all your questions.