30 Gifts for originative space lovers

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022 at 09:04 pm

It’s a dream for any human being to discover about different planets, galaxies, sun, moon, and stars. Space lovers are completely engrossed into this and hardly keep in touch with friends who are least interest in such topics, what can we do is present gifts for space lovers and break the ice by trying to understand the concept in our own quintessential way. 

 We are absolutely curious and keen to explore what else lies beyond our mother earth and does life exist in Planet Mars or Planet Venus or its just our imagination. Well, we still haven’t really figured out the answers of such questions. The concept of aliens and spaceship was introduced through comic books and novels of Star Wars and Star Trek which in subsequent years became the favorite subjects of American media and it was later developed into a TV series and Radio shows.

One of the world’s renowned filmmaker the great Steven Spielberg made a movie called E.T the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982, which became an all-time blockbuster movie and became a reference point for several other movie moguls in Hollywood and Bollywood. E.T the extra Terrestrial was unofficially adapted in Hindi cinema and was remade as Koi Mil Gaya in the year 2003 directed by Rakesh Roshan and starring his son and superstar Hrithik Roshan as the main protagonist, this film too received positive responses from audiences and film critics.

Coming back, to the subject of the universe, NASA has sent various kinds of aircraft on a permanent, semi-permanent or for short-duration. Usually, these aircraft are done and very rare one has been newly designed military aircraft. A team of talented scientists over the years has discovered so many interesting theories and things about our universe that will be remembered and keep us inspiring to push our creativity in our respective field. This list will feature or suggestive gifts for space lovers and how we can impress this breed by our best demonstration on them.


Recommended Gifts For Space Lovers

1. Soondar Spaceman USB Light


USB is highly usable and the most prominent part of any handset or PCs. It connects borderline devices like scanners flash drives, printers, cameras, and others. Due to its versatility, it has replaced aerial port and parallel.

It allows plug-and-play with an operating system and simultaneously discovers a new side without restarting the computer. The spaceman themed USB Light is a very distinct and attractive kind of USB device. Also, the light comes directly from USB Port is a fine work done for it.

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2. Outer Space Themed Curtains

Are you annoyed with the cliche look of kitchen curtains and desperately seeking a minor makeover for it. Well, we have cure Ambesonne company’s Outer Space themed Curtains is an answer to your solutions.

The quilt is made of high – quality of silky satin combining polyester gives you kitchen exquisite, genuine, interesting and unusual look. The curtains are perfect for washing machine wash and needs to cold and also 2.5-inch rod pocket. The best part remains the graphics shown on the curtains.

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3. ZHH Outer Space Theme Bed covers and Pillows

Give your bedroom a mysterious look as galaxies comforter is a trend on its zenith and makes the outer design a highly recommended one for any true blue space buff.

ZHH’s bed covers are pillows is made with high quality of polyester, hypoallergenic and durability which won’t fade away and the beautiful designs are with planets are astronauts will be able more to children. During washing please ensure you use cold water and avoid bleach and ironing as per needed.

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4. Alien Astronaut Smartphone Stand

If you are an I-Pad user than this will definitely will relate you. The handsome looking Alien or Astronaut who looks so really looks extremely cute and will act as a unique touch to your exterior. Also, it allows fitting I-Pad mini without any overload.

This product is bid adieu for the same old boring look of cellphone stand and even if you are remotely interested in spaces, astronauts, aliens than you’ve zero down on the right product which offers you abandon from any cliche.

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5. Outer Space Themed Tablecloth

If you want to exhibit your immense love for the universe through home decor, then this product is for you. UH002018 Outer Space Theme Tablecloth is absolute a marvel which shouldn’t be missed. The tablecloth is made of polyester and able to resist dust or stains.

Also, it is very soft and looks like a beautiful mix of pattern and fabric. While washing ignores bleach as it will spoil the Tablecloth. Dining table inspired by the iconic Star Trka and ET is a fantastic combination looks a perfect gifts for space lovers.

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6. Solar System Planetarium for Kids

If you have a child who has a keen interest in spaces, stars and planets then this planetarium is for you. Your child can learn this while playing and know about this vast universe with good guidance from teachers.

It is made to attract the younger target audience and it allows you to know the planets. Today, when most children are addicted to mobile games and unnecessary internet browsing, this planetarium acts a blessing for parents and as well for curious and imaginative kids.

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7. Pyradecor Mother Earth Wall Art 

There are certain images and logo which looks extremely beautiful on our office or home walls. For instance, posters of our favorite leaders, actors, sportsman or business tycoons.

Imagine, you are planning to gift something unusual present for your space lovers gang and the option would be earth printed wall art. This Wall art with a beautiful print and design looks elegant at homes, classrooms, lab or library so opt for the best one for them with no compromise on decor.

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8. Duck Brand Cello Tape

If you are a student planning to make your school annual festival to be the most remembered one in recent times to ever come. You are angry with those cheap usages of cello tape which sucks big time and figuring out which one to use.

Duck Brand comes to your rescue with their outer space themed cello tapes. It is made in the USA and an extremely fine polyethylene cloth and works on wide range of surfaces. Apart from spaces the company offers in different themes as well.

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9. Lavnis NASA Bomber Jacket 

Any plans for a vacation in a hill station and struggling with the choice of jacket due to their quality and reputation of the brand. World’s most well-regard and highly acclaimed space organization NASA’s Bomber Jacket is an ideal option for it.

The bomber jacket is enough to project your impeccable love and if you are an aspirant astronaut and space lovers it goes well with your taste and personality. The Jacket is very comfortable and lightweight to carry.

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10. E4hats NASA Cap 

A super cool hat compliments the equally super cool Jacket and NASA hat undoubtedly fits the bill of appearance. NASA merchandising has churn out various kinds of stuff under the iconic brand.

If your school or college have any plans to visit the famous space institution then you can wear it to display your unapologetic love and an aim to be an employee in the future. The hat is made of high-quality cotton and the size fitting up with a strong clamp strap end.

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11. LEGO Curiosity Mars Rover

World’s renowned board games brand LEGO collaborated with NASA to manufacture NASA’s Mars Science Mission Mars Rover which land on the planet in the year 2012. Basically, it was sent to known about Martian climate and geology and to see whether the site has ever offean red environment, water, planetary suitability for humans, plants and animals.

It has been 7 years since the vehicle has reached the planet of Tarnish. Lego has given some fine gems in the past and this one too lives up to the consumer expectation.

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12. SPE969 Planet Printed Shorts 

Summer Vacations are around the corner and the planning to beach outing with family or friends is in full swing. All of us by now must’ve figured out the holiday spots to beat the heat. Wait, are you confused about the shorts you will be wearing it and what would set you apart from others.

The space-themed shorts will be a perfect option and will definitely leave a unique impression about you on others mind. It is made of high -quality Polyester and very comfortable for men.

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13. AUUOCC Thigh High Planet Socks for Women

Girl Gang we do have something simple and stylish to offer you this vacation. Thigh High Universe theme socks should be given a chance. It is made of high-quality breathable fabric which prevents moisture to stick around the skin and make you feel refreshed and relaxed when you are enjoying the pool or night-out with your pals.

You will in the spotlight and create your fashion statements and click social media friendly pictures. Sexy Socks with equally Sexy Slippers makes a killer combination.

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14. Moon Night Lights

Kikkerland’s Inc is known for producing various pragmatic gadgets since the last 27 years. They’ve traveled to know about what kind of gadgets will suit the brand as well as customers preference. The company believes in creating intelligent, pleasant and astute things.

The company offers Moon Night Lights 1A for the young aspiring astronauts and scientists. This table lamp will make your study room look more beautiful and glowing while studying or watching your favorite movies or TV shows or narrating a beautiful to your child.

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15. Blu-Ray of The Martian                                                      

20th Century Fox is back with their new product called The Martian, which released in 2015 and stars Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels and Kristen Wig in central roles. The Martian was directed by Ridley Scott. The film is based on the novel with the same name and authored by Andy Weir.

Matt Damon’s character is presumed to dead and left behind. However, later it is revealed that he is alive and must return to Planet Earth. Watch this fine award-winning movie in a Blu-Ray.

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16. Fisher Bullet Space Pen

There are various kinds of pens which ruling the markets and each and every brand have manufactured in different colors. Space buffs are curious to know why we can’t use the pen while traveling in the rocket.

Fisher Pens carries the ability to write in any extreme conditions and with different angles making it unique from other pens.

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17. Danya B Orbit Candle Holder

Is your beau or ladylove an aspirant astronaut and you are clueless what kind of gifts will be suitable for them. Don’t worry, we have a present which is a marriage between romance and science that’s called Iron Metal and Glass Hurricane Candle holder.

The candle looks amazing at your home decor with its cleansed natural and surroundings qualify it to be part of your home space. Why to visit a restaurant, when you can have this candelabrum at your house for a romantic candlelight dinner.

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18. Metallic Bag for Girls

Style Icons have been influencing us over the years with their different clothes, accessories, hairstyle, gadgets, vehicles and lavish homes. Women across the globe want to have a bag which is filled lots of panache and glamour to it.

Well, we’ve something for them called STATE Girls Mini Kane’s Bag as an option. STATE has created bags for men, women, and kids for different reasons which have expanded their portfolio. The bag looks extremely sexy on female college students and working professionals.

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19. Wine Enthusiast Etched Global Spirits Decanter  

If you are an original party animal who wants to kill it with boozes, babes and music. We have a container with the dash of astrophysics to it. Wine Enthusiasts came with something called Etched Decanter which fits the alcohol bars at your homes, farmhouses, and clubs.

A perfect you fill the liquid to make it look more classy, sophisticated and elegant. Wine Enthusiast is well-known name in producing wine related home appliances like 6-50 Wine Fridge Racks or Wine Racks.

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20. 11 Constellations Coffee/Tea Mug


11 Constellation is a famous concept in the astronomy and basically celestial sphere outline about animals, man, deities or any inanimate objects. Different countries have their own theories and some of them which started right from the beginning of the 20th Century still exists.

How about the idea of having coffee/tea mug dedicated to that part significant part of the mythology. Unemployed Philosophers Guild has produced mugs featuring different themes in it. The cups come in a wide range of colors.

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21. Lipsla Women Flip Flop Sandal  


These slipper is an absolute delight for your wardrobe and the shining theme would go well with your clothes and increase more bonus point on your appearance. It is made of Rubber Sole and very comfortable to wear with good quality to your legs.

We have mentioned above the thigh-high socks and now, the slippers which is enough to prove how much love this subject and you don’t hesitate to display it through socks, shoes, and slippers. It is moisture proof and water-resistant as well.

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22. Fansing Crescent Moon Necklaces

Behind every successful man, there’s a woman and what’s better to gift her something which would look extremely beautiful on her. Fansing Crescent offers you necklaces with the image of different planets, stars and moon in it. Women love to wear necklaces and have are very particular what kind of jewelry would suit them in appearances and shopping budget.

They believe in simple yet beautiful. Your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, a daughter will like this gift and for the sheer love, you have expressed through this ornament.

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23. I want to believe UFO Pin  

Pins attaches to your bag is a big hit in metro sexual men and women and they love to carry certain labels which suits them. School Kids also hold a keen interest in this kind of accessories and like to give a different touch to their compass box, bag, books or other important stuff.

Enamel Pin designed by Matt Stewart have created badges for those who are big fan of aliens and UFO. Apart from bags, it would go well with suits, tee and jackets.

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24. Celestron Telescope

What fun it is to watch those beautiful stars in the sky and to catch a glimpse of comets or something unusual thing appearing in the sky through Telescope.

Celestron Telescope is one of the most trusted brands you can lay hands on and to relive those experience again It is very used to set-up and very easy to carry. The optics are very to track any earthly or astronomical purposes. Apart from that, we also get a free Astronomy Software which is why this is the best gift for space lovers.

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25. DVD of Independence Day

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Hollywood has given us several science fiction stories over the years, some of them went on to become a cult movie and some of them didn’t set the cash register ringing. Independence Day released in 1996 starring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Mary Mc Donwell was a huge success when it hit the theatres.

The film won 2 Oscars Academy Award received rave reviews from everyone This movie is perfect to enjoy on lazy Sunday afternoon and DVD with great quality is superb.

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26. DVD of Independence Day Resurgence

Independence Day’s stupendous success inspired makers to make a sequel to this science fiction film. Independence Day Resurgence was made 20 years later to continue the franchise and a different take on this iconic film. However, this film was a disappointment and fail to match the successes of its predecessor.

If you have a keen interest in movies and would a die-hard fan of science fiction films and wants to explore this movie in Blu-Ray then go ahead. Enjoy the never-seen-before home-viewing experience.

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27. Moon Ice Ball by Kikkerland

We all like have to have a party or attend it on Friday or Saturday. Fridays and Saturdays are the only 2 days a week when we like to keep our professional part of personality takes a back seat and let loose and groove ourselves to the foot-tapping music.

If you are attending the party of astronomical nerd or stud and figuring out how to make your friend’s rocking. Kikkerland offers a Moon Ice Ball to add in your beer or whiskey and you can also do dishwashing.

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28. Carl Sagan Quotes on Wall 

Carl Sagan was a renowned American astrophysicist and science popularizer. His contribution in the field of science remains unparallel and a source of inspiration for all of us.

What could a great tribute and thoughtful to gift your space pals about this wonderful quote which would look so fantastic at their living room, drawing room or even bedroom as well. This wall art is not just thought-provoking but a true fact about our universe and qualifies the list of best gifts for space lovers.

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29. Space Capsule Tea Infuser by ThinkGeek


The tea infuser isn’t a very common phenomenon like a teabag and rarely consumed. It is basically keeping dried tea leaves for brewing in a teapot full of water. Tea is kept on infuser for a shorter duration to avoid become a bitter drink.

How about gifting your friend this uncommon device to your friend with the symbol of his area of interest. Apart from that, we are pitching this drink to all these excessive tea drinkers and trying out something different.

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30. Logan Hawkes’s Ancient Aliens of the Americas

Logan Hawkes’s book is about discovering a different facet of America. The book speaks about the old forgotten part of US and the belief system of that society and how way different from today.

It is quite to fathom our past and how people of those times were highly skilled in different kind of art forms and carved a niche for themselves with their sheer talent. Ancient Aliens of the Americas arises so many questions which we still haven’t found answers and promise to do it.

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So, here’s our list gift for space lovers and how one can we can help them in socializing and broadening their perspective toward the different facets of life and why they are so precious for our society.